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A delivery service for drinks can ensure that the Office staff is not hot. To deliver drinks directly to the Office itself, this is a wonderful opportunity to save time and nerves. Often, we get excellent service and that without a special delivery charge or huge surcharges? There are such deals mainly in big cities, so that you can browse Hamburg for example looking for a beverage delivery service and encounters numerous good deals. In principle, the delivery to the Office as well as a delivery free works House in own home. It is important, among other things, how many boxes you ordered. Often, it must be at least three boxes for the delivery can be made without any special additional costs so cheap. In this case delivery can be very quickly and easily either immediately or else equal as a rush order on the next working day directly to the Office.

If one puts it in the company even on five cases, the delivery even on company invoice can be what may prove as fiscally very beneficial. A particularly practical and in addition free of charge offered services may be the return of empties, which is immediately picked up and disposed of. So you must contend in the company not with annoying empties, which stands in the way around by itself but not disposed. Sometimes this offer that the supplier also takes the empties, applies even if you’re still old empties of an other, previous supplier in the Office had. Exciting the way can still be for interested companies, that there are also rental glasses and provide for larger parties or other occasions with increased drink consumption of liquid goods on Commission can be. So, the Office facilitated as well as larger conferences and ceremonies. Under these circumstances, have no one to forgo actually more the beverage supply in the Office, but can enjoy this service for its drinks.


Apprenticeships by almost 25 percent boosted the importance for the company of the education and training proves ebm-papst with the increase in the offer of study and training courses by almost 25 percent. So, 84 young people at the German sites in Mulfingen (48 trainees), Landshut (16) and St. Georgen and Herbolzheim (20) began their training on September 1. Last year, there were 68. Overall, the fan specialist educates in 17 industrial and commercial professions.

The takeover in a solid working relationship after completion of training is a stated goal since training at ebm-papst. In many cases it is accompanied by a subsequent continued employment. Applications for an education in the years 2012 continues to accept the training departments. Bernd Ludwig, head of training at the site in Mulfingen, advises interested young people to not hold the high number of applicants. The inner drive of the applicant interested in more than the grade point average. Social skills and a practical Understanding are very important to us.” Headquartered in Mulfingen even 60 studies and training courses are offered for the start of training 2012 due to the double Abitur year. About the training at ebm-papst at the main plant in Mulfingen, ebm-papst educates 17 commercial technical and commercial occupations and dual degree programs with 6 trainers.

Among other things, the practical training in a modern-equipped training workshop for the mechanics and electrical engineering sectors is realized. The takeover in a solid working relationship after completion of training is since the training goal of ebm-papst. Press contact Hauke Hannig spokesman ebm – papst group of companies phone +49(0) 7938 / 81-7105 fax +49(0) 7938 / 81 97105 mobile +49(0) 171 / 36 24 067 about ebm-papst the ebm-papst group is the world’s leading manufacturer of fans and motors and is pacing the high efficiency EC technology. That scored in the last fiscal year 10/11 Companies with a turnover of over 1.3 billion. ebm-papst has 17 production sites (e.g. in Germany, China, United States) and 57 sales locations worldwide more than 11,000 employees. Fans and motors of the world leader can be found, e.g. in ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, household appliances, heating technology, IT and telecommunications, for applications in the passenger car and commercial vehicle engineering in many industries.

Credit Rating

Hennefer group of IT companies in the ‘top-rated 2011 Hoppenstedt CreditCheck’ Hennef awarded for excellent creditworthiness, October 7, 2011. Further details can be found at Southwest Airlines, an internet resource. A top rating in the credit rating independent rating agency Hoppenstedt kreditinformationen GmbH has awarded the CONET technologies AG for excellent creditworthiness. Credit index 1.7, Hennefer IT group segments among the top rated companies of in Germany. For more information see this site: cloud computing. Only 3.3 per cent received by over 4.5 million German enterprises Hoppenstedt CreditCheck listed the top-rating certificate for 2011 we are proud of this award, because it shows once again that we have embarked on the right track over the past years and put on the development of the Group on a solid operational and financial base. CONET thus implements the requirements of the market, its customers, employees and shareholders on a safe and high quality level and is a trusted and long term. reliable partner”, stresses Wilfried Putz, Chief Financial Officer of the CONET technologies AG.

Hoppenstedt kreditinformationen GmbH has evaluated the companies on a scale of 1 to 6 in the area of credit. The CreditCheck credit index annually created by Hoppenstedt credit information is as one of the most important and most reliable indicator for the solidity and economic power by German companies. Into the risk assessment not only all important demographic and financial data of the company with a, but also total about 650 million payment history data. Currently, the index recorded 4.5 million companies nationwide. The CONET group the CONET group is the reliable companion for their customers in an economically successful future for IT. The CONET technologies AG is the holding company of the embossed medium-sized company group and coordinates the central tasks of the group in the areas of human resources, communications, procurement, infrastructure and finance. The operational business of the group is in the Subsidiaries located: Hennefer CONET Solutions GmbH offers its clients since 1987 and with approximately 200 employees solutions in the fields of software engineering, communications and IT infrastructure.

The CONET business consultants GmbH focuses on SAP consulting and process management system and bundles the expertise of some 130 SAP consultants. ACCELSIS technologies GmbH from Munich strengthens the CONET competence particularly in the field of portal, Web and SOA solutions. The Frankfurter CONET Services AG is specialized on consulting, installation and operation of IT solutions that are tailored to the needs of financial service providers. With approximately 400 employees at eleven locations in Germany, CONET expects sales of approximately EUR 60 million for the current fiscal year.

Federal District

Moreover, it is important to point out that the expenses tributaries of the government are related to the specific action (excepting the cases of the Union, States and Cities) and not ace entities. Difference between Immunity and Exemption Tax ' ' expenses tributrios' ' , treated in previous topic, they will appear in the legislation Brazilian tax as ' ' immunities or isenes' '. Many are the maken a mistake consideraes that define the two situations as equal, however, a good definition of the subjects in prominence is of basic importance to know which the duties and obligations of each institution. Then the immunity definition is determined by the Federal Constitution, through article 150, interpolated proposition VI, alneas ' ' b and c' ' , I contend the following writing: : ' ' Without damage of other guarantees assured to the contributor, it is forbidden To the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities, (…), to institute taxes on: ) Patrimony, income or services ones of the others; b) temples of any cult; c) patrimony, income or services of the political parties, also its foundations, of the syndical entities of the workers, the institutions of education and social assistance, without lucrative ends, taken care of the requirements of lei.' ' In other words, immunity tax is the fiscal resignation or prohibition of collection of tribute established in constitutional headquarters. Of one it forms generic, it occurs when the constitutional rule hinders the incidence of the rule of law of taxation, creating a public law to demand that the State if abstains to charge tributes. Soon, what it is immune cannot be taxed for ability absence tax for in such a way. On the other hand, the Exemption is determined by Law. Conceptually it is determined for the legal dismissal of the payment of tributes. One notices that, as is determined by Law, it can be revoked by another complementary law.

Competitive Advantages

Intellectual capital? The competitive advantages of this intangible asset Luciano Vitor Segatto So Paulo University – UNIP, So Paulo, SP. Summary In an environment of intense competitiveness, the necessary staff of marketing of much creativity to work a product, in way to take it the consumers and to locate anticipating it the competition. In the companies who apiam the management of the knowledge, the Intellectual Capital has fort influence in the elaboration of the campaigns of Marketing, creating new strategies product to enter it in the marked one and to conquer the consumer. In this article to the diverse ideas and positionings of consecrated authors will be shown, in the attempt to provoke a reflection on this important subject, that nor always is remembered by the organizations. The article is composed in five parts: final introduction, development with theoretical basement, consideraes, bibliographical suggestions for future studies and references. Word-key Marketing; Intellectual capital; Strategy. Introduction Currently, with the wild advance of the technology and the results of the globalization process, the information is a crucial item in the formularization and implementation of a successful strategy of marketing. One of the great challenges for the marketing professionals is to make use of information with precision and to discover new latent markets, that is, a segment discovered, whose demand can be materialize will have placed for sale an adjusted product, therefore in a market of this type the demand is not zero before offers of the product, what it becomes basic the marketing professional to understand until point the competition takes care of the necessities of the consumers. It is perceived that this new reality comes demanding changes of paradigms and concepts in all the marketing areas and the companies search, with this, to adapt its flows of information traditionally, increasing the degree of envolvement of the department of marketing in activities associates to other functional areas.

Company Gifts

The purpose of giving something away customers or business partners, has a purpose. Giving gifts to your clients to strengthen ties in business and at the same time shows that you appreciate them and value. This marketing tool can generate positive results for your brand.But it turns out that the majority of companies use this tool, but without a strategy of Fund.Do do before this premise, we can choose between this infinite options?, or how to design a memorable gift that makes us highlight and so strengthen ties with your buyers?We will mention five rules that will help you to express something more than affection. It is giving gifts to your clients to strengthen business ties. Rule 1.

A useful gift. Not something heap obsequies as pens that usually end up in the bottom of a desk drawer. Better, choose gifts that people of truth be used frequently. For example, if your client work in logistics and works in an area of little natural light, most likely you will appreciate most a flashlight of good quality, rather than one of those typical calendars all company gives. If we want to obtain best results, we advise us with a company specializing in promotional items.These professionals are always familiar with innovative products, different features and prices. Rule 2.

Be significant. Sometimes knowing some aspect of the life of our customer, may be related to the gift that we are going to deliver. This work will be easier if we maintain close contact with our customers and learn more about them as well. In this way, if the person is fond of sport, a good option is to give sports clothing or souvenir of your favorite team. Recalls that a personalized gift is more significant than a rule printed with the logo of your company. Rule 3. Practical gift.Like all people receiving gifts that help them simplify some aspect of his life or his work.

Evaluates Segmentation

Before exactly that a company can effectively commercialize the products of them with the consumers, it must understand fully what you want and need that definitive product. However, what it is desired of a product is not the same for all in a market, therefore, real differences between the preferences of products exist. Therefore, the companies must be intent to these details of the differences of desires. After identified potential segments of market, these would have to be analyzed. Diverse forms exist of segmentation, but nor all are effective. The segments need to be: Measurable? It tends to be possible to measure the size, power of purchase, and other characteristics of the segments. The preferences of differences for the products must be identifiable and capable to be measurable.

Substantial – the segments are enough great and/or lucrative Accessible – the segments can be reached and be served with directed programs; You differentiated – the segments are conceptually distinct and differently answer the diverse programs and elements of marketing-mix. Clear differences in the preferences of the consumer for the product must exist. You set in motion – efficient programs can be formulated to attract and to serve the segments. The process to select, to segment, to analyze and to sketch a profile of a potential market for better atingiz it with a made up of customizado marketing is the process of election of the white market. (Penny M. Simpsom, 2001). The process is composed for eight tasks that are interrelated. Below it follows the eight tasks: 1) It identifies the total market; 2) It determines the segmentation necessity; 3) It determines the bases of the segmentation; 4) It traces the profile of each selected segment; 5) It evaluates the potential profitability of each segment and selects segments to direct itself; 6) It selects the positioning strategy; 7) It develops and it implements a made up of adequate marketing; e, 8) Monitors, Evaluates and Has controlled.

Media Winners

Madrid, February 24, 2010. The Agency’s media Zenithmedia failed today the Zenithmedia Award for innovation in media that organizes for the third year together with the Department of advertising and Marketing of the Universidad Nebrija de Madrid. On this occasion the winners have been Delgado Manuela, Borja grace and Maria Martin, during his fourth University, presented a media strategy for the product chicken roast of TELEPIZZA, made from a real briefing. Southwest Airlines may find it difficult to be quoted properly. As award the organization gives these students two free registrations to attend the prestigious top media course organised by the Association of media agencies. His work has been selected among all those presented for being the most creative in the use of conventional and non-conventional media, because they have been able to follow the strategic line brand and for the viability of the proposal. In addition the jury took into account the suitability of the idea to the advertising message and the product that was. Here, cloud computing expresses very clear opinions on the subject. He has been a finalist, the couple formed by Daniel Palacios and Jose Miguel Moragues.Juan Angel Rodriguez, Marketing Director, Telepizza, has been delighted to participate in this initiative and pleasantly surprised to see the quality of the works presented.

Without a doubt these students are facing a promising future; We need people so committed and creative in his work the awards for innovation in media, which is already in its third edition, aim that students learn about and experience the work that play media within the world of communication agencies, as well as give them the opportunity to develop their skills in this sector. For this reason, throughout the course have taken place several seminars taught by various professionals Zenithmedia and its division of special actions Breikinruls. With this contest, Zenithmedia intends to also promote rapprochement between University and company in order to develop activities that stimulate the sector, foster their progress and offer students a complement to their training in the face to improve your future Professional.

Subscriber Lists

Many times entrepreneurs believe that anyone who belongs to your subscriber list is eligible to buy what they have to offer. This, to a certain extent is true: when a Subscriber joins a list of sucriptorees, usually because he accepted automatically access to her and gave your permission to send mail to your Inbox. But this is only half of the work itself, it is actually the beginning of the process of e-mail marketing strategy. And not just one page of capture or a good incentive. People are looking for value in each of our deliveries, in our blog, in our emails and in our publications of Fabebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Until a person deliver their mail on a subscription form are rethinks what your have to offer you, who you are, what your story and if really deliver value in what they offer.

Whenever you send an email to your list of subscribers assume the commitment of sending a message of quality, because otherwise you’ll be putting your company at risk. Although persons belong to your list of subscribers, they can cause a problem if at the time of accessing your mail report it as SPAM, instead of clicking and open the message they sent to the folder of unwanted messages. The only way that this does not happen is deliver quality information and to achieve a direct and close communication with your prospect in each shipment of mail that you carry out from the beginning of your email marketing campaign. By which create a smart marketing strategy by email should be your main goal when you insert your subscription on your web site form. If you think you don’t have enough knowledge, it seeks advice from experts that you den techniques and secrets of how to start your campaign for not making mistakes from the beginning. I advise you to do a rethink as attract more subscribers and achieve to grow your list of subscribers: delivers a mail of value and not take risks!

Door-to-door Hand Delivery

It has gone all out to the street and receiving a brochure in hand. Cast in hand formula is a more common forms of distribution of advertising and have more difficulty. Normally when we talk about sharing in hand always associate all kinds of advertising elements, vouchers, brochures, cards plastic, gifts, printed envelopes, signs, newspapers, magazines… In times of crisis this action of cast in hand usually occur very frequently in public centres, at special events, in places where moving large masses of people. It is common to also observe as people once received the pamphlet, past a few meters introduce it in the first trash that crosses on their way. When this happens we know that it was not a potential customer.

And on the occasions that this happens the effort has not the right answer. Therefore, when performing this type of campaign, the companies make a very careful analysis by identifying their customers, and on this basis perform at a site or another the cast in hand and if it is not possible, perform a mailing, distribution of advertising, deal in hand, poming perching, junk mail door to door or a distribution of samples. We must not forget that all action direct marketing must be based in one strategy directed towards the goal. Cast in hand, campaigns depends greatly on a structuring of the marketing campaign. Importance very relevant the study of sites where you will proceed to the cast.