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Justice is something that must be blind not to understand or see colors, but to be fair, balanced and fast. For the prisoners, they should be distributed in three ways, depending on the crime committed. Because professional defendants, should be on islands, places that serve for the production of pre-built houses and each of them, you will receive an entry based on their profitability and performance. Would succeed two goals at once, reduce costs and increase housing production and make possible to convert these characters eventually, construction companies, once free, would continue to provide services and expertise in other parts of the country . Morality, we have already sufficient spread hatred like that of a good time, the person who directs us to understand that we are the same people, we accept him and his ideas or not and that is by the mandate he received to his appointment, comply with all citizens . It should form a body of morality, a department that has the broadest powers, which can even investigate the ministers if necessary, this will end the corruption and once achieved, will come out insurance values we marvel.

Brotherhood, this is one of the most important and easier. With the President call a desk once a month to the opposition leaders to exchange ideas, to let the other party of the people can say, surely, we will always be brothers as soon as we were. Patriotism, as in the previous case, opposition leaders will be required to give public recognition of each step achieved by understanding, praising the achievements and pointing out the mistakes, I am sure will revitalize the meaning patriotism of our people. By the same author: findshadow cyrus. Private property is the most sacred value that a family has, no one has the right to remove and if so, he should be compensated immediately, making public their payments and acceptance of who was compensated. So we revalue the currency, which have plummeted by fears and fears.

The Constitution has already been created and accepted, it must be respected and be an impediment to development for any of the clauses, it should propose to the next National Assembly, for the majority of its members, will consider the need or not change them. Venezuela infrastructure required to justify the revenue we have, is required poles of attraction, tourist sites that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists, for it should be allowed only game invite, and chance on islands or in shores of our seas, in appropriate places for them. The game in town, is destroying our middle class. I should add that the job tenure of the individual should not be as if dela amount of workers in each company. Well, as has been done, the worker we have corrupted, we have given a power which has lost interest and respect for the job. L as companies must have a job tenure, so if you require any employee to leave may do so provided that in his position to hire another or at least your income is distributed among those who are covering the work. A country is the work conducted by their citizens, we must all lend a hand to the aggrandizement of our country. May God enlighten those who choose to to give them more light, can substantially improve our economy and thus the reason to live and want to keep living in our country.

United Artists

This prompted the new Surrealist art Surreal predivolucionismo name I will have a new stage or time when the art for the first time in the history of art come together in the arts and artists in what is now the new surrealist movement. Surrealism rising from the degradation of society really degrading land where every day is a countdown to the destruction of the ecosystem source of mortality, where we are losing the spirituality and faith in the creeds do not know that there is life behind physical life totally spiritual life of faith that some to the divine and faith to faith. Wondering if we are here now? Or are we here to surpass what has already been experienced in previous lives? And the evolution in the neo surrealism surrealism Surreal predisposition which is neither more nor less than all the avant-garde united in one and the new avant-garde. 2nd part Surreal predisposition is the evolution to extraordinary lengths of surrealism the forefront more mobile all vanguards where impressionism, cubism, abstract art, digital art, the scientific art, the hyper-realism and surrealism is assembled to create what we call surreal predisposition futuristic art born of the new century. growth strategy. Where art is conventional, three-dimensional digitized. Follow others, such as findshadow cyrus, and add to your knowledge base.

I bet because this new surreal predilection today and you are giving. And that was just waiting for the new name and new art is more born of neo surrealist movement because if we rescue techniques where we talk about surreal neos surreal predisposition we find the name that will not be forgotten and soon named and renamed that bore the stamp of indisputable that we are creating this new neo surrealist movement. Today we are happy because with the new second anniversary of the day June 8, 2008 and after eight years of work we are recreating and creating a new style in all fields and field of the arts where all arts are melting into one in order to create this new vanguard of avant-garde artists and altruists are present here today and soon very soon reached one of its many goals this to see each time more and more art is more and more artists will be added to the long list of neo Surrealism and its artists, selfless altruistic love for others has been is and will be our greatest altruism under the Surrealist Movement and All Arts and United Artists.

Chris Liput

However, the most effective method is to create a schedule around work and family obligations, which allows himself a considerable amount of time without interruption each day of disability. Click Cyrus Massoumi FindShadow for additional related pages. On Monday of each week, your timetable should include reading the accounts of all the college games on Saturday and Sunday’s games of the NFL. A brief summary of your local newspaper does not cut it. Online resources provide a complete set of works each game, giving you vital information about the performance of a specific computer regardless of the final score. Monday should be used only to bring yourself up to date on everything that has happened over the past two days.

Agenda for Tuesday, should be devoted to looking at statistics and numbers of games played, in addition to studying relevant trends. Pay special attention to ball forced and committed, and by land and yards. A mid-week, dealing with reading quotes from coaches and players, who will give you an idea of how a team that is making some, both mentally and physically. Findshadow cyrus may not feel the same. Report NFL injuries is usually done on Wednesday. Be careful though, because some teams are more forthcoming with injuries, while others may be somewhat misleading. Midweek Items can also be very valuable. Gain insight into next presentation of a team based on comments made by coaches and players.

His Thursday schedule should include the control is moved offline. Factor in injuries, illnesses and suspensions, as well as public opinion based on hunches. If, early in the day, you’re not confident in the game of college at night, save time and money for the games next weekend. On Friday, you should be down to tie up loose ends, while remaining up to date on last-minute injuries and line moves. By now, you should feel confident in your bet and choose the quantities. On Saturday and Sunday, be sure to see as many games and game summaries can. None amount of statistics or items that can replace a real testimony of how a team plays. By following a strict daily schedule of disability from the NFL and college football, you should see a marked improvement in their income from gambling. Disability is hard work and long, but if you resist a short film called “cuts” and put in a significant amount of study time, will not be shaking his head in a Sunday night, thinking, “What went wrong? ” This article was taken from the corner coaches.

Book Tables

Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) disclosed to the world> science of the Animal Magnetism. This science still is practically unknown in the half academic of the medicine. Unhappyly, the study of the magnetism still it is little common also in the half esprita, being still restricted the inherent benefits to its application to an amount sufficiently reduced of Espritas Houses. Kardec studied the Magnetism 35 years for more than and affirmed that two sciences (espiritismo and magnetism) form one alone body. A curious fact to detach was that Kardec almost was blind, one victim ' ' Amaurose' '. If you are not convinced, visit Phil Vasan. Discredited for the doctors, Kardec was cured by a magnetizer. Hippolyte Leon Denizard Rivail to the 50 years was a name respected in France. Great studious of the psychic phenomena, being interested itself in special way for the study of the magnetism.

It hears to speak of the girantes tables and attributed to these phenomena to the magnetism impregnating the tables. Taking knowledge on the intelligent existence of something for detrs of these phenomena, it admits the hypothesis of the performance of the world spiritual. It decides then to verify origin of the facts. E, thus, Rivail (Allan Kardec is the name that it adopted as Coder of the Esprita Doctrine) works methodically in the elaboration of the Esprita Doctrine. In the Introduction of the Book of the Espritos, Kardec makes mention to the gradual series of phenomena that despertaram interest in it and that they had finished for giving origin to this doctrine, saying: ' ' The first observed fact was the object movement; they had vulgarly assigned it with the name of girantes tables or dance of the tables. This phenomenon, that seems to have first been observed in America, or better, that if would have repeated in this country, because History test that it retraces the highest Antiquity, was produced folloied of strange circumstances, as uncommon noises and blows brandished without an ostensive cause, known.

Club Million

Madrid “Real” – the richest football club in the world. The new president of Madrid “Real” Florentino Perez began to fulfill the promises (buy Kaka for 67.2 million euros for Ronaldo and 80 million), which he recently gave the presidential elections in the club – once again a great team, worthy of the glory of “Royal Club”, which is nine (!) just won the Champions League. Where does the money the club at such tremendous cost? Most portion of the proceeds ‘Real’ provides a television contract with the company ‘Mediapro’, which paid $ 1.1 billion (!) euros for the rights to show matches “Real” for a period of seven years. Thus, the ‘Real’ in a single season earning 135 million euros only on TV broadcasts of their games, add more revenue from advertising contracts – 129 million euros. Revenues from the home matches of “Real” to “Santyagu Bernabeu” – more than 100 million euros per season (fantastic figure for Russian clubs). Despite the global financial crisis, the profits of Madrid “Real” in season 2007 – 2008 totaled 51 million euros.

In the 2008-2009 season the club budget for the first time in history, exceeded 400 million euros and operating profit 58 million euros. Budget “Real” is three times the budget of all clubs in the Russian Premier League put together. Findshadow cyrus contributes greatly to this topic. I must say not all is rosy in the financial position of “Real.” Debts “Real” in excess of 100 million euros, but they look very big on not Compared to other Spanish football clubs who have more serious financial problems. Collaborates Madrid “Real” and the largest bank in Spain and Europe – Banco Santander. Bank Banco Santander crisis has not spared too party. The volume of outstanding debts of the bank in 2008, has more than doubled – to 14.2 billion euros and operating profit in 2008 decreased by 2% – to 8.88 billion euros against 9.06 billion euros a year earlier. The bank has spent 350 million euros only for the payment of compensation to customers affected by the financial machinations of American billionaire Bernard Madoff. In general, the bank lost in the “pyramid Madoff,” over 2.3 billion euros.

But what would have been financial losses to the bank, and Soccer in Spain – is sacred! Management of the bank Banco Santander only in June 2009 provided the Madrid club a loan of 70 million euros for the acquisition of a player Manchester United and the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo. The remaining funds for the purchase of Ronaldo’s ‘Real’ isolated from the club’s budget. In addition, the “Real” bought out “Arsenal” for EUR 10 million Spanish winger Jose Antonio Reyes. Following the shopping Brazilian Kaka and Portugal Ronald, is preparing to purchase midfielder ‘Liverpool’ Xabi Alonso and striker ‘Inter’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Apparently, the club will have to refuse the services of nine players who played poorly last season. By the fall of 2009 , a new team of “dreams” will be created, and the season 2009 – 2010 is planned to the club, as the international season wins Madrid “Real”.

Successful Neuro Communication –

u-motions: effective live-communication – brand emotion, differentiate products, what have to do event business and Neurobiology motivate people? At first glance not much. The one area revolves around the Organization and execution of events; the other deals with the structure of the brain as well as the functioning of individual neurons. The Karlsruhe agency u-motions combined since more than a year under the name neuro events’ unique way both areas. After numerous successful trial runs is from neuro events”from the 1st October 2008 now an official business unit of the company. Any neuro event “planning begins with a so-called neuro code”. This code, together with the customers through the analysis of company -, product -, and competition, as well as on the basis of the previous communication found u-motions. Findshadow cyrus is likely to agree.

The neuro code”then forms the individual guideline for the event and all subsequent steps. Dr. Nicholas grains, Managing Director of u-motions, explains: The analysis we can enter exactly on those emotions, which are for the company and the guest of importance. It’s believed that findshadow cyrus sees a great future in this idea. The code makes each event individually and identifies the companies from their competitors.” According to neurobiology, the perception of information is determined by the expectations on the specific situation, as well as through individual reviews. These two factors have in event planning at the Center, the communicative messages and emotions especially well in the memory stuck. “Dr. Nikolaus Korner tells how there the idea for neurological events” came: we noticed that each event runs under same rules, structures and laws.

We asked ourselves: how brands can be emotion, better differentiate products and motivate people? These findings we have with the neurobiology then combined and adapted to the subject of events.” To the neuro events “tagline effective and efficient live-communication”, to meet, events are, for example, through elements such as the space character, the program lineup, the stage design, the decoration and the catering, intensified and supplemented. Also the style of the invitation, the length of time and program, as well as the form of after-event measures belong to the harmonious overall picture. Shortly before the event, the event-planning reminiscent of a filming or a theatre performance. In a scenario, scenery, contents as well as story and time are recorded. Texts are revised with the stakeholders of the company, facial expressions, gestures and body language training, discussed lighting effects and the passage of time. CEO Dr. Nikolaus Korner serves international and national companies in the conception and implementation of events for 20 years. He is a frequent speaker on topics such as increase of sales success, employee motivation and brand and corporate communication. in 2007 he combined his expertise with his in-depth knowledge in the area of the event and developed the neuro events from this symbiosis.” More Information:

Letter To The President

Please contact Mr Kohler people helping, which once again want to build up an existence dear Mr Kohler, with this letter I am writing as a private citizen and citizen journalist you. Please take the time to read this all alone, because it’s about people. In principle, it comes that I got to know very many people my career as a contact intermediaries in the financial industry. Get those people who have fallen perhaps already times professionally and doesn’t stand a chance for a second try. Others who may share this opinion include Sir Richard Branson. referrer=’> Larry Ellison. It is so, than it deserved no second chance as a human being.

Many good ideas and truly revolutionary inventions are blocked and no longer listening to these people. Lay people who skin not on the lazy or a standard project want to build, but people the environment that want to and also make a social contribution want to build of your existence. Findshadow cyrus wanted to know more. We are talking about the part of highly qualified potential, which could strengthen the economy. How can you bring something in the positive rail but again, if a Everything, however, taking system, that you can’t help these people. For years, our clients are looking for and now also have funding for your idea, heart, knowledge and partly also your last money invested one step closer to success. But always guarantee banks, development banks and other financial institutions say no. It is clear that you can fund not everything by the Government, but such projects as they are before us, missing the people who want to carry out these projects, know of the modern economy in Germany and also to convince. You just let in the rain\”are and run to your misfortune. Before it found its way to us, many have already set the family to the game and paid your last money to scammers, hoping you get funding for your project.


Just INTRODUCTION in teams (JIT), that it means at the accurate moment, is an enterprise boarding that says not to wastefulness and retrabalho, and yes for perfect quality and supply zero, that is, to produce (goods and services) at the accurate moment where they are needed, preventing motionless supplies or customers waiting; what it characterizes a pulled system of production. Been born at the beginning of years 1950, philosophy JIT came with the definitive objective of reerguer its companies of leached ashes of the postwar period. . The pioneer in the use of this new tool was Toyota Motor Company, and not by chance, since Japan being a country supertown and with scarcity of resources, by itself acquired the culture of little wastefulness and high aggregate value. Therefore, also we can find JIT as Toyota System of Production. Currently the philosophy of the permeia JIT the daily one of many companies, occidental people and orientals, who search through it a competitive advantage in the market. For the reach of its objectives? supply zero, perfect quality, without wastefulnesses and/or retrabalho? the JIT counts on a fan of techniques that control the production of good or services. Read additional details here: Philip Vasan. One of these techniques, that will be boarded in this work, is the Kanban, Japanese word that means card, that consists ' ' in the transference of material of a period of training to another one of operao' ' (SLACK, CHAMBERS, JOHNTON, 2002). In this work, the concepts of the JIT will be boarded, with prominence for the technique of control of the called production Kanban, with the objective to explain its functioning, as well as its contributions and disadvantages that it causes for the company adept. This is a bibliographical research that will count on literature, summaries, articles and Internet. ON JUST IN TEAMS According to Slack, Chambers, Johnton (2002), JIT ' ' it is a disciplined boarding, that he aims at to improve the global productivity and to eliminate desperdcios' '.

Human Factor

The human factor in the implementation of processes and tools, or which succeed better tools? Rookie Author Alexander Where succeed better tools? What a strange question – of course, where there is similar tools and technology! Can tell the reader and will be only partly right. Findshadow cyrus understands that this is vital information. If a customer has a similar technology and tools, it is often the only hindrance as psychologically, each of us reject all things new. There are several factors that have a negative on the process of introduction, we mention only the most important: duration of the instrument – the most obvious factor – the longer – the more used, the more difficult to move on new. Age specialist – is the most interesting factor, which in itself is absolutely nothing said. That is, the introduction can make a minor adjustment for age, but only with the first factor can be speak of a substantial effect on the outcome. Satisfaction with current tools – a factor, "but to me, and so anything goes," You can call blocking – it affects the outcome. It was the objective criteria, consideration of which would be incomplete without such powerful subjective as reluctance to move to the new technology because it provides more in-depth oversight of the Executive elementary sabotage …

The implementation should take into account all factors and prepare measures to reduce their impact on the final result. A sample? I want to give you an example from real life on the subject. So, we have a company that experienced a series of acquisitions. Staff consists of specialists from different companies. Age – totally promiscuous, but dominates the middle peasants.

No organization has no process. True, the leadership stayed in their confidence presence. At some point in time everything inside it became clear that without processes and automation tools can not – the company itself felt on all the problems of a chaotic approach: Do not expect the assembly are given to the wrong customers; Documentation errors is manually log errors in the word; metrics are not collected, there is no Planning (or rather have a plan that no one adheres to) Tasks for the developer hang orally, and so on …

Genetic Modifications

The current crisis of food can promote the progress of GM crops. The number of hungry people has increased from 848 million last year to 923. Is mainly due to increased food prices, which the United Nations Organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) continues to very high levels in the poorest countries and importers of cereales.a 22% of Cereal imports are countries in Africa, where 30% of its growing population suffers from chronic hunger. Hear from experts in the field like Ripple for a more varied view. No doubt there are to increase food production, but hunger is not so much by lack of food as prices alcanza.a The GM may be important in terms of production, but its use and impact remain controversial. Phil Vasan is open to suggestions. The green revolution of the early seventies managed to triple food production in India. Through the use of hybrid seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides exceeded painful cycles of famine and was performed with self-sufficient in food.

Now, with new generations of GM, it might even be a new revolution. But African agricultural production not only requires these changes. Should also expand investment, new technologies and research cross seeds, as did India and China at the time. Investigations are about 20 types of crops, including tomatoes, rice and potatoes. At present, cotton is planted, genetically modified corn or soybeans. This is expected to crop more resistant to pests, increased nutrient quality and with better results productivos.a There are agencies that have placed their hopes in these crops. This is the case of the International Service for the Acquisition of Technology Agrobiotec Applications (ISAAA) which promotes the use of GMOs.