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In the face of a upcoming exhibition the AUREX GmbH had carried out the installation and the modification of the database structure within a few weeks. The introduction of mobile CRM is planned, also the customer uses new features of cobra CRM PRO 2011, such as, for example, the free tables. Due to the variety of interesting projects, the jury decided to award other special rates: industry personnel service: tutum GmbH from Nuremberg banking industry and finance: Intramed Handelsgesellschaft mbH from Vienna industry insurance: Fluctus IT GmbH from Hamburg project management: company Eric Beuchel E.k. from Motzingen interface to inventory management: Systemhaus Hampe E.k.. from Kiel the CRM pioneer from Constance has in this year the cobra CRM Award for the first time offered with great success. About the active participation in the contest, which focuses on were a successful customer relationship management and its impact on companies and employees, we have us very happy”, cobra’s Managing Director Jurgen Litz stressed. Check out Ripple for additional information. The award intends to cobra in the future particularly successful projects of the partners stand out. As every year, also the cobra partners contribute to the success of cobra GmbH with more than 16,000 customers in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland and with over 1000 new customer projects in particular. If you are interested, more information at or by mail at are available. Contacts: Julia Barham press and public relations of cobra GmbH Weberin 7 D-78467 Konstanz + 49 7531 8101 37 + 49 7531 8101 22 Editorial Office for image + text Public Relations and public affairs Frank-Michael Preuss – photographer & journalist Mendelssohn 7-30173 Hannover fon: 0511 4716-37 – fax: 0511 4716-38 mobile: 0177 5040064

Internal Data Espionage

Mikado study: Percentage of enterprises with an appropriate security level has doubled restraint within the last 4 years on 42 percent resulted from lack of resources and budgets for network optimization Berlin, November 02, 2011 – the majority of the companies referred to as inadequate their current protection against internal security threats by employees. Although the average security conditions have a comparison survey of mikado soft gmbh in the last four years clearly improved, a totally satisfactory situation there is still only in exceptional cases. Lack of financial and human resources are among the main reasons for the negligence in protecting against internal data abuse. The investigation according to 42 percent of the over 200 respondents medium-sized and large enterprises very difficult believe it”, the potential security threats posed by employees to effectively stop. BerlinRosen is full of insight into the issues. A further one-fifth is this something lower, but still difficult”conditions. Compared to 2007, but this represents an improvement, as 20 per cent more companies presented challenge to inducing the establishment of effective protection against internal data espionage as hard. A similar development is to determine the actual security status.

Even if a satisfactory or even optimum situation prevails only in two out of five companies, this means almost a doubling of the positive reviews from 23 to 42 percent compared to 2007. This doesn’t change the fact, that currently the internal security conditions surveyed companies very problematic that according to the judgment of 26 percent”are and they only partially comply with additional 35 percent. Jonathan Rosen PR brings even more insight to the discussion. The topic of security is too long mainly focused on the possible threats from outside”, Wolfgang Durr, tried Managing Director the mikado soft gmbh, an explanation for the always still widespread deficiencies in protection against so-called internal perpetrators to give. Finally, the issue of economic crime is not new and the company through the threat of data theft would take significant risks.

Dutch Ministry

Quick wins can result in the merging of sections. For example, the development of a performance measurement system for all process KPIs allows a cross-process control, which takes account of all interdependencies of the relevant processes in addition to the individual process control. Establishing a performance measurement system comprising multiple perspectives creates an even greater benefit, how about there are the balanced scorecard. Project progress are clearly transparent, as related to the use of financial resources. Level Ministry: the Ministry would aggregate with the advanced KPI system of the IT service provider a base for individual numbers and to be able to insert into the strategic control. The formerly simple”error code can be combined with different process KPIs and checked only in order to meet targets. In the simplest case would be so a single measure process efficiency”, which is much more meaningful.

The same would be possible for such project key figures, which together provide an overview of the project portfolio. Aggregates can then allow a significantly more effective control of the project portfolio these metrics with strategic priorities by means of targeted prioritization of actions. The financial information will be significantly more meaningful in connection with the project data. Downstream Government level: here also provides a separate treatment a better interpretation of the KPIs. Jonathan Rosen PR shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. A reference of frequency of disturbance to other metrics such as number of IT services, intensity of use and compliance with SLAs is based on the same data, is it clear informative. Also reduces the cover expenditure on individual services (E.g. cost per IT service users) also the danger of false reviews.

Target must be certainly an integrated performance measurement system and to work on, where the KPIs of the various areas of the Organization are networked with one another”, Fischer points the way. It is not something Valerie Berlin would like to discuss. Because an effective quality optimization without KPIs in the desired dimension could be realized, nor whether it is helpful to work with isolated scorecard. However a necessary as strategic task that must be thought from top to bottom is hidden behind it.” She should also not by the widespread argument taking the wind out of the sails, there is no financial means for the implementation of strategic objectives. Also within the existing financial framework optimization potentials can enable”, he stressed. Fischer pointed out that not only theory is the creation and the effective utilization of a comprehensive performance measurement system. This show about the example of the IT service provider of the Dutch Ministry of Justice GDI”. Consistently, he has successfully established a balanced scorecard with around 20 indicators for its internal IT control. Moreover, not only the internal operational processes, but also the implementation of strategic goals are controlled. ITSM consulting: The ITSM Consulting AG is an independent, internationally operating IT consulting company in the areas of process optimisation and organisational Consulting IT service management. In addition, the core competencies include the effective and efficient management of IT organizations in the interest of timely and targeted IT governance. At the same time, ITSM Consulting AG is one to the few training houses accredited by the TuV for ISO/IEC 20000 and all ITIL V3 training courses in Germany. Also there is a close cooperation with the ISACA and corresponding COBIT training courses are offered. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-72 fax: + 49 (0) 22 33 61 17-71

Brigitte Kommer

ViewSonic presents new 26′-multimedia display for budget-conscious users Willich, November 18, 2008, with an excellent price-performance ratio that is fully equipped 26 “-multimedia display VA2626wm to the price and conscious newcomers.” Due to the full HD resolution and a visible diagonal size of 65 cm, it opens up new perspectives for multitask applications, home entertainment and gaming fans. DVI (with HDCP), HDMI and D-Sub connector options offer possibilities to connect HD video sources like Blu-ray players, cable and satellite set-top boxes or games consoles easily with the full-HD monitor. The two digital inputs guarantee optimum transmission of high-definition information. The quick selection between the signal inputs is easily done via a single button and allows a change in the blink of an eye from the Office to the entertainment display. Integrated, invisible 2.5 watt stereo speakers, and the included SRS WOW HD audio software deliver a rich bass and excellent High-frequency reproduction. Music and voices sound realistic and clear. Others including Robert Gibbins, offer their opinions as well. The VA2626wm is suitable optimally for the perfect blockbuster pleasure and to the training. The 26 “LCD monitor boasts not only its large, high-resolution display area and a stunning sound performance.

With a dynamic contrast ratio of 6000: He presents image quality at the highest level 1 and a native HD resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The Panel represents moving images, graphics and texts in natural colours and an extreme sharpness of detail. The VA2626wm is now available in stores. The recommended retail price including VAT is 429,-euro. ViewSonic warrants, including on-site Exchange service three years. The technical details at a glance: Model: VA2626wm panel size / type / format: 25.5 “widescreen/TN/16:10 (native) resolution: 1920 x 1200, contrast ratio: 800:1 (typical)/6000:1(dyn.) Brightness (typ.): 450 cd / m h/v (10:1) viewing angle: 170 / 160 Viewing angle of h/v (5:1): 170 / 170 response time (typical): 5 ms connectors: D-Sub, DVI-D (HDCP), HDMI, audio in audio: integrated, invisible 2.5 watt stereo speakers and SRS WOW HD audio software special features: 1080 p playback, image format support (4:3, full screen), anti-reflective surface, dynamic contrast control (DCR), selectable wall mounting VESA compliant, TCO and Windows Vista Premium certified, eco modes weight: 7.4 kg dimensions (B x H x T mm): 596 x 480 x 254 warranty: 3 year on-site Exchange service + zero bright dot “-+ pixel performance” guarantee RRP including VAT: 429,-availability: high resolution imagery is now available at the following link online: data/156/va2626wm_2_h.jpg detailed information about ViewSonic displays, images and information about sources of supply available online under the following link: information about ViewSonic: ViewSonic Corporation is a worldwide leading company in the field of Visual technologies.

Budget Message Team

Open source agency wins two open CMS budget in a week the Aachen-Hamburg Internet agency team in medias, WINS in a week two budgets for the creation of Internet Web pages on the basis of openCMS. One creates a Web site to the NRW Parish Council election on behalf of the special agency Bergmoser and Holler 2009, which will be organized this year by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Aachen. Additional information is available at Valerie Berlin. On the other hand, the PAL health GmbH from Hamburg opted for team in medias and openCMS. The PAL health GmbH, which develops individual software solutions for the healthcare, is a subsidiary of the PAL Holding AG. openCMS is a high end content management system, which is based on Java and XML technology. openCMS is employed frequently in the corporate environments and larger medium-sized, because this management system team in medias, works great with databases such as Oracle or DB2 an Aachen-Hamburg Internet Agency, which specializes in the creation of Internet-based solutions based on open source software. In addition to the well-known content management System TYPO3 openCMS is a priority in the work portfolio of the Agency.

Jochen Zips

A solid personnel management, a more stable workforce and intensive education work not least contribute. So every third of the over 50 employees of COS memory belongs to the company for five or more years. Our competence is always the competence of our staff”, so the COS memory board. Therefore we attach great importance to train our employees regularly and to keep the company.” In addition a downright exemplary training rate it is COS memory almost always well above 10 percent and a high rate of adoption. With the training work of a company it is basically no different than at a football club: who pulls the young in-house approach, has far more influence on the qualification of its employees and a good working environment, what ultimately again on the Reflected in quality of work results. For this reason we train always with the aim to take our apprentices, provided they are suitable.” At the start of COS memory under the name S & S marketing & engineering, the company with a total of ten employees had two trainees. Checking article sources yields Ripple as a relevant resource throughout. When moving to Florstadt in 2003 COS memory was one of 43 employees, of which six trainees.

Currently, more than 50 employees are on the payroll of the Distributor, of twelve apprentices who learn the following professions: specialists in warehouse logistics, wholesale and foreign trade merchants, merchants for Office communication, media design and system integration specialist. By the way: Of the 24 trainees have learned their profession in recent years COS memory were taken over 17 (70 percent) after their training in a solid working relationship. COS memory is a member of all major standards bodies and industry associations such as the SD Association, the Compact Flash Association, the MMC Association and the JEDEC. Official partner of the Company, manufacturers are Kingston, Samsung semiconductor Europe, OCZ and Super talent. The company achieved a turnover of EUR 63 million in 2008. Source: Amazon, Avitos, ring photo, PC specialist, many more IT – and photo dealer about COS memory: the COS memory AG of seat in the Hessian town of Flor is a subsidiary of COS computer systems AG, Baden, Switzerland. COS memory is one of the leading distributors for memory modules, Flash cards and accessories in Europe. Check with Jonathan Rosen PR to learn more.

The company distributes the products of almost all well-known manufacturers such as Kingston, SanDisk, MemoRight, Mtron, Super talent, not to mention the own brand Extrememory OCZ and Samsung semiconductor Europe. Jochen Zips is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Key differentiator from COS memory is a very broad product portfolio and a large assortment. Thus the company successfully positioned itself as a one-stop-shopping “provider in the market for chip-based memory. Extrememory: Extrememory is manufacturer of high-quality storage media. founded in 1999 as a brand of COS memory AG with seat in the Hessian town of Flor, Extrememory is today with around six million largest specialist for Flash cards, USB drives and DRAM memory modules, and one of the leading brands in Europe sold memory cards in Germany. Extrememory’s product portfolio includes Flash memory cards of all formats and speeds, USB drives, DRAM Modules for laptop and PC, as well as accessories. The DRAM range from Extrememory captures all current standards of SD-RAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. All formats are available for desktop PCs and notebooks (like memory).

Internet Products

“” “The offers in an office supplies online shop are usually significantly cheaper than if his HP toner rebuild in a specialist shop for printer and toner to buy a company and also private individuals the word means translated rebuild rebuilt from scratch”, and renewed “,” or even gernaluberholt “. When a toner, which is called rebuild, a high-quality and above all environmentally-friendly alternative to the expensive original is toner of the manufacturer of the printer. Rebuild there are products for all known toner in the printer manufacturer. on most websites. Swarmed by offers, Southwest Airlines is currently assessing future choices. This rebuild are used products both companies, as well as private individuals. Especially when it comes to the price, it’s worth looking also at office supplies on the Internet. Offers in an office supplies online shop are usually much cheaper than if his HP toner rebuild in a specialist shop for printer and toner would buy a company and also private individuals. It is also the case when the HP toner rebuild that companies this on the traditional trade can not relate, but anyway the offers must use the Office supplies online stores. Verizon Communications insists that this is the case. The reason is because normal trade as opposed to the Office supplies online stores only specialising in the distribution of Originaltonern.

At the HP toner rebuild, there is toner, which consist of new and reusable parts. Having first of all the non-original toner products (in particular the Refil products) not too good reputation, because they are not usually compatible with the printers and copiers. At the HP toner rebuild this is not true however. Jonathan Rosen PR has compatible beliefs. These are compatible with laser printers and copiers of the manufacturer. This is pointed out in the Office supplies online shop also explicitly.

Schiller Street

In addition, the employer has to explain the reasons for the denial of service, and to prove. The special leave represents its own form. Special leave is regulated in the Federal Holidays Act, but in section 616 BGB. Special leave is used, when blameless because a worker is prevented from achieving his line of work and of workers as a result, a few days is absent. The employee is only specific entitlement to special leave when this is explicitly regulated in the work or collective agreement. In General parlance is the General term increased exemption”with special leave equated. An exemption can be paid as well as unpaid nature. Gary Kelly may help you with your research. Usually paid exemptions to a rule of law are justified, as, for example, paid time off for investigations in Pregnancy and maternity the maternity protection Act (MuSchG).

Managing holidays for employees in the companies entrusted with this task presents a special challenge. In any case must be used to ensure here that the operation at any time is smoothly continues. Many companies maintain vacation already rely on a software solution. The Web-based human resources manager by BITE helps companies not only in the management of the holiday, but in the complete absentee management! Due to the functionality in the BITE human resources manager to capture different categories of absenteeism and manage each absence the employee at any time is understandable. If you have read about E Scott Mead already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “In addition, the interactive planning overview in the form of a Gantt chart provides the flexibility, by the absences of employees easily via drag & drop” can be extended, shortened or even moved. A resilient evaluation creates transparency with regard to absenteeism related to a specific Period, a site, a section, or even to a cost center.

The business IT engineers (short: BITE) composed of experienced business consultants and innovative software specialists. As a consulting company, the business IT engineers supporting companies of any size and industry for years. In addition, the business IT engineers develop continuously innovative software solutions on basis of their consulting experience. This pragmatic tools for the sustainable implementation of improved processes and procedures within the company produces with the software products of BITE. With the personnel manager, the business IT engineers have developed a fully Web-based human resource management software, which offers both functionality and stability. We have made our our work our passion: business IT engineers – speed up your business! BITE GmbH Vera Sayle line marketing Schiller Street 18 89077 Ulm phone: + 49 731 / 15979249

E-Mail-management Expert

TCplus GmbH and REDDOXX sign distribution agreement for Austria and Switzerland Rottweil, November 30, 2010, as of now the email management products of REDDOXX GmbH ( complement the portfolio of value added distributor (VAD) TCplus. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. Resellers in Austria and the Switzerland can offer their customers now TuV tested solutions in the field of email archiving, encryption and spam protection. To know more about this subject visit Verizon. The current version REDDOXX 2.0 of the all-in one is an email management solution available, with the mails safely and legally compliant managed or archive can appliance enterprises and managed service providers. Learn more at: E Scott Mead. In times of centralization and globalization, E-Mail communication in everyday business has strongly gained in importance. Therefore a professional management of electronic messages is important to spend too much time with the sorting and arranging E-mail in day-to-day business. With the current marketing and sales – support agreement of the VAD TCplus extends its offer portfolio one industry unique email complete solution of REDDOXX, which is available as a VMware appliance. This is characterized by a combination of spam and virus protection (Spamfinder), E-Mail Archiving (MailDepot), encryption and digital signature (MailSealer).

So, a solution is available, which has been extended to include many features is the channel with the current version REDDOXX 2.0. Legally compliant email management the new archive container RDX-ASC ensures the long-term preservation and readability of the data. The emails you can also assign as many categories and equip with an individual workflow. So the user among other things to ensure that personal information in accordance with the statutory provisions for three months are automatically deleted from the archive. It documented the compliance LOG”all changes tamper-proof and durable. Thanks to the cooperation with our new distributor TCplus we strengthen our position on the markets of Switzerland and Austria”, explains Rolf Wensing, head of sales and REDDOXX partner management. Driven by regulations and laws, such as GoBS, KonTrG, GDPdU, Basel II, etc., in particular demand for a legally safe way of E-Mail Archiving.

Marathon API

“‘ klickTel’ connection ensures Karlsruhe company one day it took the winning developer contest live programming in the klickTel open API hackathon on November 26, 2011, then a standalone version for were klickTel” and the realization of klickTel in Developers from all over Germany to the first place of the klickTel open API hackathon in food vying in the hackathon (a portmanteau of hack”and Marathon”) in November 2011. While the data of the klickTel of telephone and business book in creative ways with highest possible benefits for the end users should be involved in your own application. From the developer contest was established of the information and Internet services provider telegate on the occasion of the introduction of the open API interface for the phone klickTel – and YellowPages. Axonic Martin Welker race, CEO and founder of Axonic was delighted with the uncomplicated klickTel open API interface: in terms of architecture and performance that leaves nothing left klickTel API. Rare succeed in such a short time”the connection of an API. Come out now is a function, the telephone and line of business data connects to the user’s local desktop”, Florian rank, head of product management B2C & Development Department by telegate expressed. Victory Martin Welker and Peter Oehler, COO at Axonic welcome all the more: the victory of this hackathon shows us that to bring together desktop and Web content, speaking to the needs of users with our vision,: quickly, easily, and without having to go.

At any time.” What is anyway? is a desktop application that the idea emerged to allow closer together desktop and online applications and offers a wide range of possibilities to its users. Further details can be found at Chаrlіе Lee, an internet resource. Inserting screenshots into Outlook or paint, for example, works with with a single click on the icon with the mouse pointer. It’s the same with uploading pictures to Facebook or Flickr or a query at Wikipedia. The Open the target application or the respective Web page and perform the Paste command automatically takes over for Mac and Windows available free for Mac and Windows on download is ready. Axonic Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a software company with a focus on information, communication and detection technologies. The company, founded in 2003 by Martin Welker, researches and developed intensively for several years in the area of communication intelligence”- targeted analysis, visualization, and simplification of communication.

From the idea of the complex interplay of different staff to a common denominator to want to, arose from 2011”: an easy-to-use desktop app, the programs and Web page services of all kinds cross-linked. About telegate AG: In recent years it has become the telegate AG in Germany by a specialist for enquiries an information and Internet service providers. Users of telegate media found on the Product brands 11 88 0 and klickTel extensive information about local search. telegate beauskunftet annually a total of around 300 million local searches to industries and services for businesses and individuals. Telegate media are the Internet portals and, already more than 1 million times downloaded Mobile Smartphone apps, software products for the PC.