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It is also a confirmation of the successful partnership which has developed between the two companies. We look forward to the next phase.” About Mahindra Satyam Mahindra Satyam (NYSE: SAY) is a service provider for business processes and information technology, combining extensive industry and technical experience with advanced technologies, as well as a proven delivery model around the globe. She help customers transform their processes with high added value and improve business results. The well trained staff to convince inter alia in areas such as ERP, supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM) the optimization of business processes, business intelligence, product development and life cycle management, enterprise integration, and infrastructure management. Mahindra Satyam is a part of the Mahindra group with $ 6.3 billion annual sales.

This global industrial conglomerate is one of the Top 10 industrial companies of Indian origin. The Group’s activities span the financial sector, the automotive industry, trade and logistics, IT and infrastructure development. Mahindra Satyams development and delivery centers in Egypt, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Great Britain, India, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Hungary, United States and the United Arab Emirates serve a variety of customers, most of them from the Fortune 500 list. More information at, Twitter: about KMD: KMD is one of the largest IT service providers in Denmark with over 35 years of experience in the development and operation of some of the most complex systems in the country. KMD develops and delivers IT solutions to the public and the industry with an annual turnover of over 500 million euros with over 3,000 employees in Denmark. The owner of KMD are EQT and ATP.

KMD has opted for SAP as a strategic technology and development platform. This forms the Foundation for better integration of the systems and the global market standards as well as more openness and flexibility for customers.

Building Physics IBP

Gypsum mining to promote research – 30-year cooperation between Fraunhofer IBP and plaster-Weiss Foundation how to improve the acoustics and performance in Office? What recycled materials offer the best heat – and sound insulation? Are a real alternative to the glass membrane construction? These and similar questions from the construction sector, researchers in the cooperation between plaster School Foundation and the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP deal since now more than 30 years. This long-term cooperation was celebrated on the 1st of December. At the same time, the plaster-Weiss Foundation awarded their student plaster Schule Prize to successful young scientists. In the last 30 years, the plaster School Foundation (GSS) and the Fraunhofer IBP has achieved much. To read more click here: Gary Kelly. Patented products for the middle class of the region Stuttgart and southern Germany resulted in joint research and development projects in the area of new building materials, components and construction methods, environmentally friendly way. Also the promotion of young scientists was in the last years the focus of the work of the Foundation.

In terms of the promotion of young scientists, the plaster student prize is awarded since 1993. He awarded this year outstanding degree and theses dealing with construction, which correspond to the objectives of the Foundation, namely new technologies for environmentally sound construction and to develop. Whether presented gypsum foam for soundproofing, components from porosiertem recycled glass or dirt-repellent coatings in the past few years the award-winning a number of innovative developments. This year three awards worth up to 1,000 euros were awarded within the framework of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary to graduands of the Fraunhofer IBP for their theses. “We want to help young people during their studies at an early stage for the exciting field of research to be interested in them.

For this reason we award individual scholarships, launch the prize or support individual chairs,”explains Thomas Ducree, Board the plaster-Weiss Foundation.With Stifter family school 30-year research funding should be honored also of today’s award 5. plaster Barry. Key criteria such as energy efficiency, sustainability, a responsible approach with existing resources and private-sector commitment to science and research is still up-to-date even 80 years after founding the precursor Institute of the Fraunhofer IBP through the founder, Prof. Klaus Sedlbauer, Director of the Institute of the Fraunhofer IBP and Professor of the Chair of building physics of the University of Stuttgart, positive highlight. In 1929 the founder of plaster works worked Schule, Eduard Schule, in establishing the Institute of sound and heat technology, the predecessor of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP. The former goals were as up-to-date as it is today: scientific and technical economic in the field of sound and heat protection in the House, to solve the problems, housing and road construction in direct reference to the practice. 1965 was then the plaster Schule Foundation from the estate of the 2nd generation of the family Schule established, initially with the purpose to assist the employees with the proceeds of the endowment. Extension of the Foundation’s purpose 1978 set that selfless promotion of research, especially in the field of new materials and construction methods especially their small and medium-sized businesses should benefit the whole economy of the country, of the scientific findings. To achieve these goals, the Foundation sought a partner, which she found in the Fraunhofer IBP in 1979 and established its own plaster Schule building at the Fraunhofer Institute Centre in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. To date, a number of developments to companies in southern Germany was handed over on the basis of the cooperation agreement between GSS and Fraunhofer IBP.

European System

The European system of central banks is the system responsible for regulation, implementation and planning of the economic policies of the countries that conform the area or euro zone; However this system is cannot accept at all in these countries, because there are still few by joining that zone. We can say that by the time this work is aimed to the Eurosystem. Within the main objectives of the European system of central banks or ESCB is the laborious task of maintaining stability and balance of prices and economic policies within the European union, this with the purpose that it manages to maintain between if the strong bases economic characteristics of the same. The European system of central banks is formed by all the central banks within the European union, no matter that these are within the euro area. Get all the facts and insights with State Street Global Advisors, another great source of information. The consistency of the European system of central banks reached their maximum point of influence in Europe when all countries of the union to unite within the euro zone, contributing in this way to improve important aspects such as trade and the banking union. The Organization of the European system of central banks is formed in such a way that all the EU countries have some influence and benefits taken determinations; Therefore we will then mention the political organization of that Organization (ESCB).

General Council: it is composed of the President and Vice-President of the ECB and other representatives of the central banks which are located outside the euro area. The main function of this Council is to seek relate and unite all countries of the European union within the zone euro, without mentioning which in turn helps regulate the monetary policies that are outside of that zone. Executive Committee: this is composed of a President and a Vice-President are elected for 4 year terms, and by other legal representatives of the 4 zones European elected for terms of 2 years. The main activity of this Committee is carried out of the management of the ECB and through this ensure the proper functioning and implementation of monetary policies. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Dr. Kahan . Governing Council: this consists of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee, together with all the representatives of each of the central banks within the European union. The main action of this Council is formulating monetary policies that will govern the EU and adopt the necessary decisions so that the ESCB can exercise their activity. It is very important to make reference to some functions of the European system of central banks, among which we highlight some like: authorise the issuance of banknotes in the euro area. Regulate and balance the economic relations within the European union.

Defining and implementing the monetary policy. Ensure the proper functioning of the system of payments within the European union. Although there are many more features of the European system of central banks, the previously highlighted are possibly greater importance today.

Great Commemorations

Italy was born in 1861. In the truth king Vittorio Emanuele II assumed in this date, more necessarily in 17 of March of this year. Thus the Kingdom of the Itlia.Sua was created unification is therefore commemorating 150 years. In way to much party, 40 heads of State had taken part in the festejos, that if gave in Rome. As alive test of the globalization, in this party they had participated to all the countries, each one of them sending at least a restaurant, that has as specialty Italian food. It enters all the celebrations of this anniversary, the majority of them it occurred in Rome and it counted on the presence of some authorities of diverse countries, between them Cristina Kirchner, Dmitri Medvedev, of Germany, Christian Wulff, of Israel, and the president of Russia, this to detach some of the main names. Hillary Clinton, also disclosed itself, on behalf of president Obama. As crucial point, the height of the commemoration was marked by a military parade, which if gave in Rome, in imperial its fruns.

Very interesting to stand out, that to the restaurants they had entered in party for world. In Brazil, it had commemoration in several of them. The first one was the Bassi, in So Paulo, this specialized in meat. This was in 17 of March. However, after this date, several other restaurants had also taken part in the party. Many in the interior of the state, as it is the case of the establishment Laura and Francesco, that is next the city to Valinhos.

This beyond having had the presence of many people of name, also offered to its guests all special menu, with the delicious iguarias of Italy. As entrance, only vocs to have an idea, a called plate Bruschette Tricolori was served, and the main plate, was the imperdvel Bucatini all' Amatriciana, also known for Penne all' Arrabbiata. Well, if you as I am one loving of the Italian kitchen, must be with water in the mouth. Yes, with certainty it was a very flavorful lunch, with a dessert, worthy of deuses. The delight was the Tiramis. As vocs they must have perceived the anniversary was celebrated in great style, as it really deserves aniversariante. It knows more on ticket of train in Italy.