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Energy Efficiency

Investment Forum presents new Fraunhofer company on 11 November presents Fraunhofer venture in Munich newly founded Fraunhofer technology company. Potential donors to learn about company start-ups in the field of energy efficiency first-hand. Prof. Dr. Klaus Sedlbauer, at the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP, and Dr.

Yosef Hans bus Shamala, head of the Fraunhofer inform Institute for wind energy and energy system technology IWES, head also about current research trends. Inventions of the institutes and laboratories of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft often form the basis for successful business concepts. Fraunhofer venture is responsible for the businesses of the institutes. She advises interested in founding scientist and accompanied by all their business idea step stones. A successful business will be a research result. After the creation is for the new companies to grow essentially, rapidly and to penetrate the market. Technology companies are therefore on the early entry of Investors assigned.

For this reason presented annually three Fraunhofer venture are spin offs, which gives great chances of market success. Investors, business angels and capitalists are invited to investment forum. For the new baked Managing Director, this is the way to secure financing for the growth of the company. On November 11, 2009, the investment forum at the Fraunhofer is House in Munich under the focus on energy efficiency. Two lectures by institutes offer an overview of trends in research: Prof. Dr. Klaus Sedlbauer informed of research results in the field of sustainable building, Dr. habil Hans-Gerd bus man about the future of wind energy. Then the founders present their new company: Subitec cultivated algal biomass in a unique reactor using solar energy to win high-quality ingredients. These are used for example in the cosmetics industry. The procedure is suitable also for the production of energy. The company Greasoline has developed a process in the old fat gastronomy, household or industrial quality fuels become or can be used as a chemical raw material. SmartMembranes delivers intelligent membranes which can be precisely adjusted in the nanometer range. These are used in the industry to the precise filtering. The technology is superior to conventional filters. About Fraunhofer venture: Fraunhofer venture is a partner of founders, start-up companies, Fraunhofer institutes, industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 4,500 patent families. The range of Fraunhofer venture includes the complete support and advice of the founders. The main tasks include in the optimization of the business plan, the choice of legal form and drafting of contracts, as well as the search for financial cooperation and industry partners. Especially in finding suitable financing partners, the team with the help of can of own network of excellent support offer. In addition to the support of scientists from the environment of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer venture offers access to interesting Fraunhofer technologies other companies. Today Fraunhofer venture partner at founders, institutes, investors, and events around the subject of technology transfer is. Contact person: Sabine Hamilton dispute of Fraunhofer venture phone 089 1205-4502 fax 089 1205-7552

Designer Clothes

Perfect work should bring money and enjoy life can be expected to "turn up" a job, and you can start your own business and do what you like and how you like it. In this way, went to Irina Ivanishin, which in the past year, together with two friends organized a project "therefore choose a designer, and then the club fashion," My Line ". On how to get started their first business and the attitude to money Ivanishin Irina told us. – We Natalia were the leaders of business groups in the company, "Mayor Kay. Once seated in the office, chatting and came to the conclusion that we have – good, but always win the most are those who start something new. Began to think that would be is to organize what was not yet at least for us. As Natalie herself fashion designers, and we met in his time at fashion week, began to look for something in this area.

Our people love to dress up, but feel that designer clothing – it's expensive. Often, someone has tried something a seamstress to sew, but she ruined the fabric. I, too, so it was. Then buy a ready-made clothes. But the designer and seamstress – two different things. We have many talented designers, about which people do not know. And they do not always have the opportunity to participate in fashion weeks, because it is not cheap. Decided to bring to people, what are the designers we have, what services are offered, in what styles of working.

Many New Features

Increase number of Facebook fans. Here must the visitors until the fan page in the application like”, before more content, coupons or puzzles are visible. A registration form and a download are included as features. The new features include an Ecwid online shop, which private quickly and easily in the Web page to include home Pro and business Pro is by the customers of the tariffs. The shop includes a comfortable shopping cart, PayPal also allows in addition to other payment options. The online store from our website builder is perfectly adapted to the needs of small to medium-sized Web shops. We are confident that the feature for our customers will be well because so everyone can earn money on the Internet now,”Bartsch says Moritz. These include customers who want to sell merchandise on its Web site, but have a few skills. Also the revised route planner “-application represents a profitable feature.” It is for local businesses it important that the customers now have directions, address, and contact information available. Using the app, the (potential) customers on an interactive map can see how to find the fastest company.

Colonial System

With this measure, it was effected implementation of the colonial system of mercantilista orientation. Through this intervention, the administrative organization was produced in Brazil, with demands of investments capable to foment the base of a company essentially agriculturist, directed to take care of to the necessities of this type of exploration with sights to the accumulation of wealth and it fast profit. The functioning of this connotation politics present absolutist in the Europe was characterized by the total concentration of being able in the hand of the king. In the colony, the king was represented for employee metropolitans who received plenary powers to act interests of the Portuguese metropolis according to.

This transference of being able resulted in the concentration of wealth at the hands of the land proprietors, who also developed exploration of the work (mainly, of the obligatory form of slavery). By these measures, the existence of the unproductive large state in this historical context and of other natural wealth in the agricultural production on a large scale destined to the external market was allowed. The assembly of this structure made to appear an aristocratic ruling class that the administration dominated Brazilian. The society formed in this constitution presented some specific aspects in some regions. However, the predominant factor was the patriarcalismo, where the family and the people who lived in lands of a proprietor were ownerships you of the device. As salient Freire (2004): The African influence boiling under the European and giving an Acre to the life, sexual, to the feeding, the religion; the blood of the black running for a brancarana population, when not predominating in regions; Still today of dark people; the air of Africa, a hot, oily air, amolecendo in the institutions and the forms of culture.

Featured Programs Software

In the present article, we will contact you try to understand the individual nuances of the operating system of your computer at work. Knowledge learned from the below article ought to be, practically, any nick personal computer. Today we will talk about what exactly is software for your computer. So, we bought a PC. Now we need to think about software procurement, e-assistant. That's just about the software and will be discussed in this topic. What this software is needed for your computer? On this and now we'll talk with you.

Is it ought to protect your personal computer from an attack on him outside? That is, of raiding spam, spyware, tracking your actions while at work or entertainment, and of other illegal actions. Focused, always in a common goal – to get this or that secret information stored on your hard drive, yusb-ROM or in another medium. The answer – of course, the need for protection of your system unit. Responded to this question, we ask the question which follows. What way should be to protect the system unit from virus attacks? Of course, anti-virus protections.

Download that, you can now cut down to variations on this resource. Try first application in trial mode. And then decide whether you need it, or turn their gaze on other goods raznorabov obespecheniya.Programmy software for individual PC. Also on the site, you can choose different computer programs presented in shareware form. Your interest will be shown no end sorts and work programs for the PC.

Office Suite

What is a subscription service? As they say – what it eats? That's what we try to find out in this review article. Initially, the subscriber service computer and office equipment – is the provision of all computer and related service organizations, and individuals at a convenient time for them. It is no secret that computer technology is not as reliable as we would like. Unfortunately, failures, computer viruses are not uncommon, even more mundane date. And, most worryingly, computer crashes often cause very considerable damage to virtually every organization. And it was the user's service computer and office equipment company allows maintain continuous availability of computers and office equipment, avoiding emergency situations, financial, material, information loss failure. Assumed that the subscription service computer and office equipment includes a one-two planning and, importantly, an unlimited number of emergency of emergency exits for emergency computer help. With a planned departure is a check all computers for viruses (and disinfection, if necessary) and technical problems, eliminating the identified problems, installation of necessary software, training computers to continued smooth operation, preventative maintenance network.

Emergency exit, that is, emergency computer help, performed in case of emergency failures in the software or have technical malfunctions and is performed within one makismum two hours of receipt of the application service company. Typically, in customer service computers and office equipment includes such works as: installation, configuration and support of Microsoft Windows and Office Suite ms Office; disinfection, disposal and prevention, install and update anti-virus programs installed (repair, replacement) of components and peripherals, setting software to access the Internet; service network, configuration of any software, consultation, training to work with computer and office equipment and software.

The Radiator

Cladocera inhabit different fresh water, including puddles, ditches, moist ravines, and so multiply very quickly, every 3-4 days produce new offspring. Copepods are also widely found in freshwater. About 250 species, especially the popular Cyclops (both have the same frontal eye). The value of the Cyclops in the range 1,5 – 5 mm larvae, respectively, are also of different lengths. Therefore, by sorting can pick up food for fish of different ages and sizes. All shellfish is well tolerated temperature fluctuations, and catch them all year round. The prepared food must be stored in a low wide vessel, placed in cool and low light place. For better preservation of water in which food is stored are periodically purged.

Dead shrimp should be removed for washing. Variety of tables and insect larvae living in water. Y aquarists are especially popular mosquito larvae – zvontsev, more commonly known as crank. They are developed in weakly running or stagnant water bodies and wet muddy ground. Mined moth in the same way that Tubifex stored in a damp cloth, wrapped in several layers of dense, dry paper. The package is placed in a cool place. With a large amount of food it needs to be periodically (1-2 times per week) to wash.

The larvae of other mosquitoes – koretru – caught in the water column usual net. Koretry advantage in that it is not buried in the substrate material disadvantage – low energy value compared with the bloodworm. In addition, the larva – a predator may attack on individual fry. Koretru possible long-term storage in low voluminous vessels at low temperatures. Do not hesitate to take mosquito larvae floating in shallow puddles on the surface, eggs and tadpoles and frogs frogs, Drosophila. Last bred at the bank with the remnants of slightly sweetened fresh fruit or compote. The best in quality, of course, is a live feed, but Pratica often use substitutes. They are dry and combination. The first is most often composed of dried crustaceans (Daphnia, Cyclops). Methods of preparation is simple: caught shrimp are placed on the gauze frame in a well ventilated, sheltered from direct sunlight, and dried up condition. Store stocks have in closed vessels. But one of the recipes for mixed feed. Take meat, beef liver, cheese, caviar, frozen fish, algae, nettle leaves, and flour in small quantities and in roughly equal proportions, double-grind in a meat grinder. The resulting granules are dried (available on the radiator steam boiler) and stored in a hermetically sealed container, in cool place. In recent practice of freezing live feed in freezers refrigerators (without water), displaying them on a board with a thin layer. Many fish need to be systematically feeding. In this capacity, useful plants (lettuce, spinach, dandelion, nettle, etc.) and animal proteins (eggs frozen fish, meat) and egg whites, cottage cheese, bread.

Earning More Money

I am confident that, if not all of us, most people faced with a situation where if necessary, order a taxi in Kiev, calling a taxi by phone number monitoring service is much cheaper when compared with trip to the nearest found on the street free car (even if the call taxi service in Kiev, which include this machine). Of course no one is trying to prevent taxi drivers earn more money, and I think that most people, this desire is understandable, but would like it to get from them are not at our expense (such as – a taxi from Borispol), but simply due to increased efficiency, improved services and more completed orders. While I believe that taxi drivers are also aware of the fact that for every service or product should be asked exactly as much money as he can and wants to pay a client or customer. To know more about this subject visit Bernard Golden . So do not be surprised substantial overstatement of the price of fares in a taxi or taxis in Kiev Boryspil, if you catch a taxi dancing at the same time in the cold, or trying to hide from the rain. The same situation exists in cases where there is no possibility to do pre-order a taxi, waiting for the machine is simply unacceptable. As an example, after visiting the cinema, people have two options to go by taxi: the first involves a trip at the price offered to wait at the exit taxi driver, while the second option – is to book a car in a taxi dispatcher in Kiev and wait for some time (it should be noted that "some time" can be stretched to an hour, and call a taxi in Kiev is not so easy sometimes).


"What is the subject photography? I do not even know what there is that this one does. Sometimes I buy products just because I liked their photo on the internet or anywhere else, but not even thought about the fact that someone specifically tried to make sure that I liked. This profession is somehow specially called? Some chichi clever word? "Some told me so a friend during a friendly conversation. However, many not think about such seemingly simple and mundane things like picture of the goods from an online store or catalog. This is something without which it is difficult to provide internet access, but for quality photographic subject not only one camera, even a professional, which is often simply do not have those who want to make a qualitative snapshot of their products for online store or printed catalog. But from the photos, which looks a potential customer very often depends on his decision to purchase, then the background characteristics of other wastes: technical (when it comes to technology), practical, firm and brand recognition, and others.

Not secret that the presence of photography in general – are already well as quality photos – even better, it can directly affect the level of sales. Professional photographer St.-Petersburg. Currently, there are more online stores are rapidly developing technology on the Internet. Using flash on any website attracts the attention and makes a memorable, if you have the ability to control or some sort of game right here, this not too much, it makes your website more competitive and distinguishes among the many similar, and thus become like you have more complicated. Photo Studio "Experiment" offers a synthesis of photos and flash technology, which provides interesting results, and it is not just for the sake of progress made. Evaluate yourself …

…. Interactive three-dimensional picture … .. Virtual fitting room … … and subject to any photographic light is of great importance, the possibility of adjust and change the direction of light to create special lighting effects … Light can show the subject matter in accordance with the idea the photographer and the customer's wishes. This may be a uniform illumination for most natural perception or spotlights to focus on relief and texture, and others. Very often when taking pictures using a variety of accessories, backgrounds, people or animals (people I certainly do not belong to enhancement), which allows you to create the track, the story or the whole story, which is limited only by imagination of the photographer. Often the solution for a specific problem comes in the process and the result can be very unexpected. Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment and make myself go … Work with liquid and bulk materials always creates a lively frame, so to speak. "Catch" frame is not easy, there is certainly a lot depends on good luck, sometimes you can spend a few days to fill, soak all that surrounds you, but did not get the desired the desired result. Professional photographer St. Petersburg so it is especially fun experiences photographer when the picture can capture the extraordinarily beautiful, lively, subtle, imperceptible movement of the water earlier, which froze the frame in order to remain in eternity … Is it too then I got carried away adjectives? Trying to find the right word.