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A Gentle Thing: WOLF Signing Technique Uses InnoMotix System

Pneumatic actuator for the control of inkjet coding systems Feldkirchen-Westerham / Siegen, 03 July 2013 the company WOLF sign technology uses the electro-pneumatic drive system FOX of InnoMotix for controlling their Leibinger JET 3 Encoder to industrial marking. Use of this new pneumatic actuator is mainly a technical aspect: the signing head can optimally drive through the ruck and shock-free movement without hard stop on the object to be signed. This convinced the intelligent pneumatic drive system without shock compared to traditional pneumatic or expensive electrical solutions. Over 80 years experience the company WOLF sign technology combines a machine around the marking of products of any kind printed is everything from eggs over glasses up to cables. Depending on the nature of the goods, this is an extremely sensitive matter: If the lettering machines to suddenly drive or hard beat, the full article is no longer usable. For this reason, the Fox system is by InnoMotix the ideal alternative. The electro-pneumatic drive system works without built-in damper, which lead to a hard stop at traditional pneumatic.

The Fox controls in conjunction be used with the existing Leibinger JET printer system of WOLF-signing technology. The small character ink jet printer with inkjet technology used for non-contact marking of products and packaging. In this system the existing electrical was replaced now by the pneumatic actuator. The InnoMotix solution consists of an electrical control system and two 3/4-way valves. You are connected to the existing linear cylinders and control the complete movement of the piston or the print head from an end position to the opposite side. The two valves switching during the respective braking that is a braking corresponds to a movement – by air to counter air, to start so the braking in time. The system serves not only the acceleration of the cylinder piston (such as traditional Pneumatic valves), but takes over the task of gentle braking of the system up to a standstill in an arbitrarily defined hard stop.

The cylinder piston is braked by means of counter air soft and allows to a shock-free and highly dynamic motion. This matches exactly the needs of our customers. With the InnoMotix system the signing devices go along gently on the object that you want to label, and also at the end of this movement, it comes to no unwanted jerking”, reported Diethelm stone, Service Manager at WOLF-signing technology. More common technical developments for a signing table with integral Fox controls are already in planning. Photo: WOLF signing technique uses the technique of InnoMotix to drive the Leibinger JET signing equipment. Photos: InnoMotix / WOLF signing technology InnoMotix in brief: the InnoMotix GmbH, headquartered in Feldkirchen-Westerham was founded in early 2009. InnoMotix’s core business is the development and distribution of control solutions for pneumatic actuators. In addition to the founders, who include High-Tech Grunderfonds and Bavaria capital involved in the company. The InnoMotix GmbH develops, produces and distributes innovative and patented control system for pneumatic actuators, InnoMotix consisting of the electronic InnoMotix cylinder control and the InnoMotix valve blocks. The InnoMotix control system allows a smooth, highly dynamic motion for all oscillating cylinder (pneumatic without dampers”). Thus pneumatics can be used much more productive and less expensive, and it opens up new applications for pneumatics.

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AG Kaiserstrasse

Amoonic successfully matched with the business angel Marlon Ikels the Amoonic GmbH is the Marlon Ikels business angel with the help of exchangeBA and successfully completes a round of financing in six. The funds intended to be used in particular to introduce Amoonic as a reputable online jeweler for the premium segment. Real jewelry is produced on request at Amoonic. The user can select on from a variety of individual jewellery designs and customize these by the selection of precious metals and precious stones on his personal needs. The product portfolio includes rings, engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and cufflinks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Sheryl Sandberg.

The production of jewellery takes on demand”at the hotel’s own factory in Nuremberg instead. The massive pieces of jewellery are made in precise hand work. Recently, Amoonic manufactures also on customer’s special demand. Gary Kelly does not necessarily agree. On request, the customer service like creates a free and non-binding offer for a unique piece of jewelry. In the next step the portfolio is Wedding rings are extended.

I am convinced of the products, the team and the success of Amoonic and am looking forward to the cooperation,”says Marlon Ikels. We are pleased that we could successfully accompany the Amoonic GmbH and good luck for the further expansion of the company the partners! “, adds Thomas Henrich, CEO of exchangeBA AG. Press contact: exchangeBA AG Kaiserstrasse 54 60329 Frankfurt Dr. Jochen Haller phone + 49 – (0) 69-257812-50 brings about the exchangeBA AG since 2005 companies capital seeking the exchangeBA AG and investors together. We assist companies seeking capital and investors in the implementation of venture capital financing. We achieve this through a modular, customized to the needs of the clients consulting approach and our venture capital marketplace. On the investor side, over 1,000 investors in the areas of private investors/business angels, venture capital and private equity, as well as family offices are listed. On the corporate side, we accompany seeking capital Companies, regardless of industry, company phase, region, and level of capital requirements. Over 70 transactions could successfully be accompanied to this day.

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Hong Kong

The improvement of the public transport system and the increasing number of car owners affected including the mobility of the middle class and leads them in distant districts or cities for shopping. Major international brands are still mainly concentrated in the business centers of big cities, but many companies with younger audiences decide for the malls in new districts. This one is a growing trend in this target group. They want a shopping environment that offers restaurants, leisure and entertainment options in addition to the transactions and where you can meet with friends and family. In addition to the stationary shopping online shopping and social media continue to gain influence. 83 Per cent of respondents indicated that online shopping and more than half (58 percent) are willing to share their experiences with products and services through social media. Although the television to still as important information and advertising platform, the parts affected by information and reviews about social media, as well as in the family and circle of friends now significantly brand awareness.

Also online ads have developed an important marketing tool. The very positive attitude of the Chinese middle class compared to consumer goods from the metropolis is gratifying for Hong Kong companies. Hong Kong is perceived as a metropolis of fashion and trend-setters and welcomes the existing regulations on product quality and safety. 84 Per cent of respondents indicated that Hong Kong as an international metropolis of fashion sets trends and 50 percent were convinced that the your own lifestyle/style/hobbies affected trends of Hong Kong. Assuming that the Chinese consumers more want to highlight their individuality and personal style, brands that want to establish themselves or succeed there, its characteristic features communicate more and the stories and concepts behind the brand should experience. Who then is still on the right places, as well as on quality and sustainable products and services, exciting business opportunities which.

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HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair

From October 13 to 16 the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) turns back into the international meeting point for the electronics industry: from 13 to 16 October the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) turns back into the international meeting point for the electronics industry: then the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) directs the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics parallel fair (AE) and the electronicAsia out. The 10th edition of the fairs closed last October with a record participation of 3,900 exhibitors and 97,000 visitors. The HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE), the largest trade fair of its kind in the world, offers a variety of topic areas, special exhibitions and events. The topic areas i-world are new this time and smart home. The HKTDC takes this account of two industry trends: the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets and appropriate accessories, as well as the trend towards the intelligent networking in residential buildings.

Overall, the fair has 21 theme zones of audio visual products healthcare electronics and Office Automation & Enough equipment to commercial services. Special highlights include the Hall of Fame with its over 400 top labels in 2012 and brand-name manufacturers like Alcatel, Motorola, Philips and VTech, and the technology exchange zone, in which new developments and technology projects will be presented. Again be available is also the small order zone, where products in quantities from 20 to 1,000 can be ordered. Special exhibitions of the fair include the invention products for Best Ager and healthcare, environmentally friendly area with its innovative ideas and prototypes, as well as the world of i-gadgets. Industry experts will share their expertise in the areas of market trends, business opportunities and product trends in a series of seminars.

Various networking events help visitors, experts and exhibitors, to establish new contacts and to enhance existing. Visitors to the simultaneously held electronicAsia, organized by the HKTDC together with Messe Munchen (MMI) find electronics parts and components. It is the ideal complement to the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics fair (AE) and offers electronic components, components for smart devices, display technology, and solar and photovoltaic technology. In addition, there is a pavilion of Hong Kong manufacturer for connectors, metal housings and components. Jointly organize the HKTDC and the Hong Kong Electronics Industries Association (HKEIA) the HKEIA Award for outstanding innovation and technology products. All exhibitors of both trade fairs can apply. The winner will be presented during a networking reception on October 13. Both trade fairs promise this fall to a comprehensive overview of international developments and trends in the industry.

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Construction Money Specialist

Munich-Unterfohring / Regensburg – on March 1, 2009 launched the partnership in construction financing between the compexx Finanz AG and construction money BS specialists AG. Thus the product world and the consulting services of the BS building money specialist AG, are the over 40,000 customers and over 600 qualified financial managers of compexx Finanz AG under the joint sales brand “compexx finance service” available. Thus the product world and the consulting services of the BS building money specialist AG, are the over 40,000 customers and over 600 qualified financial managers of compexx Finanz AG under the joint sales brand “compexx finance service” available. “The construction financing plays a significant role in our product range. We see huge potential in the financing business. So that we can develop this potential, we put up us now optimally with the common sales mark for the upcoming growth.”explained Jochen Schramm, CEO of compexx Finanz AG.

“The independent mediator on the ground will be more in the future To gain market share in the financing of construction. Only who today professionally turns up in construction financing, will benefit from this development. We are very pleased to that the compexx Finanz AG offering will exploit this opportunity with our white-label for themselves,”explains Marcus Rex, Board the BS building money specialists and added:”The cooperation brings together on one side the distribution strength of independent financial services provider and the concentrated competence of an independent construction financing agent.”compexx Finanz AG – brief portrait the compexx Finanz AG with headquarters in Regensburg was founded in July 2005. Meanwhile, approximately 600 financial manager in about 50 branches serve 40,000 customers in whole Germany. These financial managers work independently and are able, depending on the individual needs of our customers from a variety of products over 30 product partners free to choose. The financial managers work compliant comply with the new EU directives on brokers and it new insurance contract law. BS construction money specialist AG – brief portrait the construction money Specialists are independent, specialized construction financing sale! In Germany more than 80 locations, the construction money specialists offer competent and independent personal contacts around the estate. This, the construction money specialists serve their customers engaged and individually on site, also at weekends and on request in the living room of their customers.

With their home loan experience, the construction money specialists are their customers as a personal home loan coach available. Contact: Peter Dorfner, product management, compexx Finanz AG Tel. 0941 / 56815-0,, Marco Brandt, Director marketing and PR, BS construction money specialist AG Tel. 089 / 121033-100,,

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Bank Employees Broke

Customer service representative need mental support and have to can put itself in a good mood. Is our money in the Bank still safe? \”Or we have to have fear that the money we have saved for our age, for example, is tomorrow lost?\” This question is discussed in the media without ceasing, at the latest since the monetary authorities also announce open: we must take care that the financial system is not collapsing. The investors, so the customers of banks and financial advice are accordingly uncertain. Therefore currently all financial service providers would have to actively go to on their customers and try to teach them dear customer, you can trust us,… \”.\” This requires the sales trainer and consultant Ingo Vogel, Esslingen.

\”\” In the current situation would have to virtually every investment advisor sit 24 hours a day on the phone and call customers \”, asks the author of the best-seller the pleasure principle emotions as a career factor\”. But don’t do this! Instead they entrench themselves often in their Offices and to speak for anyone. For assistance, try visiting Gary Kelly. The customer service representative of the banks react that way, is understandable according to bird. Because for them a (Indent) World collapsed in the past weeks. Therefore, they need in many cases even a mental support at the moment. But these are not granted mostly by their top leaders. Therefore is this task to the middle management are so largely the team and department heads. You are currently in demand as executives.

Their job is to stabilize, that they can deal with the customers back their staff\”. According to bird, this is a challenging task\”, because the team and manager facing many unanswered questions. You know how many toxic assets still on the books of their Institute slumber, nor how the financial crisis developed. In this respect, they can emit at best personal assessments.

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Kurt Glabischnig

Study of the C & P AG: Only a few banks want to deep cuts in the IT investments make possible cuts affect mainly projects of business organization and IT infrastructure operations Munich, 29.10.2008 – the current banking crisis is still in this country a wide berth IT in the financial institutions. Only in a small circle of banks and savings banks are the IT investments for disposition according to a survey in the order of the international system House C & P AG and provided deep cuts. Majority such a discussion but not running at over 100 surveyed banks at the moment. Where however, IT projects should be deleted, such measures remain largely spared, either for legal reasons – like about the new flat rate control – are required or supporting their own marketing. According to the survey, currently not once every tenth Bank plans significant cuts in the IT investments. Another 15 percent, a few larger projects are time shifted be.

In every fifth case, also individual smaller projects are down the drain. Three out of five of those surveyed banks met in contrast, no concrete decisions to carry out circumcisions in the IT budgets and to suspend planned projects or to cancel completely. This is relatively independent of the current banking crisis investment plans comply with even the impressions of the system House C & P AG, which is active above all in the development of software for financial institutions. So far were shortened projects or future projects presented and discussed\”, C & P Board of Directors reported Kurt Glabischnig from the practice. Because something should also not significantly change according to the assessments of most bank managers surveyed. So, only 17 percent believe there could still be clearer cuts in the IT related investments. The rest is less skeptical. These executives assume that any further budget cuts in a limited framework will take place (51 percent) or they fully by funds cuts spared (32 per cent).

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German Fund

Pioneer first big loser in the fund industry of the September 2008 was the worst single month for the German fund business for years. The currently published October figures sit another. The October 2008 is the worst month since release of sales data by investment funds in Germany. Coming Alpha has published currently the detailed analysis of the sales data of funds by 3rd quarter 2008. It is already clear that there is a clear trend to safety-oriented products. Retail funds, funds of funds, worth secured funds and real estate funds are the three strongest sales fund categories with distance.

Overall, but no year-end business against the backdrop of the introduction of the flat tax as of January 2009 is observed. Also, the analysis of fund data for the first three quarters 2008 shows that Luxembourg funds in the paragraph (+ 21.1 billion euros) are dramatically superior to the German Fund (EUR – 4.1 billion). Furthermore, it is to see the pure number of mutual funds are steadily. The consideration of the Funds of funds reveals, that pioneer asset management and DWS are the addresses with the highest outflows by September 2008. These and many other findings are the coming Alpha publication fund market”prepared, which is available free of charge under. Coming alpha will analyse the data of October 2008 also in detail and report. For more information we are personally or via email at available. Here at..Fondsmarkt_November..pdf you can download the entire pdf.

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Profitable Trend

The secondary market for capital life and pension insurance is booming except no make and cancel the sale of Kapitallebesn – or pension insurance is often more lucrative. Often sell better a booming secondary market has developed for life and private pension insurance there are several way to separate from its capital life and pension insurance: is a possibility – you can sell it. For a real secondary market has developed into, on which the policies are traded. The sale has two big advantages over dismissal: buyers pay usually more money, than who would receive insurance for cancellation its police. The reason is, that the insurance in a premature termination submits cancellation costs not incurred in the sale. And up to December 31, 2008, the payment is tax-free. (Who announces his capital life and pension insurance within the first 12 years pays capital gains tax plus solidarity surcharge on the income (around 26Prozent) and in addition) maintain a death protection. Because if the insured person dies, the insurance company will transfer the originally agreed sum of death to the company that has purchased the contract.

This then deducts its costs incurred up to that point. These include of course, the purchase price was paid by the company to the former policyholder, the premium payments accrued after that, as well as an interest on this award. The rest will be paid to the heirs of the insured person. The buying companies set certain criteria for the purchase of capital life and pension insurance: firstly a minimum surrender value. Depending on the buyer or factoring – company 1,000 euros, normally from 10,000 euros.

Second requirement: in turn, depending on the buying company, the remaining term of the contract. Unit-linked insurance will nor acquired as direct insurance. Finally, they pass on the name of the company. In addition an once sold life and pension insurance can no longer be purchased back. From point of view many consumer protection associations makes the sale of a capital life and pension insurance – from the point of view of the yield – in any case meaning. In a short time you have cash – you get paid more money, and has insurance coverage. Not to forget: the monthly released posts can be used better. More information on, by the way: also savings and funds have to sell on the secondary market. R.Ulmer

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Million USdollar Financing

DCM includes 380 million US dollars funding for cargo aircraft successfully from the financial crisis despite the Munich-based DCM Deutsche capital management AG has revealed a debt financing four cargo aircraft of type Boeing 777-200LRF full amounting to approximately US$ 380 million. Including the planned equity, which currently is acquired in two funds, the financed volume of approximately $ 750 million Equity for three aircraft is currently raised in part by two investment companies, the placement start for the fourth aircraft will take place in 2009. Claus Hermuth as Chairman of DCM AG understands this funding as a signal for the market of closed-end funds: we started very early with the intense negotiations and were able to complete the financing on the terms planned months ago with the Bank Consortium despite the extremely difficult market environment. This certainly speaks for the reputation of our company and is an important and correct signal for the industry as a whole, especially in these times.” Involved in the financing of a total of six renowned, international financial institutions, including Calyon, are the Credit Agricole Group as investment bank is one of the seven largest banks worldwide, as well as the Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe. Furthermore, Deutsche Postbank AG, the West LB, Bayerische Landesbank and the Credit Industriel et commercial in the financing are included. DCM has acquired one of the four cargo planes to Deucalion capital VII limited (DC VII), by DVB Bank AG of advised and managed aircraft funds. The 2009 and 2010 delivery aircraft are about an operating lease to the Deutsche Post group and Lufthansa Cargo leased jointly founded cargo airline AeroLogic. The airport Leipzig-based company will operate flight in the spring of 2009.

The Boeing 777-200LRF offers an unprecedented combination of long-range, high capacity and cost-efficiency, and is considered the promising cargo aircraft in its class. At the DCM Aircraft funds is possible a participation from $ 15,000 plus five percent agio. Alternatively, you can pay this amount in euros. This, a total return of around 221 percent is intended, over a period of 17 years, which corresponds to an initial dividend of 7.25 percent per year. The Munich DCM Deutsche capital management AG is one of the leading independent emission houses in the German investment market. The investment amounts to more than Euro 4 billion since inception.

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