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Federal Government

Savers can get a lot of the current financial crisis: high interest on their balances and a guarantee of their deposits by the Federal Government. The exchanges currently groan under the impact of the financial crisis. No Bank knows what explosives still inside its balance sheet and those of other institutions. All parties are accordingly overprotective when it comes to short-term loans of loans. Accordingly, banks around the world among the losers of the financial crisis. But where there are losers, winners also are not far. These include clearly savers who have applied their money on the day – or fixed-term deposit accounts of domestic banks or still want to create.

The credit crunch between the banks namely ensures that interest far above the ECB interest rate is paid on such accounts currently. The day money is added to the daily availability in phases like this a must-have for many savers. Even that almost disappeared believed passbook is currently experiencing true dominance, and that not of return aspects, but from psychological reasons. Customers on the Bank leave the money on a savings account. The passbook as a personalized savings certificate, however, can take you home.

In times in which banks (almost) represent failure and States shortly before the financial collapse, this perceived security is an effective marketing tool. And so it is not surprising because even savers billions to banks and savings banks make month for month. While the perceived security is not so far-fetched. Savings are subject to as well as day and date Money accounts of the statutory deposit insurance and are secured with membership of the managing financial institution in one of the liability federations or associations about the backup system. Third stage is considered to be the guarantee of our Federal Government for several weeks for balances private savers to accounts of domestic financial institutions. Safer is currently hardly, because even with federal securities ultimately only the Federal Government to be repaid can guarantee what he Yes currently offline I’m also in sight, savings and time deposits.

MBO Capital

by Dr. Jur. Alternative financing solutions for medium-sized companies because the necessary investments in the future in the competition are a question of survival Horst S. Werner, Gottingen during the international banking crisis and the global recession, as well as in times of liquidity crunch through the lost confidence of the banks themselves, as well as in times of the credit terminals in the inter bank trading. An even balance sheet structure without excess weight of credit capital is more significant than ever. The more various financing partners with different balance sheet effects exist, the financial independence of the company is greater. An interdisciplinary coordinated financial management is required to cope with future funding issues. The balance sheet structure decides the autonomy of a company.

Apart from the financial volume of the equity capital partners, should credit partners, leasing partners and factoring partners (for the reduction of balance sheet in order to own capital increase) well-spread exist. A preponderance of the Credit capital dependence on the banks would show as more than 90% of total assets. Alternative means of financing with various financial instruments with sophisticated accounting and tax impact are essential. Also of medium-sized companies need a new financial architecture, if he wants to safeguard the existence and independence of the company and avoid dependency on Bank. In the selection of alternative forms of financing (venture capital, mezzanine capital without voting rights, venture capital, private equity, etc.) for the commercial finance is finally to note that future decisions are not affected. So, conversion plans should be included in other legal forms, future succession (E.g. in the context of MBI or MBO) and other measures such as a division of the company, a merger, or even an IPO planned for a later date may be in advance.

Financial Times Germany wins founder award: the prize winners will receive a start-up capital of 50,000 euros and are for one year with regular reporting on Hamburg, 03.11.2008 – the winners of the prestigious financial times – enable2start – grunderpreis and one of them! 12 founder teams out of 700 applicants made it to the finals of the FTD founder initiative enable2start. The record attendance is not by about: finally journalistic accompanied by the financial times Germany and a jump start are waiting for the winner twelve months from each team 50,000 euros. At the evening gala dinner before 100 sizes from the German economy, the investor Susanne Klatten, HanseNet Marketing Director Michele Novelli, media-market founder Walter Gunz, HypoVereinsbank Board member Alexander Boldyreff, as well as the TV chef Sarah Wiener announced the names of the winners. We are proud and happy that we convinced the jury with and our innovative concept of a personalized Internet home page have. Now I am very curious on the enable2start year ahead!”enthuses Julika balls after the exciting final night. The winners receive a start-up capital of 50,000 euros and a year with regular reporting on as well as editorially accompanied in the FTD Entrepreneur magazine “enable”.

The trained economist and allyve co-founder Philipp Spethmann is pleased the journalistic accompaniment over a year by a well-known titles such as the financial times Germany for US is as the young founder of casamagna value.”. Just over a year ago, we had the idea of a key for everything”he explains the idea of founding. has the user all his favorite websites at a glance and reached via universal login directly to his XING – or even MySpace contacts. Also the allyve users can access directly into his email account or without detours from his home every day up to three free SMS without another log, click through without. Learn more about the competition and the five winning teams are available at.

Automated Documentaion Process

Authoring system SingleFeeder allows fast and cost-effective entry into automated documentation processes for times of recession is: tighten the belt. This helps the new software SingleFeeder unrivalled cost-effectively and efficiently created manuals, catalogues and multilingual documentation. SingleFeeder Works database-driven and provides an integrated translation memory, which eliminates expensive multiple translations. A contextual search, which searches the integrated database while writing and automatically created text suggestions, makes particularly simple and effective work. So the author can rely on existing texts and translations thereof deposited. Once finished sections can be applied fully and easily in other documents.

All records are managed centrally in the database, and changes are automatically applied to all documents. The translation process is very simple: with just a few clicks are the sentences to be translated the database read and inserted the finished translations. For each document, only the texts are translated for which no translation in the database is available. Existing translations are automatically added in the target text. Also the transition to SingleFeeder is very simple. The Organization of the database eliminates the extensive planning of the entire corporate documentation in advance. The structure of the individual, reusable modules is created as needed during the creation.

A further simplification of the transition on SingleFeeder offers the possibility to read translations from ex cellists. Also these texts collected by the context search and can be used. The formatting is equally clear. If the style sheet for the document is created once, formatting and PDF be creation together with one click. In addition to PDF files, SingleFeeder is well-formed XML files that can be processed with other programs. Extensive training, comprehensive XML knowledge no need to deal with SingleFeeder. A context menu will provide the elements of the documents (headings, text, tables, etc.) as functional units and creates the correct structure in the background. To change the style sheet, the manufacturer, as well as independent service providers support offer to customize the supplied template to the own needs.

Endurance Riding

The Trustee of the Riverdale Country Day School is is definitely one of those globe-trotting, art-collecting money men who know all about style and luxury Endurance Equestrian Competition
The equestrian endurance, endurance or barns raid (the latter usually named in Spain) is an equestrian discipline in which it tack tests horseback riding the speed, skill and physical and psychological endurance equine horse and rider, both of which must travel arabian great distances in a day, through the most diverse terrain and against time. dressage For this the rider must be able to measure the effort of your horse and palomino keep a track during testing at the end of a race horse is making beats and if you are on equestrian what is allowed, the thoroughbred rider is removed.
The competition is to complete a specified number of steps or phases with a predetermined amount of kilometers. jumping The route is very varied, with several types of soil and mare natural obstacles, and at the end of each stage the horses are inspected by vets, who, in the absence of any saddles medical problem, give the authorization to continue in the race. World Championships for the distance traveled is 160 km, divided into six stable phases, which is completed by the competitors in 12 hours and more.
The competition stables categories are: ponies 60km, 80km, 120km and 160km, the categories were determined on two factors: experience and distance.


Restructuring Reserves

But for this they should be informed. 3. Debt collection and restructuring reserves in the period problem with liquidity important point is the management of accounts receivable. Must constantly monitor the level and term receivables customers as a whole and for each individual counterparty, and to require the timely repayment of debt in a timely manner. In extreme cases, may to suspend work with clients whose debt exceeds the critical level, but right to use such drastic steps are not necessary. Only when we know for sure about the impossibility of return of receivables on balance The pros and cons, you can decide to discontinue work with the contractor. In addition, a thorough analysis of existing inventories and will try to get rid of unnecessary and old.

This will allow a time to bring the company money. 4. Revision of Long-term investments projects that will soon not be able to generate profits to be frozen. In such a situation it is necessary get rid of projects that require investments and the prospect for their further development is clearly not evident. Investment in the development of existing projects may give better results than before the crisis. 5.

Search alternative funding sources of funding can be varied – from retained earnings, redistribution of fixed and circulating capital to outside sources. Not be ruled out a variant of the crisis, in which the only solution may be a merger or acquisition with another entity. In addition, it is necessary to assess the reliability of banks, which served organization. In case of doubt, and payment delays, an urgent need to move the service to a bank with state participation, which in the event the crisis could be affected to a lesser extent. 6. Increased sales Reducing costs of the enterprise – is only part of the anti-crisis program and a temporary respite, which may not last long. It is therefore necessary to focus on increasing sales and change marketing strategy. It is in a crisis situation the market changes significantly, there are niches that will take the most successful companies. Even these very simple steps and measures can provide real help enterprise that is in crisis. The crisis – a temporary phenomenon, so it is now necessary to mobilize all their efforts and try to use this opportunity to maximize their company.

Civil Code

Remodel statement is I do not accept. And anyway, why not go to the place of residence "And so they sent me the place of residence am applying for a residence. Accepted. The first meeting – the defendant failed to appear. Second meeting – defendant failed to appear. The judge is confused. Three organizations: the vendor (by check), an organization in the warranty card and the organization referred to in the statement of claim. Who should be sued – it is not clear.

Lack of lace in general no one care adjudicate in the absence of the defendant the judge refused. I'm angry: "For failure to appear in court provided the same kind of responsibility!" The judge is indifferent shrugs: "Some provided " The third meeting. Judge jeans with bows appears representative of the defendant. Offers mediation: two value products + 1000 rubles in moral damages. An unexpected turn of events. I agree, adding to this requirement that managers, Naham me an apology.

The judge enjoys the most. Money already paid. Apologies, I do not wait, and I think we can not wait. So, 4 months, 4 trips to the court, but in the end – 7000 rubles. But in general I pleased with the way this process has ended. Forfeit by the time amounted to 125% of the cost of the product, but in our Civil Code has a wonderful article 333: "If the penalty is payable is clearly disproportionate to the consequences breach of an obligation, the court may reduce the penalty.

FIFA 2008

The most popular game – fifa 2008. Strategy games (strategy). In these games, we construct a base point, we strengthen it, stamping the troops and make a map of your opponent. This principle of the game in this java strategies in real time. Also there is a different step by step strategy in which you have the time to make the base and the army, and then complete your turn, and look what makes a computer. Champion of turn-based strategy Heroes of Might and Magic. Three-dimensional game (3D-games). Included are games of different sections, which are united by only one sign – three-dimensional images.

Three-dimensional games on a cell phone still remain exotics, which is run not on all models of mobile phones in connection with their modest computing power. Known game of this genre Carmageddon 3D. Economic (economic games). In this genre you make money for the sake of earning money. To add some fun this action production of virtual money, programmers are often added to these various mini-game arcade. Action, Adventure (shooter, action).

These can be transferred all the games with elements of firing, and shooting with elements blockbuster. Come and palim of all stems in all that we are moving. Allies in these genres of games not at all. One of the most famous Alien Shooter. Erotic (erotic games). Eroticism has always been and will occupy a leading position in the charts of toys for Cell. Need to contemplate nudes unwaveringly. By erotic games include games of various genres in which there is a naked girl's body, and often several. Popular games in this genre – 1001 night. Java application and java book (java programs, books) do not apply to games, but also in demand. Books in java format takes up much less memory than a similar volume of text in an ordinary text file. Applications are programs that are needed for training, Fun with background, etc. Old There is also a rather interesting classification of java games on the number of players. In cell phones with bluetooth can also play along with a few people, players, both on network computers. This genre is called Network games.

The Pensioner

Engaged in installing and setting up home theaters. And now here by the seller in "fishing" store. I ask: "How did it happen? "And there was no instructions, here are skilled craftsmen, like me, everyone knew it was We have few, each at a premium, and therefore was expensive. Customers stood in line "- says an unhappy seller. That's how it was simple and amazingly 10 years ago, in what is now even hard to believe. He even threw Institute. And why Institute? And so full of money, which is nonsense to engage in these institutions? Now here's the salesman in "fishing" shop work, to work more on subway rides Times have changed, however.

Just one moment manufacturers of home theater systems have realized that to make home theater affordable and mass can be only one way. Get rid of these craftsmen here, because otherwise it will remain affordable only to the elite. Get rid of using qualitative and simple instructions, by creating a ready-made solutions that are not needed with an ax and files result in the desired body condition. " And got rid of. Now home cinemas where affordable than a decade ago to rejuvenate himself that way.

And to put it and configure, has no need to pay anyone. Even retired sort out, stuck in the socket, did something which settings and enjoy high quality video and sound. What about the pensioner, I can and "bent", but I hope you understand me correctly. Something tells me that with ERP-systems can be something similar to crank.

Ordering Murals

The original, made to order Murals will not replace everything else. For the site is important to its content fresh and interesting materials. Original and unique on the site must Information to be – then the site will be interesting to visitors and search engines. Design is the case with the website navigation plays an auxiliary role. The main task of web design – friendly and easy to navigate through sections of the site, assist in finding the right information.

Question on filling: which of recently viewed Web sites you remember his 'design'? Surely this was due to long loading pages, interfering bright colors, awkward menu difficult to read text or boredom materials. Mighty, strict and non-intrusive web design, as a rule, not flashy and does not distract from viewing. Exclusive design and loved by all the individual approach heavily to assess both the complexity and the originality and quality. Price per one thousand (still evergreen) dollars – is not the limit for such sites. If you're not low on money and can afford an individual development, we would like to give some advice. Remember: all brilliant – just. It is not necessary to overload the site of heavy flash animation, pop-ups, welcome screen saver or distraction of graphics. Except Weighting pages, animated objects on a subconscious level perceived as advertising and can only call a backlash.

For this reason, users often set the filters on the flash ads and your site in this case will not boot correctly. Search engines 'did not understand the' flash and graphics – important information need to be duplicated in text form. Under the Content (English content – content) to understand the content site. This The most important part in servicing and maintaining the website. To increased popularity of the site, you need to keep materials up to date and constantly adding new interesting information. Not worth torturing visitors uninteresting congratulatory speeches, or worse showing empty and nedooformlennye page. Often troublesome work on filling the site content, many do it themselves. On the one hand, it saves money, well on the other – (I hope this is true) the owner like no one else understands the topics of your site. Turning to paid services copywriter (a specialist in writing promotional articles), you get the text to the keywords which are optimized for search queries. However, we should not forget that the site was created for people. Overly refined and nashpigovany keyword text may cause less confidence than a simple informal treatment without the 'optimizatorskih effects'. All-in-one Amid all this diversity there are interesting (of course not free, but very profitable) deals – where a developer site itself also provides a service hosting and domain registration. In this case it is unprofitable to overstate the cost of both the creation of websites, as well as for placement on the server. Affordable websites will order more, and immediately take advantage of affordable hosting. Such comprehensive service allows you to quickly and accurately resolve all issues related to the production sites and further technical support. For customers given the opportunity to select an individual development design or use of quality ready-made with a convenient content management system. Ready site turnkey customers not only saves money but also time – you can create a fully functional site and to post it on the server for just one day!