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Malmaison City

A few days ago I did a tour of the most important galleries in Barcelona. I’m from this city and regularly give me a walk to see how is the panorama. The same thing I did in Paris last week, accompanied by a nephew of mine of 27 years also artist. The purpose of my trip was to take a few small gouaches to a new Gallery opened in Rueil – Malmaison, a city Northwest of the French capital. We took the opportunity to walk Paris, especially by the main galleries of the Marais, the Place des Vosges, Rue du Seine and surroundings of the elegant neighborhood of Saint Germain.

If you know Paris will know that it is a beautiful, monumental city I would say. Everything is big, majestic, elegant or decadent according to district in which one goal. But Assembly makes this city one is go with the feeling that something intense and enigmatic remains undiscovered. That is appealing and hypnotic Paris. But returning to the subject interested me above all, art galleries tour contemporary – word that I hate by the use that is made of it–let me once again disappointed. It is true that great notoriety and promotion given to art in Paris is far superior to that of any city in our country, since there is a lot more fans and a great assortment of galleries in which all styles and trends have their place, but in general and according to my personal appreciation (and that of my companion) which breathes and reigns as vanguard and elite of the art – like here-is this art insubstantial, contemporary, that it intends to break with everything to surprise the viewer with absurd repetitive formulas, strange inventions, with unique recipes but in few cases aesthetic in which the artist seeks notoriety just doing whatever, but that Yes, and very important, being careful that no one has done it before.

Nongovernmental Organizations

Today April 18, the Ministry of health and dependency of the autonomous community of Extremadura, publishes in the journal official de Extremadura order by which summon grants for 2011 aimed at organizations NGOs existing in the autonomous community of Extremadura, for the implementation of intervention programs in addictive behaviors in the framework of the comprehensive Plan of drug addiction and other addictive behaviors. To view the order in full, visit the website indicated at the foot of the article in its regional/Extremadura the comprehensive drug addiction and other addictive behaviors envisages collaboration between the various institutions and organizations and maintains an appeal of permanent to non-governmental organizations with social implementation and possible courses of action, so that they join their efforts, their programs and their projects to the of the community autonomous Extremena. In order to comply to the above and in order to carry out an action coordinated with the various non-governmental organizations that are involved in this field, establishing this call for grants for the year 2011, which will finance the development of intervention programs in drug addiction and other addictive behaviors in the framework of the comprehensive Plan of drug addiction and other addictive behaviours, in the fields of intervention listed in this call. For these purposes, the comprehensive Plan on drugs and other addictive behaviors are defined in behavioural addiction, addictions without drugs or psychological addictions, such as repetitive behaviors of time and/or resources invested in her, by interfering with the normal functioning of everyday life in various areas (family in which the person loses control of behavior, increases the intensity, frequency, quantity(social, school, work, etc.), and without substance. In the area of the autonomous community of Extremadura, law 1/1999, of 29 March, prevention, assistance and reintegration of the drug addictions of the autonomous community of Extremadura, declares that he is understood by drug dependence that alteration of behavior characterized by the continued use of drugs that is distinguished by a series of physiological, cognitive and behavioural disorders that indicate that the subject has lost control over the use of the same, despite its negative consequences at the level of physical, psychological, family, social and labor.

Autonomous University

An immigrant struggling to find an apartment for rent, two immigrants with the same difficulties, three immigrants, four immigrants, five, etc, etc, etc and can follow Addend and Addend and Addend; and when we have found a fixed number that allows to know exactly how many immigrants have difficulties to find an apartment for rent already have come to Spain as many new immigrants that he will have to continue adding. So it seems: the problem is going to be for long. Anyway, if we stop after count them today, the result would be a very high number, therefore, before you become depressed, stop a moment and think about one thing: if Spanish mimes have problems obtaining rental housing, why foreigners who live with them in their country deserve to have more easy? The answer is as logical as simple. You don’t grow you, but face things knowing the truth in advance allows you to take better advantage of opportunities and know the risks for purposes of achieving best results. To some extent, the problem of the rental in immigrants is accentuated since about 75% of immigrants live in apartments that are not yours.

This is due to that, as it is to be expected, leads to immigrants a natural cycle of settlement to be able to acquire own housing, which can occur after many years of living in Spanish soil. Taking into account these data, and adding the reality that immigrants are about 10% of the Spanish population and that around 40% of the total number of dwellings for rent in Spain are occupied by immigrants, is evidenced that there is a niche market that real estate agents have to meet (despite the reticence that owners may impose). What immigrants are seeking as a guideline for selection and types of housing that are housed, immigrants opt to lease either very small houses that close the 25 or 30 square meters or well, by contrast, larger dwellings the average, i.e., greater than 100 square meters, where they can install to your family, or sublet rooms. Nor is it easy for an immigrant to obtain exactly the home you are looking for, because they faced as much demand of flats for rent by Spanish citizens, immigrants have to go by opting for floors that they do not pick up or discarded, i.e. those found on the peripheries or which are in a worse state. It is important that when looking for a flat, immigrants will do the necessary to deny these practices and be able to pick a worthy of being inhabited floor. Where to find your apartment rental places that go in search for an apartment for rent being immigrant are not different from those who attend being Spanish. Basically: networks of friends, real estate agencies, apartment for rent Max Maxwell graduate in advertising and communications by the Autonomous University of Barcelona journalist specialized in the classifieds market.