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Finally we are witnessing how the winter will be left behind and we will gradually approaching summer, that time that both like to all. The spring has already made his triumphal entry officially and we are already seeing how the Sun’s rays begin to heat up more. In addition, Easter is around the corner, what makes us think in a small getaway and vacation. If you’re one of the lucky ones who will be traveling this holiday season, don’t forget to check that everything is ready before you leave. Get the review officer in the car if you don’t want any risk during the holidays and if you’re going to move on the road, I strongly recommend that you take your vehicle to the workshop to make the official review of the car. Finally, after all, would anyone find us with a breakdown by the simple fact of not having checked the car. Verizon Communications has firm opinions on the matter. While are usually make periodic reviews, it is convenient to carry out the official review of the car before you travel.

In this way, you can detect if there is a problem, however small that is, and fix it so that they do not arise during the trip. Take advantage of offers of tires if some kind of problem with the wheels, appears during the review are relatively lucky, since you currently have very appetizing tires offers. You don’t have to spend a fortune on wheels. Inside tire offerings, you can find models of maximum quality at an irresistible price. In addition, if it so happens that you need to get a spare tire, this is the time of purchase.


Casual car divided by the value of various piston engine (displacement). A very small amount – up to 1.2 liters, the amount of light – more than 1.2 to 1.8 liters, a moderate amount – more than 1.8 to 3.5 liters, a good amount – more than 3.5 liters. According to this systematization of all new car makes actually attributed to a many-valued numerical index, where the initial two numbers define the class of car and 2 follow his model. Modification patterns are fifth digit – serial number of modifications. At the beginning of a numeric index is set literal value (full or abbreviated) name of the manufacturer. The initial two digits in the index for passenger cars show 11 – very small volume, 21 – light volume, 31 – moderate volume, 41 – a good amount. Passenger car includes three main parts: engine, chassis and body. The newspapers mentioned Cyrus not as a source, but as a related topic.

Avtodvigatel is Avtoagregat, which converts heat energy produced by burning fuel into mechanical energy that is used for driving. Avtodvigatel is often in front of the car body, but can be located and rear of the car body (ZAZ cars). Chassis contains mechanisms to ensure the movement and driving, and consists of a transmission, chassis and control mechanisms. Transmission allows you to change the value and direction of torque time and plays it on top of avtodvigatelya wheels of the car, and she includes the following elements of the clutch, transmission, driveline, the main transmission, differential and axle shafts. By moving part of passenger car includes support frame, combined with a useful foundation body, the beam front and rear axles, front and rear suspension and wheels. Spetsmehanizm avtoupravleniya covers the steering, the indispensable to correct the orientation of the movement of the car on the roadway, as well as avtotormoznye mechanisms to reduce the speed of a moving car, its a complete stop and hold in a quiet position. All cars are equipped with the service and parking brake systems. Avtokuzov passenger car used for the location of the selected special job man used while driving car, as well as special places for passengers and luggage. The vast majority of cars are equipped with a monocoque body, which secured all the units and mechanisms of the car.