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Casual car divided by the value of various piston engine (displacement). A very small amount – up to 1.2 liters, the amount of light – more than 1.2 to 1.8 liters, a moderate amount – more than 1.8 to 3.5 liters, a good amount – more than 3.5 liters. According to this systematization of all new car makes actually attributed to a many-valued numerical index, where the initial two numbers define the class of car and 2 follow his model. Modification patterns are fifth digit – serial number of modifications. At the beginning of a numeric index is set literal value (full or abbreviated) name of the manufacturer. The initial two digits in the index for passenger cars show 11 – very small volume, 21 – light volume, 31 – moderate volume, 41 – a good amount. Passenger car includes three main parts: engine, chassis and body. The newspapers mentioned Cyrus not as a source, but as a related topic.

Avtodvigatel is Avtoagregat, which converts heat energy produced by burning fuel into mechanical energy that is used for driving. Avtodvigatel is often in front of the car body, but can be located and rear of the car body (ZAZ cars). Chassis contains mechanisms to ensure the movement and driving, and consists of a transmission, chassis and control mechanisms. Transmission allows you to change the value and direction of torque time and plays it on top of avtodvigatelya wheels of the car, and she includes the following elements of the clutch, transmission, driveline, the main transmission, differential and axle shafts. By moving part of passenger car includes support frame, combined with a useful foundation body, the beam front and rear axles, front and rear suspension and wheels. Spetsmehanizm avtoupravleniya covers the steering, the indispensable to correct the orientation of the movement of the car on the roadway, as well as avtotormoznye mechanisms to reduce the speed of a moving car, its a complete stop and hold in a quiet position. All cars are equipped with the service and parking brake systems. Avtokuzov passenger car used for the location of the selected special job man used while driving car, as well as special places for passengers and luggage. The vast majority of cars are equipped with a monocoque body, which secured all the units and mechanisms of the car.

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Save Time

Rental of machinery is a great alternative for organizations and individuals who need to use a particular type of technology at different stages and cycles of construction work on land management. Rental of machinery particularly relevant for the construction and utility companies at any level. And to start a business – it is the only correct solution for increasing capacity and volume of domestic production. Construction – is complex set of processes whose implementation is impossible without special equipment. Bernard Golden takes a slightly different approach. Excavators, bulldozers, cranes, graders – that's what we used to see at construction sites.

All these machines are essentially facilitate the construction work. Allow to spend less time on their production, as well as provide a high quality of processes. However, not all construction companies have all the necessary special equipment, so the question arises of its lease. Rental of machinery is much easier lifting, digging and construction work, improves quality and reduces the period of the works. However, the acquisition of such technology – it is very costly and troublesome. The acquisition of specialized equipment not only requires significant financial investments, but also a number of activities, registration technology in instances RTN. Periodic maintenance and inspection of regulatory authorities, maintenance of permanent staff for equipment maintenance, organization of storage areas with special conditions. It is therefore evident that the rent special equipment is much more profitable than acquiring its ownership.

Rental of special equipment means itself only cash expenditures on self-use machines, so all other costs are excluded, which makes the rent machinery more profitable to buy their own machines. In recent years, such a service as special equipment rentals in Moscow, is in great demand. It is associated with a significant expansion of the construction. Rental of machinery – it is process is crucial, therefore, to approach it should be providing all the details of future performance. Directional feature special equipment is achieved through its various hardware devices and systems enable them to work. Today it is hard to find at least one area of the economy, which is not used to some extent special. Often, special equipment is involved to perform specific work in the private farms. For country cottages and houses, it became customary to use sewer machines, drilling machines and other special machines. Municipal economy has long been used sweepers, snow cars, tractors, excavators and Hydraulic cranes. Pipe and oil and gas industry is actively using pipe-laying machines, drilling machines, pipe trucks. Mostly special works narrowly focused and targeted designers at the best possible execution of one task. But a great number of various attachments can make some kinds of machinery universal. Rental of machinery is extremely beneficial – You do not need to contain the state of the crane or excavator, no need to repair and maintain the expensive special equipment. When cost estimates for construction and road works need only make the estimates fixed rates for rental of special equipment – (crane, excavator, roller and an arc of Technology) and then you're just in time to obtain the professional road or construction machinery. Rental of machinery brings you substantial savings of time and money, so the demand is growing rapidly in this direction. Awareness that any time you can get their hands on modern machinery with professional operators – drivers, allows many businesses to clearly plan their activities.

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History of the discovery of xenon begins in 1785. Scientist Henry Cavendish investigated the composition of the air and, when passed through a discharge, he came to a curious fact: after the removal of nitrogen monoxide and excess oxygen, about 1 / 120 the original volume remained, and in any compound does not enter. He suggested that the atmosphere contains some other unknown gas. Descriptions of these particular experiments, and read William Ramsay. Especially going into this problem it is not become, but drew attention (I must say that by the end of the 19th century the atmospheric composition was considered fully investigated and the presence of new elements in it seem absurd). After a while, start a new allocation of gas from the air air it pushed a John Raleigh. This English physicist involved in determining the densities of the main gases in the atmosphere of our planet.

He suddenly discovered that the weight of 1 liter of nitrogen obtained by chemical means – 1, 2505 grams, and isolated from the air – 1, 2572 of a gram. It turned out that the nitrogen in the atmosphere heavier than at 0, 0067 gram. It became clear that the air is still unknown gas. Ramsay, along with William Morris Traverso (1872-1961) began work in search of gas. These two British scientists have made a real feat never before had scientists working with so many of the source material, look for gas in very small quantities, but even to the same and do not enter into chemical reaction. The search was performed by liquefying air and its subsequent evaporation – different gases evaporate at different temperatures.

With the help of spectral analysis reveals that the gas was obtained. As a result, processed About 100 tons of air, scientists have a microscopic portion of the gas volume of 0, 2 cm3. Had been "caught" neon ("new"), krypton ("hidden") and xenon ("alien"). Ramsay suggested calling the group of gases "rare", but historically more name stuck inert. All this happened in 1898. At first it seemed that these gases do not react with any elements. Only in the early 1960s. it turned out that the idea of the inert gases as chemical 'corpses' is untenable. Managed to get fluorides, oxides and other compounds of xenon (xenon), krypton, radon and later. Only for light noble gases the possible formation of any stable compounds are excluded.

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Promising Service Centers

Specialists claim that the automobile boom will never decline. Anyone who does not have a car – a potential buyer who wants to buy it. And anyone who has a car – a direct customer service centers. Whatever reliable nor was the car to him sooner or later you'll still need to change the oil, worn parts and make repairs. Consequently, business service center, built on car maintenance and repair – is doomed to success.

Prospects is obvious: with increasing number of vehicles and the emergence of new technical developments and models in automotive – will always require skilled craftsmen to repair and maintenance of vehicles and modern equipment. Meet the needs of motorists in the repair of vehicles will be able to service station. Measure of the number of cars per thousand population over the past ten years continuously increases. With each year increase in fleet average of 9%. Thus we can state that develops a good situation for your business development in this area.

This market segment is not yet clear pronounced structure and a clearly marked development of the network business. Speaking about the organization of service center, it is worth mentioning the specifics of this business. So, for example, that it is not idle, causing damage, it should be carefully to work out schemes of delivery of spare parts, materials and correctly fitted car service with necessary equipment. Do not lose sight of the important points regarding the specifics of the service center and competently open car service. It should be noted that the owners of service stations will be provided with jobs for a long time, but the prosperity of their business is impossible without well-defined sequence of actions

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Ferdinand Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche was not in vain called one of the most distinguished engineers in the history of the automotive industry. All have long known that he is the creator of "Beetle" – the most massive models in automotive history. But at the same time, Of course, his services are free. Curiously, the great German designer was born September 3, 1875 is not in Germany. Home town of Ferdinand Porsche Maffersdorf then belonged to Austria-Hungary (currently Maffersdorf point located on the territory of the Czech Republic and called Vratislavitse). Young boy with his childhood began to show great enthusiasm for the technical sciences.

Suffice it to note that in the 15 years he built his own generator, capable of covering a house with electric lights. For a small town it was unprecedented luxury. His career began Ferdinand Porsche apprentice tinsmith. But all it was obvious that this boy capable of more. In the end, Ferdinand went to Vienna to study at a local technical institute. Simultaneously with his studies, he worked on the production of small electric motors. Soon after, in 1898, Ferdinand arrives at work in the company Lohner, and already in 1900 at the Paris Motor Show was shown an amazing car, ahead of its time – the machine under the name of Lohner-Porsche, which was … electric.

In other words, the Porsche in its 25 years has built the 1 st in the world of hybrid! At the moment, this car is located in the Technical Museum in Vienna. Lohner-Porsche electric car in 1900 became one of the world's first environmentally-friendly vehicles. After that, the career of Ferdinand Porsche began a rapid ascent. In 1906 it claim to the post of Technical Director of Austro-Daimler – in '31 Ferdinand Porsche becomes responsible for the entire range of a major car company. More information about the great kostruktore Ferdinand Porsche and his stories the company is available here.

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Rental Car

Rent a car with a driver handy to the city of new service helps to solve several problems at once. First, move your city now does not depend on pre-determined route: you can schedule them, and can act spontaneously, depending on the circumstances. Second, order a car with driver saves your time: no need to wait until after the next taxi will be served at the specified location. If the your plans to visit several stores, you can easily choose the right products: car and driver will be waiting just as much time do you need to buy. Third, the money is much more profitable than several challenges: for three or four trips will pay spent on rent money.

Finally, an experienced driver, who knows perfectly the city and especially its carriageways, always select the optimum route, taking into account the possible "traffic jams" and repair work. To all this add the ability to speak freely on the phone to use for reading or PDA, or simply relax, leaning back on a comfortable seat – and you'll see all the benefits of travel in the car on passenger seat. Rent a car with a driver suitable visitors rent a car with driver will be comfortable and visitors. They do not need to look at the kiosks map of the city, asking passers-by how to get to the desired point, push on public transport, fearing every minute ride needed bus stop, then walk, stumbling in the numbering of buildings on some small street. Regardless of the purpose for which they have arrived – in for business or leisure travelers rented vehicle will always arrive in time to a business meeting or a comfortable ride through the streets, enjoying the local sights. Car rental with driver suitable managers in each of the major companies usually have their own cars and approved by a driver.

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British Taxi Companies

British taxi has a long history in the 16th century the first cab, and in the 19th century the word "cab" came into use Londoners. Progenitors of the modern taxi were open two-wheeled carts – convertibles, and hence went reduction – a cab. The concept of "Taxi" appeared in 1905, then on the car for a private taxi driver was installed the first machine account – taximeter. Author device Baron von Thurn and Taxis for Berlin came up with his car. Through few years to enjoy all the British were obliged to counter the taxi drivers. In the early 20th century, the number of London kebmenov not exceed one hundred people and they received a license in accordance with strict rules-based set of rules.

Until the second World War II as a taxi used in different cars: Rover and Vauxhall, Unic, Mark-I, a Scottish company William Beardmore, Morris-Commercial, Austin. But it is a taxi from Austin will become the most legendary black cab, modified versions of which still roam around London. Models Austin FX3 and FX4, painted yellow and shipped to America, but popular there, they did not. In the 80 years of cabs were produced under the brand LTI (London Taxi International). Company has released several versions of the car, the latter corresponds to TX IV environmental standards Euro 4. The cars themselves are still roomy for a 5-man cabin, high flow, and the luggage is placed next to the driver, thus preserved the spirit and traditions of old London. True modern taxi is not always a strict black, more often there are bright colored taxi advertising. English cabs reliability proved by long years of service in term of operation of 10 years and mileage of 800 thousand km, which guarantees producer, many cars are over 25 years.

Confidence in themselves and deserve to taxi drivers, they must pass a rigorous exam on London and its environs. In fact, to learn all of this takes several years to GPS Navigation unpopular with taxi drivers, who are already well aware of the city. In London, there are other taxi – mini cabs,. Most often, they look like a normal car, the fare will be cheaper, but you can call a taxi only by telephone, or taxi driver can lose the license and pay a large fine. The cost of travel in the Black Cab starts at 2.20 pounds and then on the taximeter, in addition there are allowances in the evening and night hours and on holidays and weekends. Free taxi in London is hard to find at night on Friday and Saturday in popular areas of the city, where many bars and clubs. You can order a taxi by phone Radio Taxis: +44 (020) 7272 0272, in which case the fee includes transportation vehicle to the place where you are.

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