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World War

Enormous farms were managed by the proper farmers, who exerted fort influence in the social matters and politics. This caused the income concentration again. In middle of century XIX the railroad was constructed, where if it gave the access to the port of Saints, it detaches that in the decade of 1821-30 the coffee was responsible for 19% of the total of exportations of the country and in 1891 this edge increased for 63%.

The port of Saints, in 1894, becomes the most important exporting center of coffee of the world (BAER, 1996). In the end of this century the economic center moved stops So Paulo, together with the coffee economy. Some attempts in the production of manufactured by the local economy had not been successful, had to the politics of open doors adopted by the government, that facilitated the importation of manufactured of better quality of the Europe. In Brazil industrialization was initiated delayed from the decade of 1840, as the following topic. The BEGINNING OF INDUSTRIALIZATION With the main objective to increase the prescription tax, the government approximately increases its tariffs of importation in 30% in the year of 1844.

In consequncia the first txteis companies appear. From then on the State stimulates the production, supplying exemption of taxes in the importation of maquinrio and raw material. In the year of 1852, Brazil possua 64 plants and workshops, being they of diverse branches: articles of leather, soap, txteis, clothes, beer, casting, glass, amongst others. The first period of industrial development in Brazil was dominated by light industries, being responsible for 57% of the industrial production in 1907 and 64% in 1919 (BAER, 1996). The productive capacity of Brazil increased in the eight years that had preceded the World War I.

Family Work

47.36% of the interviewed ones make the passage of house for the work walking; 26.31% if use of bus; excessively they use bus more subway, only subway or train. It does not have information of two workers. 31.05% of them say to lead between 10 and 30 minutes to go to the work (and other in such a way to come back its houses); others 31.05% point between 30 and 60 minutes; 15.52% say to lead between 60 and 90 minutes and only 10% of them it says to take 90 minutes in each more than passage. It does not have information on the situation of two workers. Interesting to observe that all the ones that if they use of public transport had mentioned the difficulties found in the transit of So Paulo that makes with that the same passage can lead of 40 the 90 minutes. In the relative question the works made before the enrollment in the recycling, had been cited diverse professions in areas of cleanness as garis, houses of family, snack bars and hospitals.

Domestic works in its proper house or house of other families, as well as diverse types of sales telemarketing, store clerks, ambulant. Still work made in roa in previous time to the coming for the city of So Paulo was remembered. Works had been cited still as manicure and in the area of it would movelaria. In the relative question to the composition of the familiar income, all are unanimous in pointing the income of the work with the recycling as main, despite some point contributions of spouses and friends or bigger children. Some of these workers they receive resources from the Stock market Family and the Benefit of Continued Installment what it complements the survival income. In some families the couple works together in the recycling and this resource goes all for a common box.

Federal Government

The creation system was superextensive where the properties do not possuam at least surround bordering. Extrativista visa was an activity practically that the proprietors congregated the animals only one time per year for marking and sales of oxen livings creature for Manaus, AM. Of the point of view technician it was necessary of four the six hectares for each head of bovine, the natality tax varied enters 35 40% and the animals taken abate for it to the 48 55 months with 134 kg of carcass. From 1976, with the opening of the federal highway (BR 174) binding to capital Boa Vista of Roraima the Manaus, capital of Amazon more intensively initiated the process of occupation of the areas of forest in nesting projects. In 1980 it had, also, financing for opening of areas in forest for plantation with annual cultivos and pasture, as strategy used for the Federal Government for the setting of the man in lots of land in that one bioma. While in the savannah areas the phase predominated of creates, for production and sales of year-old calves weaned destined for the phases of recria and fattening in areas with pasture cultivated in the deforested areas. For 1990 return, 160 the abated bovines possuam about kg of carcass, since the base of the feeding was pasture of quicuio of the Amaznia (humidicola Brachiaria). In 2007 the mineral use of supplements was intensified, in some cases, with proteinado salt, mainly, in the period with lesser pluviomtrica precipitation occurrence, the 220 carcasses had started to reach kg..

Russian Federation

Participation in the conference – good chance to get to their asset scientific publication, which for the exit to the protection must be at least five or six (in some more dissertation councils). Classified research conference as a whole can be on three grounds. 1. Tertiary education or not 2. Full-time / distance 3. International / All-Russian general, universities hold the conference on the basis of an educational institution, followed by the publication of materials conference in the collection of articles or journal at university. Organization of the conference involved more often than laboratory under the supervision of the chairman.

Conferences can also be conducted in the departments. In this case, subjects reports and abstracts will be likely limited to a single specialty (economics, philosophy, sociology …) Participation in any conference is likely to be fraught with financial costs. State in currently funded by several annual scientific conferences, the costs of the other falls on the shoulders of the participants. Organizing fee is expended by the organizers to print collections and / or location participants in the hotels. Although the selection and accommodation fee is stipulated as a separate item, ask the charming person responsible, which hotel is better to stop, so you can quickly get to a place conduct. What you should pay attention. If your goal is to obtain the publication, the trip is optional and costs will be significantly reduced. In this case, be sure to ask the organizers a few points.

1) The approximate release date for the collection of print. It must be remembered that sending registered mail to Russia within two to three weeks. Plus the actual preparation of packages for shipment may take organizers a few days. 2) The price of printing and mailing of the collection of the Russian Federation. Maybe have to pay shipping separately, so it's best to find out the price immediately. 3) Does the book ISBN. This point is important because when you exit to the protection of may require this number. If the items on the issues do not arise, then we can move on to the preparation of this article. There must be familiar with the rules of registration. Correct design and literature titles for you no one will and we can just get a waiver from the publication of your article. So in advance to find out the form for submissions to the newsletter or on the conference website. This is perhaps the main points that need to be taken into account.

Convention Emissions

Four years later, of the fifteen worried European countries in not fulfilling its goals, had exceeded them to nine with emissions increasing between 20% and 77%. The protocol would stimulate the countries to cooperate between itself, through some basic actions as: reform of the sectors of energy and transports, promotion of the use of energy sources you renewed, elimination of inapropriados financial mechanisms and market to the ends of the Convention, limit of the methane emissions in the management of residues and of the systems energy and protection of the forests and other sumidouros of carbon. Implemented, the estimate successfully it is of that the globe temperature would be reduced between 1,4C and 5,8C up to 2100. The executive secretary of Convention of the Climate of the ONU, Yvo de Boer, classifies as ' ' preocupantes' ' the perspectives for the agreement after 2012, therefore until the beginning of April the countries not yet had presented proposals. Positioning of the United States According to emitting greater of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse of the planet (WIKIPDIA), responsible country for almost of the global emissions of carbon dioxide (WWI; ONE, 2001), emitting greater of carbon dioxide of the world (IT SEES, 2008), the United States had not ratified the Protocol of Kyoto when all the European nations and had made it to Japan. Inasmuch as George W. Bush was its president, the United States of America had not supported the protocol under allegation of that the commitments of this international agreement would intervene negative with the American economy and having questioned the theory of that the pollutants emitted for the man cause rise of the temperature of the Land. Exactly the government of the country not signing the Protocol of Kyoto, public administrations of cities and states, as well as part of the north-eastern private sector of the United States, had started to search as to reduce emission of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse without diminishing profit edge.

Business Centre Magnus

History Business Centre (BC), St. Petersburg Magnus. As conceived by Peter I on Vasilevsky Island was supposed to appear a network of rectilinear blocks, separated from each other by channels. Each side of the channel would be a street or a line, as they were called at that time. The project was designed by architect D. Trezzini in 1716. Work on the construction of channels were slow, and then were stopped altogether. In 1766 the canals were filled, and on the buildings of the island in their place formed the street, and plan for the construction of Peter preserved only in their names.

The names of the 8th and 9th lines exist in 1730, but its present appearance 9th Line, on which the Business Centre (BC), St. Petersburg Magnus. , acquired in the XIX – early XX centuries. (From the 1720s until the early XIX century 9th Line was built mostly wooden houses). In the first third of the XIX century, the 8th and 9th line had a very original form on the 8th line were wooden houses, and on the 9th – the stone, so that even side streets look like a city, and the odd – as rural. In the early XIX century, the 8th and 9th lines associated with the Fast Vasilevsky Island, and the discovery in 1850 by Nicholas Bridge, spanning the center of Vasilevsky Island capital, their important transport role determined definitively. In the 1880s there have paved the line of horse railroad, and in 1914 allowed the first tram.

House number 34 on the 9 th line VO It was built on wooden buildings in the years 1910-1911, it designed by the famous master of modern St. Petersburg NI Alekseev. Before the revolution, was located apartment house. In the years 1915-1917 at number 34 lived Hadrian VP-Peretz, listener Bestuzhev courses in the future, the famous historian Old Russian literature, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences. In the IV quarter of 2006, the reconstruction of the building was completed by "Rurik management." Now at number 34 on the 9th Line VO There is a modern Business Centre (BC) Magnus Petersburg., Retaining the historic facade of the building.

Argentine Government

The first task You must perform is to fix inflation thermometer, but this does not seem to advance the good path. A. more than three months of the inauguration of Cristina, still not clear when will debut the new index (in fact was not necessary a new index since it conformed to international practices.) Only had to adjust the basket according to the household expenditure survey conducted during 2004-2005). You may be ready in April, perhaps in May. The worst case, is that there is no guarantee that the new index clearly reflects the reality of the prices in the Argentina. There are many doubts and questions such as: will be provided for the Argentine Government to reflect a greater than 20% inflation when it currently recognizes less than half? Will the Argentine Government be willing to bear such cost in terms of services of the debt that it would imply? And if willing to do so: how will do against the payment of similar services with a closed capital market debt for Argentina? But assuming that it progress in the improvement of the measurement of inflation, the second aspect that the Argentine Government must meet is dismantle so price agreements allow the relative prices of the economy to be recomposed. As with a good indicator of inflation and prices without distortion, you can go in search of the real causes of inflation to be able to attack them from its origin. The first thing the Government should do is to get fiscal policy and monetary policy to do its part in the fight against inflation.

Fiscal policy should strengthen its surplus and keeping under control the growth in spending, while monetary policy must keep under control the growth of monetary aggregates. Clearly also, should generate policies that encourage the aggregate supply, which are clear and stable long-term, generating institutional stability. Assume that the energy problem must not be neglected since this directly affects the expansion capability of aggregate supply. She is clear that the task is not easy. With all this enumeration is what I intend to make clear that, to my mind, so in Argentina you can get back on track the inflationary problem, the Government of Cristina should give up on many fronts and generate an almost radical policy change. I’m not stupid and I know that the odds that this is so are very low (and declining as time passes since the costs increase).

IKEA Spain

In these 14 years the IKEA stores have reduced the price of its products an average of 33%, that without taking into account the increase in the CPI. According to Peter Betzel, CEO of Iberian IKEA, the business concept of IKEA, based on the combination of affordability, quality, design and functionality has made us in the option preferred by the majority, and more in a time like this in which the consumer seeks the best value for money. Betzel also made mention of the IKEA commitment to sustainability, as part of the concept of business of the company and its way of doing things. It’s an opportunity for fostering innovation, save costs and be more responsible with the environment and people, he added. Within the strategy of sustainability, the company focuses its efforts on five dimensions: make more sustainable use of resources, minimizing the footprint of carbon, the responsibility with the people, greater transparency and help clients, with products and solutions, so that can live your home a shape more sustainable. Investment and growth in Spain in 2010 IKEA opened two new stores in Spain, Jerez and A Coruna. With these, are 13 stores that the company has in our country since it opened the first in Badalona (Barcelona) in 1996.

Growth and IKEA in Spain investment plans remain unchanged and he remains committed to open 12 stores in the period 2010-2015, in an expansion plan that contemplates the investment of 2 billion euros and the creation of 20,000 jobs, direct and indirect. Spain continues to be a strategic market for the IKEA Group. Proof of this are the EUR 300 million that the company has invested in Spain in the last fiscal year. This investment includes the opening of IKEA Jerez stores and IKEA A Coruna, enlargement of the self-service of IKEA Badalona and the development of a comprehensive plan in the municipality of San Sebastian de los Reyes which has resulted in the construction of the new headquarters of the company in Spain, the remodeling of the store and the opening of a new warehouse of goods of the same, among others. Also includes the construction of the Mall Luz Jerez Shopping, the first shopping mall developed by IKEA in our country. Betzel said that IKEA will continue to grow in the coming years to be closer than most, fulfilling its commitment to investment to make possible that all Spaniards have an IKEA store no more than one hour from your home.

Argentinian Finance

Yesterday we remembered the seventh anniversary of the imposition of the financial corralito in Argentina, action taken by the then Minister of Economia Domingo Cavallo, in order to curb capital flight and the departure of deposits in the financial system. The establishment of the financial playard was the beginning of a succession of events that brought about the resignation of Fernando De la Rua as Argentine President (Cavallo was almost at the same time), and the end of convertibility. At that time, the Government’s chronic fiscal deficit and problems in the current account, coupled with the difficulties that the Government was to access to external financing, began to deteriorate the bases of the model, deterioration that was accelerating as it ran the 2001 and the financial system saw how deposits were fleeing without brake (and also the capital of the country). In the thinking of the Argentines, these facts seem they occurred long ago, but in reality not so long ago. It is that so many things have happened in the Middle, which is very It is difficult to think that the same could occur in a very short time. But in these moments, the memories of those events does not intend to stay in that single, but does reflect on the possibility of a crisis such as that experienced situation could occur in the current context.

It is that multiple factors, not less, that can generate a decisive negative impact to the Argentine economy into crisis there are. From the outside the crisis in international financial markets and the global economic recession, have impacted the Argentina through different channels. But for Argentina, the factors of greatest concern are internal in origin. The positive side of the current Argentine context are its twin surpluses: fiscal and external, although they are being seriously threatened, mainly the latter. If one wants to search for similar situations between what happened in the crisis of 2001 and the current economic scenario, we can mention the draining of deposits in the financial system observed in recent months and a trend toward dollarization of the assets by the savers.

Luis Fernando

We understand that this announcement, on the one hand, will generate the structure that optimism in lose weight issue and have more effective functional relationships. So we are going to understand in Nayarit, he added. THE CRISIS all are suffering from the global economic crisis, but perhaps the sectors are those who feel it most. If we’re going to scrap, which lose millions they are. Public transport is one of those who bear is one of chops more fat on this cake, especially that of Nayarit, where since 2004 handles the same rates in taxis, vans and urban, although always fuel trucks going to the upside. And not forget to carriers ask for increase, shown rather cautious to not affect the user. However, at the end of this year or early next ask the State Government do not increase but adjustment to rates, same that by law should be given each year. This time, carriers in the voice of the leader Luis Fernando Rodriguez acaspenista will ask the review so that the result be given to negotiations with the Government.

This trigger is, in part, thanks to the budget and the package of fiscal initiatives that President Felipe Calderon sent to the Congress of the Union, in which increases in taxes on fuels are estimated. Luis Fernando said that it is no use right now to increase them rates if in 2010 they will ask another reset. We better hope to approval of the budget and we will see how it will enter the year, expressed. Luis Fernando proposal was interesting. He suggested to make a preliminary study to increase or adjustment of prices for public transportation, which specialists participate in economy of the UAN and the Tecnologico de Tepic. The ACASPEN already has his feasible increase fares, but intends that local experts provide their points of view on the matter.