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The principle of operation paroutilizatora Paroutilizator is not a direct analog of steam-jet apparatus psa. The main purpose of paroutilizatora, of course, is the same as that of the psa – this is hot water with steam. But technical implementation process of mixing steam and water is fundamentally different. Click Ron O’Hanley to learn more. To explain the essence of the difference must stop at the design of both devices. Paroutilizator consists of two main components – condensing the water column and ejector. In condensing the column fed steam and water.

In the column of water is dispersed into small droplets by spray and vapor condenses. At the bottom of the column accumulates superheated water mixed with steam condensate. From the column resulting mixture is extracted water-jet ejector. Working with water fed and the ejector and the condensing column, a water network. The bulk Water is supplied to the ejector, and a smaller part of the water – to the condensing column. Here is an overview and all the know-how, which is incorporated into the design paroutilizatora.

Design features of psa Now that regards the construction our apparatus. We use a different approach to design the apparatus, as well as to understand the expression “know-how. From our point of view of know-how “is not inherent in the design of the device and is contained in the method of calculating the correct jet apparatus, that is, is knowledge and understanding of the processes by mixing steam and water. The design of our apparatus to mind easier than construction paroutilizatora, but the description of the process is much complicated.

PIC Control

With the introduction of dc motors, and start using them as traction, appeared and control apparatus. In the 70-80th years of xix century, German and French firms have been widely used electromechanical controllers machine control dc. Design of controllers are quite simple from the point of view of production, and exploitation. They are easily repaired without special equipment on site. This important advantage of these structures has allowed to live up to our days. In the Soviet Union and cmea one of the few companies that manufacture equipment for mining locomotives, was the plant "Electromashina. Frequently Verizon has said that publicly. At the plant in the 70 of the last century for electric coupling with a mass of 10 tons and above controller was designed KC-303 – for motor control such as ET-31 and ET-36, series-wound and rated currents 142a and 204A respectively.

The basis of the COP-303 a contactor (cam element), the same as the controller PIC-201 and GR-9, produced the 60-ies. These controllers were designed for dial-up currents of 100A and 130 A. It is difficult to say whether held in contactors CS-303 upgrading live parts and arc control node, but the external contactors are the same. (See , bp, "Design of electric machines", Moscow, Energia, 1971). At COP-303 switching the direction of motor rotation by means of reversing the shaft with a set of conductive segments and strips, which are fixed flexible contact fingers. When switching, the copper segment, in the form of plates, closes the gap between the contacts fingers.

PSA Water

Thus, the heating of water in umpeu realized as the traditional solution of the heating network water and its circulation in the water warming plant consisting of steam-water heaters and shell-type network pumps. Such schemes are well developed and their effectiveness was confirmed by long practice. Water temperature. Parameters of the psa is strongly dependent on water temperature at the inlet of psa 2. With increasing temperature Heated water decreases the degree of condensation, because all less than its number may condense in the mixing chamber psa to shock. With a further increase in water temperature at some temperature begins the disruption of psa, called the regime "brew": a large proportion of steam is not condensed to the output section of the mixing chamber of psa due to the high temperature of the mixture in this section, there increase in the static pressure of the mixture before the shock. With the increase in water temperature decreases rapidly as the degree of increase of water pressure in the psa.

(Mode "brew" also comes with a decrease in water consumption below some value). From operating experience PSA: "When the water temperature in return line 600C terminates the normal process of condensation in the machine Restricting return temperature 600C does not allow use devices of psa in the winter to meet peak temperature chart (95/70, 150/700, etc.) even if there is sufficient steam power "4. In contrast to the psa at work umpeu no effect of water temperature at its operation in the implementation of any temperature charts, as umpeu in the process of condensation is extended in time and in space (several meters): first mixing the sprayed water vapor in the chamber prior mixing, and then condensation of the resulting mixture to the vorticity of the turbulent water jet in the receiving chamber and the final condensation mufflers pressure (PSA condensation of water sprayed by supersonic steam flow occurs over a length of several tens of centimeters, and must be completed before the shock, whose position on the axis depends on the geometry of psa in addition to many factors – it is the vapor pressure and water vapor temperature and water, steam dryness, etc.).

Convenience Vinyl

In this case, back and seat should not be too soft. Arms of the chair – a great help to the wizard. People generally do not know what to do with his hands and armrests if inconvenient (narrow iron or rough plastic), or they do not exist at all, the customer will immediately start to get nervous, tugging at something in his hands, with no end to recover, try to cross your hands on the chest, thus closing of the master and retreating from communication, will feel insecure and, therefore, the chance to see him again strongly reduced. Ideal width arms of his hands, parallel to the floor or slightly at an angle where your hand is on the plane just below the elbow. Material can be anyone: aluminum, plastic, vinyl upholstery. Vinyl – is a special material used for upholstery salon furniture leatherette. Pluses vinyl armrests – softness and warmth at any temperature in the room. Sink requirements are the same.

The greatest attention should be paid to the convenience of head and neck. Each person is different, and means must be able to tilt the shell and / or seats. Comfort level significantly increases the use of gel headrests – Special soft tips on the shell. Additional options such as built-in massage, powered, etc. also designed to provide maximum comfort. Speaking of car washes, separately consider the fact of universality. Often, in an effort to save space and interior money, many owners are tempted fate by purchasing cleaning transformers.

Western Europe

For the countries of Eastern Europe, the trend of imports. In general terms, as the prospect is that in the coming years, Japan, usa and Western Europe will continue to be nettoeksporterami refrigeration, ie, share of their exports, despite some declines would considerably exceed the share of imports. Industrial structure and leaders market in the industry for production and sales of commercial equipment Refrigeration employs several hundred countries, with manufacturing facilities in over 50 countries. Industry leaders have factories and distribution centers in all the major continents and many countries and regions. Competition in this segment is very large following reasons: Many markets are saturated and are formed, resulting in an excess of supply over demand; purchasing activity is very sensitive to fluctuations in prices; products become increasingly standardized. In response, manufacturers are forced to restructure the business, pursuing a policy mergers and acquisitions, formation of alliances to reduce production capacity and staff, to optimize processes and product differentiation. Listed below are the leaders of the refrigeration industry techniques and examples they have undertaken in recent years, restructuring policies.

Mnogobrendovy industrial giant Ingersoll-Rand acquires Hussman (USA), specializing in the production of stationary commercial refrigeration equipment. Since 2008, a part of Ingersoll-Rand as its units also include Trane, the world-famous for its centrifugal chillers and aggregated air-conditioning systems of large power. Carrier Corporation and Tyler * buy long entrenched in the refrigeration market, the German company Linde Refrigeration (refrigerated racks, display cases, refrigerated cabinets). It should be noted that the Carrier has a significant market not only in the segment under consideration is a commercial refrigeration equipment, but also in segments of air-conditioning and transport refrigeration.