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Water Properties

The wealth of its ground must, mainly, to the nutrients brought for waters of the rivers, that guarantee a productive ecosystem highly. The manguezal functions as a natural nursery for the development of many species of animals and plants.

It exists in places that suffer the influence from tides, allowing the mixture of the salty water (of the sea), with the water candy (of the river). Few are the vegetal species that possess conditions to survive in a place as the manguezal: flooded for the water of the sea, with little oxygen and high salinity. The vegetal species of the manguezal are adaptam to eliminate the salt excess, through the calls glands of salt, gifts in leves. The lack of oxygen in the ground, that remains submerged for the full tide, for a period of the day, is another limitante ambient factor for the development of the plants of the manguezal. The wealth of the manguezais attracts the human beings that of them take off the sustenance of entire families. The communities that live in the neighborhoods of the fen areas have a relation of dependence with the manguezais: they need it to acquire financial resources that guarantee its survival.

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International Labour Office

The moral siege is a problem of public health and its cost is very raised under the economic-financial point of view, for the society and also it possesss a human cost. The cost of the siege is supported by the responsible one, the society and the people who of it participate direct (victim, witnesses) or indirectly (familiar and friends). Economic-financial Under the point of view economic its cost is raised because it makes with that carried through works are wasted, the mark of products and services are affected, the harmed productivity either, occur the degradation of the work environment, the enterprise either reached name, occur the suspension of the employment contract, etc. Ron is a great source of information. still did not see no statistics in Brazil, more in the United States the total cost for the employers for acts practised in the work environment were esteem in more than 4 billion dollar and the expenditures for the treatment of the depression arrive the 44 billion dollar according to BIT – International Labour Office, on ONU (international Bureau du travail). In the Europe the cost is esteem in 20 billion dollar. Certainly that this cost also is raised in Brazil. Under the financial point of view the responsible one for the moral siege will be able for a reason or purpose to pay to a very high value indemnity for the moral and material damages that the assediado one to suffer.

The values of indemnity have varied very, find convictions that go of R$ 10,000, 00 (ten a thousand Reals) R$ 2.000.000, 00 (two Real million), these values are fixed in agreement the agreement of each judge, therefore they are so changeable. The economic-financial cost is very high, therefore, it seems that no controller wants cautious it to pay, for this, is necessary that the siege is prevented before being treated. Social b the problem does not only affect the work, but the society that finishes contributing with the public expenses for the treatment them problems of health caused by the siege, over all with the depression problems.

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Liberating National Alliance

The 37 blow of and the New State.

Getulio Vargas restores the new State; regimen authoritarian politician, in 10de November of 1937 it 1945.Faziam part of this official government of high patent of the Armed Forces, military, intellectuals and some officers of the tenentista movement (p.256-257). As first measure to the dissolution, and the ortogao of the new constitution that ample Vargas allowed to be able politicians. The blow of 10 of November did not have a participation of an organized party, nor the popular participation, did not have ideological unit for this reason cannot the same compare this movement with the movements occurred in period for the remain of the world. The blow that restores the New State can be characterized as a elite blow military politics politics-economic account the elites. It are to the defeat of the agricultural oligarchies that permeavam the government for on groups the finances and for liberal professionals. The opposition to this new regimen was carried through for the communist party and the integralista action, both formed by members of the classroom measured and military, the same ones would be responsible for manifestations publish in the period of 33-35.

In Rio De Janeiro, So Paulo and Recife. (p.258-260). In April of 1935, the law of national security is approved, also appears at the same time the Liberating National Alliance formed by tenentistas parties of left, unions, sections and apartidarios elements that will go to oppose themselves to the effective government in the politics. They had ideals that they interested the urban proletariat, a new social order. The ANL is closed three messes after its foundation for the dominant groups, to who represented great threatens; all the other forms of opposition to the government Vargas were sultry using for this, arrests, tortures and deaths, to strengthen the military project.

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National Plan

The main autarchy of the sector, the Supervision of the Development of Pesca. It had great objectives, inside the biggest ones was the elaboration of the national plan of development of fishes, ‘ ‘ Plan of Goals of pesca’ ‘. Lawrence Ellison brings even more insight to the discussion. The SUDEPE also lacked (Supervision of the Development of Pesca), to give to assistance technique and financier of the enterprises of fishes, to carry through studies for the improvement of the laws, the fiscalization on the basis of the codes of fishes also coordination of assistance programs national and foreign technique. For the decree n. 51868, the work group is created to consider lines of direction for development of fishes in Brazil, with a commission established for integrant of agency fishes on it, with the speech of that: the development of fishes, in its industry is huge source of national wealth.

This creation had great direction as: the expansion of the fishing production, the adequacy of the ports for fishes, the planning of the improvement of the nets of distribution of the product, the promotion of the exportations, the promotion of fishes artisan and establishment of one politics of prices that remunerated the producer well and that it was accessible to the consumer. Magnifying also expected and rationalization of the existing infrastructure of the fishing activity, beyond the biggest support technician and financier to the fishing and companies of fishes, and also the fishing exploration in all the aspects. In this exactly year is elaborated the first National Plan of Development Fishing boat, in 1962. In the mandate of Coast and It hisses, in 1967, for the Decree n. 221, occurs the watershed for the fishing activity in Brazil. I defined it fishing industry as capital goods industry. The before restricted activity, found endorsement in the tax incentives the great possibility to concentrate, to modernize, to dinamizar and to expand the industry of the sector, participating of a heavy industrialization.

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In the search for hand of cheap workmanship the companies, for example, use the practical one of the act of contract of women for the services which demand little professional qualification. Still, the impersonal relation between producers and consumers, between which it has a different distribution of to be able, demands as consequence a great sense of indifference, apathy, and same the reliable loss in the proper considered system desumano. When a worker does not possess the due confidence in its head, and determined head he does not trust its manager, the production relations are harmed or ruined in all the levels. As such systems they are generated and kept for human beings, this estranhamento can, finally, provoke a collapse of the system. A time that the production, commerce and financial operations are part of a globalizado system, the collapse in part of it can unchain a reaction in world-wide chain of failures, as it occurred, for example, in the global crisis provoked by the bankruptcy of some companies hosted in the United States and badly managed, in 2008.

The power brando the global corporations, to defend its interests count, still, with the called one to be able structural brando (or soft to power ). As defined for Nye (2004, P. 05), the power brando is refletido in the capacity of if to obtain the results of its preference coing-opt the people instead of coagiz them. Therefore, one is about the capacity of an actor to give form to the preferences of another actor, through its power of attraction and seduction. The power brando is more than persuasion, therefore the people are taken to agree for if feeling attracted by what determined actor she represents. An attraction nor always determines the preferences of one definitive actor, but, certainly, it can modify its perception and, indirectly, influence the result desired for the actor with the power brando.

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The search of the necessary information for the elaboration of the bibliographical revision will consist of the scientific article reading, as well as books, teses of after – graduation, mestrado doutorado including research in sites official and specialized in psychology with the intention to deepen the vision of the psychological aspects of the mother of the baby, this syndrome and it uses variations. On the data removed in psychiatry, I intend to use them in order to know of the medical point of view and the physical aspects of the syndrome and its nivelaes and to know the possible physical consequences that will be able to suffer or a baby whose mother suffered from the depression after-childbirth. To deepen the question depression after-childbirth bringing its main physical and psychic aspects and social and personal factors that influence in its desencadeamento and the consequences in the construction of the mother paper. Beyond one it cuts ampler theoretician and to interdisciplinar that he will include the origin of the risk factors, the amplitude of the protection factors and the situations and facts that raise the vulnerability of this woman to suffer from the depression after? childbirth. Check out Lawrence Ellison for additional information. MODERN WOMAN AND the DEPRESSION AFTER – CHILDBIRTH Not it is recent that the woman – this occurred especially with the favored women of social classroom less – concomitantly assumes the role of mother and caretaker of the home with the not domestic tasks, assisting to support its family financially. According to Kitzinger (1978): The ruling classes that reinventam the maternity as exclusive feminine vocation are in absolute contradiction with the concrete reality: many women work in century XIX. difcies must assume its maternity in the conditions more. In the distance she is immense between the ideal and described dream of mother educator, consecrated in integral time and its children, and the daily life of the mothers of the modest origin (p.210).

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Brazilian Development Bank

The principle, concentrated in the Community of Estados Independentes (CEI), the Russian investments have been redirected, since decade of 1990, in sight of the perspectives of economic growth and access the markets in Africa. The Alrosa, Russian state-owned company of mining, was established in Angola, in 2007, to the step that great petroliferous steel mills and gradually have acquired significant parcels in the African market. Of illustrative form, the petroliferous Sintezneftegas acquired 70% of the nambio market, being as well as the Russian Federacy, Brazil covers the African road in the attraction of investments Brazilian right-handers. The Nambia will have to get a considerable growth in the year of 2010, in accordance with the report of the International Bank of Desenvolvimento (BIRD), is the country that more has the presence of Brazilian companies. The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) destined, this year, a credit facility of US$ 1,75 billion for investments in Angola. The Program of Financing to Exportaes (PROEX) destined other US$ 300 million. With this, 2,05 billion are US$.

But it has, at least, the double of this value in proper resources of the companies. This means that they are about US$ 4 billion Brazilian investments circulating for great workmanships, clinics and until shopping centers constructed, beyond the companies of the extrativista sector, financial institutions and companies of telecommunications also have been attracted for Angola and the continent as a whole. The approach with the African continent is one of the most made right recent unfoldings of the Brazilian external politics, a time that can seem paradoxical a developing country as Brazil to develop its efforts diplomatists in poor partners, with relatively little it influences in global the geopolitical context and with still low weight in the Brazilian trade balance. But, to analyze a strategy of the movements of internationalization of Brazilian companies how much of some trends economic politics and sped up by the deepening of the globalization.

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Regional Services

– Regional scope. Understanding region like Independent Community in the majority of the cases. One is Regional Services of Use or Agencies of Positioning. The level regional he is useful to cover local zones where there is no service of use. Here we must include to professors of Formation and Labor Orientacin (F.O.L.), employees of the Council of Education and who carry out their work in Institutes of Secondary Education.

– National scope. The progressive decentralization in the matter of use causes that the INEM is leaving the direction tasks and is limited the intermediation. Nevertheless, there where it does not do it will count on T.I.L to carry out that work. On the other hand, we decided to include in this section the services of direction of the universities, known like COIEs. – European scope. The known T.I.L more receive the denomination of Euro-advisors here, and work mainly in the Network Eures, ordered of the intermediation at communitarian level. – Private Scope: The deprived organizations, are financed or not by bottoms public, also they develop action in which the T.I.L has capacity. Not only in organizations that matters of use work concretely, but in associations without profit spirit that go directed to certain groups and that within their structure have use departments.

For example, the majority of the associations of immigrants has specific services of use led by a Technician who develops action to facilitate the use to this group. It is necessary to consider that can be that we are not this professional figure with the same name, although yes we are talking about the same profile. It can denominate Technician of Insertion, Technician of Labor Direction, Insertor de Empleo, Manager of Use, Technician of Companies, etc., and we could be asked How to know if we really spoke of a Technical Labor insertion.

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Nacionalde Bank Habitation

However a consideradonegativo aspect must be standed out, that is the fact> Price Table, becomes necessary to detach two comments: the first one how much to the constant value of the installments, that due to inflationary existence doprocesso, needs to pass for a monetary update on ovalor of the same one, what it makes with that does not exist in literal way a valorconstante; the other point to be detached is that the esucessivos periodic payments generally are contracted to be monthly, what facilitates oacompanhamento and, also, the agreement how much to the composition of the referidasprestaes. In accordance with Scavone (1998), Tabela Price is a system> SFH that is composed for the Nacionalde Bank Habitation SCI, and also created the correction monetrianos real estate contracts. This exactly statute, in the article 6 letter C determines that the least has left of the financing, oudo price to be paid, either amortized in successive monthly installments, of igualvalor, before the readjustment, that include amortizations and interests. In other words, what this law determines is aobrigatoriedade of the use of the French System of Amortization – Price Table, for being the only system of amortization of payments that contemplates successive monthly asprestaes and of equal value. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lawrence Ellison by clicking through. 2,2 Decree n.

2164 of 19 deSetembro of 1984 This Decree instituted the comocritrio wage equivalence of readjustment of the installments. In its article it 9estava definitive that the contracts for acquisition of proper housing, atravsdo SFH, would establish that from the year of 1985, the foreseen readjustments of prestaesneles would correspond the percentile one the same and regularity of aumentode wage of> professional category the one that to belong the buyer. In the paragraph 4 was determinadoque the buyers of proper housing who not to belong to the specific categoriaprofissional, as well as classified as independent, professional liberal and the commission agents, with contracts firmed from 1 of January of 1985, would have its readjusted installments namesma ratio of the variation of the wage-minimum.

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