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Balance Sheets

Operate in an organized full accounting and the records as necessary, according to double entry system using generally accepted accounting principles, in our case are the NIC (Art. 13 Disc. 1902-2003 ry law S ), this means you have to enable inventory books, Journal, more or centralizer, Balance Sheets, also a record book where the register is kept of the meetings of board and assembly. Submit annual financial statements under International Accounting Standards. Submit affidavit annual income tax information for its operations in the fiscal period Extender electronic receipts to receive both ordinary and extraordinary contributions in accordance with the aims of the association, for Ut S these receipts must be approved by the Superintendency of Tax Administration (SAT). Order account invoices to their suppliers when making purchases of goods and services.

Authorize and issue invoices records and pay the annual income tax when performing activities outside their nature, ie when performing activities with profits from its operations. Being ISR Retention Agent and deliver these electronic records as have employees that exceed annual revenues 36000.00 Q, or when making payments to suppliers who have chosen that option. (Resolution 306-2009 directory of the SAT). When ISR retain employees necessary to carry electronic means the annual reconciliation of income tax deductions for dependent personal relationship established by the Income Tax Law.

Kutsch Surfactants

Surfactants reduce the surface tension of a liquid, so that actually mutually miscible liquids can be mixed. The most important sales market for surfactants is followed with a share of around 37% of global consumption, North America and Western Europe Asia-Pacific. The distribution of the demand on the regions of the world will change significantly growth markets in Asia-Pacific and South America over the next eight years. Ceresana’s market researchers predict that in the future the countries in Asia-Pacific can – win more market share of the global market of surfactant mainly at the expense of Western Europe and North America. South America, a surge will also reach through massive increases in production and consumption in Brazil, mainly. Trend of non-ionic surfactants In 2010 worldwide about 6.5 million tonnes were in demand anionic surfactants.

These two groups represent approximately 85% of global surfactant demand together with the non-ionic surfactants. We expect the strongest growth in the period 2010-2018 non-ionic surfactants”, explains Oliver Kutsch, Managing Director of Ceresana. Despite this global trend and to non-ionic surfactants the most important product group stay anionic surfactants primarily in Africa, the Middle East and the countries of Asia, with the exception of Japan and South Korea. Surfactants in detergents and cleaning products to the most important buyers worldwide include the manufacturers of detergents and cleaners for the household. Which surfactant demand will grow expected p.a. until the year 2018 to 2.6%. This trend carried but mainly by the emerging and developing countries, which recorded a rising per capita consumption due to a growing prosperity. Also the trend intensified away from SOAP and to synthetic detergents. “Oliver Kutsch added: this development especially in Asia-Pacific to preclude the stagnant or declining partly history in countries in North America and Western Europe.” In the world’s most comprehensive market report the use of surfactants in each analyzed Ceresana as himself Markets will develop.

Rainbow International

Association introduces new ‘Ambassador of franchising’ Rainbow International German franchise. Bask, Ostalbkreis, the 22.03.2013 – the German Franchise Association has presented the rehabilitation specialist Rainbow International based in Aalen as official Ambassador of franchising. Therefore, is among the approximately 30 franchise businesses strong and about 500 employees large Baden-Wurttemberg companies the best-practice systems of the German franchise business and ranked in a prominent list of systems such as the fast-food giant McDonald’s or the Tchibo retail giant. Franchise Ambassador are exclusively recognized Dan members. Best-practice system of franchise economy”the franchise has expanded its strong position in the German economy area in the past few years. In addition to the steadily increasing number of franchise employees (less than 500,000), impressed above all constantly growing turnover of the sector, which is now at about 60 billion per year. Currently Act “1,000 franchise systems in the German market, from which only the least the predicate Ambassador of franchising” receive. It is all the more gratifying for the Wurttemberger,”that the German Franchise Association Rainbow International recognizes this highlighting feature.

The official representatives of the DFV accurately show budding founders what advantages and potentials may arise from a partnership. You can also tell which individual requirements as franchisees are needed and what obstacles to overcome and avoid is for a business start-up. For several years Rainbow International is an important part of the German franchise industry and supports the DFV in the fields of information and transparency in the franchising. “, it means on the part of the DFV. The service”Rainbow International specializes in the rehabilitation of water / fire damage and its consequences. For the insurance and real estate industry, the service provider counts by an all round claims service”to the major partners in the rehabilitation field. Currently the license system offers new founders to areas in Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. Organic growth is to create long-term a nationwide coverage with Rainbow farms”, so the founder and Managing Director Tobias Baumann.

Franchising make more transparent”Rainbow International accompanied the entrepreneurship of its prospective customers with ample information and high transparency. Aspiring entrepreneur become so after initial contact (usually by phone) including a founders day”invited, where Tobias Baumann personally, Managing Director in detail about the system informs the present and specific insights into the Rainbow international world. If necessary, interested parties can obtain accurate information from the different departments or face-to-face with the experts of the system central questions open. Also can the applicant following targeted at active franchise partners a picture of the item field and make operational everyday life. This step is supposed to consolidate decision making. At the same time this ensures absolute transparency and underlines the soundness of the concept,”says Baumann. The profile of the franchisee”when selecting the franchise partner opts for business executives, middle management the local franchising system. Therefore, organizational skills, experience in sales and in networking, business know-how, knowledge form relating to the personnel management and development as well as management skills the basis for a commitment. Rainbow International franchisees to work on and not IN their company, because the actual service, the rehabilitation for water and fire damage, is carried out by own qualified specialists in the field of crafts. This strict compartmentalization allows a warm start to the rehabilitation industry way entrants as well as industry insiders.

Creditreform Stuttgart

Excellent mood of the medium-sized companies in the region – almost 80 per cent achieved sales growth in 2011 to the further consideration of the medium-sized economic and funding situation has carried out a survey of 1,400 companies in the Stuttgart region Creditreform Stuttgart. This shows: not only the current mood of plants is outstanding, expectations for the business situation up to the end of this year are extremely optimistic. So, 68.5 percent of the companies expect a “very good” or “good” business location. The development also in terms of lying back sales is extraordinarily gratifying. About 80.0 percent of all surveyed companies enjoyed revenue growth in 2011. In tow of optimistic turnover expectations is also the number of investment-ready SMEs at a high level.

About every second respondent medium-sized companies in the region (44.8 percent) intends to invest heavily in the next few months. The willingness to invest is in average at around 1.2 million euros to operating. In addition, the medium-sized companies in the winter months have made a positive contribution of the employment 2011/12. So, 46.9 percent of the surveyed companies have expanded their personal stock. Every third medium-sized companies (32.2 percent) is planning more settings. For qualified personnel in the Stuttgart region, the companies judge the search predominantly as ‘difficult’ (58.7 percent). A key area of concern is the acute shortage. So the search constituted is for professionals as a particularly difficult (76.9 percent).

Positive earnings situation strengthens equity base – yet: businesses in the region not much better capitalised as in the remaining Federal territory the profitability of companies in the surveyed districts are in the overall optimistic mood of the economic situation in the region files. So, 66.4 percent of the respondents recorded last year Company growth in profits. The profit growth is estimated to slightly more pessimistic in the coming months. In this regard, the companies in the region share a similar assessment such as the national average.

Delmenhorst Public

Early 2012 the hamburgers won branch Balogun Chandran Media Group GmbH Borgmeier Public Relations, the communications budget for products and solutions of bowi GmbH. Landau/Palatinate and Hamburg, September 2012. Now, both companies intensify their cooperation. In the future, documentation and media processing of scientific engagement, as well as the prototype it developed acquires Borgmeier Public Relations in addition to the corporate and product PR of the Landauer IT professionals. The Sandra GmbH in Konsortialpartnerschaft with companies from science and industry developed the next generation of customer relationship management in the research projects supported by the Federal Ministry of education and research. In the research projects, value chain cockpit (VCC) and social CRM (SCRM-I) intelligence combines the existing since 1987 company CRM with the areas of supply chain management or social media. We appreciate happy to have found an agency partner, who not only engaged in Borgmeier Public Relations and effective our product communications does, but convinces also by creative approaches and a holistic approach”, explains Karl Schmid, Managing Director of bowi GmbH. Konsortialarbeit research projects represents a core area of our business activities and enriches our products to new approaches and approaches.

We need a special team to make understandable our idea of CRM and related technologies of the general public. The Sandra GmbH convinced through solutions that are ahead of their time and according to the needs of the user set we are found at Borgmeier Public Relations sure to have”. Through the research of innovative technologies in cooperation with various consortium partners from business and research the Sandra GmbH as a forerunner in the area of xRM positioned”, Tanja Deilecke, agency led by Borgmeier Public Relations, notes. We look forward not only to the new, challenging task, but see also an enrichment of our theme portfolio.” Borg Meier PR Borgmeier Public Relations among the Balogun Chandran Media Group GmbH. The owner-managed media company is mainly active in the areas of publishing, Public Relations, design, consulting and TV news business. The task of PR advice ranging from strategic planning, conceptual design and public relations to the event and trade show support.

The Agency represents clients in the areas of entertainment software, medicine, law, cosmetics, lifestyle and brand owners. Balu Chandran Media Group GmbH currently 249 employees at the sites in Delmenhorst, Lilienthal and Hamburg. Sandra GmbH since its 1987 Foundation develops and implements the Sandra GmbH, headquartered in Landau/Pfalz relationship management solutions in all sales, marketing and service areas. Working for international companies from diverse industries, the interdisciplinary team process and technology specialists has many years of project experience in the CRM environment. Through research partnerships with scientists and universities, the company managing director Karl R. Schmid permanently accumulates his projects pioneering approaches and technological as relevant to economic trends.

Carbon Footprint

For each consignment: System Alliance calculated CO2 emissions from autumn 2012 represents the General cargo cooperation system Alliance their 42 regional operations a broadcast-related CO2 footprint available. More and more shippers inquiries to greenhouse gas emissions during the transport process to their carrier. Niederaula, 8th August 2012 – for his calculations, the cooperation for general cargo is geared to the requirements of the European draft of standard DIN EN 16258:2011. The conversion factors for greenhouse gases are set is expected at the end of the year binding. “On this basis we have us establishing a complex IT infrastructure including your own statistics server, that allows to work with broadcast-based real-time data”, explains System Alliance’s Managing Director Georg Kohler. With the solution, we are now introducing, we provide full data transparency.

“The values of the Handbook of emission factors of for road transport are the surveys ‘ basis.” Section analysis with Software EcoTransIT together with the project partners active logistics and IVE (engineering company for transport and railways mbH) General cargo cooperation has developed a process with which the CO2 calculation based on essential transport data can be performed. While the CO2 emissions per transport section for all shipments in the network system Alliance be determined process-oriented. The result is provided then electronically system partner businesses. With the implementation of the project, the General cargo cooperation has commissioned their IT service provider active logistics. He relies on a sophisticated instrument for calculating modes of transport-related CO2 emissions on sections with the software EcoTransIT by IVE.

For use at System Alliance, IVE has adapted the product on the existing transport infrastructure in the network of cooperation for general cargo. We use the relevant information from the transport data and thereby take into account the actual traffic,”explains Uwe Moller, active Manager logistics subsidiary in Niederaula. Calculations allow no cross-comparisons for the discovery of broadcast-related CO2 emissions has active logistics interfaces to the transport management systems of the partners and system partner created, which provide for the automatic transfer of data. These are merged on the Central CO2 statistics server and evaluated. Daily CO2 data available are the regional operations of the cooperation. To achieve maximum accuracy, we determine the values part stretch relative to the forward and trailing as well as for the main course or HUB transport for the two sections of the main run”, explains Uwe Moller. We are convinced that all CO2 values obtained so far in the transportation industry, allow no comparison”, says Georg Kohler. The survey methods are different and so inpiduell, like the company itself,”reports the system Alliance CEO. More information: Press contact: view of the main agency for public relations of Rossdorfer Street 19a 60385 Frankfurt Uwe Berndt telephone: 0 69 / 48 98 12 90 company contact: System Alliance GmbH Industriestrasse 5 36272 low Aula Gudrun Raabe phone: 0 66 25 / 107-0 of system Alliance the embossed medium-sized forwarding network throughout Germany offering transport solutions for different industries and maintains his own main envelope company (HUB) in Niederaula. Running rule for 24/48 hours General cargo reached nationwide quickly and safely to your destination. Many premium products complete the range of high-quality transport solutions. 42 Regional companies belong to the network with a total of about 10,000 employees. International system Alliance of the Pan-European network of SystemPlus is connected. 22 Countries in Europe are approached daily by the specialists for road express freight.

Klaus Beck

A full 68% want to comply with the statutory requirements and refrain from it, to take advantage of the positive aspects of the E-account balance. Only 28 percent indicate that they want to optimize their processes with the possibilities of the E-account balance and economic fashion. Here must be still very solid be enlightened, because otherwise many great opportunities remain unexploited”, Klaus Beck-Dede calls. Also want to respond to almost two-thirds staffed not on the balance of the E. The opinion of 30 per cent of the respondents is that the balance of S employees in tax aspects increasingly must be qualified.

Only five percent plan to their staff due to the increased requirements to increase.” In addition to the personnel, the reviews of the technological impact of the E-account balance are very different. One-third of the companies surveyed hopes to meet all requirements with the existing ERP system. Almost 30 per cent rely on a system that supports the entire process of the accounting and the Completed ERP system. 37 percent want to handle all bookings in the future in the ERP system and parallel processing, the use of the taxonomy and sending the E-account balance to the tax authorities apply a special E-payments solution. The adept consult AG is a supplier of solutions for information logistics and business intelligence, specializing in the areas of accounting, controlling & finance, and asset management. With, the company offices in Frankfurt and London offers innovative software solutions that lead to sustained improved profitability and processing for more than 25 years. With a focus on automation of processes, adept helps its customers consult to higher data quality, greater transparency, and increasing efficiency. The comprehensive services in the areas of tax & finance company complements the customizable and powerful software solutions that can effectively reduce the risk of projects by existing functionalities”as well as asset Management”.