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There are several factors that lead to the popularization of the webs of contacts: firstly, ease when it comes to make friends from other countries and meet people from all over the world. If you migrate to any country, it will be possible to contact more people over a period of time less than that if we are going to a discotheque, a club or try to lock friendship at work. But not only that: If what we want is to find people who fit a certain profile (whether we want to know our country natives as to natural persons of the place in which we are, either the district or city) is going to be possible, since we can choose people that have to do with our tastes, hobbies, etc., thanks to the description that each user himself makes. It is the case of Marta, a young Spanish woman who went to Australia in search of a future better. And so it was, he found a good job with a salary according to your studies. But Marta felt the weight of loneliness in a foreign country, and was not easy to make friends. In a moment of inspiration, put an ad in a free dating website.

It was the first step to meet Evan, a young Australian amateur surfing and opera, which loved to Marta. After three weeks, Evan asked Marta out together. Today, three months later, are an inseparable pair. A providential, but not casual encounter in which the web of contacts Amistarium-Datanta came into play. There are many people who have chosen to emigrate to other countries in search of a job opportunity that allows them to improve their quality of life. According to figures from the United Nations Population Division and BBVAresearch, between 1990 and 2010 the number of international migrants in the world increased 1.4 times, being the highest number of Mexicans and Russians with 11.5 million people. One of these countries of destination is United States, where in 2008, some 963 thousand Mexicans moved, of whom 49% sought work. However in these years of crisis in the host of United States and European countries this migration is varying and nationalities such as the Spanish or Italian joined in the search for a life better in Germany, UK, or Australia. Everything and with those labour and economic improvements, is no less true that who travels outside his country, its culture and its language, feels a certain vacuum emotional that it is difficult to fill. That’s where come in the webs of contacts, a way to find friends even when you’re away from home. Some of the countries where you can find the webs of contacts of Amistarium-Datanta: Italy, India, France, Portugal, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Germany.


Products that rests in a good quality. It considers the Chair, which is necessary to link over to the professionals of the company through new values that guarantee satisfaction to consumers within a culture of market that prevents them to increase a consumerism which is often detrimental to keep in mind which indicates Jarrin on the fact, that industrial development has brought countless economic benefits, but has not been able to comply with the role of development and growth of the members of the companies and therefore of the society. Competitive pressures and the vision of the worker as one resource, in addition limited, have affected the motivation and identification of people, taking in the majority of cases workers rented or buy-mentidos, but not yet committed, because it has not been able to invite to the hearts of the people to the place of work. The most visible results in this sense are: high turnover of staff, internal demoralization, loss of productivity and competitiveness, little creativity and the formation of an environment that discourages or valued human development. In the social, stress, ambition and a competition for survival which does not allow nor promotes higher levels of human development, with high social costs, which spiral, then hit and back to companies and societies. Professor estimated the importance of providing professionals comprising it, identify with the ethics, morality, human talent, cohesion of teams, commitment, spirit of belonging, responsibility and needs of achievement, performance, creativity, use suitable potential that all we have, for it provides them the content and use of the main tools for personal growth that allows you to generate the necessary transformationson pro give step to values that benefit all. Management by values implies: generate greater internal cohesion where the commitment is to factor fundamental.

Generate a better external image, thanks to the relationships based on confidence in the long term facilitate the transition between generations of command since ways to act and progress are shared. Increase ethics at all levels of the company reducing losses dishonest acts, theft or fraud. To facilitate the selection of staff, thanks to previously defined profiles. Develop a chain of reliable leadership and committed to the philosophy of the conclusions Venezuela company our interest, debate at the present in a turbulent scenario thanks to political instability and many effects that has generated the current Bolivarian revolutionary Government, which is committed to instituting a new socialism according to the characteristics of modern times. All this has given rise to the Venezuelan business sector currently addresses a serious crisis in its operation, productivity, until the end, that many companies have withdrawn, closed.

All this has also brought as a consequence that is serious changes in the management of its operating capacity makers to express and manifest a new leadership who knows how to function within a management of values that allow, adopt a management philosophy, moral and business consistent with any clearly defined line of thought. Be present, seeking management, members of the business organization to commit themselves and act in a coordinated and coherent manner with respect to the business philosophy. Remember what brings us, that a management based on value, constitutes the most powerful tool that has a company to measure and identify the sources of his generation within the company, as it allows the union between financial decisions and strategies of the company long-term.

Wall Street Journal

Will Kraft (NYSE:KFT) strategy succeed? 10 November 2009 Kraft bid not gets even remotely close to the true value of the company, and the absorption of Cadbury by a conglomerate with a low-profile business model implies unattractive prospects, says British company that is being subjected to the hostile bid by the U.S. company. Kraft Foods continues with negotiations and will not be giving up. And I am not referring to the conflict that its Argentine subsidiary has with its workers for several months now Kraft (NYSE:KFT), and how difficult that is to do business in Argentina, but the hostile bid to acquire the British Cadbury. The operation of having the approval of the shareholders of Cadbury would be financed in a high percentage with bank credits retrieved from entities like Citigroup (NYSE:c) or Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB) for a total of $9 billion. Why you are so interested Kraft to acquire Cadbury? The acquisition of the British Cadbury helps Kraft Food consolidate your pos.

icion as the second-largest food company in the world, behind Nestle S.A., and also achieve significant cost reductions. What do think Cadbury executives in this regard? Such proposals usually generates fears and losses of jobs, so many resistances occur in such situations. Meanwhile, since Cadbury directory recommended to the shareholders of the company, rejecting the offer by 9,800 million pounds sterling (US $16.280 million), the United States made by the company on the grounds that is a value that is very far from the true potential of the British. In a note by Dana Cimilluca and Jeffrey Maccracken to the Wall Street Journal, they reproduced statements by the CEO of Cadbury who termed derisory bid from Kraft around 715 pence per share. The Board of Directors of quick reflexes Cadbury, already has the support of some major shareholders that do not they want no agreement with Kraft that valued their titles at least 850 pence.