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American President Manager

And if the word "personnel officer" was, for some reason considered obsolete, it's time to come up with joint efforts of more harmonious and friendly name in their native language. Before the advent of better try to use more or less acceptable title "personnel manager". For assistance, try visiting Robert Gibbins. Now, let's all have a personnel manager from the fact that he needed to effective performance of their duties? First, the HR manager is required to inform the company's goals. The requirement seems simple and obvious, but this simplicity is deceptive. Even those who say that the living human resources, must understand that whatever resources are just a means to an end. Therefore, the creation and management of resources is justified only in the sense that brings us to whether this goal. So, first one should show the HR manager that goal. Robert Gibbins may also support this cause.

No goals, no meaningful progress in achieving this goal. Who you known companies that have a clearly defined goal of their work? How many of them written in a strategy paper to achieve this goal, at least for the near future? How this document is relevant or, in other words, there is a procedure for constant adjustment of goals and strategies for environmental changes? Second, the HR manager needs a reliable feedback mechanism, especially with senior management. Life is changeable. Our goal and the path of them are constantly changing. Determine their top management. That work effectively, our MPs should be able to keep abreast of these changes. There is only one way to stay abreast of affairs of senior management – must include in its composition. Do all companies known to you HR manager is a member of senior management? Third, the personnel manager should have the authority and resources to carry out their activities? First of resources. At one time, all The Soviet Union was laughing merrily over humoresques hero, who talked to his wife that he was given the intelligence "three rubles to bribe an American President." How many of you well-known human resource managers have at their control at least such budgets for its activities? Is it always the size of the budget with the scale of tasks? Now, on the credentials.

Civil Code

The procedure for registration of an individual entrepreneur is extremely simple. E Scott Mead insists that this is the case. He pays the registration fee of $ 4 mci, fill out an application for registration, submit an identity document, a photo, a certificate of the taxpayer (TRN), a certificate of assignment of sic. May also be required to provide a document confirming their place of residence and place of business. Individual entrepreneurs do not have any founding documents. The only document that confirms his status as a state registration certificate.

Registration is made in one body – the local tax committee. 4. Cost of registering as an individual entrepreneur – is minimal. If you want to become self-employed, without recourse to specialized legal organizations, as already mentioned, pay only the registration fee of $ 4 mci. After the state registration as a individual entrepreneur you need to pay the manufacturer of seals and stamps, if you want them to have that in most cases it is not necessary (1000 m.). If you intend to open a bank account, then you have to pay for services for notarization of signature samples in the bank card (87 tenge per card, up to 4 cards), as well as for opening an account if you have chosen a bank, this procedure is paid (in most Banks are now opening an account is free, some – up to 3500 m.). Individual entrepreneur. Minus: 1. One of these “cons” is the fact that the obligations associated with entrepreneurial activities, an individual entrepreneur shall be liable on general grounds, ie all property belonging to him (Article 20 of the Civil Code of RK).

LED Backlighting

LEDs as the light source is used both as a spot light (such as led modules – led clusters), as well as linear light sources (LED tubes, led strips led Rope Light and LED-neon). Both can be built into lamps. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon Communications. Point location of LEDs associated with their use as a miniature light sources, as a rule – for decorative purposes. This Light decor interior – furniture, glass and mirrored walls, cornices and ceilings, a variety of architectural elements. led spot lamps placement can also serve as functional role (for example, when illuminating information signs and panels).

led modules can avoid many problematic situations related to non-standard forms of lighting and dimensions seats. Under any particular task, virtually any object, which must be led lighting, we can choose the module required shape and size, the required number and characteristics of LEDs desired configuration of their placement on the pcb. And it is hardly an obstacle for the lighting will become architectural features of the illuminated object. For example, the small size led strip allows you to embed it almost anywhere: in a metal tube – stair handrail, a baseboard, ceiling in a narrow niche. Dimensions of the same bulbs required power is often put designer a choice: either to radically change design and dimensions of the illuminated object, or completely abandon the use of the backlight. Many parts of the interior get a second life when competently implemented illumination. Very aesthetic look, for example, option lighting design staircases in the style of hi-tech: highlighting the steps in yellow inside, handrails shall be executed in chrome pipes so that the inside spread deep blue through round holes.

In this design much easier to build in a narrow range of led than any other light source, even small sizes. Incidentally, in Europe, a prerequisite for the design and manufacture of stairs – light marking steps. Current problem replacing blown bulbs in hard to reach places no longer in the case of LEDs: they do not fail. Another example. In the German Duisburg, for illumination of the bridge were used led modules built into the metal fence posts. The game of light and color – the most efficient way to create a living organic medium, as in the design of the dwelling, and in architectural lighting. Earlier to get a colored light, used colored lights or colored filters, dichroic, or film. But the colored lights rarely provide the desired color reproduction, sharpness and saturation, and the film optical filters are lack thicken or fade in the operation. LEDs solve these problems, providing a rich and vivid colors. The red color you will have red and blue – blue. You do not risk to see after installing lamp red or pale blue color instead of what was intended during construction. A digital control lights based on RGB-LEDs can have millions of different colors.

Find Importers Exporters

There are many alternatives for small and large companies find importers and exporters that can become new partners or customers to take their business to other levels. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and to the miracle of the Internet, the global economy is more connected than ever. So much so that any person with an entrepreneurial spirit can participate in it and prosper as never before. For those with such an interest to see a growth in their business and expand their economies, share them several options to find importers and exporters. Refer to the function of the embassies embassies not only refers to establishing diplomatic ties between Governments, but that they also have the function of promoting economic cooperation between partners from different latitudes. This is because they (embassies) are well aware that through this momentum can create economic growth in various regions.

Embassies, mostly, will have a sense of having fulfilled with one of its objectives, namely that through these connections between importers and exporters were achieved with entrepreneurs in the region. To contact with embassies, you only need to call there or schedule a meeting. Inform them about the type of business that can be handled in your company and the suppliers with whom you wish to contact. In that entity, surely you will receive information on how to find importers and exporters who comply with their requests. Visit the trade fairs Internet commerce has replaced many options for doing business.

Despite this, trade fairs seem to be an archaic method to meet with importers and exporters. This option is still one of the best to establish trade links and generate confidence among the business partners. It is normal to see means written or television announcements on fairs. When you realize that an event like this is coming, is likely to want to attend with the aim of finding business contacts covering their needs. Trade fairs are a great way to help you find importers and exporters without having to resort to an intermediary. You can meet with these representatives of companies, reaching mutual agreements and enhance their businesses. Search in business portals wholesale on the Internet you can find many portals to doing business to the wholesale. You can easily bind with trading partners in a mutually beneficial manner. The only thing you need to do is use a computer with Internet access and you can find a number of platforms in line to do business at the wholesale, which allow you to contact with importers and exporters. These portals have resources that will be useful for establishing ties with business partners; all this without leaving the comfort of your home. Contact in wholesale companies, visit: exporters.


'Go out'? It's very simple. Most likely, you're too much attention extrinsic motivation, while forgetting about the leading power – intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation Intrinsic motivation – the driving force that pushes you forward and does not stand still, that's why you invest your efforts, why you act every day, creating your team and your organization. You do it for the sake of changing their lives and the lives of other people's lives. Intrinsic motivation – is the 'fuel', which supports us and does not go out and cool at the time of overcoming the difficulties and failures. Intrinsic motivation leads to act. Examples: dream, self-actualization ideas, creativity, self-affirmation of the conviction curious feeling of being needed health to someone personal growth need to communicate first secret of success in (any) – never reduces your inner motivations.

External motivation external motivation is visible signs of your achievements in your surrounding society. Examples: money career status recognition prestigious things (house, apartment, car), a decent aesthetics of everyday life the opportunity to travel outside your motivation is constantly changing. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Facebook. Even yesterday, you would earn just the fact that feed the family. Then you have taken the first steps in business and wanted to give the best education for children, new house, new car … Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish you remember? 'I do not want to be a black peasant girl, I want to be a pillar gentlewoman' – an example extrinsic motivation.

Internal and external motivation are most effective in equilibrium. The second secret of success in business – maintain equilibrium (balance) between the internal and external motivations. Positive and negative All possible factors motivating motivational factors, in fact, be reduced to only the two intuitive ideas: to get rid of the pain than to have fun when both factors are both internal and external. And if in your step there are two factors, we get a very powerful engine. A sort of a push-pull.

CEO Lease

If the possibility of expanding on stationary phones are limited to a certain point will have to enter mobile. Opening the production, it is necessary to resolve issues relating to its organization. 1. Ecology. This issue depends only on the production. For example, there may not be separate sewer, only obschesplavnaya. Frequently Allegiant Air has said that publicly. And for production is necessary to reset your liquid waste. 2.

Availability of resources necessary for production with the expansion. This is electricity, water, steam. 3. Issues related to the assembly / disassembly process equipment. 4.

A separate accounting of consumed resources (electricity meters, water, heat, steam) to GLA. 5. Garbage. Paramount issue. Shake the phone numbers of the responsible person. Remember, always there is a chance that you'll forget something to ask and learn about some trifle annoying already in the process of leasing. Think about this calmly. The ideal option does not exist. In addition to direct lease from the owner caught sublease options, ie, rent for existing tenants. When subletting requires written authorization from the owner to sublet. Without it, you can not rent. Please note that non-renewal of sublease rent increases risk. At the conclusion of the contract is not in a hurry. Read carefully, preferably two. Everything should be as stipulated in the contract. What can not be reflected in the official part, the better to issue an internal agreement. Will be less differences, calmer life. The term of the sublease can not exceed the term of the ground lease. Please consider this when reviewing documents. The landlord at the conclusion of the contract may request a copy of your founding documents, the data on the founders and CEO. This is normal and common practice. Thus, decent landlords insure themselves out of trouble. They also give you a use of their property – at risk. In addition, the landlord must know who to ask debts and deal with someone in case of serious problems or disagreements. In advance of this requirement does not say always. Usually already at the time of the lease. By the lease have to be an application – the act of reception and transmission of non-residential premises. The application should be written in some technical condition is transmitted room (renovated in what condition the plumbing, etc.) and recorded the transfer of the keys to the premises. To this we must take seriously, because by the same act you will take the room, and in case of damage or other defects you will be billed for the repair or reconstruction.

The Desired

Law reinforcement as a tool for external motivation Now I'm pretty cynical thing I will say from the standpoint of some people (romance, close your eyes and ears and do not read the next paragraph). Notice relation: if there are at least positive external factors – the progress is real, if only the negative – about any positive result and can be no question. Real-world experience we got when we kept Persian cats cattery. Cats (and all other animals) share their experience in pleasant and unpleasant. On this principle, simple enough, all systems are built training and education (young children, by the way, too). The most remarkable theory ever proposed for the management of behavior, called 'reinforcement of the law. " He formulated many years ago, a psychologist and educator EL Thorndike. This theory is fine, because it works.

The original method was improved Thorndike and BF Skinner, who described the condition in which it operates most efficiently. Simply put, the 'law of reinforcement' reads: "Conduct that has the desired effect, repeated '. In other words, if you like what's happening as a result of your actions, you repeat them. If you are uttered by compliments, when you were in 'white', you will try to wear white more often, and conversely, if you rasprashivayut sympathetically about his health, when you say, in purple, do not be a rocket scientist to draw the appropriate conclusions. But even here there is a kind of noble work of the mind (probably me not lilac-to-face …) and that you say, when the tennis racket takes that with which he won the last game, rejecting the one which lost the year before. Superstition? No, the 'law of reinforcement', or, in other words, extrinsic motivation! There are several principles of foreign motivation that must be followed strictly in order to secure the desired behavior. Their life experience and people and animals are divided into pleasant and unpleasant.

Tatiana Lisovskaya

His work on a favorite hobby My name is Tatiana Lisovskaya. When I have a financial crisis began, I remembered that my friends and my friends always say I am preparing tasty. I love to cook, to invent a dish or change is already familiar. It gives me pleasure and not a compulsory duty, and perhaps even a hobby, passion for life. Then I thought, why do not I just use it as their earnings and make their job. I once traded on the market itself, like so many of our countrymen, regardless of qualifications, education, and I remembered what the problems experienced by people all day standing in the market and unable to move away from their workplace for obvious reasons.

The result exceeded my expectations. The amount that I made turned out to be too small. Demand is outstripping supply. We quickly sold out, I counted their profits and remains satisfied. Even with the cost of food, utensils, etc., my net profit was over 50%! And then, having bought disposable utensils, packing material, a small batch of products at the rate of cooking courses specifically for one day, made a test version. Ready meals folded in a basket, got in the car and went to the market.

My concoction liked it, rumors began to spread quickly, I began to take a phone number. So gradually, I had orders from the organization. Subsequently, I have completely switched to cooking meals for the offices of private firms and organizations.

BFM Group

3 Total (administrative costs). What can be taken as a relative constant. For example, advertising, payroll, rent, transportation, communication, etc. Phil Vasan may also support this cause. 4. Taxes, payment of the body loan and interest thereon. Revenue side should be determined based on the results of marketing research, while not forgetting about the production capacity or optimum loading personnel.

Make a sign. Top Line – Lower revenues – costs If you can make a monthly chart – 70% of the financial plan is ready. It is clear that an inexperienced person, and zabyvshemu Over the years, the school mathematics course, all these formulas present value, rate of return or payback calculation may seem scary. A requirement for a full financial business models, with their tables and graphs, all reminiscent of Japanese Kabuki theater, where all beautiful, but absolutely nothing is not clear. In fact, all these seemingly scary formulas are a number of elementary operations (addition, multiplication, division). Nothing more.

Of course, in financial management and lack of complicated things. But for what would convey to the investor's understanding of the project, its cost, profitability and return on investment, is quite enough and above (IRR, NPV, ARR, PI, PB). All very simple. By compiling the pre-investment documentation is same. Enough to start at least acquainted with the methodological recommendations of the Tacis, go through the points of a typical content of a business plan in a standard BFM Group, or read the works of W. Behrens, and P. Havraneka. For example, the "Guide to preparation of industrial feasibility studies "(the very thing that someone's with a light hand used to call the standard UNIDO).

International Competitiveness

While MEPs 18%, employers ask for 12% of what is estimated to be about 16%. 4 – All payable, there will be no escape from what deputies called the Swiss cheese effect. We ALL pay the CETU or as it is called. Those who engaged in business activities, farmers, carriers, schools, restaurants, who this discharge fee, leasing, disposal of property and even political parties and the grantee. Not will escape or exit, will have to pay.

5 – will be given a neutral tax treatment of salaries and social contributions Salaries and social charges as the IMSS, INFONAVIT, local taxes and other benefits required by law, not be deductible by way of the deduction if but the amount to reach base in terms of the fee is 16% (or whatever) and this effect will be credited against the CETU. This will make it a neutral position before the CETU concept. 6 – The pension plans that companies will pay CETU The social welfare will not be deductible, you can not deduct the amount of tax so that higher welfare, more CETU. Companies that have implemented schemes savings funds, pantry vouchers, pension plans, health club, pantries and others should pay for such items CETU. 7 – The CETU us out of International Competitiveness “Mexico in the World More and more world in Mexico,” not will be possible because CETU. It turns out that the friends of the SAT, they forgot that we have signed 31 international agreements on taxation where foreign countries have invested in our country were able to demonstrate today the income tax paid in the national territory in its country of origin. In the event that these companies pay the CETU, NO may establish such a tax in their country of origin, reason will have to absorb the charge and punish their profits. 8 – The CETU will result in inflation and unemployment is estimated that over 60% of taxpayers will cause CETU, or pay more taxes and this will become an additional cost and therefore (in the logic of maintaining profit margins ) will impact businesses that charge in their prices.

If so, it will cause inflation and unemployment. 9 – Public Expenditure control remains true, whatever our Members, nobody likes to be reviewed, much less will be assessed. The House is doing everything possible to pass the fiscal reform but without implying that the Government give up as some, especially the local governments that are far from accepting an effective accountability and evaluation expenditure. 10 – The VAT reform for next year and not believe that we are saved! CETU reform is for 2008 and 2009 is the VAT. It’s not pessimistic, is that simply counted the reforms was being incorporated into the original initiative, the government will not be enough to meet the social and infrastructure needs that the country needs. The CETU at best, will reach 1.5% of GDP in six years and needs to cover pensions, Fobaproa PIDIREGAS and all that wildlife needs (combined with the fall in oil revenues) represent over 3% of GDP in the same period. Where do you think will the resources come?