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DIS AG Webinars

Free career Webinars offer the online platform career career experts short in November and December before the end of the year nor a series of career webinars, which not only help to master the career and-aufstieg, but also about exciting and important soft skills for the everyday give. The webinars are free of charge, special skills of the participants are not necessary. “The webinar business behaviour makes the start to the year countdown: the small snap for the job”. “Melanie Vogel, initiator of women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, shows in the webinar, that not only pretty women” can learn how to move in the business arena. It reveals important tweaks and tricks, what you must look for in the social life and which helps conduct professionally convincing.

The webinar will take place on 7 November 18 to 19: 00. The right tone is crucial not only in everyday business life, but also in the content negotiation. Which the main phases of a Content negotiation are and how you can prepare the best, it gives the webinar do’s and Don’ts in the salary negotiation”information, that on November 8, also from 18 to 19: 00 will take place. In December, it is the new year’s resolutions by the scruff of the neck. Melanie Vogel with the BIRD method shows how to clean up the old habits and actually translates good intentions for 2014. The webinar “new year’s resolutions to implement the BIRD method” will take place on December 4, from 18 h to 19 h. A day later, on 5 December, also from 18.-7p.m., the Physiognomin Ilona Weirich gives insight into the physiognomy. In this exciting online talk “Personality is a matter of opinion – an introduction to the physiognomy”, it shows that life in the truest sense of the Word leaves traces in the face.

She will explain what betrays our face about our character and promises many AHA moments that personality is a matter of opinion.” Free registration of all interested parties is. the participants need only a Web browser, the Adobe to participate in the webinars Flash Player and a speaker enabled on their computer. The webinars are offered by the AoN agency without names and sponsored by the DIS AG, one of the largest recruitment agency in Germany. Webinar is a registered and licensed brand. Webinars themselves are interactive seminars, which are held over the Web in “virtual classrooms”.

Federal Statistical Office

“Lecture by ePages CEO Wilfried Beeck on the world hosting days 2011 Hamburg, the majority of companies has the 28.03.2011 – the step in the international E-Commerce ahead of her”. This conclusion came to Wilfried Beeck, CEO of ePages, in his presentation, sell globally, think local”on the world hosting days 2011. The event has developed into more than four thousand participants to the world’s most important Conference of the hosting industry. In the opening keynote of the event, Beeck spoke about the challenges of international E-commerce in particular for small and medium-sized enterprises. Hosting provider offers a market with enormous growth potential here.

Many traders with local business are looking for solutions with which they can sell well nationally in the most important markets: according to Federal Statistical Office there is 22.8 million small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Less than half of which currently have an online presence and even by the trading company address only 54 Percent 1 the online market. Only 21% 2 mail across borders. Problematic because: Not always all legal aspects will be considered. Who wants to be internationally successful, needs an online shop, which corresponds to the international standards.

Hosting provider in Europe must offer an all-round package, that also meets these requirements”, said Wilfried Beeck. Not only the appropriate languages and currencies, but also the country-specific labels, as well as the connection to local marketplaces and shopping portals, the support of the most popular payment methods, logistics providers and the compliance with the legal requirements are a major challenge. In the top 7 regions D/A/CH, Scandinavia, Benelux, France, Spain, Italy and the UK alone, there are fifteen different languages. And although now fifteen countries in the euro zone are also 12 non-euro-countries will be taken into account.

Issue Tomorrow

AFA AG: poverty – not an issue by morning the AFA AG warns of impending poverty in Germany for many years and strongly advises to the private pension at an early age. Since this week, all those should prick up their ears, have previously pushed the poverty in old age as a subject of the future to the side. The Federal Statistical Office has published new figures. Then, the old-age poverty increasing sharply in Germany. Last year depended on almost 465,000 pensioners on assistance from the State. 6.6 Per cent are more than in the year before. This figure is a new record. A glance on the statistics, that especially women from the West German Federal States are affected.

Absolute leader is actually rich city Hamburg. Here, the proportion of welfare recipients was 6.2 per cent both in men and in women over 65. It followed with 5.5 percent and Berlin Bremen 5.3 percent. Least frequently depended on pensioners in Saxony and Thuringia on the basic insurance. In the two provinces, the rate was one percent. “The issue of poverty in old age is Future sadly even more look as already. I can advise everyone in good time to think about tomorrow and to provide private. Our top asset depreciation Fund policy is recommended immediately, which was awarded with the title of best retirement this year by the financial magazine FOCUS MONEY “, says Stefan Granel, the AFA Board in Berlin.

The AFA AG has developed a short video titled “Retirement plans instead of poverty”, which explains in simple words and images, what matters in the private old-age provision. The video is available at: about AFA: the general financial and Assekuranzvermittlung (AFA AG) is an independent financial sales with seat in Berlin and Cottbus. The insurance professionals and system business of AFA AG have a Chamber of Commerce degree and are trained according to the recognized directives. In addition, they are registered in the EU register of brokers and work in accordance with the EU directive for financial services. Every year the AFA AG provides nationwide 750 free training places available and promotes 250 Young entrepreneurs. New office locations are planned in all Germany.

Schroder Systems

Important point per GWS was about also the new intuitive interface by gevis RTC. Due to the structure of the software, each of a total of 240 users can make so its user interface, as he needed them for his professional requirements. So can appear according to your own choice as to do lists are open projects presented or visualized the paying of customers. Use spoke of efficient EDI solutions also for gevis RTC. Integration of the shop system the migration concept elaborated together with rady & Schroder foresees the completion of the implementation project mid 2014. In addition to the introduction of the actual ERP solution, s.dok and s.can will be made until then the integration of document management systems. Continue to be an optimization of all master data in the context of the data acquisition, the complete data transfer, as well as the connection of the existing shop system should be completed before the real start.

The new orientation of the server, as well as a training concept geared towards all eleven locations are also included in project mandates of the GWS. The Extend the capabilities of existing in Amando evaluation to a business intelligence solution is possible. GWS Gesellschaft fur merchandise management systems mbH was founded in 1992. Today approximately 300 employees work at the sites of Munich, Munster, Nuremberg, Leonberg, Germany. As a Microsoft GOLD CERTIFIED ISV Global has partners GWS innovative inventory management systems and composite solutions for trade and service company specialized in. More than 35,000 users use the GWS products. They belong to composite-oriented companies from the commercial as well as from the agricultural sector. In addition to the standard software products and standardised solutions offers the GWS industry portals and Internet shops.

Comprehensive consulting services and training courses complete the range of services. the Group turnover to EUR 41.9 million amounted to 2012. The GWS conveyor and holding company for ERP systems EC it is possible to influence product development customers. The solid shareholder structure of the GWS (GAD eG Munster 54.9%, FIDUCIA IT Karlsruhe 10%, GWS conveyor – EC 25.1% as customer participation and minority interests of Central, for which GWS is active) potential security and sound support in operative business.

Dassbach Kitchens Wanted To Know: Who Has The Oldest Kitchen Of In Germany?

The six winners kitchens of “based on old, ever dollar” campaign are now fixed Dassbach kitchen mill sale, kitchen manufacturers with tradition, celebrates this year its ausstellungsdienst anniversary and issued on this occasion on the search for the oldest kitchen of in Germany. Under the motto of ever oller, ever dollar”everyone until 27 October could a picture of his old kitchen on the Web page of BB radio or upload to the Dassbach Facebook fan page. The six winners kitchens were now drawn from over 100 shared kitchen pictures. The owner of the kitchen over a 1,000 euro Dassbach coupon and upgrade their old kitchen or enjoy renew. “By old over antique to clean yellowed fronts, antique kitchen buffets or country house kitchens from the fashion of the 1990s doors fallen to demolition-ripe fruit, the variants of old” kitchens were varied. They are all documented in the kitchen album on the Dassbach Facebook page and invite you to browse: DassbachKuechen 60 years of experience in the kitchen making the traditional company fulfilled the dream of the functional kitchen already in the times of the economic miracle. Since then, is Dassbach kitchens for innovation in the field of kitchen production and has built up more than 800,000 kitchens and planned. From these experiences, draws the company today and developed new, innovative concepts and design ideas for a kitchen, which meets all demands on design, technology and functionality.

More information about Dassbach kitchen here: DassbachKuechen press contact: Rene Szielenski Tel.: 02129 / 565 929 E-Mail: respect Werbeagentur GmbH Manuela Schmitt Tel.: 030 / 50 59 91 49 E-Mail: more about Dassbach kitchens: Dassbach was founded in 1928 kitchens as a woodworking business, then produced only kitchens since 1953 and belongs today to the Bauknecht Foundation. As one of the first manufacturers of fitted kitchens, Dassbach has been in the 1950s by the Senate of Berlin with the development and production of the so-called social work kitchen”commissioned. With more than 800,000 produced kitchens, Inc. is one of the most successful manufacturers in direct sales and operates at six locations in Berlin-Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. Innovative distribution channels such as kitchen advice and planning home complement the branch network.


Cheap debt to no early repayment penalty interest rates for housing loans are always still unbeatable cheap long-term comparisons. According to Bundesbank statistics, the average effective interest rate of loans with maturities of 5 to 10 years amounted in April 2011 only to 4.18%. In August 2007, he was still a full percentage point higher at 5.18%. Understandably, resent builders have long financed their real estate to a higher fixed interest rates as. They would complete the credit under the current conditions, they could save some ten thousand euro in many cases. Debt to is possible, but usually not readily because the Bank can be meet the credit up to the end of the fixed rate agreement, or an early termination only upon payment of an early repayment indemnity must agree to, what usually destroys the interest rate advantage. Not so rarely there but on one side a way, the expensive credit to finish, without an early repayment indemnity pay. Namely, if the revocation of the credit agreement is wrong.

It is since 03.11.2002 no longer, whether you have completed the credit in a doorstep-selling situation, because since that time 495 each consumer admits BGB 2 weeks in case of a right of withdrawal, that the loan agreement in the Bank has been completed. The withdrawal period starts to run, if the revocation information is correct only and that is often not the case. The error are manifold. For example, the cancellation policy is wrong when it says that the revocation is considered failed if the consumers pay back the loan within a period of 2 weeks. The revocation would be incorrect even then when she should begin to run cooling-off period only with the entrance of the credit agreement with the Bank, or if the revocation information leaves open whether there is a related business between the credit and the funds that financed. If a withdrawal is wrong, can However, only an expert sure judge. Who wants to save his real estate financing, should have checked his credit agreement therefore by a lawyer specializing in banking and capital market law. Because the construction interest rates rise again for a few months, stakeholders should act soon.

German Financial Resources

DFK German financial resources AG since 2005 made dividend by 7 per cent for profit participation certificates each year Kaltenkirchen June 2013. The DFK German financial resources AG concluded the year 2012 to the repeated time with a payout of 7% for profit participation certificates. Thus, Kaltenkirchener financial services continues his successful series begun in 2005. And that shows during the curve of interest rates for day – and fixed-term deposit accounts since last year continuously down. The DFK profits for profit participation certificates were from 2005 to 2012 each year continuously at 7%.

In addition to the beneficiary with an attractive interest rate, the DFK German financial resources AG markets self-developed supply concepts like income properties to the pension. The recipe for success of the Kaltenkirchener financial lies in the broad-based financial concept consisting of from investments, real estate and insurance, and its consistent implementation. Also the DFK German financial resources AG offers its customers guarantees such as a provision of the profit of over 700,000 euros, one of the main risks of participatory rights the insolvency of the issuer is covered by that. The DFK provides further information under. Beneficiary of DFK German financial resources AG: an example of calculation especially given weak interest income on bank accounts worth an investment in certificates. Following example invoice illustrates this: who invested 10,000 euros in profit participation certificates of the DFK, has achieved a profit of 700 euros in the first year and would accumulate after 25 years so the end of the term 54.274 euro.

Would the money on a day money account has been created, the amount to 150 euros would much more modest in the first year (at the current rate of 1.5%). Investors can already draw beneficiary of DFK German financial resources AG from a monthly rates deposit of 100 euro. The DFK is well equipped with a wide portfolio and profit provision is the 7 percent dividend to our investors for me personally not only a Promise, but above all a duty.

Council Financing

Laptop financing bad credit refers to the loans offered to the people who want to purchase a laptop for their own use. Demand of laptops is well acknowledged all over the world. Laptops with internet connection can do wonder to any one. This is why people of almost of all spheres want a laptop for personal use. Laptops are helpful for everyone. When it is said that everyone includes students, teachers, painters, performers, sportspersons, physicians, engineers, scientists, researchers, home maker women, businessmen and all others. This is why the annual turnover of the laptop-producing and laptop-selling companies are always on the rise, recession and no recession.

On the other hand, millions are spent for technological development of this electronics gadget as a result of which laptops of the latest designs and advanced technology are crowding the the mental part stores and all other sales counters in any town where humans live. The direct effect is not good for the buyers. Cost escalation of the latest laptops is awesome. Laptop financing bad credit is, therefore, a good option for the ones who want to go for the laptops. It is more so for the people who have stained their credit position. Laptop financing bad credit is exempted from credit inspection. This is to mean that the lenders set aside the credit status of the people who apply for securing this child of finance. Hence, people with weak credit rating are eligible for laptop financing bad credit.

There are a few other conditions that the applicant must satisfy if they want to obtain this finance. It is a fact that the British citizens can apply for this loan program. They must be at least 18 they must be working in any lawfully registered establishment at least for half a year last. It is inevitable that they possess a valid bank account. Finally, they must have to provide certified document to support that they earn more or less 1000 per month. Laptop financing bad credit can be available in secured variant in which case the loan-seekers are to offer valuable possessions as a guarantee. The lenders can take hold of the property if they do not get back the loan amount in full within the time frame. They warn the borrowers twice or more before taking the final decision of confiscating the collateral property. Finance in secured form, on the other hand, is better. because the Council of interest are lower and the repayment period is flexible. Laptop financing bad credit is so advanced with the opportunity that collateral is not required in this case. Finance in this form can be secured by the homeowners, tenant, students and others, but the borrowers are to pay back the loan amount within shorter period and with interest charged at higher Council. Richard Kook is author of laptop computer financing bad credit. For more information about laptop on finance, computer finance bad credit visit

Poland EFS

EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) controls after record year 2010 expanding Wals bei Salzburg March 2011. Since 2002, the EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) is successfully represented in Austria and celebrated its previous peak in 2010 with the most successful business year. After the formation of a company in Poland, EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) as a result of the positive business development in Austria is expanding now after Hungary. End January 2011 was launched for the business activities of EFS euro financial service mediation AG at the new location. After the formation of a company in Poland and thus the entry into the Eastern European market took place in 2004, the EFS euro financial service mediation AG expanded their activities in the East now the site Hungary.

This is due to the positive business development of EFS euro financial service mediation AG in its core market of Austria. 2010 was the most successful year in the history of the EFS euro financial service placement AG (EFS-AG). In the future, the EFS euro financial service mediation AG offers her from the elements existing secure expand of building to power portfolio on the Hungarian market. The EFS euro financial service mediation AG (EFS-AG) able to find top-quality products for their Eastern European customers and to realize a sustainable economic success is as independent financial service providers. Josef Bauer, Director of the EFS AG in Austria and Hungary, is optimally positioned EFS euro financial service mediation AG for the now carried out expansion step: after Hungary is our main responsibility in the expansion to provide an incomparable quality and sustainability this market, so how we successfully practice in Austria. For this reason, we start with top qualified, state-certified executives, who already have experience all sales in Hungary. These executives are already the most successful in Austria and therefore offer an optimal Foundation for the Expansion.

Important Financial Tips

If you do everything right in planning your retirement funding, have later enough money and can look forward to the time after work worry-free. The VZ experts have put together the most important tips for you, from which you benefit financially the most. Tip 1: make a solid financial plan places your anticipated expenses the income in retirement to. In this way, discover a possible financial bottleneck or get the certainty, until in old age financial security to be provided, your financial plan is based on realistic assumptions. This especially applies to the return on your investments, which significantly influenced the development of your assets and the amount of your income. And consider the inflation, which is the cost of living often stronger than expected rise in spending. Tip 2: secure your income if you have to live after retirement of your wealth, you should choose a cautious investment strategy for your savings.

A more interesting way is the stage strategy: you live of your assets, but without consuming it. so always have a liquidity reserve and you can inherit your assets later. You can learn more about the stage strategy from the new data sheet. Tip 3: check your private insurance: as pension or capital related? Your choice affects the amount and your income security after retirement. And it has far-reaching consequences for your financial flexibility, your tax burden, and the protection of your family. Ask for advice at this extremely important decision by an independent expert.

Tip 4: check for premature retirement pension cuts when start your pensions before the statutory retirement age, this has a lifetime reduction result, i.e. 0.3 per cent per month. You go so instead of 67 with 63 years in retirement, you must come out with 14.4 percent less pension. Therefore check what alternatives you have. Tip adjust your estate 5: Your wealth is divided after the death according to the statutory guidelines, your spouse device under certain circumstances in financial distress because he must pay off the remaining heirs. With a testament or marriage contract, you can ensure that your assets will be distributed so as you want it. Tip: Make sure that your assets for the future is properly loaded. Until 10 may, benefit from our depot-check action: VZ independent experts analyze your investments and show you whether to take high risks, how to improve the rate of return and pay less bank charges.