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Stiftung Warentest

CARPEDIEM GmbH: Critics blow in the same Horn and mistaken Seligenstadt, 25.02.2011. The CARPEDIEM GmbH the Stiftung Warentest/financial test criticized publicly and nationwide information events for a decade-long mass manipulation of consumers towards mindless conventional investment products such as life insurance, bank savings, savings, “Riester” and Rurup pensions and Government securities. As a result of the enlightenment by CARPEDIEM GmbH, thousands consumers cancel this pointless contracts. What are the consequences of the awareness campaign of CARPEDIEM GmbH? Stiftung Warentest/financial test sets featured products from us on the warning list allegedly due to high costs. 18 per cent cost write in their report forgotten”but to mention that covered this for the complete first twelve years. This would make the reader realize that there are only 1.5 percent per year and that in turn is very cheap anyway, cheaper than any life insurance and any Asset management of a bank/investment company. The full truth would bring the CARPEDIEM GmbH into disrepute so not to write to fail to do so.

The courts see this error”fixed skipping the so unimportant side note, 18 per cent for the first twelve years fall on this, that in the report about CARPEDIEM GmbH by 18% of” the speech, but the reader, the Word as a whole show that it could not be initial costs alone. ” This allows the freedom of the press and indeed no one else would be the impression on the reader. Unbelievable but true we ask by CARPEDIEM GmbH as a self-free person can say such a thing. Therefore one might suspect almost as a neutral observer, that the Court is purchased, the judges follow instructions.

Bad Credit Auto Loans Financing

It is needless to reiterate importance of personal vehicle. It may sound like a dream to be accomplished in life. Nobody, on the other hand, can ignore necessity of owning a vehicle when traveling with public transport is no more comfortable in Great Britain. A person can consider purchasing a new car. He can therefore go for securing a good conditioned used car. It is again a great problem to secure the finance required to purchase a vehicle now-a-days. More so it is for the section of people who have messed up their credit history.

They have failed to manage finance, to act for which they are not to be always blamed. Deficit in the family budget is nothing new, but resort against the reality of limited and unchanging income creates the acute financial crisis. Worse is the situation when the government seems to have left in taking any child of initiative to purely the skyrocketing market price. The people are to borrow and borrow from several sources to meet different unavoidable demands. Non-repayment of the loan amount lowers their credit score miserably. It is still good that the financial market has made provisions of bad credit car loans which the people having bad credit can secure as the lenders offering this child of loans do not check the credit report of the loan-seekers. The borrower should qualify for bad credit car loans after fulfilling the following conditions: he must be a British citizen. He got to be over 18 he must draw a sum of 1,000 in every month.

He got to be employed in any legally authorized establishment. He got to possess a valid and checking account. Bad credit car of loans are available in secured and unsecured form. In secured his form the borrower must support application with valuable assets to be used as a pledge against which the loan amount will be advanced. The borrower is not asked to provide collateral property for bad credit car loans in unsecured form. He got to first decide which of the cars available in the market come within his choice. He got to know their price and performance. He should try to find if he has a little amount in his bank account. This is because of the fact that he must assess what amount of loan he must secure and what his repayment amount will be. One should be ready with a down payment capacity of at least 20% of the cost of the car. Thomas mark is advisor of title car title loan, online loan, online title loan and motorcycle loans. For more information visit

Reading Circle Time Mirror Convinces With Further Expansion Of Its Range

More diversity: reading circle time mirror extends further reading circle time mirrors its comprehensive range of products extends its offer range now to more interesting magazines. With the proven reading circle time mirror concept remains unaffected and can save customers continue to up to 70 percent when compared to the retail price. With a number of new publications, read circular time mirror opens up more areas of interest or expanding existing areas. “” “My beautiful country is with the bimonthly magazines” especially the home-related nature lover, with Alps “of Alpine enthusiasts or with dogs” addressed the dog lover during hair and beauty “informs the interested woman about the latest hair style trends. “” For the environmentally conscious consumer, the title was eco test “, which is published monthly, and for geography interested national geographic” recorded in the journal line. Moreover, experts and interested laymen are now by Psychology Today” monthly kept up to date on current research topics.

Like reading circle time mirror, now these journals recorded in the range can be rented according to the proven principle of the reading circle of time mirror. This concept is as simple as it is practical. So, reading circle time mirror offers both business and private customers the option to rent a choice tailored specifically and individually on your clientele or on the own interests from the most extensive range of over 170 journals for a specific period of time. This is the rent well below the purchase price of the individual issues of the magazine. In this way, customers can save a large part of the money they would spend on the purchase of individual publications. Not to be forgotten is the pleasant service the read circle time mirror offers its customers.

He refers to the various journals directly from the publishers. According to the customer’s wishes are collected between five and twelve magazines to a Lesemappe. These are then weekly on time, at the same time, of the reading circle gebrachtab, the read of the last week can be returned stress-free time mirror employees to customers. The magazines are checked their appearance in the company, possibly newly incorporated, or replaced with new. Then they will put together new ranges and leased to customers, would put not so much emphasis on timeliness that but benefit from the higher price. The rental price of the individual magazines depends on the one hand on the other hand by their purchase price, the desired timeliness. So customers can decide whether they want a new reader range as a first-time reader with a savings of at least 30%, or whether they would like to rent the Lesemappe only one or even two weeks after its release and can save 70%. Reading circle time mirror Bliesransbacher Strasse 45 D 66130 Saarbrucken phone: + 49 (0) 68 93 – 80 06 0 fax: + 49 (0) 68 93 – 80 06 99 website: contact person Thomas Escher customer representative reading circle time mirror phone: + 49 (0) 68 93 – 80 06 0 over reading circle time mirror reading circle – a service you can afford! Let yourself be pampered by our service! We deliver your request magazines every week free House and take back the read. So you need to go to the kiosk and the paper container. You can put together your own request package from 170 titles, or take one of our attractive packages of magazine. You save up to 70%.

Workshop Customers Evaluate Workshops On

Service: evaluation portals conquer the Internet and ensure transparency makes available numerous portals, which should serve the consumer portal for garages and workshop customers, can develop in the past few years and establish. So Internet users can make public their experiences and share recommendations, warn of black sheep. Almost every area of everyday life can be now discussed, evaluated and recommended. Only in the area of auto repair shops leaves to be desired online offering reliable addresses. This gap closes the car-service portal and also offers a double service. Autoaid GmbH, which itself among other things as a consumer-oriented service provider, offers on its Web page under the rubric workshop & dealership”on two types of service.

On the one hand, the Workshop page serves as a review portal, in which their impressions of an unused workshop customers Garage can report and evaluate the work. This provides for other Internet users independent ratings and reviews, which the visitors of more familiar than the promises of a workshop. In addition, impressions are depicted by workshop customers for workshop customers; This aspect can not be operated in the large workshop tests of automotive magazines. Furthermore, the workshop area serves as a first starting point for the search after workshops. Targeting can be searched workshops, which have specialized in certain brands, offer repairs of special components, special services, or offer a wide range of tires and tire service. On the other hand, offers workshops even the possibility to present themselves to potential customers and to advertise in their own right. In this way allows the workshop operators, to win the regional boundaries beyond popularity. Workshops can here about the offer information from In combination of this double service, a profile for the workshop area, which among other things done, results that motorists who on holiday or on a business trip on unknown roads are on the road and have to complain about a defect in your own vehicle, quickly and safely can locate a suitable and highly-rated workshop in your area by using the auto-service portal. Only the company offered in this form of autoaid a service of this kind for drivers themselves as well as for a free operator or authorized repair center. Text: Mario Lehmann

Passenger May Request Compensation For Delayed Flight By Airline

New ruling on consumer protection when flight delays Hamburg, 14.02.2011 – the Darmstadt regional court has sentenced the airline Condor to pay a compensation of 600 euros according to Regulation (EC) No 261 / 2004 on a passenger as a result of a delayed flight. The passenger had booked a flight from Halifax/Canada to Frankfurt/Main with the airline Condor. Reaching Frankfurt but not at the scheduled arrival time, but 17 hours late the next day. Therefore, he asked the compensation provided for by the EC regulation of EUR 600, which will be paid by a cancelled flight of Condor. Condor refused the payment. The airline said the flight was only delayed, not cancelled.

The delay have also relies on an unpredictable technical defect; This exceptional circumstance would be against the payment obligation. The Landgericht Darmstadt (AZ. 7 S 29/09) decided on the 03.11.2010 in favour of the passenger. A long delay is a cancellation of a flight within the meaning the regulation right. This concludes the Court from the case-law of the European Court of Justice (judgment of November 19, 2009, AZ.) (C-402/07 and C-432/07) as well as the Federal Court of Justice (judgment of February 18, 2010, AZ.) XA ZR 95/06). A technical malfunction was basically no exceptional circumstance, which accounts for the payment of compensation would allow even if it would be a very unusual and rarely occurring fault.

For defects on the aircraft, the airline is responsible, especially since it’s manageable defects, which are caused by not acting by external event (E.g. bird strike). Lawyer Henning Stoffregen, who has represented the passenger against Condor, explains this: Delays and cancellations of flights mean a major annoyance for passengers. The EC Regulation wants to secure their rights and oblige the airline to comply with the flight plans. The judgment makes it clear that is the airlines generally not with technical defects for a delayed or cancelled flight can apologize. Although the District Court expressly approved the revision to the Federal Supreme Court, the opposing party thereof has not made use, to avoid a negative impact through a hochstrichterliches judgment. Passengers are strongly recommended to request the rights against the airline cancelled or delayed flights due to the case-law. The compensation is often substantial, especially in comparison to the actual airfare.” The plaintiff was represented in the proceedings before the Landgericht Darmstadt by the Hamburg-based law firm lawyers DIEKMANN. The reasons for judgment have published under. DIEKMANN lawyers DIEKMANN is a Hamburg-based law firm of five lawyers, focused on all areas of national and international business law in particular of capital market law, company law, attorneys at law of intellectual property law, European law and of the related tax issues. Contact: Henning Stoffregen DIEKMANN lawyers Ballindamm 35 20095 Hamburg phone 040/33 44 36 90 fax 040/33 44 36 99 E-Mail: