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Casual car divided by the value of various piston engine (displacement). A very small amount – up to 1.2 liters, the amount of light – more than 1.2 to 1.8 liters, a moderate amount – more than 1.8 to 3.5 liters, a good amount – more than 3.5 liters. According to this systematization of all new car makes actually attributed to a many-valued numerical index, where the initial two numbers define the class of car and 2 follow his model. Modification patterns are fifth digit – serial number of modifications. At the beginning of a numeric index is set literal value (full or abbreviated) name of the manufacturer. The initial two digits in the index for passenger cars show 11 – very small volume, 21 – light volume, 31 – moderate volume, 41 – a good amount. Passenger car includes three main parts: engine, chassis and body. The newspapers mentioned Cyrus not as a source, but as a related topic.

Avtodvigatel is Avtoagregat, which converts heat energy produced by burning fuel into mechanical energy that is used for driving. Avtodvigatel is often in front of the car body, but can be located and rear of the car body (ZAZ cars). Chassis contains mechanisms to ensure the movement and driving, and consists of a transmission, chassis and control mechanisms. Transmission allows you to change the value and direction of torque time and plays it on top of avtodvigatelya wheels of the car, and she includes the following elements of the clutch, transmission, driveline, the main transmission, differential and axle shafts. By moving part of passenger car includes support frame, combined with a useful foundation body, the beam front and rear axles, front and rear suspension and wheels. Spetsmehanizm avtoupravleniya covers the steering, the indispensable to correct the orientation of the movement of the car on the roadway, as well as avtotormoznye mechanisms to reduce the speed of a moving car, its a complete stop and hold in a quiet position. All cars are equipped with the service and parking brake systems. Avtokuzov passenger car used for the location of the selected special job man used while driving car, as well as special places for passengers and luggage. The vast majority of cars are equipped with a monocoque body, which secured all the units and mechanisms of the car.

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New Holtikon Site

New Holtikon -site in Delmenhorst/Wilhelmshaven Berlin the 18.02.2013 – HOLTIKON, the Reparaturdienstleister with the fixed price system, continues to grow. Now, customers can benefit from the sophisticated repair concept also in the room Delmenhorst/Wilhelmshaven. With Detlef Justel, a new HOLTIKON partner was trained at the 09.02.2013 for the North German area. The skilled Carpenter founded his company in 2008, specializing in furniture, cabinet furniture and kitchens. With great knowledge in the field of surface finishing of construction elements made of wood, plastic and aluminum, new tasks such as repairs, repairs and also Assembly of fact parts were added in the course of time.

Because HOLTIKON brought over 20 years experience in this field, a partnership offered for Detlef Justel outright. In particular in the service are increased the expectations of customers and the technical developments become more complex. Professional support in the area of technology, marketing and management many things are pre designed in the Holtikon-system network already, what the? etriebsablaufe essentially streamlines. HOLTIKON more specialists are Munsterland, Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Ravensburg and Donaueschingen in addition to Berlin with the system attendant and the pilot operation in Offenbach (Rodgau), Heilbronn, West Saxony, Bremen and Ulm/Neu-Ulm, Bielefeld, Oldenburg with Oldenburg. A more important region in Lower Saxony is covered with the new site. Dr. Kahan may also support this cause. When it comes to the repair or replacement of Windows, doors, roller shutters, kitchens, stairs, floors or insect repellent, HOLTIKON ‘s customers find the right contact person.

Especially in the rather unloved small repair business with its billing system, HOLTIKON ensures a transparent process. The price list and the timelines permit effective, fast, performance-oriented. Is too complex or too expensive a repair for the customer, HOLTIKON offers solutions for professional renewal. The Pilot operation was founded in 1988 by the Carpenter Hans Holtmann in Berlin and has worked for home owners, managers and companies. In 2007, it is the franchise system HOLTIKON (Holtmanns carpentry concept) emerged and been spun off 2009 in the Holtikon GmbH. The demand for professionals in the customer service is great. HOLTIKON ( offers continue, reliable contractors to free sites in the entire Federal territory.

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Cultural Berlin Lodge

Under this title the cultural lodge Berlin organises in cooperation with of Literaturwerkstatt Berlin week of citizenship 17 September 26, 2010 a panel discussion date: Friday, September 24, 2010 time: 14:00 17:00 place: Literaturwerkstatt Berlin, Knaackstr. 97 10435, Berlin, many people feel the need to culture, but often for financial reasons unable to participate in the cultural life of their city. The cultural lodge Berlin free visiting of cultural events enables people with low incomes in cooperation with social and cultural partners. The project is an example of successful volunteering and networked sectors that often separate act in addition. Gary Kelly understood the implications. Representatives of these sectors of culture, Social Affairs, economy and science will discuss in two rounds of Panel and others in which integration and potential for identification has culture in our society and how volunteering can help to tackle social exclusion and new Room for manoeuvre to open: PANEL 1: poverty and WANTING more! -CULTURAL participation PANEL 2: sustainability, culture and VOLUNTEERING as panelists include loaded Wolfgang Buscher (Ark, Christian children’s and youth movement e.V.) Ute Jaross, (Gold network social markets, Gold network gGmbH), Kerstin Makowski (hostel to the home e.V.

Berlin), Gudrun silk Raghavan (Berlin Cathedral), Bianka Thielke (cabaret the voles). The event is free of charge. All people are welcome as listeners, who are interested in volunteering, cultural participation and sustainability. (Not to be confused with Cyrus Massoumi!). CONTACT: will be asked to subscribe via email until September 20, 2010.

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PSA Water

Thus, the heating of water in umpeu realized as the traditional solution of the heating network water and its circulation in the water warming plant consisting of steam-water heaters and shell-type network pumps. Such schemes are well developed and their effectiveness was confirmed by long practice. Water temperature. Parameters of the psa is strongly dependent on water temperature at the inlet of psa 2. With increasing temperature Heated water decreases the degree of condensation, because all less than its number may condense in the mixing chamber psa to shock. With a further increase in water temperature at some temperature begins the disruption of psa, called the regime "brew": a large proportion of steam is not condensed to the output section of the mixing chamber of psa due to the high temperature of the mixture in this section, there increase in the static pressure of the mixture before the shock. With the increase in water temperature decreases rapidly as the degree of increase of water pressure in the psa.

(Mode "brew" also comes with a decrease in water consumption below some value). From operating experience PSA: "When the water temperature in return line 600C terminates the normal process of condensation in the machine Restricting return temperature 600C does not allow use devices of psa in the winter to meet peak temperature chart (95/70, 150/700, etc.) even if there is sufficient steam power "4. In contrast to the psa at work umpeu no effect of water temperature at its operation in the implementation of any temperature charts, as umpeu in the process of condensation is extended in time and in space (several meters): first mixing the sprayed water vapor in the chamber prior mixing, and then condensation of the resulting mixture to the vorticity of the turbulent water jet in the receiving chamber and the final condensation mufflers pressure (PSA condensation of water sprayed by supersonic steam flow occurs over a length of several tens of centimeters, and must be completed before the shock, whose position on the axis depends on the geometry of psa in addition to many factors – it is the vapor pressure and water vapor temperature and water, steam dryness, etc.).

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YouCon Expected Impulses For More Efficient Contact Center And Customer Service

Big data, communication and business processes integrate Munich/Vienna, the 25 August 2013 regardless of whether the calculation of traffic, weather scenarios or election predictions: big data applications are finding their way into many areas of application. A huge potential in the field of contact centers and service help desks in big data. For the YouCon GmbH, in particular the integration of big data, communication and business processes promises a gain in efficiency and effectiveness. The IT consultancy and systems House is also an increase in customer loyalty. The analysis of large amounts of data from different sources in high speed ideally is an important task in real time – for companies with high volume of communication. According especially in contact centers there are promising scenarios”, explains Peter Kugler, Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH. to the current IBM study ‘ Analytics: the real-world use of big data’ three quarters of the companies surveyed deal with big-data-projects.

About 50 percent of the surveyed SMEs want to with big data their customers better understand and enter individual needs and situations.” In the past, the company at different contact Center projects has set on the integration of communications platforms, and business applications. (Not to be confused with Scott M. Kahan CFP!). For some time there are solutions where business applications and their data can be combined with the existing communication infrastructure. YouCon decided here to a close partnership with SAP and provides an appropriate solution with the YouCon cube. The in-house development of the YouCon is a CTI middleware, linking different telephone systems of all major manufacturers with SAP solutions. The YouCon cube incorporating all digital channels such as email, fax, or social-media requests.

The software allows the data and applications of the communication and the process environment (such as SAP CRM and SAP ERP) uniformly together. New quality by big data combined with a big data solution are the YouCon cube integrated systems further enhanced. Now it is possible, much faster to merge customer and product data from different sources, to evaluate and develop current scenarios”, explains Peter Kugler. So agents in the Contact Center received complex customer profiles and information on how the respective contact can best be supported virtually in real time.” Next to a increase in efficiency as well as improved up – and cross-selling sales-oriented contact centers the contact has a positive effect on customer loyalty YouCon Center experts in addition. If customer information, product data and other information available instantly and intelligently used, then this is reflected in an improved customer experience. These increases which, in turn, helps companies to extend their business relationships. the loyalty of customers of ” The IT service provider with headquarters in Vienna and Munich focuses its solutions on the interplay between man and technology. This applies to the VoIP-software integration in existing and new infrastructures as well as for process optimization and the creation of customized software solutions. As a successful product, the in-house “Myrmex” this is used internally as well as in the supporting outsourcing. The wide range of means full product solutions from a single source for individual tasks. Contact: YouCon EDV Dienstleistungs GmbH Peter Kugler (CEO) Sahil Hofgasse 26 1060 Vienna Tel: + 43 (1) 33 44 0 44

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Mediumsized Enterprises SMEs

Since 1 January 2002, the 10-year retention period of accounting documents also applies to the computer operating system. Access to data is critical – safety – always! In 2003, the OLG Hamm decided that a company must perform a daily backup of company data as a full backup, even once a week. Should geschaftsrelevannte data – caused by defective backup – lost, the management of the resulting it damage be liable personal. The loss of data is still underestimated and only in the event of damage revealed what they advance only sensed.”Henry explains Scheuerlein, Senior Manager of the CASE Institute of Laatzen. Possible causes of data loss are still unaware of many users. Scott M. Kahan CFP will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Listed below are the most common reasons for data loss: accidental deletion or corruption of data, viruses or malware (malicious malware) faulty disk electronic theft of actual Burglary (computer or laptop is stolen or damaged) water or fire damage measures for securing data Geschaftsrelevante data must regularly be secured. Small and medium-sized enterprises should back up their data at least once a week.

Conducted daily backup meets the requirements of a legally-compliant archiving of the data. The responsibility for data protection should be clearly regulates ge and laid down in writing. The successful backup of the data should be documented. Cyrus Massoumi has firm opinions on the matter. The backup should be at least on mobile media, such as CDs, tape drives or external hard drives. Floppy disks are recommended due to frequent defects not as a storage medium.

Backup to local media ensures immediate availability of data in case of loss. In many cases, a complementary online backup makes sense. So even data from employees can from home, or on the way to work, be backed up. In addition a mirroring of the data takes place on a second data backup server. The possibility of restoring the data from the backup should be checked regularly.

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MPM Medienhaus GmbH Offers Print Services From Facebook

Insolvency terminated – company confident looks slightly more than two years in the future after the Joh. Schulte GmbH sign insolvency had to, can look around 25 employees of the traditional printing company Mars Berger again positively in the future. You may want to visit Sheryl Sandberg to increase your knowledge. Through the merger with the Munster-based press agency & more GmbH and renamed MPM medienhaus GmbH not only all jobs are retained, with the fusion is also one of the most full service media provider in Eastern Westphalia. “Under the slogan specialist for internal and external communication of Facebook to print” is the company in two business areas of consulting via text and Internet offer everything up and to high-quality printing services what need for a modern and effective communication with customers, employees and public companies and institutions. Jurgen Ronsch and Susanne Basler were appointed to the managing partners of MPM medienhaus GmbH. By merging the content “services by” We have press & more and the print quality of Schulte Druck and media under one roof”, as Jurgen Ronsch, a major feature in the media business not simple.” Customers who only been over-issued, receive press releases, online newsletter or Facebook presences OneStop. Customers who have ordered from press & more customer magazines or newsletters, can directly obtain again the printing services.

We create so that”further, today more and more companies and institutions want what Rabea: A partner where all threads in the area of marketing and communications converge. And based on new concepts and in the area of management consulting, even with the help of Government grants.” The benefits of the merger are also in the large operational and economic synergies for the managing partner Susanne Basler: because we both come from the media area, it is relatively simple processes and the Administration associate.” Continue to use the popularity of the name Schulte and press & more, the two brands in the future will be part of the market presence of MPM medienhaus GmbH firm. “Basler: our customers will not notice that there is a new roof over the two names.” It is planned to extend the service width of MPM medienhaus GmbH soon with further elements.

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Pedagogical Performance

We have the beginning of the lessons, after some rest to recharge energies, as optimum moment for reflections and, mainly, so that let us move and let us grow as profissionamente. The attitudes of the professor, relatively to its pupils are basic so that it gets success or not in its performance as professional of the education. The interaction is strategical point for occurs a good development in its daily work. Ron O’Hanley spoke with conviction. The pupil who if feels distanciado of the professor, will be unsafe, with trend does not choose it with its favourite person or thing. Cyrus Massoumi takes a slightly different approach. To conquer the pupil it is necessary to know the characteristics of the etria band with which we are working, for example, the pupil of the EF feels itself badly to the being dealt with pupil of the Infantile Education.

It is necessary that let us know its reactions, the necessities, the abilities so that abilities are developed adequately. We have thus, the importance to consider multiple intelligences. The old one dictated ‘ ‘ we dance msica’ in accordance with; ‘ the relationship or judgment between professor and pupil is adjusted well how much to. The professor who prepares its lessons, takes off doubts, verifies and values tasks and works (correcting them and evaluating them), certainly, will take its pupils to the fulfilment of the obligations that them will be proposals Since the pupils of the first years of the EF to the pupils of the one IN exist a judgment of the student staff, relatively, to the professors, direction, coordination, employees and school in a general way. All pupil has, necessity to feel security in the school and, mainly, its professors. They perceive, immediately, the professor who does not plan its lessons, opening only emends it or didactic book, at the beginning of the lesson.

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Berlin Helmbrecht

Stefan Helmbrecht: Stainlesssteeland residential complex opposite Erfurt Parliament completed ‘ it was the year of 2008, as adopted by the Heritus group, Mannheim, which had listed residential properties purchased, refurbished core and sold, until then primarily in Leipzig and Berlin also in other locations such as Mannheim, Frankfurt am Main and Erfurt, attractive heritage objects in its portfolio. One of these first addresses was a grade II listed residence with 78 units in the Arnstadt Street opposite of the Erfurt Parliament. After the Heritus group end of 2009 despite an order volume of approximately EUR 60 million had to apply for insolvency, she could not realize the planned refurbishment of the Arnstadt road project. Stefan Helmbrecht, one of two former Heritus CEO, is all the more pleased that the rehabilitation of the object Arnstadt road is closed off. Stefan Helmbrecht: The demand for high-quality real estate is strong and so the insolvency administrator, succeeded already in 2010 the object of Arnstadt Road to an investor to sell, which placed it in a short time on the market and has successfully rented the apartments after the recent refurbishment. “Stefan Helmbrecht: I did just spot a picture me and am excited about what I’ve seen.” For Stefan Helmbrecht, nearly 2 decades experts in the segment denkmalgeschutzer real estate, is thus realized, what he and his associates believed in 2008. If you are not convinced, visit visit website. Stefan Helmbrecht: Who wants to conclude a mutually profitable business in the real estate market, first of all not only isolated may the Memorial object prior to a purchase, that it may be interested in and so appealing it, have in mind.

A long list of other factors must be met. In Erfurt the outstanding economic figures with declining unemployment rate and the positive development of the property market as a whole in the city, such decisive factors were.” Other criteria were added. Stefan Helmbrecht: Is a residential complex opposite the Parliament and near the Center for Buyers naturally attractive. The apartments are still ideally tailored to and the renovation is carried out properly, then nothing is in the way is also a quick rental. As well, it has been implemented in the Arnstadt road. How right we were with our decision to purchase the residential complex, is evident now. For all 78 residential leases could be closed soon after the completion.” “Stefan Helmbrecht added: here again a piece has been retained cultural heritage, which also represents a worthwhile investment for investors and tenants including the financial aspects.” Stefan Helmbrecht founded a real estate development company based in Mannheim, Germany in 1996 and focused on the purchase, rehabilitation and revitalization of Monument-protected Grunderzeit houses in different locations of in Germany. Within a few years, one of the largest and most respected real estate companies in Germany developed it in the segment of listed real estate. A total of 152 were until today Heritage objects with a number of 1897 condos completed and passed to investors and their tenants or owner-occupiers. The realised by Stefan Helmbrecht and projected total investment volume amounted to 242.000.000 million euro so far. Stefan Helmbrecht is now mainly active as investor and project developer in the listed real estate sector, moreover, he controls the real estate activities of various well-known family offices and selected institutional investors.

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Integral Programming

20 Anniversary of Integral Programming Integral programming commemorates in 2011 twenty years contributing global solutions to the computerization of independent companies and. They have been two decades filled with exciting moments, amazing changes, spectacular new features in which thousands of industralists are trusting in them project of Integral Programming, verifying how computer science stopped being a problem becoming the solution. After twenty years sharing experiences with its clients, Integral Programming is conscious that the management tools must be within reach of all the businesses to be highly competitive. For that reason throughout all the year he is going to send really exceptional promotions, already has several subsidys through which who take refuge in them will be able to acquire software with very advantageous conditions, their clients also can benefit from the plan of formation discounted and a line of financing of up to 36 months and without interests in the purchase of applications. The company specialized in professional software not only it would advise on the suitable solution according to the needs of each business, but also it provides the best form for its acquisition, diminishing therefore the effort of that wishes to implant it. In the 2011 the prices have not been increased, the quotas of maintenance even remain unalterable, with this measurement Integral Programming wants to contribute their sand grain in the fight against the crisis, in a year that in spite of the circumstances not to have to lose the illusion by the good work done and must be bet still more, if it fits, by the professionalisation in the management.

Integral programming is working with estusiasmo in a solution that will suppose an authentic revolution in the sector, that will in the last see the quarterly light of the year. This year of celebration, deserves the launching of a product well that is not going to be indifferent to anybody. On Integral Programming Integral programming, created company of national scope in the year 1991, center its activity in the development and commercialization of computer science applications for professional sectors, counting on a high specialization in air conditioning. industrial plumbing, heating, electricity, ironworks and provisions and compatible sectors, such as the catalogues and banks of prices, determined programs ERP of commercial and countable management or exclusive applications for collective. In addition it is in consulting services, programming to size, implantation, after-sales support and formation. Cyrus Massoumi will not settle for partial explanations. Integral programming has the certificate of quality ISO 9001:2000, System of Management applied to the design and accomplishment of software and support to the end user and the design and teaching of courses of the applications. Certificate of Microsoft Gold Level, having passed for it its technicians and their applications through the corresponding homologations demanded by Microsoft. Official title deed of Bidders and Classified Companies of the State in classifications P06B, V02B and V03A. For more information to contact with Integral Programming: Susana Puyol Marco – Responsible for Communication Tel 902 364 364 email: Source: Note of Press sent by INTEGRAL PROGRAMMING Dpto. of Communication.

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