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Applied Economic Research

With this information, the researchers carry through collections of data in the commerce and the too much establishments that carry through sales of products or services for consumers. With the information of prices gotten in the research in field and with the weight of each one of the item in the budget of the families, by means of calculations if he gets the inflation for the period measured for the IPCA. The IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research) recently carried through a work where it in recent years presented the variation of the prices of the products and services measured by the IPCA. In accordance with this study, that grouped the composition of the products and services in foods and drinks (with weight of 22,3%), services (with 23,0%), monitored (with 31,5%) and industrialized (with 23,1%), of 2000 the 2010 inflation in 2002 only exceeded the goal established for the government. Since 2005 that the goal of the inflation is of 4,5% with tolerance of 2,5 percentile points up and down in this year and of 2 percentile points in the other years. The industrial products that in 2001, 2002 and 2004 had been superior to the inflation goal, since 2005 come presenting always inferior increase of prices to center of the goal. The monitored ones, that they are basically public services that had been privatized such as telephony, water, public energy, transports, had had well different behaviors of 2000 the 2005 and 2006 until the moment.

In the first period, the increase of the prices was always superior to goal of inflation and in as the period, always inferior. The main reason of this change in the behavior of the prices of these services was the alteration of the method of readjustments of the tariffs waked up since the privatization. This change more took the application of index adjusted for the reality such as the use of spread sheets of costs. The services in generalities had only had a more compatible behavior with the superior band of the inflation goal during last the ten years, having exceeded this limit in 2010. The behavior of food and drinks in last the eleven years has varied very, since 20.7% in 2002 to an increase of 1,7% in 2006. To control the inflation is basic, however, if it does not have to forget it growth the economy and generation of income and wealth in our country. Factors as the exchange tax that in recent years if has kept below of what if it can consider as adequate if on the other hand have helped to hold the increase of the prices, for another one have soldier on barrack duty the economy to grow more strong, notadamente by means of increase of the exportations and the reduction of the importations of consumption goods and services. Moreover, as the astronomical interests that Brazil is practising currently to hold the inflation have corroded the public finances and flooding the country of dollars that still more raise the costs for the Brazilian government. This necessary politics of changes that lead to the moderation of the inflation, adjustment of the tax of exchange for a platform that does not harm the Brazilian exporters and diminishes the brutal cost of Brazil is having at the moment with the reserves in foreign currencies that do not stop to grow.

Remunerated Surveys Online

Marketing Online We are in a Globalised World where the companies every day more integrate the opinion of their clients in their campaigns of marketing and the decision making of new products. But, Because It passes this? The answer is easy: If the companies do not consider the opinion from the clients or the expectations from these they can incur great financial losses, that is to say, they send a product to the market without knowing if she is going to like or no. Nowadays the Majority of the companies in the World integrates the opinion of the consumers in their strategic decisions and marketing. One can think as they obtain this data of the consumers. It exists several methods to obtain the opinion of the consumers, for example a pursuit can be done of the mark in the different social networks as they are them Facebook or Twitter, can ask in the street as they are the different problems from the consumers and analyzed these to send new products, etc.

In this Article I want to speak a little but deep in a Method that the great companies they use every day more and it allows them to save million in analysis of market like thus also paying to the consumers who adopt this method. The Method is: ” Surveys Paid By Internet” With the Reason to improve Their Products and services and trying to conquer and to maintain their satisfied clients, the majority of the companies realises paid surveys to analyze the market. In exchange for the opinion of the consumers the companies pay between $15 to $50 dollars by realised survey, that this even can last a pair of minutes. The types of paid surveys can vary, but within the usual questions but they are those that make reference to the mark and needs of the consumers. That they make the companies with the obtained data of the paid surveys? Then good, they analyze all the answer and remove very powerful information about the different markets. As I can Find These companies? The great companies do not have a Link in their page of Internet where the paid surveys can be realised, but generally have special pages in order to realise it.

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DRU Freedom

During the last few years, the budgetary entailing of the Union got a great growth very what, in many cases, it made with that an indebtedness was necessary so that the obligator budgetary expenditures were paid. On the other hand it had excess of resources badly placed that were reserved for the payment of other expenditures, which did not need the available value all. The Desvinculao de Receitas of Unio (DRU) appeared in 1994, in the Government of Frank Itamar, with the name of FSE (Deep Social of Emergency). In Government FHC, it was renomeado for FEF (Deep of Fiscal Stabilization), in which a1999 was in vigor de1996, and from there, the instrument was successively extending, already with name DRU. This budgetary desvinculao appeared through a proposal of emendation to the constitution (PEC 61), of which it consists of an instrument that the Executive allows to manage 20% of pblic revenues freely, approximately R$ 62,4 billion – according to Ministry of Planning, of prescriptions of the Union. Already approved two times in the House of representatives and waiting voting in the Senate, DRU 2012 comes, in general, only extending the stated period of its existence up to 2015.

Its objective is to give to bigger flexibility and efficiency in the allocation of resources and not necessarily in the rise of available prescriptions for the federal government and allows the financing of incomprimveis expenditures (related to the benefit, administration fees and administrative management) without national indebtedness of the Union. The DRU does not count on transferences constitutional for States and cities, whose main prescription source comes of the IPI and the Income tax (TO GO), therefore the desvinculao is after made the calculations of the transferences. The resources destined to the education, for Constitutional Emendation 59/09, more are also not incorporated the DRU. According to base governmetalist, the DRU is an instrument of rationalization of the budgetary management, where the Executive breaking has left of the rigidity of the federal budget, in which it extended the possibilities of performance of the public managers and increased the attendance to the demands of the society, without compromising the fiscal balance. The justification of the renewal of the DRU up to 2015 is the necessity of investments and infrastructure that Brazil is demanding through financings for the Pantry of the World in 2014, the Olimpadas in 2016, to keep minimum degree of autonomy in the definition of the priorities of the government and in the budgetary management and to face the global crisis. The opposition affirms that the DRU already became necessary, in 1994, for the implementation and stabilization of the Real Plan, but that it is not justified in the current conjuncture of the Country, therefore it demonstrates the incapacity of the government to create a mechanism substitutes that it, therefore it cannot be seen as exit for the engessamento of the budget, using resources of social contributions to form the surplus elementary school. They affirm, still, that the project defalcates the health, providence and assistance. Ahead of the unstable situation of international the financial crisis and the internal deficiencies, the DRU comes as a good measure to improve the performance of the government without it has the necessity of the same becoming indebted itself being that it has available resources, giving a bigger flexibility in the allocation of the public resources.