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'Allowances to the tariff rates' – for the formation and calculation of the cell 4040; sensitive records must be classified as those types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of this cell: 1.4. 'Awards for its production results' – to build and calculate the cell 4050; sensitive records must be classified the types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of the specified cell, 1.5. 'Compensation violation of the terms of payment '- for the formation and calculation of the cell 4060; sensitive records must be classified as those types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of the specified cell; 1.6. 'Compensation for an increase in price' – for formation and calculation of the cell 4070; sensitive records must be classified the types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of the specified cell, 1.7. Cloud computing wanted to know more. 'Financial assistance' – for the formation and calculation of the cell 4090; sensitive records must be classified as those types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of the specified cell, 1.8. 'The social benefits of individual character' – for the formation and calculation of the cell 4100; sensitive records must be classified as the types of charges that should be involved in the calculation of the specified cell; 1.9. 'Earnings, dividends, interest on shares, etc.' – For the formation and calculation of the cell 4130; sensitive records must be classified the types of charges that should participate in the calculation of the specified cell, forming registers accounting rules, see 2.4.2. .


Some of my friends recently said: "It is expected that the relationship between a man and a woman have to end a marriage …" This was said without sarcasm, subtext and just the man himself without realizing it said indisputable truth – For, indeed often the marriage is the beginning of the end of the relationship. What do you do when the end is yet come? As the practice and science confirms, she is often unprepared for divorce and the consequences that it brings along. By virtue of his emotion. Instead of sensibly think about the future life in the new status, all the forces rush to the bouts of self-pity so lovely and so lonely, his teeth as a woman eats one's conscience for not having managed to keep the family together at least for the sake of children, blaming all the troubles it is a negligent husband. If you already have all agreed and understood that the divorce will take place – for a start, pull yourself together and analyze the situation. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction.

You have in front of independent living and the only hope on their own resources and finances – but do they? It's great if you and your ex-husband about the peace treaty on fair divide all marital and he would not mind to ensure the child (ren) monthly worthy content. But more often different. Disputes over the apartments, cars, bank accounts, place of residence of children and alimony even further aggravating the conflict. In such cases, should not delay its trip to the lawyer – he'll tell you all about this procedure as a dissolution of marriage, as well as your rights in the new status. And, if necessary, will also represent your interests in court. Ignore legal advice is not worth it, otherwise, by accident of time when the tears will end and the awareness of real life, it may be that you turned out with nothing. In the meantime, a small legal literacy campaign on the theme of divorce.

Divorce can be a local government body of civil registration (RAPA) or through the courts. The first option is possible only if both wife agree to divorce, the family is no minor children and there are no property disputes. In other cases – welcome to the court. The good old truth that "all marital property in divorce cases divided in half between the spouses "can move in the direction of women. For example, if a child is living with his mother, then the court can not require half the apartments, but more than that, and maybe the whole living space. Such issues resolved by the court individually in each case, subject to poslerazvodnogo financial position of husband and wife. Ask about their chances of a professional lawyer. And even better if a lawyer will prepare a claim and will defend the rights of mothers and children in court. Avoid contact with ex-husband is unlikely – he as a father obliged to take part in the upbringing of a child and has the right to meet with him. Need to take it and learn behave in a civilized manner even when a child. Remember that the father can get through the court of meetings with the child and then have to give a child my father on a fixed schedule.

Feng Shui Centre

Metal – a policeman, judge, counsel, and any profession where there is direct contact with metal, such as an auto mechanic. Water – actor, singer, dancer, television or radio host, a sailor. Your child's hobbies. So, on the basis described above, you can determine the useful element for your child. This will help you understand which section is it to send than to take it free from school (or kindergarten) time. Below is a list of occupations and their corresponding elements: Here short list of professions that can select the children and the elements to which these professions are: Wood – drawing, design, modeling, gymnastics, as well as all the classes, where there is direct contact with the tree. Fire – martial arts (especially eastern), amateur radio, computers. All that is directly connected with the work of thought, generate ideas and humor.

Soil – collecting, working with clay, ceramics, stone. Metal – figure skating, auto and motorcycles, military and historical circles, as well as all the classes, which require discipline and coherence, organizational skills. Water – a dance studio, choir, music school, drama studio. Vocational guidance for your child. When it comes time to choose a college, determined their future profession, there are two versions of events. The first situation: Your child at this age is very decided on how he sees the future, what he wants to be. And even if you think he chose the 'wrong' career, the most valuable thing you can give your child at this point – it's free choice and self-determination.

Perhaps then he will decide what to do with something else, but he was no one to blame for irregularities of their choice. This will give your mind greater autonomy and respect for their parents. The second situation: many 16-17 year to be very difficult to understand what exactly is your vocation, which wants to devote his life. Therefore, your child may be at a loss and do not know what profession to choose. In this case, you'd better refer to his observations about what elements are useful to him and on this basis to help him. Here is a list of occupations and their corresponding elements: Wood – an artist, writer, director, poet, designer, designer, photographer, sculptor woodwork, designer, chef, teacher, junior doctor, a restaurateur, a veterinarian. Fire – programmer, engineer, scientist, researcher, analyst, pilot, a chemist, and as a profession directly related to the fire. Soil – Agriculture agriculture, insurance, activities related to storage, warehousing anything. Metal – law and advocacy, all power, power and administrative structures, financier, bank clerk, cashier, mechanic. Water – a specialist in advertising, communications, public relations, tourism, television and radio presenter, actor, musician, translator, tour guide, a stockbroker. I sincerely wish you to you and your child lived not only in harmony with the environment, but also with each other! Anna Novinskaya, a leading expert Feng Shui Centre 'New Wind'


You deserve to feel great – and a reward system. And some people are feeling the pain – it is a punishment system. We do not follow our rules, we do not follow our own values, not living according to our standards of living. And we are also giving yourself the pain, bury themselves in a trap, because we want to avoid pain. But I believe that strong negative emotions, positive meaning. Negative emotions – it signals that the change was necessary. Let's think about such emotions as fear, that people are trying to avoid hard, because it is very painful.

Or other emotions such as anxiety or excitement. When you feel these emotions – they give you a signal instead of using a signal you should hear his signal and ispolzovat.Naprimer fear means that you should be prepared and be ready. This is a very valuable signal to your body – that is the reason she tells you that something new will come in the future and must be prepared to deal with it. This is a very important information, do not deny it or ignore it – we may find ourselves in a difficult situation – emotionally, physically, financially, in relationships, they do not want to feel the fear that the relationship can fall apart – they want everything to be perfect. That you once did not come to that point and only then realized that the relationship has zakonchilis.Tebe signal is given. I want you to be sure that emotions serve you. I think you have to realize – any emotion is a message to you.

And what you need to do – is not to ignore or avoid her, do not give yourself to fall into this state. Rasspoznat need this message, this call to action. And begin to act. And change lives for the better. So I want you now thinking, what they tell you your past negative emotions. Remember, they have important meaning. And an important message. Rasspoznay it and begin to change lives for the better. And live in pleasure. Yours sincerely Sergei aka Avening-angel. Training on seduction


Rebates of certain kinds are offered by the income tax department. People who earn through business or services should have clear idea about this. Income tax return for every fiscal year is to be submitted in every year, and that too within a date pre-scheduled by the government. Income tax of an individual is assessed on the basis of her / his total income of the previous year. Income tax refers to on the amount collected by the government of all countries from the earning people. It is mandatory for the citizens to submit the income tax return within the stipulated date of every year, and non – submission of it is tantamount to violation of the law of the land which is a punishable offence. Income tax paid by the citizens is a source of earning for the government which it needs for running the administration and for continuing the welfare activities in the country.

Why then income tax rebate tips are important? Citizens should know that there are available options which help them saving a part of their annual earning. Everyone cannot always manage his/her finance properly, but the basic part about income tax rebate tips has relation with one’s ability to maintain pertinent documents which reflect his/her annual earning and spending. The earning individual must keep these documents unless which it is difficult or it is not possible to assess what extent of income tax return may be available to him / her. He / she should contact on expert income tax consultant of his/her region keeping in mind that the consultant has basic and latest information about income tax rebate tips. The consultant will study his/her documents of receipts and payments of the previous year and will assess the maximum available rebates. The earning individual should have primary knowledge in mathematics. He / she must check the return statement twice before submission.

He / she must put his/her signature on all the documents. Another point in the income tax rebate tips is for the husband and wife earn both of who do. When husband and wife in a family are to submit the income tax return, they should work jointly and should jointly submit the income tax return. It help want them saving a few cents or earning good rebate. People should bear in mind that there are provisions for income tax rebates for the following cases: some percentage of the educational expenditure (especially for the people who have school/college/varsity going children) is exempted from the income tax. Some part of medical spending (especially for healthcare/dental insurance) is so exempted. Some kinds of charitable donations are so set aside when income tax is assessed. Jackson mark is financial expert of income tax return rebate tips. For more information about income tax tips, tax return tips visit

Cologne Finance Court

The tax office home from Augsburg informed by the combined assessment to income tax are taxable spouses, not permanently separated living, gives tax. Cooperation investment in the context of spouse splitting the legislature ties however, certain prerequisites. In particular the entering into a new life community preclude you, as the Augsburg tax firm depicts the example of a recent decision of the FG Cologne, Germany. The Cologne Tax Court recently on the action of a husband on collaboration investment with his, in a nursing home had accommodated in PVS, wife to decide. To take care of two children with his wife and to financial management, the husband had recorded a woman for Board and lodging.

He gave it financial management across as housekeeper, although she had a child by him during the disputed period. The competent tax office the consent to the disposition of the cooperation, denied it is because here his opinion to a new community and no employment acted, which living and economic community of spouses was dissolved. The Cologne tax court first found that the PVS must stand the wife of cooperation investment not in the way. Rather, it is important for the existence of a matrimonial life and economic community that the spouses so long remained committed to this also against obstacles, until she could fully live on. If the spouses lived permanently separated from each other and therefore no cooperation investment into consideration would be, was to make depending on their behavior. The Court still stressed that it was impossible to run side by side more life and economic communities.

By the applicant husband have decided to live with the mother of the new child, he finished the marital life and economic community with his wife. He live at least since the birth of the child in permanent separation from the wife, what would be a combined investment with her not taken into consideration. The Cologne judge gave a verdict in the To federal fiscal court to step in, it can be considered if the entering into of two concurrent life and economic communities is allowed due to the special circumstances of the plaintiff. From the judgment of the Cologne Finance Court, it is clear that the spouse splitting has its limits in the stock of conjugal life and economic community. When exactly this dissolves, decides not lump-sum, but according to the circumstances of the individual case. The consultation of a tax law specialist is strongly advised, to gain clarity here concerned. The Augsburg tax firm is committed with their years of experience for this, its best to enforce the interests of their clients in this and all other tax issues home.

POS Eagle

The ships of owned and operated by Eagle ships are a POS system for restaurants, shops, and tickets on Sylt, the Kiel Canal, in Wismar, on North Beach and Usedom after Poland on the road. So that the guests experience a good ride, the excursion boats offer comfortable surroundings and friendly in-flight service with restaurant and shopping options. Since March, 2011 it is full speed Eagle ships ahead for the POS software The solution is used in the catering industry as well as in the onboard shops and ticket sales. The POS terminal is with peripherals such as customer display, receipt printer, bar code scanner and partial waiter lock. As some ships go to Poland, Polish fiscal printers are also used. All funds are online connected to a central server via UMTS. So, the ships at the pier, as well as at sea can transfer their data in the network of Eagle ships.

The Central Server passes the data to the merchandise management and ensuring that goods at the right time be refilled if the ship at the pier. For a connection failure, continue the coffers in the offline mode and are thus readily available. The table is operated with handhelds running the TCPOS functionalities. Orders are sent quickly from the table in the kitchen and speed up the settlement. The handhelds are connected to the POS terminal via Wi-Fi. They have easy to use surfaces that have been preconfigured in the headquarters.

The ticket sale is on the same wavelength. So the passengers can buy their tickets from an employee with handheld. Via a Bluetooth printer that is attached to the belt of the employee, is printed the ticket immediately. On board our ships are planned down to the last detail”the processes, explains Tobias Lagmoller, sales manager at Eagle ships. A central system that is reliable and is working properly in heavy seas and large guest attendance is very important for us”, so Lagmoller next. The functionality of TCPOS in implementation of the requirements of our various applications supports our processes shop, catering and ticketing in an ideal way.”

BBs Credit

The free credit monitoring is based on certain mathematical parameter, called the credit scores. If your score is really poor of credit, the more difficult it would be to obtain the credited sum back. Credit monitoring is the statement declared by the of the region regulatory officials, to explain credit trustworthiness of on organization or individual. This statement concerns the previous credit status and the current monetary status, to rank the credit trustworthiness. This is performed to control the likely fraud as well as the transformation in the fiscal status. The free credit monitoring is based on certain mathematical parameter, called the credit scores. If your score is really poor of credit, the more difficult it would be to obtain the credited sum back.

The process is performed by three major credit bureaus. Nevertheless, internet facilities are out there to obtain out of batch ratings from any of these monitoring services. free credit monitoring agencies let you to check your financial statement by simply putting your login ID or email address from any of the 3 monitoring agencies. The reason why you should check your statements is difficult due to that it will assist you in maintaining track of your credit status. If anything strange is noticed, it is reported quickly to the customer to make the preventive measures. Since, it is not always attainable to keep the credit monitoring and credit status on a day to day basis by physical verification, so one can depend on online service.

The credit scores are vital for both long term and short term credit. One can search for a big sum to fulfill the urgency. A poor score can destroy the chance to get future loan approved. In this scenario, the assistance from the free credit monitoring services serves the purpose. They, with a deep monitoring on the customer BBs monetary standard, produce the financial statement. The make worthy advices as well as to fix the score. The online free credit monitoring services in some situation work on behalf of their customers as well. As we all know, the credit monitoring needs the secret of monetary information of the customer like the account identity. Once they are provided through the internet, there is even chance to get the information by illegally hacked users. The credit monitoring service, in this regard work as a safeguard for the customer to keep the secrecy of the information, as a part of the service. On improved credit can score be attained only be efficiently crafting the credit accounts. Alice Marlen is author of free credit report No. Fee.

Professional Association

The gds AG, full service provider and software developer for the technical documentation with its headquarters in the Westphalian Sassenberg, looks back with satisfaction on the past financial year. Sassenberg, March 13, 2012. Attracting new customers and partners in the area of translations and editorial services was very successful. At the same time existing business relations could be further strengthened and expanded, so that the gds AG in fiscal year 2011 surpassed the already very successful fiscal year 2010 with sales growth of over 20%. In the central area of software and software-related services, the developer of the editing environment has docuglobe his goals here and even significantly exceeded sales growth of nearly 50% can post. As many interested parties as never had of gds AG placed its trust in the year 2011 and opted for the editorial environment docuglobe.

With the ever growing customer base, the gds AG expanded at the same time their international contacts. In addition to the Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium made the service provider-new connections to Portugal, France, Great Britain and Poland. But in this country among the visitors at the trade fairs and the successful expansion of the gds contacts to high and colleges, clubs and associations provoked great satisfaction”, says Ulrich Pelster, CEO of gds AG. Another highlight was for us in October 2011 the same triple Award with the by the Professional Association for technical communication tekom e. dokupreis V. “, so Pelster. The success of the last year can be measured also in the significant growth of the workforce. The service providers with new jobs and additional locations clearly opts for further growth.

Global document solutions: clients of gds AG use a variety of solutions for technical documentation. As a software developer the environment sells gds docuglobe, who works with MS Word as editor. Based on the principle of the modularization docuglobe demonstrably lowers the cost of product-related documents by 30-70%. With the terminology tool docuterm gds offers a solution to ensure consistent naming. In the service sector documate customers take advantage of complex services: translation, technical writing and graphics. By the outsourcing of small documentation projects to full outsourcing of technical documentation. Last but not least, customers reduce their liability risk in this sensitive area by documate. The offer is rounded off by docuconsult, the Department of analysis, advice, training, workshops and seminars, each with a focus on current developments and trends in the technical documentation.


A delivery service for drinks can ensure that the Office staff is not hot. To deliver drinks directly to the Office itself, this is a wonderful opportunity to save time and nerves. Often, we get excellent service and that without a special delivery charge or huge surcharges? There are such deals mainly in big cities, so that you can browse Hamburg for example looking for a beverage delivery service and encounters numerous good deals. In principle, the delivery to the Office as well as a delivery free works House in own home. It is important, among other things, how many boxes you ordered. Often, it must be at least three boxes for the delivery can be made without any special additional costs so cheap. In this case delivery can be very quickly and easily either immediately or else equal as a rush order on the next working day directly to the Office.

If one puts it in the company even on five cases, the delivery even on company invoice can be what may prove as fiscally very beneficial. A particularly practical and in addition free of charge offered services may be the return of empties, which is immediately picked up and disposed of. So you must contend in the company not with annoying empties, which stands in the way around by itself but not disposed. Sometimes this offer that the supplier also takes the empties, applies even if you’re still old empties of an other, previous supplier in the Office had. Exciting the way can still be for interested companies, that there are also rental glasses and provide for larger parties or other occasions with increased drink consumption of liquid goods on Commission can be. So, the Office facilitated as well as larger conferences and ceremonies. Under these circumstances, have no one to forgo actually more the beverage supply in the Office, but can enjoy this service for its drinks.