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Paula Company

According to founding and Nestor, chairman of the board de Paula, nothing is so strategical how much to the actions that are helping to become its employee happyer and productive citizens. Adding almost 15,000 people, & ldquo; Azalia&amp community; rdquo; it is permeada by projects. These actions become related it health, habitation, education, transport, security and familiar support, pointed areas as problematic in a research carried through for the company it has about 10 years. For the Azalea, its good relation with the employees is fruit of a relation that exceeds paternalism. In the truth, much more that a justice question is a question of results. One of its social projects was come back toward the alfabetizao of its internal public, however meets in phase of extinguishing for an excellent reason: he does not have the 10,000 almost used illiterate more between of the company. In last the three years, it did not have serious accident in no plant and the number of removals for health reason fell 75%. The organization understood that employee healthful, with bigger level of escolaridade and tranquilos in relation to the family the accidents are little citizens, cause little wastefulness, produce more and are happyer.

In recent years, the social projects of the Azalea have been extended to the communities where it operates, as it is the case of the supplementary courses and computer science, reform of hospital (Parob & ndash; RS), seminaries on improper use of drugs and disponibilizao of resources (fire brigade). The direction of the company believes that it only grows if the employees to grow together and that, when this happens, all the society if develops. From the presented examples it can be affirmed that the Social Responsibility is one of the results of social sensitivity, that is, the organizations that if had made use to change the life of its employees and, consequentemente, its proper destinations, had been fortified in the competitive market, had personalized its mark, had been located strategically from planejamentos and had shown that who does not use the power that it possesss in responsible way, it loses true chances of success.


Thus it is more easy to touch the company. Many guarantee that they do not feel difference some making a social action or supporting some institution that needs same aid being to the side of it. This position unhappyly still is majority in our country. The position of the master whom it only demands profit. In such a way, since the leader is of utmost importance in the management of people, it is preferable to see them socially acting of active form instead of seeing defending them only to the interests of the shareholders. I soon wait to see this scene as last and to remember that one day the companies had thought thus.

E, in the future, to be constrangida when reading an article of these begging pra that some day, the companies wake up and change its vision stops with the world that is inserted. REFERENCES ASHLEY, Patrician Almeida..

Standardized Qualification

A bakery of the city of Juina – TM is about a case study, using. With the main results, one concludes that the standardization, training and qualification of hand of direct workmanship had resulted in significant effect of beneficial character, of diverse natures and levels, that managed proactively can result in the attainment of exclusive competitive advantage for the company and consequences profits of market, credibility and improvement of relationship with internal agents external. The boarding proposal if showed efficient e, in short term, resulted important had been exactly reached. This boarding can be extended to other food companies with similar operational characteristics. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Standardized product, training and qualification of hand of direct workmanship 1.INTRODUO the basic one for the companies is to be prepared for ‘ ‘ moment with cliente’ ‘. Standardized products, training and qualification of the direct man power are the basic tripod.

It must try to learn with the strong points of each sector and to occupy the existing chances. Through these information it searchs to extend and to develop the knowledge on the Process of standardization of the products, training and qualification of the direct man power through theoretical referenciais and of the practical application. It can be used as source of information for the company, since it demonstrates the importance of the efficiency of this process and as to reach it.

Manuel Rampulla

How to can we capitalize on our company this resource? As first step must learn that though it may be costly to us our brand should be in every corner of our company, from a front painted with the colors chosen where to highlight our logo in the best way possible even in small places, a pen, a holder, absolutely everything you must say who we are. Others is, in this case, the importance of the business stationery that from the moment we get an identity will be integrated into our daily resources. But everything must not only speak of us, but you must also do so appropriately, the brand has to be respected rigorously maintaining its proportions and without altering the original colors although it is used in various media. Another resource to consider can called it associativity and it consists of the union of two or more companies to mutually strengthen their identity and its image before the public, using each other positive features to reinforce their own. In this case we can bring to mind the union between the already named Arcor and Coca Cola which gave rise to Fanta cream, without a doubt a great business link that benefits both companies. In the case of SMEs we emulate this tactic pursuing temporary or permanent partnerships with related companies. So the union is successful and mutually beneficial should give special importance to the choice of the company since it must have similar characteristics to ours, for example by sharing the same levels of productivity or target audiences, you can also choose complement one product with the other as in the case of a local clothing with a shoe store. The choice of this resource will require the implementation of new applications of mark in which both parties are present in an egalitarian way, a design showing the successful union.

This link will allow us to increase the places and ways in which our brand can be seen and offered to our audiences, approaching them in new and innovative ways that will entice your attention. Lic. Violeta Paputsakis, DG. Manuel Rampulla. Violeta Paputsakis, graduated in social communications; Manuel Rampulla, graphic designer. Both, members of the study PARADIGM solutions communicational, design and communication Studio specializing in corporate identity. Address: 1188 Alvarado. Salta, Argentina.

Expenditure Person

Many people if come across with the fact of that the projected expenditures always are surpassed. This happens, generally, because the budget of expenditures was elaborated in incomplete way. It agrees to remember a basic principle: without careful planning, our expenses will be always bigger of what we imagine. A person can have a well elaborated budget, without bigger difficulties with the projections of income and expenditures and still thus face serious problems in the administration of its accounts. This happens when a temporary dissolution of marriage between income and expenditure exists.

The person can have a compatible annual income with its expenditure. However, in determined months, the income is lesser of what the expenditure and in others happen the opposite. In this in case that, she is necessary that the person has, beyond the budget, a projection of entrances and money exits, month the month throughout the year. It would be its budget of box. Before making a budget, they must be considered its financial objectives. The first step must be the definition of these objectives. To change the car, to buy the proper house, to make a trip or to pay to all the debts they are some examples. For this, it is important that the person or family is realistic.

Therefore probably it will not be possible to reach, at a first moment, all the objectives that always are dreamed. Being thus, it is necessary to identify the goals clearly and to decide which they are most valuable. The secret for the personal financial success is composed for three well simple things: planning, disciplines and balance, that is, is necessary to plan, to balance the gift with the future, and to have disciplines to follow what it was planned. She is necessary also to be prepared for changes. Very probably the desires and necessities will move throughout the time.

Port Finance Rates

Real estate credit: 10 tips for the ongoing financing – terminate or finance connection (Berlin, 14.05.2012) anyone who has completed a financing contract, is bound to these many years. The regular rates are to apply in a timely manner or it threatens serious financial problems. But it is not enough to put the contract in the drawer, and no longer the financing conditions to confront the next few decades. Under certain conditions, a quite large savings potential is if financing can be optimized, for example, by replacing with a more favourable loan or by continuing with a reasonable follow-up financing. Below are 10 tips that any borrower can verify its ongoing funding.

1 keep you the market in mind informing you from time to time about current real estate financing. Speak your bank even when you finance for many years there. Often a discount is granted, if they refer to special offers from competing banks and the current low interest rate environment. 2. not regularly check your monthly input / output balance only the amortization and interest rates lead to spending every month.

Often, cheaper insurance or repairs as so far can be found through comparisons. You can set aside more equity capital and if necessary a special repayment increase your repayment performance, which ultimately leads to faster pursuit. 3. lease currently on low: When should a debt restructuring? This currently in the interest rates for real estate financing at very low levels. A restructuring of the current loan on another credit institution is tantamount to dismissal, for which many institutions charge a compensation (especially within a binding period of borrowing). Refinancing is worthwhile only if the interest savings of the new financing is so high, that compensation as well as the resulting additional costs more than be offset (such as processing fees or notary and land costs).

Vieille Reserve

Aging processes of evaporation and blending are similar to the same processes of cognac, armagnac is able to grow old but in most cases more than 40 years. So after such a period, it is poured into glass tanks or bottles, where the aging process stops, and it retains its aroma. If in brandy valued consistency of taste, in Armagnac – on the contrary, democracy and volatility. But together, these drinks are the general rule: strict accounting and control, which is conducted by experts of the National Bureau of interprofessional. Today, brands evaluated and recognized by millions of people Armagnac can buy in 132 countries. But as the diversity among the brands to choose a suitable? First of all, pay attention to the label, she can tell a lot.

If brandy is derived from alcohols of one crop year, you'll see this date on the bottle. If in the process of making mixed alcoholic solutions of different years on the label indicates the year of the youngest component. As the age of Armagnac can be identified by the abbreviation. 'Trois Etoile' – means that this brand about a year. 'IN', 'IUCN' or 'reserve' – a minimum of 4 years of exposure. 'Extra', 'Napoleon', 'Armagnac XO' or 'Vieille Reserve' – at least 5 years of aging in wooden containers. Hors d'Age – the oldest brandy and kept for at least 10 years. On Today, most known brands of brandy manufactures House Chabot (Chabot).

From its vineyards obtained the highest-quality and high-end drinks vsop de Luxe, Napoleon Special Reserve, xo Superior. Also proved to be trademarks of Marquis de Montesquieu. These beverages are aged in oak barrels for 400 liter. 5 and 10 years, after which go on sale. Another old family firm Cles des Ducs keep the best land and is a leader in global exports. But regardless of the brand, almost any Armagnac must be mahogany or bright, golden hue. In each brand you can find their own distinctive flavors and aromas. It may be smack nuts, prunes or complex aromatic composition. Distinguish fruit aromas (plum, apricot, orange, quince), flower (honey, limes, grapes) and wood (burning wood, roasted peanuts and vanilla). There are other scents and flavors. But to put into words all the nuances and aromas of Armagnac impossible, try this amazing drink Gascons, and you make your own impression of him.

The Role Of Subconscious

Although they are consciously motivated and repeating that they will do better for themselves, and are aware of the process of changing beliefs, if not working in your subconscious, all that work will be in vain. The subconscious is a powerful resource, guides us and leads us in life, keeps us alive, manages our vital functions and can sabotage our lives. Therefore, you should be aware of what your beliefs are rooted in the subconscious, many people who want to earn more money and become financially independent, able to travel and have a better quality of life, believes that changing jobs is the solution, this is a trap the subconscious, because they want to be rich, want to be rich, but your subconscious always leads to economic slavery, because it is "safe" that is "best" so that you sucked. Nobody, ever, got rich working for an employer, and if you are looking for financial freedom and earn more, but those seeking a "safe use" in the season with more changes in the history of mankind, your subconscious is sabotaging. Want a better person, someone better, successful (a) smart and projecting confidence and trust, someone who dares to take on new challenges, but do not want to leave the habits you've acquired over the years, such as tardiness, laziness, the custom more or less, do not put 100% effort in anything, and so on, your subconscious is sabotaging. Because you want good results effortlessly, without changing anything in your life, without changing yourself (a), are the infomercials that follow the "lose 20 kilos in 5 days doing nothing" of "Grow Rich in 3 minutes without investing and not at work ", that is a sign that your subconscious sabotages and want to stay where you are now, a place where you're not happy, but these comfortable. You must be aware not only to acquire new beliefs that allow you to achieve success, but these must be inserted and the subconscious also scheduled to work. Otherwise, you're constantly saboteandote and the law of attraction does not work, hypnosis does not work, courses motivation either..


Today I want to continue the theme of progress for the novice, and to dwell on the topic of the major directories. The first of these – Directory DMOZ ( or Open Directory Project. This is the largest and oldest Internet directory, which appeared even before the most modern search engines. What makes getting into this directory? First of all, getting into the catalog shows some recognition of your website and it underlines the credibility and trustworthiness. Second, due to very high-ranking PR and TCI is able to significantly improve it indexes your site. Third, finding a site in DMOZ often magically helps high positions in SERPe Google, ie on some key demands can go a little Does not the top.

Fourth, the Internet there are a large number of copies of the primary site DMOZ, which is automatically Submitting sites that in itself creates a synergy effect. In general, getting into DMOZ – the dream of every webmaster. In fact, all these wonderful things give the following: 1) Possible increase in PR, often the mere presence in this directory can provide a website Google PR 4. 2) Increased traffic from search engines, especially with Google, at the expense of the trust the last of the directory, and 3) increase the credibility of blogs in the eyes of visitors, partners, and anyone, but this thing is not the last. 4) If you sell links from the muzzle or the internal pages, increasing their value seriously, because that people are buying inbound links to your site want to do it from the site is in DMOZ and Yandex Directory.

Economy Without Ethics

The economic crisis has erupted when the discourse of the Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) in annual reports and in responsible business indices is buoyant. Was it cosmetic or ethics? Make-up for having good appearance or vitamins that strengthen? A smart company does not choose to an ethic of disinterest, impossible for a modern enterprise thing, but of common interest. It does not abandon the pursuit of profit and viability, but that it seeks to achieve its profit through the shared benefit. Why try to become that company citizen that people see as his own thing, because generated material wealth, work and intangible values in your environment. Commitment to transparency that generates confidence and forging the reputation, values without which it is difficult to maintain viability. The prudent company tries to meet the aspirations of its interest groups and respond to them. Accountability, transparency and confidence are essential to achieving the good of the company.

Provided that there is an institutional framework capable of ensuring reasonably fulfilled the rules of game. The institutional framework, responsible for controlling the financial performances, put on notice to investors and consumers has not worked in too many cases. But despite the conviction Leninist that trust is good, but control is better, both are essential. Without control, banks play to excessive risk, to the loan garbage a day and does not provide the following, councils are backed by recalificaciones, consumers borrow beyond what is reasonable and there comes a time in which the train of economic activity gives a sudden stop or crash. But without trust decay transactions, reduces investment, scarce loans, closed companies, increases unemployment and grows the suffering. Is that the discourse of the CSR is disconnected from the systems of corporate governance? Is it that it has not incorporated the core of a large part of companies, when it is innate for them? Perhaps it is that there are two types of incentives, which belong to the sportsmanship of the company and the spurious.