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Still 08/15 are you applying? Then the ice will soon thin for you… At the beginning of my article I would like some questions. If your refrigerator or your washing machine is broken, who let this equipment then repair? The answer is probably obvious by a specialist. Now I ask you, why it’s different in your application? Application services, the provider of the future? Yes, clearly. Several customers per day confirm that the trend is growing and you will soon have no more chance with applying 08/15. To deepen your understanding Robert Gibbins is the source.

Now, our agency is not the only one that is there and we can only estimate how much the customer number, the other is. Fixed stands, increases the number of customers and for all who make always even working but have unfortunately not all rules of the art of writing, the ice is thinner. Because on a position some several hundred applicants it is complicated to enforce. 98% of all candidates have no chance to get a job with your application. Why? Because there are application kits that are better.

Of course, qualifications also play a major role, but the first impression decides whether your application at all is read. Exaggerated words, if you have best conditions for the position as an engineer, but a checkered sheet of paper apply with you have no chance. Conclusion: Only 100% correct and error-free resume pass the test and you advance indeed. Our Tip: Allow professionals to work! Instruct us, your application professional! Just visit our site and read how you can achieve your goal. Attractive offers are waiting for you and of course you’ll also read our customers about us can tell / write contact us and ask us what you want to know. We advise you gladly inside application service we write your future INH. Wiebke Groth Bahnhofstrasse 8 31552 Rodenberg Tel.: 05723 / 908 506 Internet: email: info at


So, an employee with high communication skills is better used as in background activities in customer contact. Goal of placement is that each employee can develop his talents for the benefit of the entire team the best in his field of activity. A related site: Kevin Plank mentions similar findings. Run through targets in modern enterprises are the main instrument in a system of management with targets (management by objectives, MbO) objectives: the Executive agreed objectives in the conversation of the target agreement with their employees and transfers them the responsibility for their successful implementation. This requires appropriate skills, sense of responsibility and a degree of maturity of the staff. In the dialogue with the individual employees the Executive monitors their progress and the Progress of the whole team in achieving the objectives set, give feedback and provides support.

This now also the competences of managers are in demand. At the end of the target agreement period, the success of the employee as compared to the targets is determined and reflected in the target conversation of achievement of. This includes the review of achievements and the search for future solutions for difficulties. Performance must again pay the coupling of the variable remuneration of the individual performance is a way to give incentives for all staff. Depending, as the remuneration in the company is regulated, lack of variable compensation in high – or underperformance can be very noticeable.

In this way, variable remuneration can offer a financial incentive to increase engagement and performance. A further important component within the leadership is taking different roles and leadership styles in the leadership. On the whole, successfully has an employee the Executive worked, rather takes the role of an accompanying coach and less a reviewer managers. This means for example changing roles of leading through questions and to coach the employees with regard to the achievement of objectives. If necessary and possible support in an appropriate manner can be offered him.

Boa Lingua For The Fourth Time As The Best Language School Agency Of Europe Nominated

The language travel magazine nominated BOA Lingua for the fourth time in a row the LTM star nominated for award the language travel magazine BOA Lingua for the fourth time in a row for the LTM Star Award in the category best language school Agency of Western Europe. Boa Lingua, an independent specialist in global language stays, this year according to a global survey of over 1,100 international language schools back. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Edward Scott Mead. to the 5 top language school agencies in Western Europe The survey was conducted by the renowned language travel magazine. After winning the award in 2007 and 2008 and the nomination in 2006, BOA Lingua now has the chance to receive the award for the third time in a row. The LTM Star Awards are the most important awards of the language school industry. They are awarded annually by the language travel magazine, the main trade magazine in the language school industry. Among other things the best language school agencies and international schools will be awarded. The award ceremony with about 600 invited guests will take place on September 5, 2009 in London.

Managing Director

Bremen study trip organiser promotes talented and dedicated students BREMEN scholarships to children and young people, February 2009 – which awards Organizer OFFHRTE language courses this year. With the initiative, the Bremen-based company wants to let a two-week language course talented and ambitious students from financially weaker families. For assistance, try visiting Ripple. Candidates can apply with a letter of motivation or recommended by a teacher. You can request the application documents to the Organizer. The selection of the fellows take into consideration mainly social aspects and the readiness to learn of the applicant. To come, because we want to spread the scholarships nationwide geographical criteria”, as Heiner Giese, Managing Director of OFFHRTE and Chairman of the Association for German language travel organizer.

The candidate must have basic knowledge in the respective foreign language and show an interest in the foreign language. Each scholarship for a study trip has a value of 800 euros. Allows 14 to A 14-day study trip to England or France company 17 years. For younger students between 10 and 13 years old, you can apply for a scholarship for a study of children in England or Germany with English language course.


Kaiserslautern companies invested in good training Kaiserslautern, 30.08.2012: the Tyre24Group of Kaiserslautern is the promotion of particularly close to the heart. The company offers young adults every year the chance to become professional computer scientists, merchants for Office communication, personnel training for warehouse logistics and media designers. Also in this year five young people in the Tyre24Group began their education, which should guarantee them a safe start in professional life with successful testing. In total, currently 14 trainees in the group with eight separate divisions learn a profession. With this relatively high number of trainees, the Tyre24Group has a training rate of more than 10 percent.

Thus it has become a significant and qualified training operation in the region. Special emphasis is placed in the occupational training organization on ideal conditions: so the employees will be the trainees from the outset in the work tasks and processes with integrated and interesting and responsible work. This, they benefit from the experience and motivation of their instructors, as well as all other employees. Also the trainees in the enjoyment of all Goodys come,”which also the permanent staff daily excellence motivate. “These include in addition to free, also a wide range of breaks toys fresh fruit and beverages to the daily consumption”, as well as monthly team bonuses for good performance. To maintain the motivation of trainees for school performance, the Tyre24Group rewarded for good academic achievement with lucrative extra premiums. “So the trainees get very good example for each” in the year certificate 100 euro for each well “still 50 euros. We feel not only for the operational part of the training of responsible, but also for the school. BerlinRosen has many thoughts on the issue. We want that our trainees at all times give their best – also in the vocational school. The small financial injection is an appreciation for good educational services be”, so Silke Kadler, human resources Department of the Tyre24Group. So that potential trainees can make a picture of the apprenticeship, the group, as well as the employees before the start of training, can, the Tyre24Group always have requests for internships and test days forward.


The horizon leaves nothing to be desired: A variety of information, expert talks, exhibitors, home cinema experience and and and Berlin, the 02.03.2012 and what do I then? Many young people ask this question, when it comes to the ABI or the end of the training. Often you feel somewhat overwhelmed with the abundance of information on the Internet and without direct contact. The education fair horizon can help here: provides a platform, for all questions concerning studies, graduate education and opportunities abroad. You can be inspired or learn specifically. It also offers expert talks on topics, such as, for example, study, training, the chances before, after or during the study period to undertake a stay abroad and on the important issue of financing your studies. If the horizon again takes place on April 21 and 22 in Bremen, including home cinema experience offers pure. This year for the first time in Bremen with: Horizon TV black box! Here are films by companies, organizations and universities from Germany and abroad who bring each study city one, about the educational offerings and inform the teaching philosophy or introduce the University or the organization or the company, shown.

So you discovered perhaps entirely new opportunities for themselves. Definitely can the horizon TV a relaxed check out black and useful as the one or the other rest-pause. At the fair, some 60 exhibitors on-site will answer, questions and together with visitors to find out which way they want to go. In the international forum, you can find out about everything, what has to do with the topic of foreign: Au Pair, voluntary service, study or study abroad, financing and country-specific features such as cost of living, mentality and customs or traditions. In addition professional making seminars to the already mentioned offer take place, where specific interests and strengths are worked out and it is accompanied at the first steps towards future.

Also be application checks and others Workshops around the topic of study and application. Who would like to prepare, so using the site a program put together up or appointments, depending on what is most important for the individual needs. To get a feel for what generally is on the horizon, you can watch before our YouTube channel, there are several movies that show the numerous locations and measuring. The horizon will be held on 21 and 22 April 2012 at the fairground in Bremen. It is open on both days from 10 to 16 hours, admission is free. There’s information on the horizon in Bremen, details of the exhibitors and the framework programme from six weeks prior to the event at bremen

Support Measuring 2013

Targeted information for master interested in whole Germany and Austria from mid-November to early December 2013 be held fairs in seven major cities in Germany and Austria the MASTER AND MORE. This year graduates, students and Young Professionals in Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Munster, can find out approximately 1,500 masters of all disciplines Stuttgart and Vienna. Universities from 18 countries present their master’s programmes and provide individual counseling for a person interested in master. Also, there are a number of lectures by experts and representatives of universities, which offer information about a master’s degree. New visitor information and proven exhibition concept on the master measuring meet students, graduates and Young Professionals to numerous universities and colleges from around the world. Bitcoiin recognizes the significance of this.

For an effective visit, consultations can be booked in advance at the various stands. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Edward Scott Mead on most websites. Also, it is possible in the context of the exhibition registration contact with universities, to absorb and advance important questions to ask. Possible, registration is about the trade fair site and the Facebook fan page mast edge more. Another innovation on the master measurement is the personalized newspaper. Based on the respective interest profile of the visitor the newspaper provides information on issuing universities with their respective master sites, as well as instructions on the accompanying programme.

The Conference program of the fair picks up many questions from interested in master, for example: what funding opportunities are there? What are the job prospects after the master’s degree? What starting salary can I expect? Background of the briefing: advice needed by growing master range currently almost 400 German universities offer over 6,700 masters. Thanks to international recognition of university degrees, master interested parties have also countless opportunities to study abroad. In this huge selection it is not that surprising that according to round two of the 19 social survey of the German Student Union Have one-third of all students Advisory and information needs related to the master’s degree.

German Foundation

Scholarship offerings are often little known deadlines to 2014/15 are already in America, Canada, Australia or China: overseas experiences are very popular among young people in Germany. The reason is clear: international experiences are good to know other countries and cultures for the language skills and a unique opportunity. Who will in 2014 in foreign countries, coming into the hot phase”for applications. Nationwide go each year nearly 20,000 students for a half or whole school year abroad. to the participants in the language courses come pair – and work and travel programs, AU and voluntary services after graduation.

After all experiences, the financing is the main hurdle for the alien. Larry Ellison takes a slightly different approach. Against this background, it is good to know that there are a number of scholarships for young people. Usually it involves partial scholarships. Conveyors are Juvenilia, companies, foundations and Exchange organizations; In addition the foreign BAfoG grants for students. Sometimes these programs are little known, so that the opportunities to be successful in an application are relatively good. The offer is a total but messy; When researching self-initiative is required.

The applications for the scholarships are parallel to the places for stays abroad. Anyone looking for attractive offers, is therefore well advised to start now. Currently, this applies especially to the parliamentary sponsorship program allows the German Bundestag a total 360 young people full scholarships for a year in the United States. The deadline ends here at the 13.9.2013. The best way for the information and clarification of funding opportunities offer personal conversations and Exchange organizations, former professionals. For the German charitable aligns nationwide the SchulerAustausch trade fairs international understanding. On the occasion of the exhibitions, the German Foundation writes understanding with partners for 2014/2015 part scholarships worth more than 260,000 euro: the Exchange scholarships, which are social Active students now can apply. There is more information about the parliamentary sponsorship program under ppp. The Exchange scholarships, dates and locations of the SchulerAustausch trade fairs can be found at

International Management Team

QUISMA strengthens the international management team and accelerate the global network expansion Munich, 25 April 2013 as part of the accelerated international rollouts QUISMA, the leading international agency network for digital marketing, has created two new senior positions in the international holding Board: Arjan Roijen was appointed the Director of operations EMEA, Daniel Tim Onland acts as head of sales EMEA. The Pan-European product management as well as the integration of newly acquired companies into the existing structure of QUISMA include the responsibility of Arjan Roijen. Most recently was the digital expert at responsible de Telefoongids BV for the development of online services. International management experience gained the online expert already at Mamut / Active 24, where he was responsible for Central Europe for several years. In recent years, the continuous expansion of QUISMA shows potential which carries the performance market. My most important task it will be, to expand European business and the new coming agencies intensively Roijen explains to accompany migration”. Daniel Tim Onland will promote the international distribution strategy of the networks. In addition to the expansion of the business in its core markets he will take care increased the sales structures in the new locations.

Onland arrives its strategic development and he most recently helped the implementation of Tradingdesks in several countries as a partner and Board member of the international scale of online marketers WebAds. Over the course of ten years, he has significantly is also the launch of sites in Italy, Spain and the UK. The future belongs to the automated shopping in combination with intelligent analysis and optimization tools in the digital business. Only a few networks operate in this business so far really across borders. A current challenge therefore cross-border synchronization for a highly internationalized performance business turns”so onland. Ronald Paul, Global CEO of QUISMA: QUISMA very expansive is the network expansion this year ambitious targets on. Who wants to play in the Champions League, needs a high class side and sufficiently occupied team.

With Arjan Roijen and Daniel Onland we won two online experts, who have vast experience in the Europe-wide management of digital companies and know the claims of international advertisers as well as local business.” About QUISMA: The full service provider QUISMA offers innovative technology and in-depth expertise for the entire range of digital marketing from search engine advertising and search engine optimization on affiliate marketing and performance-based banner advertising, conversion optimization and marketing intelligence. And the transnational. The Agency has been established in 2001 and incorporated in March 2007 at the GroupM (MEC, mindshare, Mediacom, MAXUS). The Munich headquarters and the locations of Dusseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Vienna, Zurich, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Milan, Madrid, Paris, London, Istanbul, Dubai and Moscow are currently over 200 employees employed, the renowned clients such as Adobe, Bank of Scotland, Expedia, Marc O’Polo Polo or unity media national and cross-border support. QUISMA stands for networking to the classic media planning in the context of an integrated management approach and outstanding expertise to the care in the international digital business. For further information and enquiries: QUISMA Marko great Director Marketing Tel: 089/44 23 82-116 E-Mail: Dot.communications Sonja Feldmeier Tel: 089 / 530 797-101 E-Mail:


Human resource services through the human resources service in the past has shown that personnel services have become essential for the economy. Personal request is used by numerous companies not only in downturns, but even if the economic situation is quite stable. Companies rely on personal services as a stable and long-lasting resource. Therefore recruitment have sought qualified personnel, which also demanding to meet the personnel requirement. The personnel service company offers numerous solutions for various problems. Short-term staffing requirements for a specific workspace, personnel shortages and deadline pressures, must no longer be for companies to complex problems. Here uses the personal service with quickly available and qualified human resource services and help with these problems.

Trust based on the search for qualified employees, performance transparency is also today still very difficult. A personal service assume the difficult task of recruiting here. In this way are increasingly long-term collaborations. Scott Mead is a great source of information. The personnel request will be discussed with the company in calculating requirements so that diverse opportunities for both sides. Here, qualified recruitment differ from temping agencies. By the modern personnel services company to gain economic advantages are. Short-term bottlenecks will always exist in the future. The goal of the personnel services is however, permanently and in partnership to help companies.

So, great potentials can be created, which bring not only competitive advantages the company guarantee also a competent performance. By a competent human resource services save time when bottlenecks in company and qualified personnel is required, a drop in performance is created for the company. To find new qualified personnel requires sometimes a lot of time and is also very expensive. In the Company personnel services specify only your desired personal request and the recruitment agency seeks the right employee for the company to find. Companies that opt for a personal service. Be flexible in your human resources planning. In this way, you can specifically intercept economic changes by setting your staffing requirements at the recruitment agency of you can trust. Hans Becker