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Moscow Nanny Services

On average, moscow nurse asks $ 1,000 a month working with the child. But you can often see the ads and from 12-15 thousand rubles per month. It is usually women do not have visitors for special education and at times they experience one year. Nurse, who asks for their services 25-27 thousand rubles – a woman with higher education and with a residence permit in Moscow and extensive experience working with children. There are such declarations, in which the amount per month of babysitting passes for 50 thousand rubles. Such a high price for their services justify the nanny – higher education, extensive experience, knowledge of foreign languages, well, in general, that's all. If you can pay for the organization free time children of 50 thousand rubles, it is better to give the child to a private garden, where the price for staying the same, but the advantages in education is much greater. The conclusion is, if you are looking for a nanny, then guided around 25-27 thousand rubles for month.

This is about 100-150 rubles per hour babysitting. Here we will publish announcements of "work nurse" with pictures to make your choice easier was the nanny. Thus, the heading "Seeking a nanny," now we have published with photographs of nurses. But, recently became a mom Jennifer Lopez said that baby-sitting service does not use it.

The Radiator

Cladocera inhabit different fresh water, including puddles, ditches, moist ravines, and so multiply very quickly, every 3-4 days produce new offspring. Copepods are also widely found in freshwater. About 250 species, especially the popular Cyclops (both have the same frontal eye). The value of the Cyclops in the range 1,5 – 5 mm larvae, respectively, are also of different lengths. Therefore, by sorting can pick up food for fish of different ages and sizes. All shellfish is well tolerated temperature fluctuations, and catch them all year round. The prepared food must be stored in a low wide vessel, placed in cool and low light place. For better preservation of water in which food is stored are periodically purged.

Dead shrimp should be removed for washing. Variety of tables and insect larvae living in water. Y aquarists are especially popular mosquito larvae – zvontsev, more commonly known as crank. They are developed in weakly running or stagnant water bodies and wet muddy ground. Mined moth in the same way that Tubifex stored in a damp cloth, wrapped in several layers of dense, dry paper. The package is placed in a cool place. With a large amount of food it needs to be periodically (1-2 times per week) to wash.

The larvae of other mosquitoes – koretru – caught in the water column usual net. Koretry advantage in that it is not buried in the substrate material disadvantage – low energy value compared with the bloodworm. In addition, the larva – a predator may attack on individual fry. Koretru possible long-term storage in low voluminous vessels at low temperatures. Do not hesitate to take mosquito larvae floating in shallow puddles on the surface, eggs and tadpoles and frogs frogs, Drosophila. Last bred at the bank with the remnants of slightly sweetened fresh fruit or compote. The best in quality, of course, is a live feed, but Pratica often use substitutes. They are dry and combination. The first is most often composed of dried crustaceans (Daphnia, Cyclops). Methods of preparation is simple: caught shrimp are placed on the gauze frame in a well ventilated, sheltered from direct sunlight, and dried up condition. Store stocks have in closed vessels. But one of the recipes for mixed feed. Take meat, beef liver, cheese, caviar, frozen fish, algae, nettle leaves, and flour in small quantities and in roughly equal proportions, double-grind in a meat grinder. The resulting granules are dried (available on the radiator steam boiler) and stored in a hermetically sealed container, in cool place. In recent practice of freezing live feed in freezers refrigerators (without water), displaying them on a board with a thin layer. Many fish need to be systematically feeding. In this capacity, useful plants (lettuce, spinach, dandelion, nettle, etc.) and animal proteins (eggs frozen fish, meat) and egg whites, cottage cheese, bread.


Some of my friends recently said: "It is expected that the relationship between a man and a woman have to end a marriage …" This was said without sarcasm, subtext and just the man himself without realizing it said indisputable truth – For, indeed often the marriage is the beginning of the end of the relationship. What do you do when the end is yet come? As the practice and science confirms, she is often unprepared for divorce and the consequences that it brings along. By virtue of his emotion. Instead of sensibly think about the future life in the new status, all the forces rush to the bouts of self-pity so lovely and so lonely, his teeth as a woman eats one's conscience for not having managed to keep the family together at least for the sake of children, blaming all the troubles it is a negligent husband. If you already have all agreed and understood that the divorce will take place – for a start, pull yourself together and analyze the situation. Gary Kelly spoke with conviction.

You have in front of independent living and the only hope on their own resources and finances – but do they? It's great if you and your ex-husband about the peace treaty on fair divide all marital and he would not mind to ensure the child (ren) monthly worthy content. But more often different. Disputes over the apartments, cars, bank accounts, place of residence of children and alimony even further aggravating the conflict. In such cases, should not delay its trip to the lawyer – he'll tell you all about this procedure as a dissolution of marriage, as well as your rights in the new status. And, if necessary, will also represent your interests in court. Ignore legal advice is not worth it, otherwise, by accident of time when the tears will end and the awareness of real life, it may be that you turned out with nothing. In the meantime, a small legal literacy campaign on the theme of divorce.

Divorce can be a local government body of civil registration (RAPA) or through the courts. The first option is possible only if both wife agree to divorce, the family is no minor children and there are no property disputes. In other cases – welcome to the court. The good old truth that "all marital property in divorce cases divided in half between the spouses "can move in the direction of women. For example, if a child is living with his mother, then the court can not require half the apartments, but more than that, and maybe the whole living space. Such issues resolved by the court individually in each case, subject to poslerazvodnogo financial position of husband and wife. Ask about their chances of a professional lawyer. And even better if a lawyer will prepare a claim and will defend the rights of mothers and children in court. Avoid contact with ex-husband is unlikely – he as a father obliged to take part in the upbringing of a child and has the right to meet with him. Need to take it and learn behave in a civilized manner even when a child. Remember that the father can get through the court of meetings with the child and then have to give a child my father on a fixed schedule.

Feng Shui Centre

Metal – a policeman, judge, counsel, and any profession where there is direct contact with metal, such as an auto mechanic. Water – actor, singer, dancer, television or radio host, a sailor. Your child's hobbies. So, on the basis described above, you can determine the useful element for your child. This will help you understand which section is it to send than to take it free from school (or kindergarten) time. Below is a list of occupations and their corresponding elements: Here short list of professions that can select the children and the elements to which these professions are: Wood – drawing, design, modeling, gymnastics, as well as all the classes, where there is direct contact with the tree. Fire – martial arts (especially eastern), amateur radio, computers. All that is directly connected with the work of thought, generate ideas and humor.

Soil – collecting, working with clay, ceramics, stone. Metal – figure skating, auto and motorcycles, military and historical circles, as well as all the classes, which require discipline and coherence, organizational skills. Water – a dance studio, choir, music school, drama studio. Vocational guidance for your child. When it comes time to choose a college, determined their future profession, there are two versions of events. The first situation: Your child at this age is very decided on how he sees the future, what he wants to be. And even if you think he chose the 'wrong' career, the most valuable thing you can give your child at this point – it's free choice and self-determination.

Perhaps then he will decide what to do with something else, but he was no one to blame for irregularities of their choice. This will give your mind greater autonomy and respect for their parents. The second situation: many 16-17 year to be very difficult to understand what exactly is your vocation, which wants to devote his life. Therefore, your child may be at a loss and do not know what profession to choose. In this case, you'd better refer to his observations about what elements are useful to him and on this basis to help him. Here is a list of occupations and their corresponding elements: Wood – an artist, writer, director, poet, designer, designer, photographer, sculptor woodwork, designer, chef, teacher, junior doctor, a restaurateur, a veterinarian. Fire – programmer, engineer, scientist, researcher, analyst, pilot, a chemist, and as a profession directly related to the fire. Soil – Agriculture agriculture, insurance, activities related to storage, warehousing anything. Metal – law and advocacy, all power, power and administrative structures, financier, bank clerk, cashier, mechanic. Water – a specialist in advertising, communications, public relations, tourism, television and radio presenter, actor, musician, translator, tour guide, a stockbroker. I sincerely wish you to you and your child lived not only in harmony with the environment, but also with each other! Anna Novinskaya, a leading expert Feng Shui Centre 'New Wind'

Comforting Mother

The cross is the maximum expression of the glory, of the merciful love of the Divine People for us. In the extreme disaster it is the maximum favour, the glorious expression of the gratuitous, merciful love of the Divine Family for the human beings. Cause swims more admiration, exultao, astonishment; nothing he is more glorious than the small one to become great, the rich one to become poor, the saint to become pecador, you blame to assume them of the pecadores, for gratuitous love for them, to save them of the inevitable death. This is the glory of God disclosed in the incarnate Verb, ' ' glory that the Only Son has, ab perpetual, next to the Father and the God Mother, full of favour and verdade' '. The Father and Gods Mother are joined to the Son in qunose of the Trindade imanente and in qunose of the economic Trindade, of the incarnation to the cross. Therefore in Divine family everything is common, is allotment, mutual service, dom of the life of each Person to the others: ' ' Everything that is mine is of the Father and God Mother; everything that is of Pai and Ruah is mine. The Comforting Mother will remember you everything that I taught to you. It will not speak for itself, but in my Name, and will say everything what he heard of me, as I say everything that heard of my Pai' ' Jo 14 or 16. When assuming the condition human being in the womb of Maria, Jesus became member of the family human being, in them it made members of its Body and the divine Family. ' ' When the fullness of the time arrived, God sent its Son to the world, born of woman, so that we received the adoption branch office, in relation to the Father, the God Mother and the mother Maria.

The New Family

In the last few decades we are attending in the sociedadebrasileira the implantation of a new familiar standard as consequence of filhosde parents who if separate and that they are married again, the times until for more than umavez, becoming thus stepfathers and stepmothers of children and stepsons who someio-brothers and half-sisters between itself, what he results in varied degrees of parentescosadotivos. The main cause of this new familiar aspect was, indubitvelmente, the implantation of the divorce, that allows that the people tenhamnovas possibilities to search the happiness conjugal, but opens way for asfamlias formed for children of some unions. The idea of that the marriages last forever already makes passed partedo, as well as the legitimacy of the children to be subordinadainvarivelmente to the marriage Brazilian justice today privileges more the affective bows, in detriment of biological and this revolution of customs it as well as reaches not smentepais and children of diverse unions the couples homosexuals who, of ummodo general, also already they are accepted for the society, as the cabeleleirospaulistas Vasco Peter of Gamma Son, 35 years, and Jnior of oak, of 43, that they are parents of Theodora, of 5 years. They had obtained to adopt the girl have poucomais of one year. Gay in Brazil was the first case of adoption for a couple and, as it says Gamma Son, what it helped them was the change in the mentality of pessoasque, in a general way, diminuiram its preconception against the homossexualidade, what it allows them, also, that in the certificate of nascimeto of Theodora, todosos two appear as ' ' pais' ' The affection became crucial factor in the courts, it excessively quefavoreceu the couples formed for homosexuals who, now, j we teemos same rights of the couples heterosexuals, as the pension payment, aincluso in the health plans and the rights on the inheritance and the goods queeram common to the two partners, since whom she is proven the afetivaestvel union between them and in the conjugal separation, the guard of the children also changed e, instead of being always a priority of the woman, as it was old, now da part that to prove that it has better conditions, in such a way financial quantoemocionais, to create them, also being able to be established the shared guard, in which the child passes part of the week with the mother and another part with the father