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In the truth, the value that the producer receives for the sales of its force of work – called wage -, corresponds to the necessary one to guarantee only its proper reproduction. to this extration of excess inside of the process of production it is added another one, that occurs in the sphere of the consumption. As the producer does not receive parcels from the merchandises that it produces, but an addition in money, it needs to use this money to buy the merchandises, in order to be able consumiz them, a time that in the capitalism economic goods do not exist that are not merchandises. However, it does not make it for the value that they possuam when of its production, but yes for what they will have after to pass for the sphere of the distribution and to arrive at the one of the consumption, adding on-prices. Larry Ellison is often quoted as being for or against this. Thus, if the value in currency of the wage of a worker corresponds the 10, and of the merchandises that it produced the 50, when the producer will be to buy them for its consumption, its value will be of 100, what it will reduce the value of its real wage only the 5. This double extration of economic excess that the capitalism operates, explains the necessity of the free producer and to be dispossessed of the means of production, with the implication of its transformation in wage-earner (cheapest them work forms), at the same time where it assures the reproduction of the capital in the scope of the proper act to produce. The volume of the production can be increased.

Not horizontally, for incorporation of more diligent and big area productive, but vertically, for introduction of innovations techniques that allows that the productivity if raises, using the same number of producers with equal physical dimension of the used area for the production. Scott Mead shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. what it is basic, as any innovation technique implies the increase of the productivity, its introduction will make automatically that if it extends to the difference in value, between what the producer receives and what it produces. Here it is the basic reason of the form manufacter of production to be characteristic of the capitalism, and not to be adopted, if not when two daily pay-conditions had been carried through: the concentration of the means of production at the hands of the bourgeoisie, and the constitution it proletariat with its force of work as only merchandise salable. The capitalism does not carry through the full job. In contrast, it takes the formation of what army of reserve of man power, that is constituted by kept workers dismissed, or same for producers not yet completely destitute of the ways of reproduction is called, located mainly in the agricultural areas. Hear other arguments on the topic with Coupang. Its constitution obeys a double intention: to allow to the rotation of the man power, selling at a loss the wages and making it difficult the formation of the proletariat in a block coeso, and also to guarantee a strategical reserve for the future expansion of the system, or for its reinforcement at times of retraction of the demand.

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Federal District

Moreover, it is important to point out that the expenses tributaries of the government are related to the specific action (excepting the cases of the Union, States and Cities) and not ace entities. Difference between Immunity and Exemption Tax ' ' expenses tributrios' ' , treated in previous topic, they will appear in the legislation Brazilian tax as ' ' immunities or isenes' '. Many are the maken a mistake consideraes that define the two situations as equal, however, a good definition of the subjects in prominence is of basic importance to know which the duties and obligations of each institution. Then the immunity definition is determined by the Federal Constitution, through article 150, interpolated proposition VI, alneas ' ' b and c' ' , I contend the following writing: : ' ' Without damage of other guarantees assured to the contributor, it is forbidden To the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities, (…), to institute taxes on: ) Patrimony, income or services ones of the others; b) temples of any cult; c) patrimony, income or services of the political parties, also its foundations, of the syndical entities of the workers, the institutions of education and social assistance, without lucrative ends, taken care of the requirements of lei.' ' In other words, immunity tax is the fiscal resignation or prohibition of collection of tribute established in constitutional headquarters. Of one it forms generic, it occurs when the constitutional rule hinders the incidence of the rule of law of taxation, creating a public law to demand that the State if abstains to charge tributes. Soon, what it is immune cannot be taxed for ability absence tax for in such a way. On the other hand, the Exemption is determined by Law. Conceptually it is determined for the legal dismissal of the payment of tributes. One notices that, as is determined by Law, it can be revoked by another complementary law.

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Fixed Income High

Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo commodities agriculturists is with light high in the prices of the maize, coffee, soy and wheat, with the retaken one of exportations for supplying of the international supplies, but the climate of estiagem in the regions South and in the State of the Mato Grosso of the South, it harmed part of the harvest, with production projections 134,6 million tons of grains foreseen for this year. The Bunge Group, intends to be one of the 3 processing greaters of sugar cane-of-sugar and alcohol for the next decade, the company is also announcing a series of investments to conquer and to extend its slice in the Brazilian food domestic market. According to Minister of Agriculture Reinhold Stephanes announced increase of the area cultivated in the 0,9% country, that he will guarantee the internal supplying of foodstuffs, as the increase of the production of rice, beans, wheat and maize. The market of interests in the long run, with expiration in January of 2010, points 10,99% taxes, this sample clearly pressure that will be made for the reduction of tax SELIC, that today is in 12,75%, with projections of fall in the next meetings to the COPOM (Committee of Monetary Politics). Papers of Vale and Petrobra’s will have gradual return of values, as well as in elapsing of the year. It will in the long run have a recovery in the price of action with rescue, 2010 and 2011, in short term the actions of the electric sector are with high search. The oscillations in the Brazilian stock market had diminished, but the economic impacts in U.S.A.

are uncertain, what it can provoke some exaggerations in 2009. The Fixed Income, the Public Saving and Papers are interesting for investments at the moment. It looks mixing wallet of investments. The dollar goes to vary, as the oscillations of the stock market in the world, high in the stock markets of the Europe, fall of the dollar and vice versa, are not a good option of investments. The gold became interesting, but the bureaucracy and the high charged taxes make it difficult the access to this type of investment. The prices in the attacked one with fall of 0,33% in January and 0.82% in December, already the light retail with high provoked by the changeable education with increase of 0,83% in January of 2009. The taxes of interests in fall bring more monetary relief in the next months.

The public sector withholds 40% of offers of credit in Brazil, therefore, the responsible administration on the part of the government, mainly in the question of conservation of the job and reduction of the interests charged in the system, as spread bank clerk, can stimulate the economy from the next months. The volume of unemployment in January and February is very high and will scare the best optimists, but the return the acts of contract happen from the next month. Some companies are studying strategies of terceirizada financial management, of which, the private banks are the interested greaters, for being plus an operational prescription chance. She will have great search for competent professionals in the area of finances for all Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer

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Learn How To Use The Power Of Your Imagination

If we look carefully at our world we see that the creative power of man is wonderful, this is what has allowed have magnificent in medicine advances in information technology, in industries and in everything that surrounds us. Creativity is threatened by the routine, for those activities where there is no freedom of thinking much but we follow precise instructions about what should be done, that have guides for the development of many things is certainly of great importance and utility, this makes our lives much easier, but there must also be a balance that allows the use of creative thinking. To succeed in any activity innovation is necessary, going beyond the traditional, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt teaches us many strategies people have used to make their ideas work, among many the use of creativity, it is important that you think, how can I improve this process?, what could be different and attractive?, should I find something cheaper and equally effective?, etc. All these questions you can answer them satisfactorily if you connect your ideas with your subconscious mind, the book the secret of the power of goals shows that technique, once you have memorized a goal then is in the ability to develop great things, the power will be on their side. Use your imagination and the power of the mind is a process that takes time, but no doubt that it is what makes a big difference between the traditional and the spectacular, the goals have their levels if you want small things you will notice that they are easily achieved but if their wishes are huge then you have to resort to its true source of powerIt is similar to the disposal of money, if someone wants a palette, it is almost certain that goes in your Pocket $2 to buy it, but if you want a $ 2 million property, it is unlikely that he routinely walk them down the street, go to a Bank, or to issue a cheque, what this comparison means is that great targets require greater use of power and energy, the good thing is knowing that are in you, just have to discover them and use it. Goals should be motivating, ideas that make us shudder us completely, because we were born to create wonderful things, so it’s time to prove it and you can do this only if we seek an infinite power source, this condition is in the depths of his being, is necessary to awaken this force and resort to it to achieve the life you want. Large knowledge arise from the wishes, there is where the power of the subconscious mind works with power to make people finding great inspirations to solve problems or make things better in the book you will discover the secret of the power of goals.

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Fiscal Surplus

Now already we know that the culprits for the crisis are ' ' the whites of eyes azuis' ' , we are well tranquilos. But who is the culprits for the bad management of the budget of the government? In day 31 of March it was announced that the combination of fall of prescriptions of taxes with the increase of the expenditures, in still bigger speed, fragilizou the public accounts in the first bimaster of the year. The economy that the federal government makes to pay the expenditures with interests of the public debt – the call primary surplus – fell 85.1% in the two first months of 2009. A tumble of R$ 17,53 billion in relation to the surplus of the first bimaster of 2008. In the passed month, the central government had a deficit of R$ 926,2 million, first resulted the negative one in February months since that the government started to calculate the pointer, has 12 years. In the bimaster, the primary surplus of the accounts of the central government (National Treasure, INSS and Central banking) closed in R$ 3,04 billion, before R$ 20,58 billion in 2008. The challenge is great because the commitment of the government it is to generate, in the first quadrimestre, a primary surplus of R$ 17 billion.

The analysis of the accounts indicates that the expenditures of the central government had grown 19.59%, while the prescriptions had fallen 3.05% in the bimaster, because of the impact of the deceleration of the economic activity in the collection and of the fiscal disinvestings of a charge. In 2008, the opposite occurred: the prescriptions grew 19% and the expenditures, in lesser rhythm, 14.8%. This bad performance of the central government finished compromising all the accounting it public sector (state Union, States, Cities and), in this beginning of year, according to data divulged for the Central.O Bank fact is that the fall in the collection has repercussion in all the social structure of the country, therefore harms states and cities that depend on the resources of taxes of the federal government to keep basic services functioning. J last week the Government corotu R$ 25,4 billion the budget of areas coom education, investments and public security to adjust accounts to already foreseen fall in the collection. But it did not move in cronogrma of desalrio readjustment of the bureaucracy, that will go to consume R$ 175 billion in next the four years. In the first bimaster of 2009 the expense with servers only added R$ 27 billion, while the expense with investments – that one that makes the economy to turn and to generate jobs – was of only R$ 2 billion. Excusing to the ciphers and the bad notice of who you find that the Government will go to deduct the fall in the collection of the federal taxes? Appositive that they will not be of ' ' whites, of eyes azuis' '. It waits and it confers the next increase to taxes.Bibliography: Magazine of the Week, edition 82 of 09 of April of 2009Jornal the State of So Paulo, edition 42,169 of 01 of April of 2009

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World War

Enormous farms were managed by the proper farmers, who exerted fort influence in the social matters and politics. This caused the income concentration again. In middle of century XIX the railroad was constructed, where if it gave the access to the port of Saints, it detaches that in the decade of 1821-30 the coffee was responsible for 19% of the total of exportations of the country and in 1891 this edge increased for 63%.

The port of Saints, in 1894, becomes the most important exporting center of coffee of the world (BAER, 1996). In the end of this century the economic center moved stops So Paulo, together with the coffee economy. Some attempts in the production of manufactured by the local economy had not been successful, had to the politics of open doors adopted by the government, that facilitated the importation of manufactured of better quality of the Europe. In Brazil industrialization was initiated delayed from the decade of 1840, as the following topic. The BEGINNING OF INDUSTRIALIZATION With the main objective to increase the prescription tax, the government approximately increases its tariffs of importation in 30% in the year of 1844.

In consequncia the first txteis companies appear. From then on the State stimulates the production, supplying exemption of taxes in the importation of maquinrio and raw material. In the year of 1852, Brazil possua 64 plants and workshops, being they of diverse branches: articles of leather, soap, txteis, clothes, beer, casting, glass, amongst others. The first period of industrial development in Brazil was dominated by light industries, being responsible for 57% of the industrial production in 1907 and 64% in 1919 (BAER, 1996). The productive capacity of Brazil increased in the eight years that had preceded the World War I.

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Applied Economic Research

With this information, the researchers carry through collections of data in the commerce and the too much establishments that carry through sales of products or services for consumers. With the information of prices gotten in the research in field and with the weight of each one of the item in the budget of the families, by means of calculations if he gets the inflation for the period measured for the IPCA. The IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research) recently carried through a work where it in recent years presented the variation of the prices of the products and services measured by the IPCA. In accordance with this study, that grouped the composition of the products and services in foods and drinks (with weight of 22,3%), services (with 23,0%), monitored (with 31,5%) and industrialized (with 23,1%), of 2000 the 2010 inflation in 2002 only exceeded the goal established for the government. Since 2005 that the goal of the inflation is of 4,5% with tolerance of 2,5 percentile points up and down in this year and of 2 percentile points in the other years. The industrial products that in 2001, 2002 and 2004 had been superior to the inflation goal, since 2005 come presenting always inferior increase of prices to center of the goal. The monitored ones, that they are basically public services that had been privatized such as telephony, water, public energy, transports, had had well different behaviors of 2000 the 2005 and 2006 until the moment.

In the first period, the increase of the prices was always superior to goal of inflation and in as the period, always inferior. The main reason of this change in the behavior of the prices of these services was the alteration of the method of readjustments of the tariffs waked up since the privatization. This change more took the application of index adjusted for the reality such as the use of spread sheets of costs. The services in generalities had only had a more compatible behavior with the superior band of the inflation goal during last the ten years, having exceeded this limit in 2010. The behavior of food and drinks in last the eleven years has varied very, since 20.7% in 2002 to an increase of 1,7% in 2006. To control the inflation is basic, however, if it does not have to forget it growth the economy and generation of income and wealth in our country. Factors as the exchange tax that in recent years if has kept below of what if it can consider as adequate if on the other hand have helped to hold the increase of the prices, for another one have soldier on barrack duty the economy to grow more strong, notadamente by means of increase of the exportations and the reduction of the importations of consumption goods and services. Moreover, as the astronomical interests that Brazil is practising currently to hold the inflation have corroded the public finances and flooding the country of dollars that still more raise the costs for the Brazilian government. This necessary politics of changes that lead to the moderation of the inflation, adjustment of the tax of exchange for a platform that does not harm the Brazilian exporters and diminishes the brutal cost of Brazil is having at the moment with the reserves in foreign currencies that do not stop to grow.

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In the search for hand of cheap workmanship the companies, for example, use the practical one of the act of contract of women for the services which demand little professional qualification. Still, the impersonal relation between producers and consumers, between which it has a different distribution of to be able, demands as consequence a great sense of indifference, apathy, and same the reliable loss in the proper considered system desumano. When a worker does not possess the due confidence in its head, and determined head he does not trust its manager, the production relations are harmed or ruined in all the levels. As such systems they are generated and kept for human beings, this estranhamento can, finally, provoke a collapse of the system. A time that the production, commerce and financial operations are part of a globalizado system, the collapse in part of it can unchain a reaction in world-wide chain of failures, as it occurred, for example, in the global crisis provoked by the bankruptcy of some companies hosted in the United States and badly managed, in 2008.

The power brando the global corporations, to defend its interests count, still, with the called one to be able structural brando (or soft to power ). As defined for Nye (2004, P. 05), the power brando is refletido in the capacity of if to obtain the results of its preference coing-opt the people instead of coagiz them. Therefore, one is about the capacity of an actor to give form to the preferences of another actor, through its power of attraction and seduction. The power brando is more than persuasion, therefore the people are taken to agree for if feeling attracted by what determined actor she represents. An attraction nor always determines the preferences of one definitive actor, but, certainly, it can modify its perception and, indirectly, influence the result desired for the actor with the power brando.

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