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Make Money

On the internet which makes you earn money are the words. It is therefore essential that you learn to use them in the best way and one of the ways to learn it is studying. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Scott Mead. Writing. There are no shortcuts, you need to write and write. One website is writing and a follow-up email is writing up a short message on Twitter is writing. Credit: Scott Mead-2011. That is why one of the skills more important that you can buy in Internet Marketing if you want to win real money is learning how to write. He is not write only the first thing that comes to mind, you also have to learn to rewrite and rewriting really your own mistakes. While better write more money win.

The formula is simple, improves your writing and increases your profits. A good, well-written emailing can generate millions in a few hours. He is not write more literarily, it’s written with sincerity and call bread bread and wine wine. A good exercise is to write every day for thirty days to your subscribers, using Aweber. Yet you do not write with perfect style, will create a good relationship with your Subscribers. It is true that not everyone will want to hear from you all day, but a part of your list, if.

Preguntaselos and Ponte hands to work. Writing is one of the best ways to generate creative thinking. That the muses you caught working, as the wise man said. Your creative muscles will improve as you use them. And occasionally you will find with little gems that get out of the dark mine that is your brain. Don’t be afraid and especially think about the profound impact you have in your career and in your winnings the fact that you become a better writer.

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Online Commerce

Trade direct to the final consumer invoiced in 2010 U$ S 28000 million in Latin American countries, after habwer closed 2009 at U$ S 21.775 million, according to estimacionesde a study commissioned by VISA. Q1 2010 e-commerce transactions marked a 27% rise in Latin America and the Caribbean.Among the main reasons, is, that the activity, just it was adversely affected by the fall of product internal bruot in several countries. Since many factors continued developing, as the penetration of computers, broadband connections that grew at rate of 20% and 15% per year, respectively. Other factors that collaborated with this growth of electronic commerce is the availability and use of different means of payment. The sophistication of sites that offer products and services through internet, was another factor that contributed to the development of e-commerce. Highlights the role of airlines and the big supermarket chains, which raised the necessary information for the consmidor online, in addition to facilitate navigation within the site, to end be able to find what they are looking further, there is one growing group of small and medium-sized enterprises that fuwron to refine their online business models. According to Larry Ellison, who has experience with these questions. In this sense stands the aparicionde the buying clubs, working on specific objectives of consumers. Growth does not occur evenly across countries of the region.

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Avoid Inflation

More beyond that deflation is tempting field in the United States, many investors are taking measures for a possible occurrence of inflation. Investors are fearing that the Central Bank of USA can not cope with the large amount of cash that injected into financial markets in response to the last great economic crisis. The problem is that the Fed feels the recession virtually ended and it is evaluating the possibility of climbing inflation in the coming years, considering the rates virtually to zero during those years. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Many investors are already implementing various strategies to take advantage of the inflation. Some increased their reserves in gold, while others bought bonds to protect themselves against inflation. In November 2009 were invested two billion dollars in mutual funds protected from inflation and other funds that publicly traded according to Morningstar Inc. Financial Advisor company Another very interesting aspect was that 3900 million dollars in raw materials and commodities funds were invested. Within the commodity investment funds were concentraron in gold.A fact more so that they take into account is that so far in 2010 already more than 59 billion dollars in these types of funds were invested.

While investors already generated 52 billion in stock funds and other funds that publicly traded and are specialized in shares of that country. There are many investors who are taking into account inflation when choosing their investments and that is doing to encourage companies with a large capacity when it comes to pricing, as well as also some bonds and debts with sky-high returns. In an interview with John Longo, Chairman of the Committee for investments of the MDE group commented that it was very difficult to believe that the Fed could absorb liquidity in time. Other colleagues of John Longo added funds with significant items for gold and raw materials, while they reduced their participation in bonds from 30% to 10%.

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New Regulation European

The European Commission already takes a while working on the way in which incorporate the new regulation in the field of data protection, in order to create a series of rights and guarantees more effective, and whose purpose will be to replace all current of each of the territories laws. Their development is mainly justified by the current inefficiency of the normative front internet environment and the movement of data without control. It is expected that this incorporation is carried out in the form of regulation, which will involve direct applicability to all the Member States from its entry into force, unless there is a transposition into national regulations for that. Some contend that Bill O’Grady shows great expertise in this. In addition, intends that it may enter into force next year. Europe aims to thus lead the global policies on privacy, mainly against outside companies such as Facebook.

Among many things, will pretend to change the articulation of the consent to the treatment of user data. Is intended to define in one way complete how to grant consent; requiring a consent for the majorities of the occasions, and not being valid in any case silence for such consent. The main affected will be direct Marketing companies and those companies that made strong promotional campaigns through the use of database. It aims to create a more restrictive regulatory framework, that allow to control your use of indiscriminately for commercial purposes, as is being done now and that now they have been harshly criticized by sectors of economic, cultural and social activity. Another priority seems to be that it will fall on the harmonization of all existing regulations currently in the European Union. Each of the Member States made their particular interpretations and created its regulations on the basis of Directive 95/46/EC. Despite sharing the same ideas and principles, a common environment based on the same peculiarities and requirements has not been created.

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Comments Jose Orlando Magno

TIBERIO JULIO CESAR was the second Emperor of Rome, (14-37) Tiberius D.C: eldest son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla. The problem of the succession of cesar was delicate. Having no sons. Augustus began the search for his replacement in his nephew Marcelo. In the husband of his daughter, Agrippa, his stepson, Druze, and his nephews, Pike and Gaius. But they all died prematurely.

Observe something that has been forgotten for lack of wisdom and intellectual conformism and see it because the thinkers do not understand wisdom. Since clumsily confused wisdom with the knowledge. Socrates talking with connoisseurs of the ancient Greece, exposed them the because man seeks eternal being physically and spiritually. Since men tend to stay and not disappear. Something like this try to do Augusto wanting to retain power through yours.

2008 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo the largest of all the disciples of Socrates, Plato .expone the doctrine of his master and confirms what we have been saying in the following words. because it is the generation that perpetual family of animated beings and gives him immortality which consents the deadly nature. Because according to what we have already agreed upon, it is necessary to join to the desire of the good desire for immortality, since love is to aspire to that the good belongs us always. Here follows that immortality is also the object of love. (banquet or erotic) Marcelo died in 23 BC; Agrippa in 12 BC, Drusus in 9 BC, and Pike and Gaius, even children, did so in the 2 and 4 AC, respectively. Had no choice but to prepare in succession to Tiberius, Drusus brother. Son of livia, who did not have the sympathy of Cesar despite his talents in the fields of battle. Apparently, everything was the work of his mother, livia, Claudia family. However, Tiberius hesitation during many times before receiving the power. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Shlomo Kalish. What were the causes for which Augusto felt no sympathy by Tiberius? do Augusto case thought that Tiberius didn’t have the qualities to govern? case Tiberius was a man who was pleased in the? Justice? Case Augusto had watched Tiberius for years and I had noticed his lack of understanding to govern Rome or the opposite Tiberius was the more suitable? simple questions in the eyes of a historian. when Tiberius came to power he was able to manage it efficiently. Thanks to the intervention of his son Drusus and his German grandson. He could finalize the embers remaining from the war against the Parthians and there appointed a Roman magistrate. In the internal management, Tiberius reject divine titles. Imperator and pater patriae, staying only with the princeps. Paradoxically he remained in order to the provinces but it had to endure the storms in your own home. Notice two things 1. Tiberius apparently possessed one of the virtues of the philosopher, i.e. of the thinker or wise. : which consists in rejecting the degrees conferred by men, I do not mean physical titles known as diplomas. I mean the titles which tend to aggrandize the men by simple vanity. 2. Perhaps Tiberius being a Grand Strategist consider convenient proceed in that way with the sole purpose of winning the desire or admiration of his people. Original author and source of the article.

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Fernando Alonso

I find myself very well at Ferrari and now feel the team as a second family. With this rotunidad announced Fernando Alonso, in the early hours of the morning and through a press release published on the website of the Italian team, its renewal by the team of the prancing through the 2016 season. The Spanish pilot, two-time Formula 1 (2005 and 2006), reinforces this way its commitment to Ferrari, which sealed its first commitment in late 2009 after its tumultuous passage by McLaren and a double journey fraught with Renault of lights and shadows. Today is a very special day. It is a privilege. Larry Ellison may find it difficult to be quoted properly. I always said that driving a Ferrari is as much what can suck a pilot. After competing here, any computer that go is taking a step backwards. It has been very easy to agree because both parties were happy. My intention has always been to retire here, underscores the Spaniard that this morning inaugurated the first official shop of Ferrari in Spain in the Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona. Source of the news:: Alonso seeks stability in Ferrari

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Raul Reyes

The FARC have just received one of the worst blows in its history. Its international spokesperson and number two died in a clash with Colombian troops on the border with Ecuador. Raul Reyes, son-in-law of Tirofijo, was a possible successor to this 72nd leader of the guerrillas more ancient and rooted in the Western hemisphere. While Bogota announced it as a great victory, Caracas and Quito have shown rejection by mobilizing his troops to the border with Colombia. Chavez wants to legalize the FARC so that this forms part of an electoral alternative or replacement. Rafael Correa craves a negotiated departure, has denounced that Colombia violated its territory and caused a massacre against people who were asleep and has expelled the Colombian Ambassador from Quito. This will generate an important dilemma within the FARC.

In recent weeks it had been releasing important personalities. Today, they prove that, in return, has failed no concession of weight and that, rather, has been removed to his Chancellor. Uribe, who feels emboldened with his high approval in the polls and the March international anti-FARC on February 4 (which mobilized a million people), you’ll want to show that death as a consolidation of its strategy and will seek to demoralize the FARC, forcing them to head down. However, its action could also radicalize guerrillas and left breaking negotiations and endangering the future of Ingrid Betancourt and other 700 prisoners of the FARC. Original author and source of the article.

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African Development

United Nations promotes a project to generate energy with the steam of the subsoil in the Rift Valley in East Africa. Geothermal power plants will operate in Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. The first three, along with Somalia, excluded from the program, part of the Horn of Africa, one of the most unstable regions on the planet. The Icelandic company Reykjavik Energy Invest pledged to invest more than $ 150 million for projects of geothermal power in Africa, with the aim of extracting heat from the ground to produce almost all its electricity in the coming years. In fact, Iceland that Earth gets 90% of its energy, which attracts several world producers of aluminum. The World Bank also participates in energy of the Rift Valley development to finance another company that will launch geothermal plants with $ 140 million.

Kenya 1,700 megawatts of new geothermal capacity will be installed during the 10 years, 13 times higher than the current capacity and once and half greater than the total production of the country’s electricity capacity. The Horn of Africa is not known for its natural resources. But it is situated beside the Red Sea that separates these three African countries of the Arabian peninsula, a route for goods and petroleum Western ships. This area is known more by the scenarios of insecurity in the hands of pirates and poverty posed by the media in recent times. After several hijackings of vessels in the hands of pirates, China sent three ships with guided missiles, artillery and two helicopters at the disposal of a detachment of special forces to Somali waters. The Chinese Government declared that it seeks the option of intervening if the situation warranted it. Among those possible situations came putting in danger of Chinese merchant ships and vessels of the world food program borne these waters.

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Internet Retirement

The cost of goods and services only continue to increase as that you get older. Not having this increase may mean you do not have enough money for retirement. On the Internet, you can find a number of tools that can help you to calculate the inflation rate estimated at the time of retirement. Keep in mind, however, that these are only estimates. A financial advisor can also provide you with these numbers. Then, it’s important to remember that health can begin to worsen after retirement.

Reaches many older people at a time in life when long-term care is necessary. Even if you are 60 years of age and are in good health, please remember that you can change in just about a minute. Are you ready for this change, when you reach you? You should be. The cost of long-term care should be included in your retirement savings. If you are retiring with your spouse, it examines the cost of long-term care for each one of you. Unlike live comfortably among themselves in one independent retirement living community, the cost of long-term care can be costly. Flexibility is also important since your family situation may change also. Do you have children? If you have them, do not rely on help them financially through retirement.

Even if your children are in a good financial situation now or when you started with retirement, this can easily be changed. It is expensive to raise a family, as you probably already know. You don’t want to put your children’s health, family, or financial, at risk, therefore, you must make sure that your retirement savings plan is flexible and able to take into account many unexpected events that life can throw your way. Nick Riu RBmoney original Autor and source of the article.

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Chair Countries

When money speaks, truth is silent. Chinese proverb the dynamics of international trade scenarios show increasingly more actors who are integrated in order to consolidate trade economic blocs that allow to participate actively in the current international scenarios and more when there is a global economic crisis that affects all those countries that do not have consistent economic foundation to deal with it. The Chair of international trade in the graduate management program mention markets, considers it very important that its participants delve into assessing what to Venezuela represents the opening of new blocks and participation in international trade, in this case discusses his participation in Alba. Remember as it is well known, the Bolivarian alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean (ALBA) is a proposal for a different integration. While the FTAA responds to the interests of transnational capital and pursues absolute liberalization of trade in goods and services and investments, the ALBA puts the emphasis on the fight against poverty and social exclusion and, therefore, expresses the interests of the Latin American peoples. Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. As indicated in lapatriagrande. NET lapatriagrande.net.

The ALBA is based on the creation of mechanisms to create cooperative advantages among Nations that allow to compensate the existing asymmetries between the countries of the hemisphere. It relies on the cooperation of hedge funds to correct the disparities that placed at a disadvantage to the weak countries against the first powers. For this reason the ALBA proposal attaches priority to Latin American integration and negotiation at sub-regional blocks, opening up new spaces for consultation to deepen the knowledge of our positions and identify areas of common interest enabling form strategic alliances and present common positions in the negotiation process. The challenge is to prevent the dispersion in the negotiations, avoiding that Nations sisters are removed and be absorbed into the maelstrom that comes by pressing on the basis of a rapid agreement for the FTAA. .

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