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Average Ensino

Our responsibility with education acquires another dimension when we work with trainees who observe our lessons and later they assist in them to learn with us. We do not have prescriptions to pass to these permitted in search of answers for its yearnings of professionals in initial formation. We do not know as of the wonderful lessons as they wait. We are constructing our daily professional also with doubts, research and, mainly, with the comment of our pupils to understand as they think and construct the knowledge. Recently Maurice Gallagher, Jr. sought to clarify these questions. We believe that a project of period of training in partnership between the basic school and the university would contribute so that our fidgets and questionings had answers. (PASSINI, 2007, p.17 apud MALYZ, 2007).

The cited example above is not common in a relationship between trainee and professor of the regular school. Generally, the contact is superficial and omits innovative possibilities of exchanges of experiences, where the geography professor would have to search in the contact with the Universities, to extend the fan of information to be spread inside of the classroom. The author, Malysz (2007) still adds what some schools, with its professors look for: We are in search of a partnership so that it has mutual contribution between the two institutions university and school? rank ours, in the direction by that in the research in education let us take the reality of the basic school as inquiry object, let us can analyze it light of theories of geographic science and the didactics for, side by side, arguing possibilities of changes. Scott Mead: the source for more info. (PASSINI, 2007, p.19 apud MALYZ, 2007). Unhappyly, Brazil still is a country that financially invests little in works of research, being concentrated in other areas of science the biggest investments. With all the difficulties the learning of the geography course, must be joined to the schools of Basic and Average Ensino, with the purpose to develop and to extend the universe of the research, that is, developing more studies in the area of the geography education, carrying through well the periods of training, developing practical activities that they make possible the interaction enters knowing of the school and knowing of the academy.

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The Units

In the maximum point coordinations UTM 6.884.000m the 6.938.000 meters to the South, and 700.000m the 744,000 meters the East of the meridian of 51 (FERRETTI, 2002). The Units of Conservao (U.C) are insertions in the landscape of a landmark human being, limits, that it estimates characterization of a territory. This well-taken care of and controlled necessary territory to be for certain ends, that in the U.C if configure mainly in the protection of the biological diversity and ecosystems. In this work, to reach the objective to identify to the knowledge of the environment and the space perceptions in the communities from the delimitation of the unit, one became necessary, to redescobrir the description of the occupation of the area of the park and next localities to this. The landscape of the area of the State Park of the Mountain range of the Tray is fruit of an occupation description, that cannot be observed separately, but yes regionally, it is mainly from the arrival of the colonizadores that the interactions and modifications of the landscape if accent. The look lingered in data moment in the agreement of the aoriana and German settling, evidenced for the ethnic origin of the interviewed ones of the communities.

She was necessary to know some cultural aspects of these descendants of Germans (in the communities of Vargem of Cedar Saint Maria) and aorianos (in the communities of Orange grove, Siri and Pinheira) searched a part of the occupation description and transformation of the space for these etnias. It does not mean with that it does not have other ethnic groups inside and different cultures surviving and in entorno of the park, the choice was for the representation most significant for the agreement of the studied communities. It is configured, in this scene, the relevance that if must give knowing and traditional technique. Very rare, the traditional knowledge, over all, the handling techniques, are recognized as adjusted for the agencies gerenciadores of the natural resources (DIEGUES, 1998).

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Brazilian Government

21 of April of 2007. Luciano Rodrigues Fields. As in other cases, to involve questions of limits with respect the diverse parts of the Brazilian territory, the case I specify of the current State of the Amap, also it was permeado of some events that throughout its to uncurl, had contributed to enaltecer and to consolidate then the young Brazilian Republic in its territorial aspect, but that, the conquest of this territory for Brazil, effectively starts well before initiate the republican period. However, it exists at this moment of opening of this text, an introductory contribution that would like to detach, this author is D' AMARAL, 2003, p.118, that in the opening of it I capitulate XIII, of this cited book, says the following one: Rio Branco, already then after the brightness with that if it leaves in Washington (Question of the Missions), the Ministry decided to offer a permanent legation to it. But Paranhos had escrpulos. It considered that the career demanded an independent financial position, that it was far from having. following ahead, it says: the long abandonment the one that relegates its historical studies (in the Rio Branco case), started to weigh to it.

While it thought, Rio Branco, in accepting the legation permanent, asked for authorization to the Brazilian Government to study the case of the Amap, territory partially disputed by the France, that at the moment created a situation of impasse between the two States (Brazil and France). With effect, the Ministry could not deny the authorization granted, it of good grado. in this direction, Rio Branco already has chance to study the question of the Amap throughout its historical research. The definition of the conflict was simple. After some fights, the Treated one to Utrecht makes to run the border between what later it would be the Amap and the French Guyana in the River Oiapoque, or Vicente Pinzn.

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The Theory

In the center of Juazeiro he is well-known that the infrastructure is well better of what in the peripheral areas of the city. The fact of this area to receive great flow from people daily demands that its infrastructure is adjusted to support and to satisfy its visitors. Already in the peripheral areas of the city little investments had been noticed. The Theory of the Central Place, developed for CHRISTLLER (1933), is based on the beginning of the centralidade, being the space organized around main an urban nucleus, called central place. The complementary region, or entorno, possesss a relation of co-dependence with the main nucleus, for this being the place that offers urban goods and services by its very nature. The base of the theory defines that the rhythm of growth of an urban nucleus depends on the level of demand for urban services specialized on the area taken care of for the places central offices. A time that in the center (central place) of Juazeiro is disponibilizado great number of services of more varied, that is the function of an urban nucleus: to act as center of services, thus supplying to goods and services central offices, that if characterize for being of differentiated orders, generating a hierarchy of urban centers.

The visible contrast enters the cities of Juazeiro and Petrolina results of the fact of that existed there, this at the necessary moment, a decisive governmental intervention, and the municipal action in Petrolina if made more of organized and rationalized form. Juazeiro is a much more old city that Petrolina, where the urban life if made of a more spontaneous form, the configuration of the proper urban center of Juazeiro of the evidences of that the process was more natural. Then if they find sufficiently narrow streets in the center, differently of what it is perceived in Petrolina. a great differential of Petrolina, was this urban planning, inside of a project of modern city, that in the case of Juazeiro was not thus. From what it was studied for the accomplishment of this work perceives that the city of Juazeiro disclosed one varied RIO DE JANEIRO: Record, 2006; CORRA, R.L.

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Brazilian Development Bank

The principle, concentrated in the Community of Estados Independentes (CEI), the Russian investments have been redirected, since decade of 1990, in sight of the perspectives of economic growth and access the markets in Africa. The Alrosa, Russian state-owned company of mining, was established in Angola, in 2007, to the step that great petroliferous steel mills and gradually have acquired significant parcels in the African market. Of illustrative form, the petroliferous Sintezneftegas acquired 70% of the nambio market, being as well as the Russian Federacy, Brazil covers the African road in the attraction of investments Brazilian right-handers. The Nambia will have to get a considerable growth in the year of 2010, in accordance with the report of the International Bank of Desenvolvimento (BIRD), is the country that more has the presence of Brazilian companies. The Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES) destined, this year, a credit facility of US$ 1,75 billion for investments in Angola. The Program of Financing to Exportaes (PROEX) destined other US$ 300 million. With this, 2,05 billion are US$.

But it has, at least, the double of this value in proper resources of the companies. This means that they are about US$ 4 billion Brazilian investments circulating for great workmanships, clinics and until shopping centers constructed, beyond the companies of the extrativista sector, financial institutions and companies of telecommunications also have been attracted for Angola and the continent as a whole. The approach with the African continent is one of the most made right recent unfoldings of the Brazilian external politics, a time that can seem paradoxical a developing country as Brazil to develop its efforts diplomatists in poor partners, with relatively little it influences in global the geopolitical context and with still low weight in the Brazilian trade balance. But, to analyze a strategy of the movements of internationalization of Brazilian companies how much of some trends economic politics and sped up by the deepening of the globalization.

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