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Brazilian Government

21 of April of 2007. Luciano Rodrigues Fields. As in other cases, to involve questions of limits with respect the diverse parts of the Brazilian territory, the case I specify of the current State of the Amap, also it was permeado of some events that throughout its to uncurl, had contributed to enaltecer and to consolidate then the young Brazilian Republic in its territorial aspect, but that, the conquest of this territory for Brazil, effectively starts well before initiate the republican period. However, it exists at this moment of opening of this text, an introductory contribution that would like to detach, this author is D' AMARAL, 2003, p.118, that in the opening of it I capitulate XIII, of this cited book, says the following one: Rio Branco, already then after the brightness with that if it leaves in Washington (Question of the Missions), the Ministry decided to offer a permanent legation to it. But Paranhos had escrpulos. It considered that the career demanded an independent financial position, that it was far from having. following ahead, it says: the long abandonment the one that relegates its historical studies (in the Rio Branco case), started to weigh to it.

While it thought, Rio Branco, in accepting the legation permanent, asked for authorization to the Brazilian Government to study the case of the Amap, territory partially disputed by the France, that at the moment created a situation of impasse between the two States (Brazil and France). With effect, the Ministry could not deny the authorization granted, it of good grado. in this direction, Rio Branco already has chance to study the question of the Amap throughout its historical research. The definition of the conflict was simple. After some fights, the Treated one to Utrecht makes to run the border between what later it would be the Amap and the French Guyana in the River Oiapoque, or Vicente Pinzn.