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The Units

In the maximum point coordinations UTM 6.884.000m the 6.938.000 meters to the South, and 700.000m the 744,000 meters the East of the meridian of 51 (FERRETTI, 2002). The Units of Conservao (U.C) are insertions in the landscape of a landmark human being, limits, that it estimates characterization of a territory. This well-taken care of and controlled necessary territory to be for certain ends, that in the U.C if configure mainly in the protection of the biological diversity and ecosystems. In this work, to reach the objective to identify to the knowledge of the environment and the space perceptions in the communities from the delimitation of the unit, one became necessary, to redescobrir the description of the occupation of the area of the park and next localities to this. The landscape of the area of the State Park of the Mountain range of the Tray is fruit of an occupation description, that cannot be observed separately, but yes regionally, it is mainly from the arrival of the colonizadores that the interactions and modifications of the landscape if accent. The look lingered in data moment in the agreement of the aoriana and German settling, evidenced for the ethnic origin of the interviewed ones of the communities.

She was necessary to know some cultural aspects of these descendants of Germans (in the communities of Vargem of Cedar Saint Maria) and aorianos (in the communities of Orange grove, Siri and Pinheira) searched a part of the occupation description and transformation of the space for these etnias. It does not mean with that it does not have other ethnic groups inside and different cultures surviving and in entorno of the park, the choice was for the representation most significant for the agreement of the studied communities. It is configured, in this scene, the relevance that if must give knowing and traditional technique. Very rare, the traditional knowledge, over all, the handling techniques, are recognized as adjusted for the agencies gerenciadores of the natural resources (DIEGUES, 1998).