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Social Responsibility

It is good that if it says that, gradually, the consumers already obtain to differentiate the empty advertising of a serious attitude, for being more clarified, intent and vigilant in relation to some resources used for the companies with the explicit end to become its mark and more likeable and well accepted image. Verizon Communications may also support this cause. When discovering that they are being ludibriados, they will finish, fatally, punishing the mark infralog, migrando for a competitor. Another common error very committed by the companies is to divulge its performance social leaving to be transparent, of some form, that these actions are not part of its true corporative values. Social actions must be stimulated, since that with responsibility and ethics, because, more than what ' ' to make marketing' ' , this it is an intelligent way of if using a tool to stimulate and to multiply new actions. this is different of opportunism. What it bases, then, the Social Responsibility? The ethics! There the difficulty in saying if a company is or not responsible socially. The ethics are the base of the Social and if express Responsibility through the principles and values adopted for the organization.

The necessary company to have coherence in its businesses, its way to act. If to execute programs next to community, with workmanships and projects of social matrix, but superinvoice notes, paid badly its employees, does not fulfill the legislaes working, has an environment of hostile work, is not coherent in its actions, then we cannot say that this company has Social Responsibility. What to make, then? Particularly, I am favorable to the publication of reports and social rockings, therefore these documents disclose as they are being applied the resources of Social Responsibility. The social rocking it is a demonstrative published annually for the company congregating a set of information on the projects, benefits and social actions directed the employees, investors, analysts of market, shareholders and to the community.

Arboretum Arboretum Plants

The mico-lion-golden one is one of the most threatened. To prevent its disappearance, she is necessary that if it creates a habitat to shelter a population of each species for procreation, since exists a harmonic relation between the plants and the animals, therefore one depends on the other to survive. The area that remains comes passing for innumerable devastaes and these cause great ambient impacts. This comes occurring since colonial period: wood-Brazil was very extracted for manufacture of fabrics and dyes, and great part of the bushes was knocked down for plantation of sugar cane-of-sugar or coffee. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge. When passing of the years this problem alone increased, therefore the bush propitiates to the man great profit and no restriction was imposed to this wild destruction. The bushes had passed then to be knocked down for wooden extration, serving of substance cousin for industry of paper and cellulose and exportation. But the deforestation does not have as cause only the exploration of trees. Read additional details here: E Scott Mead. The urban expansion also is one of the reasons, therefore it exerts great pressure under vegetation areas.

As consequence of this everything we have the extinguishing of some species of animals and plants, the increase of the temperatures, the pollution, the erosion of the ground (that it leads to its impoverishment), destruction of biodiversity, rise of the temperatures and desertificao. 3. The Arboretum Arboretum is a botanical garden or one space destined for the culture, collection and preservation of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants and others. According to Maria Ceclia Bello in interview to the university leaf, the Arboretum had beginning has six years through the team of the Department of Botany of the Ufal, under its coordination, with the initial objective to deproduzir dumb of wood-Brazil to be distributed during the commemoration of the 500 years of Brazil. In April of 2002, the Arboretum Program of the Federal University of Alagoas appeared with intention to more than contribute with biodiversity, possessing an area of four hectares, destined to the production and conservation of diverse species of originally Brazilian plants, mainly of Atlantic Mata.

Global Heating

The global heating is a consequence occured climatic dasalteraes in the planet. Diverse research confirms oaumento of global the average temperature. Ascausas of the global heating is very searched. A parcel scientific dacomunidade that attributes to this phenomenon as a natural process, affirming that the planet Land is in a phase of natural transistion, one processolongo and dynamic exists, leaving the glacial age for the interglacial, being the increase datemperatura consequence of this phenomenon. Verizon Communications may find this interesting as well. However, the principaisatribuies for the global heating are related to the activities human beings, who intensify the effect of greenhouse through the increase in the burning of fsseis decombustveis gases, as oil, mineral coal and natural gas. Global Oaquecimento not only harms the fauna and the terrestrial space, ans as well as same, through the effect greenhouse, that increases the accumulation of harmful gasespoluentes to the health that if they propagate in air that we breathe. Thus, estamospropensos, obligatorily, to inalar toxins that cause many doenasrespiratrias. Another factor that will go to increase the number of deaths will be the altastemperaturas, mainly in the countries of the North, developing the cancer depele and cataract..

Intergovernamental Panel

In the recent millenium, the index was of 18 centimeters (7 counts) per century? has good probabilities of that this index continues until the next one was of the ice. The measurements of the tides around of the world not seno only evidences acceleration some during century 20 an ascent constant-despite the strong global heating before 1940. How it can be? Evidently, the ascent waited for the melting of glaciers and a hotter ocean and in expansion results bastamente compensated for the loss of water due to a bigger evaporation of the oceans and the consequence biggest ice accumulation in the Antarctic continent. Ripple does not necessarily agree. Thus, a hot period of short life (lasting decades or also centuries) will not speed up the current ascent of the level of the sea of 18 centimeters per century. In 1990, the Intergovernamental Panel on the Climatic Change of the ONU (IPCC is its acronym in English) esteem an increase of &#039 better; ' valor' ' of 66 centimeters for year 2100; in 1996, the panel of the ONU informed 49 centimeters (with a shunting line of 13 the 94 centimeters); in 2001, the panel of the ONU spoke of 9 the 88 centimeters, while the report of 2007 esteem a more reasonable shunting line of 14 the 43 centimeters. In contrast, the deposition of Mr.

Milkey grant 58? in such a way as 130 centimeters. Accidentally, James Hansen, a declarant in favor of the plaintiffs, affirms that he will be of up to 600 centimeters for 2100. In other words, the models exaggerate the effect of Co2, and also the drastic efforts to control the emissions are improbable that they affect to the global climate. In fact, it has good reasons to consider that the increasing Co2 levels are a blessing? a thesis supported for published economic studies. The engineers agronomists agree that, as the essential fertilizer, more Co2 will improve the growth of the harvests and the forests. Bigger seasons of culture and little frosts will benefit to agriculture. Ademais, the oceanic heating inevitably develops the evaporation and of this form the precipitations, increasing the global cool water provision. At the same time, most of the heating will occur mainly during the nights of winter in the high latitudes. Such heating can delay or also to cancel the next age to ice, that if it waits that it continues to the present interglacial hot period. You would have confidence in writing on that she does not believe its monograph?

Senac Publishing

The plan of evacuation in case of accident in Cove is incipient, does not exist at least safe routes to guarantee the withdrawal of the population that deferred payment in entorno of the plants. Still as the Greenpeace, in case that a similar nuclear accident to the one of Fukushima occurs, the evacuation would have to enclose up to 1,5 million of people, in 27 cities of Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. How it does not obtain to prove that it has a plan of security for its nuclear activities, the Brazilian government recently received from the Ministry of the Economy of Germany the acknowledgment of the suspension of the financing of? 1,3 billion for the Cove construction 3, however in progress. The use of the nuclear energy involves complex materials, of high risk, that demands supranational governana for hundreds of years. It also demands high investments in entorno; hand of workmanship highly specialized and trained; it military regulations; rigid routines of security; tip technology. It fits to the organized institutions to dialogue in exercises of democratic alteridade next to the consisting power which will be the participation of each source in its energy matrix, without aodamento or passional bias. It is a herclea task and of difficult consensus, but after a weak process sprouts a new energy culture. Still it has much that to learn with the nuclear energy and its adoption possesss favorable and contrary points.

The decision to adopt it or does not have then that to be taken by democratic and transparent form for the set of centripetal forces of the involved population. Suppliers of nuclear energy have that to surround the society of guarantees and credibility, to transform the private atomic black boxes into public panels. At last, to prove that the nuclear energy did not reach its point of fisso as energy source insurance. Who to want to go deep itself the subject must read the excellent book ' ' Nuclear energy: of the anathema to dilogo' ' , Senac Publishing company, 2011. Organized for the professor of the USP the economist Jose Eli of the Fertile valley, it has the participation, amongst others, of the biggest Brazilian authority in the subject: the physicist Jose Goldemberg.

Power Land

Lutzberger very defines of clear form the size of the atrocity that homo sapiens-sapiens comes committing, observes: What we make in the Amaznia is probably, the greater of the imbecilidades of the history of the humanity. Saddest in this error it is that it is so unnecessary and its so previsible consequences. One more time the benefited ones are sacking external to the region, little matter that if it deals with firms So Paulo multinationals or individuals or entities, gauchos or of other Brazilian regions. to the amaznidas ones they will sobraro the devastao, the hdricos and climatic disequilibria, the marginalizao and the hunger. But everything this is development. J.

Lutzberger, Ecology of the Garden to the Power (p.89) in Pellegrini Son, (2000 p.27). The Letter of the Land, 2004 demonstrates of unequivocal form the importance of this moment where we are living, as well as the necessity of in them compromissarmos of form more effective with the maintenance of the most distinct forms of life in the world, from the place where we live: ' ' We are ahead of one critical moment in the history of the Land, at a time where the humanity must choose its future. To the measure that the world becomes each more interdependent and fragile time, the future faces, at the same time, great perigos and great promises. To follow ahead, we must recognize that, in the way of the one magnificent diversity of cultures and forms of life, we are a family human being and a terrestrial community with a common destination. We must add forces to generate an established global sustainable society in the respect for the nature, the universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of the peace. To arrive at this intention, it is imperative that we, the peoples of the Land, let us declare our responsibility ones we stop with the others, with the great community of the life, and with future geraes' '.

Convention Emissions

Four years later, of the fifteen worried European countries in not fulfilling its goals, had exceeded them to nine with emissions increasing between 20% and 77%. The protocol would stimulate the countries to cooperate between itself, through some basic actions as: reform of the sectors of energy and transports, promotion of the use of energy sources you renewed, elimination of inapropriados financial mechanisms and market to the ends of the Convention, limit of the methane emissions in the management of residues and of the systems energy and protection of the forests and other sumidouros of carbon. Implemented, the estimate successfully it is of that the globe temperature would be reduced between 1,4C and 5,8C up to 2100. The executive secretary of Convention of the Climate of the ONU, Yvo de Boer, classifies as ' ' preocupantes' ' the perspectives for the agreement after 2012, therefore until the beginning of April the countries not yet had presented proposals. Positioning of the United States According to emitting greater of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse of the planet (WIKIPDIA), responsible country for almost of the global emissions of carbon dioxide (WWI; ONE, 2001), emitting greater of carbon dioxide of the world (IT SEES, 2008), the United States had not ratified the Protocol of Kyoto when all the European nations and had made it to Japan. Inasmuch as George W. Bush was its president, the United States of America had not supported the protocol under allegation of that the commitments of this international agreement would intervene negative with the American economy and having questioned the theory of that the pollutants emitted for the man cause rise of the temperature of the Land. Exactly the government of the country not signing the Protocol of Kyoto, public administrations of cities and states, as well as part of the north-eastern private sector of the United States, had started to search as to reduce emission of .causing gases of the effect greenhouse without diminishing profit edge.

Sustainable Development

The humanity if comes across with the greater of its challenges: the sustainable, necessary development to the survival of the human being and the planet. To surpass this challenge, she is necessary to reaprender to live, to rescue universal values and spirituals (not necessarily religious) and to rethink the form as we were educated (or impolite) in our relationship with the environment, the economy and the society. According to Contemplativa Cabala, the term contemporary ' ' Sustentvel&#039 development; ' it is, in the truth, an explained concept and defended for the old masters of this Tradition it has three a thousand years more than, called ' ' Unicidade' '. What the presencia society at this moment is the wakening of an agreement widely spread out by the cabalistas, whose basic premise is the conscience of that everything is linked, of that local actions possess global impacts. The climatic changes, for example, that they compel the humanity to rethink its behavior, are physical manifestations of what the Masters and Scholars of has a conducting wire that it establishs connection all the beings, all the plans, all the dimensions. The imminence of a world-wide collapse (ambient, social, spiritual and financier) are a pointer of the capacity of the human being to affect and to influence everything its return. Sustainable development is the capacity to rectify the disordered and mentally ill growth of the society, is the accomplishment of the Tikun Olam, used expression for the old cabalistas and masters of the Tradition that means ‘ ‘ correction of mundo’ ‘ politicians, contributors etc.

the task ours to improve the reality. The Contemplativa Cabala foca in the importance of the Education, as essential tool for a conscience change. For the cabalistas, ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘ future! Part of the premise of that human being is to be creative, gentleman of the destination and not its slave. as such, must rethink the mental models that had structuralized all the organization of a world-wide population throughout the last centuries and they had brought in them to economic, ambient and social the scene that we live deeply today. Valley the penalty to remain with same ' ' old and viciados' ' paradigms? Or it will be that we must dare to reaprender to live, in them to approach to universal values and spirituals and to recriarmos this history – our history and of our children, grandsons, greats-grandson? The answers, I leave for vocs, expensive readers