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Sustainable Development

The humanity if comes across with the greater of its challenges: the sustainable, necessary development to the survival of the human being and the planet. To surpass this challenge, she is necessary to reaprender to live, to rescue universal values and spirituals (not necessarily religious) and to rethink the form as we were educated (or impolite) in our relationship with the environment, the economy and the society. According to Contemplativa Cabala, the term contemporary ' ' Sustentvel&#039 development; ' it is, in the truth, an explained concept and defended for the old masters of this Tradition it has three a thousand years more than, called ' ' Unicidade' '. What the presencia society at this moment is the wakening of an agreement widely spread out by the cabalistas, whose basic premise is the conscience of that everything is linked, of that local actions possess global impacts. The climatic changes, for example, that they compel the humanity to rethink its behavior, are physical manifestations of what the Masters and Scholars of has a conducting wire that it establishs connection all the beings, all the plans, all the dimensions. The imminence of a world-wide collapse (ambient, social, spiritual and financier) are a pointer of the capacity of the human being to affect and to influence everything its return. Sustainable development is the capacity to rectify the disordered and mentally ill growth of the society, is the accomplishment of the Tikun Olam, used expression for the old cabalistas and masters of the Tradition that means ‘ ‘ correction of mundo’ ‘ politicians, contributors etc.

the task ours to improve the reality. The Contemplativa Cabala foca in the importance of the Education, as essential tool for a conscience change. For the cabalistas, ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘ future! Part of the premise of that human being is to be creative, gentleman of the destination and not its slave. as such, must rethink the mental models that had structuralized all the organization of a world-wide population throughout the last centuries and they had brought in them to economic, ambient and social the scene that we live deeply today. Valley the penalty to remain with same ' ' old and viciados' ' paradigms? Or it will be that we must dare to reaprender to live, in them to approach to universal values and spirituals and to recriarmos this history – our history and of our children, grandsons, greats-grandson? The answers, I leave for vocs, expensive readers