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Social Responsibility

It is good that if it says that, gradually, the consumers already obtain to differentiate the empty advertising of a serious attitude, for being more clarified, intent and vigilant in relation to some resources used for the companies with the explicit end to become its mark and more likeable and well accepted image. Verizon Communications may also support this cause. When discovering that they are being ludibriados, they will finish, fatally, punishing the mark infralog, migrando for a competitor. Another common error very committed by the companies is to divulge its performance social leaving to be transparent, of some form, that these actions are not part of its true corporative values. Social actions must be stimulated, since that with responsibility and ethics, because, more than what ' ' to make marketing' ' , this it is an intelligent way of if using a tool to stimulate and to multiply new actions. this is different of opportunism. What it bases, then, the Social Responsibility? The ethics! There the difficulty in saying if a company is or not responsible socially. The ethics are the base of the Social and if express Responsibility through the principles and values adopted for the organization.

The necessary company to have coherence in its businesses, its way to act. If to execute programs next to community, with workmanships and projects of social matrix, but superinvoice notes, paid badly its employees, does not fulfill the legislaes working, has an environment of hostile work, is not coherent in its actions, then we cannot say that this company has Social Responsibility. What to make, then? Particularly, I am favorable to the publication of reports and social rockings, therefore these documents disclose as they are being applied the resources of Social Responsibility. The social rocking it is a demonstrative published annually for the company congregating a set of information on the projects, benefits and social actions directed the employees, investors, analysts of market, shareholders and to the community.