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Managing Director

The only chance to save face and at the same time radiate self-confidence is her opinion in the following reply: “during the trial period, I work on your terms, then set is after mine!” It is important to get involved in this deal only with immediate written agreement. 2. Discount only with return action revived the business, but be careful: credibility is the motto and a discount should never be according to Kimich without consideration. If women first to demand a salary of X and then press for 30 percent, may require Yes just less. The credibility suffers.” She advises, instead of a discount as less hours, other tasks, more vacations, training, subsidies to childcare or canteen food or service vehicles return to demand. Only women retain their salary negotiations at eye level and also then be taken seriously in the job.” 3.

Compensation charge if not all components are ideal for a future job and not the entire existence depends on this a job offer, then applicants should consider very carefully what they like to do and what not. Claudia Kimich proposes for the less to appropriate additional remuneration pleasant things, E.g. If the job involves many trips or scheduled for the work under certain circumstances. I want the duplicate set for my clients and customers before 10 o’clock in the morning as pain and suffering. I’m just not early bird and when I work before 10 o’clock, then at least with compensation charge. About Claudia Kimich: Claudia Kimich diploma computer scientist, negotiate systemic coach and author of the book money. After IT – or sales management positions, trains and coaches them since 1998 for money negotiating, self-marketing and repartee. Their success lies in their professional and authentic way, spiced with creativity and a clearly structured approach. about Melanie Vogel: Melanie Vogel is Managing Director of AoN agency without name GmbH. As initiator of the women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, the AoN awarded 2012 land of ideas with the Innovation Prize.

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The Codes

The marketing plan (compensation plan) of a company is still crucial to the initial investment. In this marketing plan, paying the Distributor is regulated. Here it is important to note what income levels there are and how to reach them. Are there any conditions to qualification in an income level, what is the case with the most network marketing companies, and are these qualifications on a one-time or recurring to meet what may vary from company to company. The most important thing for someone who chooses this type of independence is that the initial investment to cope with are and there is no stressful fixed costs for premises, labour costs and other costs.

Be the financial risk that is already small, goes to zero as legitimate direct selling companies according to the codes of conduct”. That means these companies give their distributors the possibility of one, within a period of 6 months, some even 12 months their To return the initial investment in products and to get your start sum minus 10% fee. This means a maximum investment of 5.000,-euros is a loss in business from 500,-euro. Each company must bring its products and services opportunities in direct sales to the end customer, no money. This channel from the manufacturer to the consumer or user service, should be for a company cost-effectively, effectively in the sales figures to be as nationwide.

That would be the ideal state of which in conventional companies however due to wholesale trade, distributive trade, transport and storage costs, so how sales areas, personnel costs and more expensive advertising never can be achieved providing. The direct marketing offers an enterprise as the name suggests, to bring the possibility of its products through qualified distributors directly to the consumer. The advantages for the company are obvious, apart from manufacturing – transport – and the costs of storage costs for wholesalers, middlemen, salesrooms, staff and advertising.

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In Europe

The benefits for the sales partners are as follows: he can independently and part-time in a home-based business which means nothing else than by home work, build up his business. No high investments and no fixed costs incurred. He has his business the opportunity to grow by gaining more distribution partners and instructs them that he himself does in things. A nationwide distribution system is built up for the manufacturing companies and achieved an enormous increase in turnover. In Europe, sales in the direct sales has doubled in the last 10 years to 16 billion euros. In the United States, the annual turnover is nearly $30 billion, and worldwide there are around 130 billion Dollaran of which 65 million people participate. So here is an established industry with potential for expansion. Win win situation between the direct sales company and a Distributor is not a relationship of dependence, but rather a Partnership from which both sides benefit.

Is to say was involved in the distribution partner for his performance in the form of commissions or bonuses to the company’s turnover a win win situation. Combination with recommendation marketing allows characterized the full-time independent existence of new trends in marketing, because fall 67% of consumer decisions for or against a product on the basis of Word of mouth. Already, 90% of customers see the best, most reliable and most trusted source of information in the recommendation from person to person. Only 14% trust advertisements in the media and 8% prominent promotional ambassadors. (NOP World / since 2005 GfK group). This trend opens up much more efficient distribution channels in the network marketing, which is used by 86% of the direct selling companies as kind of sales companies and the individual distributors. More than 80% of the persons who are self-employed in this sector to review the future of direct sales, as well as the income opportunities as extremely positive. Uwe Beck

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Mobile Recruiting In The Recruitment

An important trend in the battle for applicants are increasingly faced with the challenge to find suitable applicants for their training courses not only through print and online media, but also on the subject make a mobile recruiting company. The mobile recruiting is actively involve mobile devices as a communication area within the framework of personnel marketing. Potential candidates can be made aware so the company, even before these actively begin the search for a job. Miriam Wilhelm mobile recruiting speaks in this context in its technical contribution to the subject of the new possibility of a push strategy”in the context of the recruitment. To position companies receive so the great opportunity, at an early stage the potential offspring to arouse interest and as employer of choice”. Young people actively use mobile Internet evaluations by statista show that 2011 already 47% of surveyed young people between 13 and 17 years of age have used mobile Internet.

This makes it clear that it does for companies in the search It is becoming increasingly important to trainees in the future to reach the young audience also through mobile devices with their careers. According to Miriam Wilhelm, an important prerequisite for successful mobile recruiting is the mobile advertisement. A connection between print and online media about QR-codes, as well as the existence of a mobile app is relevant. FuturePlan associated print, online and mobile FuturePlan, businesses and educational institutions with the three media FuturePlan Student calendar, FuturePlan training portal and FuturePlan app such combination of print-to-Web, especially on open apprenticeships and places to attract students. The issue professionally and choice with specific jobs integrated in the form of a working fluid in the school with the FuturePlan Student calendar. This special feature: There are 2014/15 issues regionally aligned for each federal State in Germany with the school year.

So companies with the students can purposefully in their own region with their career opportunities present. As of the academic year 2014/15 FuturePlan offers in addition a link from print-to-Web: as concrete job openings in the school diary can be equipped with QR codes, through which students directly with the Smartphone or Tablet PC to the mobile-enabled FuturePlan training portal. There, the respective companies have the ability to store videos and images, to communicate their other job offers and detailed descriptions to the respective places available to students. The education portal is also in the FuturePlan separately usable app for students. Thus FuturePlan offers a holistic and cross-media approach that allows companies and training institutions, mobile recruiting quickly and efficiently to pursue the path toward the recruitment. Learn more about FuturePlan at available. Source: Wilhelm, M.: mobile recruiting. The Wild West of HR work. Found on:. Retrieval date: 30.08.2013-German Youth Institute e.V. (DJI), German Institute for international educational research (DIPF): Proportion of children and young people in Germany, using the Internet mobile (by age group) found on: de.

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DIS AG Webinars

Free career Webinars offer the online platform career Webinars.com career experts short in November and December before the end of the year nor a series of career webinars, which not only help to master the career and-aufstieg, but also about exciting and important soft skills for the everyday give. The webinars are free of charge, special skills of the participants are not necessary. “The webinar business behaviour makes the start to the year countdown: the small snap for the job”. “Melanie Vogel, initiator of women & work, Germany’s largest trade fair Congress for women, shows in the webinar, that not only pretty women” can learn how to move in the business arena. It reveals important tweaks and tricks, what you must look for in the social life and which helps conduct professionally convincing.

The webinar will take place on 7 November 18 to 19: 00. The right tone is crucial not only in everyday business life, but also in the content negotiation. Which the main phases of a Content negotiation are and how you can prepare the best, it gives the webinar do’s and Don’ts in the salary negotiation”information, that on November 8, also from 18 to 19: 00 will take place. In December, it is the new year’s resolutions by the scruff of the neck. Melanie Vogel with the BIRD method shows how to clean up the old habits and actually translates good intentions for 2014. The webinar “new year’s resolutions to implement the BIRD method” will take place on December 4, from 18 h to 19 h. A day later, on 5 December, also from 18.-7p.m., the Physiognomin Ilona Weirich gives insight into the physiognomy. In this exciting online talk “Personality is a matter of opinion – an introduction to the physiognomy”, it shows that life in the truest sense of the Word leaves traces in the face.

She will explain what betrays our face about our character and promises many AHA moments that personality is a matter of opinion.” Free registration of all interested parties is. the participants need only a Web browser, the Adobe to participate in the webinars Flash Player and a speaker enabled on their computer. The webinars are offered by the AoN agency without names and sponsored by the DIS AG, one of the largest recruitment agency in Germany. Webinar is a registered and licensed brand. Webinars themselves are interactive seminars, which are held over the Web in “virtual classrooms”.

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