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LED Backlighting

LEDs as the light source is used both as a spot light (such as led modules – led clusters), as well as linear light sources (LED tubes, led strips led Rope Light and LED-neon). Both can be built into lamps. If you are not convinced, visit Verizon Communications. Point location of LEDs associated with their use as a miniature light sources, as a rule – for decorative purposes. This Light decor interior – furniture, glass and mirrored walls, cornices and ceilings, a variety of architectural elements. led spot lamps placement can also serve as functional role (for example, when illuminating information signs and panels).

led modules can avoid many problematic situations related to non-standard forms of lighting and dimensions seats. Under any particular task, virtually any object, which must be led lighting, we can choose the module required shape and size, the required number and characteristics of LEDs desired configuration of their placement on the pcb. And it is hardly an obstacle for the lighting will become architectural features of the illuminated object. For example, the small size led strip allows you to embed it almost anywhere: in a metal tube – stair handrail, a baseboard, ceiling in a narrow niche. Dimensions of the same bulbs required power is often put designer a choice: either to radically change design and dimensions of the illuminated object, or completely abandon the use of the backlight. Many parts of the interior get a second life when competently implemented illumination. Very aesthetic look, for example, option lighting design staircases in the style of hi-tech: highlighting the steps in yellow inside, handrails shall be executed in chrome pipes so that the inside spread deep blue through round holes.

In this design much easier to build in a narrow range of led than any other light source, even small sizes. Incidentally, in Europe, a prerequisite for the design and manufacture of stairs – light marking steps. Current problem replacing blown bulbs in hard to reach places no longer in the case of LEDs: they do not fail. Another example. In the German Duisburg, for illumination of the bridge were used led modules built into the metal fence posts. The game of light and color – the most efficient way to create a living organic medium, as in the design of the dwelling, and in architectural lighting. Earlier to get a colored light, used colored lights or colored filters, dichroic, or film. But the colored lights rarely provide the desired color reproduction, sharpness and saturation, and the film optical filters are lack thicken or fade in the operation. LEDs solve these problems, providing a rich and vivid colors. The red color you will have red and blue – blue. You do not risk to see after installing lamp red or pale blue color instead of what was intended during construction. A digital control lights based on RGB-LEDs can have millions of different colors.