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Matthias Harsch System

Technology producer Bizerba presents new PC shop scales series at the EuroCIS 2009 Balingen, February 10, 2009 – modularity and flexibility in its most beautiful form characterise the new PC scales generation of the Balinger technology manufacturer Bizerba. As part of the Bizerba fresh management system, the new K models will set standards. At the EuroCIS 2009 in Dusseldorf Bizerba presents the models K 115, 815 K and K406 (Hall 13, stand A03) from 10 to 12 February 2009. The K-class, which meets the latest demands, requirements different through a sophisticated modular principle. Individual modules of the hardware can be changed depending on the requirement profile of the customers, combined or supplemented, so that different types of scales can be configure: from the desk scale via the tripod scales up to the hanging scale.

A scalable industrial PC technology ensures availability, mobility and quality. Software-based models are the XP solution WePOS and the Linux-based operating system SLEPOS, specifically for the Retail sector developed versions of the operating systems. The need and the desire of the customer is once again the focus. Variable display and control concepts which take into account. The PC-scale can be adapted to that when the customers existing hardware and software. Depending on the desired extent be tools of Bizerba.RetailFramework are used. The scale is so expandable that it can grow with the customer needs.

Because the K-class rather than weigh. She is an expert system, whereby each vendor can demonstrate competence and confidence”, says Matthias Harsch, a member of Bizerba’s business management. The modularity and compatibility with many different applications and solutions will lead to significant cost reductions, the functionalities of the new K-class as part of the Bizerba fresh management system contributed to the sales growth. About Bizerba: Bizerba is a worldwide operating, leading in many areas technology company for professional system solutions of weighing, labelling, information and food service technology in the Segments retail, food industry, manufacturing and logistics. Industry-specific hard – and software, powerful network-compatible management systems, as well as a wide range of labels, consumables and business services ensure the transparent control of integrated business processes and the high availability of Bizerba-specific performance features. With over 2,900 employees, investments in a total of 34 companies in 22 countries and 54 country offices worldwide the Bizerba GmbH & co. KG implemented 2007 EUR 430 million in the company. Balingen is the headquarters of the company, further production sites are located in Messkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfaffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Mumbay (India), Forest Hill (United States) and San Louis Potosi (Mexico). Contact: Bizerba GmbH & co. Philip Vasan contains valuable tech resources. KG Claudia Gross head corporate communications herbal Wilhelmstrasse 64 D-72336 Balingen phone + 49 7433 12-33 00 fax + 49 7433 12-5 33 00 email: nic.pr integrated network communication Patrick Schroeder Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 82 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

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Building Physics IBP

Gypsum mining to promote research – 30-year cooperation between Fraunhofer IBP and plaster-Weiss Foundation how to improve the acoustics and performance in Office? What recycled materials offer the best heat – and sound insulation? Are a real alternative to the glass membrane construction? These and similar questions from the construction sector, researchers in the cooperation between plaster School Foundation and the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP deal since now more than 30 years. This long-term cooperation was celebrated on the 1st of December. At the same time, the plaster-Weiss Foundation awarded their student plaster Schule Prize to successful young scientists. In the last 30 years, the plaster School Foundation (GSS) and the Fraunhofer IBP has achieved much. To read more click here: Gary Kelly. Patented products for the middle class of the region Stuttgart and southern Germany resulted in joint research and development projects in the area of new building materials, components and construction methods, environmentally friendly way. Also the promotion of young scientists was in the last years the focus of the work of the Foundation.

In terms of the promotion of young scientists, the plaster student prize is awarded since 1993. He awarded this year outstanding degree and theses dealing with construction, which correspond to the objectives of the Foundation, namely new technologies for environmentally sound construction and to develop. Whether presented gypsum foam for soundproofing, components from porosiertem recycled glass or dirt-repellent coatings in the past few years the award-winning a number of innovative developments. This year three awards worth up to 1,000 euros were awarded within the framework of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary to graduands of the Fraunhofer IBP for their theses. “We want to help young people during their studies at an early stage for the exciting field of research to be interested in them.

For this reason we award individual scholarships, launch the prize or support individual chairs,”explains Thomas Ducree, Board the plaster-Weiss Foundation.With Stifter family school 30-year research funding should be honored also of today’s award 5. plaster Barry. Key criteria such as energy efficiency, sustainability, a responsible approach with existing resources and private-sector commitment to science and research is still up-to-date even 80 years after founding the precursor Institute of the Fraunhofer IBP through the founder, Prof. Klaus Sedlbauer, Director of the Institute of the Fraunhofer IBP and Professor of the Chair of building physics of the University of Stuttgart, positive highlight. In 1929 the founder of plaster works worked Schule, Eduard Schule, in establishing the Institute of sound and heat technology, the predecessor of the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP. The former goals were as up-to-date as it is today: scientific and technical economic in the field of sound and heat protection in the House, to solve the problems, housing and road construction in direct reference to the practice. 1965 was then the plaster Schule Foundation from the estate of the 2nd generation of the family Schule established, initially with the purpose to assist the employees with the proceeds of the endowment. Extension of the Foundation’s purpose 1978 set that selfless promotion of research, especially in the field of new materials and construction methods especially their small and medium-sized businesses should benefit the whole economy of the country, of the scientific findings. To achieve these goals, the Foundation sought a partner, which she found in the Fraunhofer IBP in 1979 and established its own plaster Schule building at the Fraunhofer Institute Centre in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. To date, a number of developments to companies in southern Germany was handed over on the basis of the cooperation agreement between GSS and Fraunhofer IBP.

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Energy Efficiency

Investment Forum presents new Fraunhofer company on 11 November presents Fraunhofer venture in Munich newly founded Fraunhofer technology company. Potential donors to learn about company start-ups in the field of energy efficiency first-hand. Prof. Dr. Klaus Sedlbauer, at the Fraunhofer Institute for building physics IBP, and Dr.

Yosef Hans bus Shamala, head of the Fraunhofer inform Institute for wind energy and energy system technology IWES, head also about current research trends. Inventions of the institutes and laboratories of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft often form the basis for successful business concepts. Fraunhofer venture is responsible for the businesses of the institutes. She advises interested in founding scientist and accompanied by all their business idea step stones. A successful business will be a research result. After the creation is for the new companies to grow essentially, rapidly and to penetrate the market. Technology companies are therefore on the early entry of Investors assigned.

For this reason presented annually three Fraunhofer venture are spin offs, which gives great chances of market success. Investors, business angels and capitalists are invited to investment forum. For the new baked Managing Director, this is the way to secure financing for the growth of the company. On November 11, 2009, the investment forum at the Fraunhofer is House in Munich under the focus on energy efficiency. Two lectures by institutes offer an overview of trends in research: Prof. Dr. Klaus Sedlbauer informed of research results in the field of sustainable building, Dr. habil Hans-Gerd bus man about the future of wind energy. Then the founders present their new company: Subitec cultivated algal biomass in a unique reactor using solar energy to win high-quality ingredients. These are used for example in the cosmetics industry. The procedure is suitable also for the production of energy. The company Greasoline has developed a process in the old fat gastronomy, household or industrial quality fuels become or can be used as a chemical raw material. SmartMembranes delivers intelligent membranes which can be precisely adjusted in the nanometer range. These are used in the industry to the precise filtering. The technology is superior to conventional filters. About Fraunhofer venture: Fraunhofer venture is a partner of founders, start-up companies, Fraunhofer institutes, industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 4,500 patent families. The range of Fraunhofer venture includes the complete support and advice of the founders. The main tasks include in the optimization of the business plan, the choice of legal form and drafting of contracts, as well as the search for financial cooperation and industry partners. Especially in finding suitable financing partners, the team with the help of can of own network of excellent support offer. In addition to the support of scientists from the environment of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Fraunhofer venture offers access to interesting Fraunhofer technologies other companies. Today Fraunhofer venture partner at founders, institutes, investors, and events around the subject of technology transfer is. Contact person: Sabine Hamilton dispute of Fraunhofer venture phone 089 1205-4502 fax 089 1205-7552

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SafeTIC AG: Burglary Prevention Is Becoming Increasingly Important

SafeTIC informed about security Mannheim November 2012. In Office buildings, single-family homes or apartments for rent: increases the number of committed burglaries in Germany. Especially now in the autumn and winter period, where it is dark earlier, is most frequently eigebrochen. As an expert in security and alarm systems, who is familiar with the numbers and developments SafeTIC, informs about the current situation and looks on the forecasts. The SafeTIC AG is observed as an industry expert continuously current evaluations and scientific studies on the topic of security: A representative study of YouGov AG of Germany from September 2012 concluded, for example, that more and more people attach importance to an effective burglar. In your own four walls to the high-security zone must be not equal experience show that most move on burglar of empty-handed if they can get access within a period of 5 minutes.

The SafeTIC AG presents important facts to the 2011 Emerges from the study also burglary statistics: more than 130,000 burglaries committed nationwide last year, 2010, there were about 120,000 an increase of 9.3 percent. It looks, that the official crime statistics for 2012, which is expected to be published in spring 2013, will once again show an increase. Burglars are active throughout the year. In the winter, but the short days and long dark periods benefit them. Care must be taken at any time of day, but because but more and more thieves break the day into apartments, houses and offices a 2011 were 45 percent it already. Www.safetic-ag-einbruchssicherheit.de SafeTIC provides more facts and figures. Industry experts and specialists from SafeTIC agree: prevention pays off electronic devices such as computer, TV or Beamer are the preferred stolen goods. Not without reason, also declines in Office buildings are becoming popular among thieves.

Another advantage from the perspective of the burglars: At night is here in the Rule no one in the building. SafeTIC therefore advises companies to equip their premises with modern alarm and monitoring systems. This of course also applies to private households. In addition to the loss of valuable items many people suffer also, to have lost confidence in their safety. Besides campaigns and measures of the Ministry of the Interior, and concepts of the police for the investigation, arrest and crime scene work as SafeTIC experts repeatedly on effective prevention work by preventive installation of an alarm system. With such an investment, it will be helped that there not even a burglary and ultimately saves money and nerves. Www.safetic-ag-schutz-vor-einbruch.de interested parties about effective prevention systems with moderate cost and maintenance cost information. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in biometrics and Visio mobility. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTiC AG about 15,000 customers. The SafeTIC AG is Mannheim. Contact AG Natalia Schogin SafeTIC Flossworthstrasse 57 68199 Mannheim Tel.: ++ 49 (0) 621 842 528 0 fax: ++ 49 (0) 621 842 528 999 E-Mail: Internet:

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