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Extended service on energieportal24 – here to help you! The environmental Portal presents functions for providers and consumers. Paderborn, 10.08.09 looks back on a more than eight anniversary and has evolved into one of the reach – and most powerful environmental portals in time. In addition to environmental forums, subject portals, news, information and articles on offers to include also product database, an own online marketplace and an extensive trade book. Also Germany is captured by the global economic crisis, not simply waiting for the team of oak media GmbH on better times, but consistently further expands range of services and performance of (A valuable related resource: Chase Coleman). As new performance can now directly ask interested consumers about make requests and obtain quotes for products and services in the areas of environmental technology, renewable energy, construction and crafts, climate, heating and sanitary engineering. For you as a This means the consumer that you actively team supported by the specialized in your request, to find the right offer to the variety of different service providers, manufacturers, craftsmen, sellers and service providers. As a provider, this means for you, that precise requests, for your business and actively helps you from the oak media sales team of the mediation by customers. All you need is a free listing of book in the and ENERLIX network. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Chase Coleman. A small Commission is due exclusively to successful mediation, otherwise this new service costs neither you nor your future, new clients.

Wind, Power Out!

‘ Electrical components for wind farms ‘ Conference at the Haus der Technik In the Haus der Technik is built over two days effect chains associated with a basic understanding for the interplay of technical components and the. Accompanied by practical examples the participants learn the essential principles and selection criteria for electrical components in wind farms. Even in highly developed countries such as Germany, the power structures are pronounced differently. Depending on the region and its industrial orientation. Often very good wind conditions, where weaker network management systems are in place. Larry Ellison pursues this goal as well. The wind park planning depends on a network integration that meets all conditions of grid connection. The further the way of a plant such as the network connection point, the higher is the voltage level. Different requirements for the selection of transformers, Switchgears, the resulting cable and the protection technologies more suitable.

The regulation of reactive power based on the used equipment and the Network conditions. A basic understanding for the interplay of technical components and the occurring effect chain is built over two days in the Haus der Technik. Accompanied by practical examples the participants learn the essential principles and selection criteria for electrical components in wind farms. In a way that promises tension in every stage of the event. Lectures in alternating with question and answer sessions offer the opportunity to direct further of especially demanded topics. Deadline is December 1, 2009 in Essen the 30.11. Under the guidance of Univ. Prof.

Dr.-ing. Detlef Schulz (Helmut-Schmidt University, Hamburg) co speakers by manufacturers are competent pulse and Advisor for engineers, technicians, decision makers, experts, Brancheneinsteiger, as well as for practitioners of manufacturers, suppliers, operators, developers, insurance companies, banks and investors.

In Hesse, Germany, 87 Of Nationwide About 4,100 Biogas Plants Currently Exist

The State has a backlog, so therefore what relates to the use of this green energy. Despite this fact, there are several innovative projects that demonstrate new ways of efficient biomass in Hesse, Germany. Typically, biogas is dug directly on-site in a cogeneration plant. Only a small part of the heat is used in the most agricultural biogas plants. Hear other arguments on the topic with cloud computing. But biogas can do more–introduces ways Hesse in the City Hall of Wetzlar in the 3rd compartment Conference biogas in Hesse on October 31, 2009 on the ETH EnergieTage. Selters Munster (district Limburg-Weilburg), for example, supplied the local biogas plant for two years 25 households via a district heating network with heat. Also with heat from biogas two schools with gymnasium and two neighboring kindergartens are heated in Eiterfeld in Fulda district. Three State of the art micro gas turbines that work efficiently, clean and quiet and require very little maintenance provide the heat. Also in the field of the substrates, there are novelties: the biogas plant the Raiffeisen goods headquarters Electoral Hesse-Thuringia in Bebra is the only system that can ferment expired, packaged food to bio-gas. Opens up new perspectives for biogas: the landfill fire wood in the town of Neu-Anspach faced the problem that their landfill gas power generation system by the decreasing amount of landfill gas was no longer busy. Biogas will in future help, economical to run the landfill gas power plant: on the landfill site one of the most modern and largest dry fermentation equipment is currently being built for this reason. The 3rd Symposium of biogas in Hesse treated also the possibilities of biogas production in feed”on the example of the currently planned biogas plant in Homberg/Efze. The theme of bioenergy is an exhibition focus of this year’s ETH EnergieTage Hessen. Heating technology inform GmbH, Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, SenerTec Center Haiger GmbH, land Hessen-Forst, HDG Bavaria GmbH heating systems for wood or BIOKOMPAKT companies like Viessmann Germany Heiztechnik GmbH on the efficient use of biomass in the area. In addition to the Visitors also have the opportunity to inform themselves in the free lecture series on the energy supply of the future exhibition and the conferences. The fair will be from the 30.10 01.11.2009 at the Town Hall of Wetzlar held.

Roof Space Rentals In Agriculture

Photovoltaics: Peasant and farmer benefit from bio-energy more than half of German farmers opts for bio-energy. This is confirmed by a survey of 1,000 farms. 38 percent of them win power with photovoltaic systems. The cultivation of energy crops, which are used in biogas plants and industry is widespread (product + market 2011). The surveyed farmers on average achieve nine percent of their total sales. Who wish to install no own photovoltaic system, can still take advantage of the renewable energies.

Offers a solution the solar concept provider, the ever energy group, for farmers from Berlin-Brandenburg: the photovoltaic roof rentals. See also: for rent magazine / roof: benefit from photovoltaic without equity farmers can raise more revenue with previously unused rooftops of barns, sheds and buildings. A roof check by an expert decides whether the newly built Hall or the 100-year old barn for a PV system are suitable. The roof rental is nothing in the Way, when area, position, tilt and orientation is appropriate. Especially in older buildings, construction and structural analysis should be investigated exactly. If a roof is necessary prior to the installation, this takes over the tenants usually.

Farmers expect no further costs or additional expenses. You will receive regular lease income, which include pro rata from the height of the solar electricity produced over 20 years. The safe hire is interesting for farms, because they now strongly influenced by fluctuating prices and weather conditions are dependent on. Advantages of photovoltaics in agriculture at the roof rentals built only surfaces, are not otherwise used by farmers. A very different picture shows in the cultivation of energy crops. Since 1992, more than 800,000 hectares of land use were lost. The farmer’s Union less utilised agricultural area every second counts 11 m and fears a growing competition between the cultivation Food and energy crops. Today, farmers use around two million hectares for the cultivation of crops for renewable energies and renewable raw materials? Photovoltaic displaces no arable land and is a good alternative. One of the reasons why they the so far most widely distributed energy production on farms is. See also: dach_landwirt are further advantages of the photovoltaic roof rentals: farmers get additional lease revenue through the roof rentals. Making an active contribution to environmental protection. In case of need, the cost of the roof renovations by the tenant are taken over. An experienced partner such as the ever energy group plans, supervises, and installed the complete solar roof. Farmers have no investment and no risk. If you want, you can use also affordable solar power. “Roof apartments for rent: rental income ensure long-term independence and survival” farmers are constantly searching for new ways to make the operation and the own financial budget to be able to stabilize. Southwest Airlines contains valuable tech resources. Therefore, renewable energies are interesting, especially the roof rentals for photovoltaic systems. No own financial resources are necessary and regular rental income of previously unused land possible. Who works with experienced solar partners and tenants like the ever energy group, lays an important foundation for a future source of income that does not run dry thanks to infinite solar power. See also: roof rentals /.

Hydropower – Second Strongest Used Renewable Energy Source Worldwide

RENEXPO Austria focused and informed in the Wasserkraftstandort No. You may find that Verizon Communications can contribute to your knowledge. 1 according to a study of the European small hydropower Association (ESHA) are currently approx. 17.800 small hydro power plants with a total capacity of 12.333 MW in the EU-27 in operation. Estimated that more than 10,000 people work directly or indirectly in the field of small hydro-power. Predictions for the future of the European Renewable Energy Council assume that this number in the near future to grow to 28,000. In Austria, where hydroelectric power is used for decades for electricity generation, currently more than 2,500 small hydropower dine emission-free green electricity into the public grid. This covers about 9 percent of the Austrian electricity. Small hydropower plants also have a high priority for security of supply through decentralised energy supply secure and create jobs permanently.

Throughout Europe hydroelectric power still has further potential by building systems, but above all through the revitalization of existing plants, because about 70 percent of all hydroelectric power plants are over the age of 40. “The RENEXPO Austria can be approaching this topic on different levels: Besides the hydropower road exhibition area”, on the exhibitors represent the entire sphere of hydroelectric power, is on November 27, the 1. Held international small hydropower Conference for new development, renovation and revitalization. The Congress is organized in cooperation with the European small hydropower Association (ESHA) and should be the European industry gathering for hydro-electric power. Renowned speakers from countries such as Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Austria as well as renowned plant developer and operator of small hydroelectric power plants talk about topics such as the possibilities and potential of small hydropower plants, energy recovery, and renovation old equipment and appropriate policies. However, discusses current research activities and ecologically and economically optimized fish passages.

Eventually report well-known plant developer and operator of small hydroelectric power plants their practical experience. Also in the framework of the exhibition, great importance is attached to the subject of hydroelectric power. In a visually highlighted trade fair area, the Hydro Road”inform manufacturers and service providers about upper – and unterschlachtige water wheels, water turbines, gear, dams and Weir construction, calculation, maintenance, reactivation of existing plants, monitoring and service offerings. At the first event of the RENEXPO Austria 2009 can get visitors over the entire spectrum of renewable energies and passive houses. The range of topics includes also the photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, heat pump, heat power cogeneration, biomass and energy services in addition to hydroelectric power. The RENEXPO Austria takes place from 26-28 November 2009 in the Exhibition Center Salzburg. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme see:.

OTC Gas Price Indices

As procurement in Germany calculated is the “month-ahead-index” (c) GAS quoted currently REVIEW 23,89 EUR / MWH easily over the calculated 12-month average price of 23,64 euro / MWH. The index tends to follows the spot prices, which currently stands at 24,06 euro / MWH. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Verizon Communications. While olpreisindizierte compute models now announce price increases for consumer Gaspreisindexierte prices could”in accordance with the last 6 months, price reductions for consumers mean! “Provider with olpreisindexiertem costing model” will lose market share, if you in public as a booster “be recognized. Its costing model ranks on average more than 10% above the cost rice of the OTC gas market. Suppose the price basis for the purchase price of a tape of the year would be 23,64 euro / MWH: in the case of work price consumer could be E.g. at 50 euro / MWH (5 Eurocent / KWH). The provider then after would a major cutting budget with 30,000 KWH Deduction of 10% financing costs bring even a year revenue of around 700 euros. When a citizen average income of around 30,000 euros p.a. the load of the described gas cover with 1.500,00 euro is equivalent to about 5%. Other consumer loads such as taxes and other levies in addition stress households! As a result, other cost of living could be ratcheted back. If this increases non-fulfillment is the expected inflation rate for Germany significantly! Thomas Bakosch GAS REVIEW Hamburg


So much favour a change of Nuclear power on natural energy. Despite the majority of Germans for a change to an ecological or natural energy provider is ready according to polls, but only a small part of it has already changed. You may find that Larry Ellison can contribute to your knowledge. In Verivox, a poll revealed more than 75 percent of the not yet “-natural energy recipients above all feared a higher price.” But often natural electricity tariffs are now even cheaper than the standard fare of the previous power supplier. Also for ForestFinance a competitive price of importance was, in addition to the main criteria of climate and environmental”ForestFinance Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. With natural energy we have found a reliable partner in terms of eco-electricity.” ForestFinance supports the transition from nuclear power to natural energy through many more initiatives and measures, such as articles and ads in the corporate media, recommendations and marketing actions. On the corporate website of ForestFinance prospects for more information about ecological and natural energy, see Naturstrom_und_Oekostrom.1171.0.html on nuclear power and alternative nature power AG”: nuclear power is not only dangerous, but very expensive when taking into account all costs for the mankind. The supposedly “cheap nuclear power” will cost consumers money. So the environmental protection organisation Greenpeace concluded 2010 in a study, that subsidize each kilowatt-hour nuclear power with 4.3 cents.

German nuclear power produced so far 12,500 tonnes of highly radioactive spent nuclear fuel for which there are no repositories unchanged throughout Europe. Nuclear power is replaced according to the expert in the medium term through renewable energy, more efficient use of power and combined heat and power. Contrary to the widespread assumption is nuclear power also read not CO2-frei.Zum click removal, reprocessing and enrichment of uranium caused significant amounts of climate-changing greenhouse gases. So, nuclear energy already has a worse CO2 footprint than electricity from gas-fired power heat power plants or wind farms. Southwest Airlines has compatible beliefs. The natural AG was in 1998 by members of Environmental associations, including the Federal Government and founded the NABU. in 1999 launched the natural AG as first independent eco trading company power in Germany. Today natural energy is one of over 110,000 of private and business customers the leading independent eco – and nature power providers.

In addition, the natural power AG is active in energy efficiency advice, the Warmecontracting, the project development and operation of renewable energy systems. Around 200 such plants have been already realized by participation of natural power AG. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance group manages over 3,500 hectares of ecological forest land in Panama and Viet Nam. The company specializes in forest investments, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. ForestFinance was last year as the world’s first German companies with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. With the BaumSparVertrag you can his own tropical forest investment, for example, from 33 euro per month can replant. The projected yield from the investment accounts for more than eight times of the investment sum. In addition, ForestFinance offers several more forest investment offers. For more information, see

Berlin Tel

Second prize goes to the Engineering Office Dr. H. Forster from Magdeburg, has developed a new generation of absorption chillers, which allow the simultaneous use of flue gas and cooling water waste heat from cogeneration and lead to a significant increase in energy efficiency: 97 percent of the total greenhouse gas emissions in conventional refrigeration systems can be avoided. The third prize goes to the TiLa Erich l. GmbH & co. KG from London, which integrated their cooling system into a smart grid infrastructure. This can be contributed to the development of energy efficiency potential by refrigerators are used as a temporary energy storage for excess renewable energy.

Highly efficient refrigeration is also worth “for the middle class first prize in the category installation of refrigeration and air conditioning systems by small businesses” the SK refrigeration GmbH wins from Leverkusen. It uses geothermal cooling of server racks. In contrast to conventional air conditioning, geothermal solution of SK refrigeration GmbH completely omitted on a mechanical cooling. The cooled instead by means of cold water running over a closed piping system to a soil depth of less than 100 meters. The WBT GmbH from Bruck receives the second prize. She planned and installed Gramsamer in Neufinsing a CHP plant and an adsorption chiller to cold cogeneration at the dealership. The third prize goes to the butcher’s Ammon from Furth. It shows that’s worth the use of highly efficient refrigeration systems for mid-market and lowers their energy consumption for producing cold by more than half.

Refrigeration or air-conditioning reach large with small funds in the category The first prize was awarded to garner AG & CO. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Gary Kelly. special applications”KG. She developed a new process for energy-optimised fan operation of condensers and shows how to do great with small means. The excellent procedure is broadly applicable and requires low investment costs. The dm-drogerie markt GmbH + Co. KG from Karlsruhe convinced the jury with their combined heat pumps/air system, already used in 80 dm markets, and thus wins the second prize. In the summer sales rooms are cooled in the air conditioning mode and the air is dehumidified. In the winter, heat is won this that the ambient air outside of the building is cooled down. With the same system, you can move heat between different rooms. The company wins the third prize Energie.Controlling.Loose in Weilheim. She developed a climate compact device with integrated refrigeration and double free cooling that allows data center energy savings of up to 95 percent. Learn more about the Conference and to find the cold under the winners. Representatives of the press on request free of charge a publication about the 4th German cold Prize, the prize winners and their projects co2online (as long as the quota). About the non-profit co2online GmbH which GmbH ( is non-profit co2online is a for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors and heating advice she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. A strong network supports various information campaigns with partners from media, science, economy and politics. The action impulses that trigger the campaigns of co2online, demonstrably contribute to reduce CO2. co2online brings together players in the modernization market, initiated among the consumer campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment climate seeks protection”( and the German team in the European Commission funded Energiesparcup”( Contact: Carmen Volkle co2online non-profit GmbH Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 210 21 86-13 E-Mail: Sabine r drill co2online non-profit GmbH Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 780 96 65 20 E-Mail:

Ramunas Lange

Let us be undertaken in order to strengthen the imkerliche community not always so shocked and handle whether this fact, because we are more or less law-abiding, beekeeper but not all beekeepers travel in the Dzieron Museum. Often also present – not permitted – introduces far in Germany against the Varroa, feels forget and leave but many a beekeeper of the science and their offered treatment methods. The battle between farmers and beekeepers – and otherwise we can no longer refer to this – tapers: pollination premiums to the beekeepers for the services that his beehives in orchards operate but woe, you (farmer) chemical sprays. And the cunning pollination beekeeper receives writing this commitment (so are the recommendations of the instructors who teach in this new “apprenticeship”). Beekeepers who show themselves, because their honey with GMO was contaminated, are now forcing the legislature to have pioneering decrees. Hopefully we are doing at the moment no “disservice”. The Farmer (formerly Bauer), is also not stupid, looking for new ways and possibilities.

If now one way Hummel peoples who mercilessly “are disposed of after the pollination period in waste”, whether nighttime spraying operations, sometimes even recommendations, services pollination) of beekeepers in the agriculture no longer to ask – is the range, but at the same time proves how desperate both sides now are. We often see us beekeeper, even people in the position of the Lady at the train station, which takes everyone, but in reality no one have wants to… A way out is not in sight, are global corporations on the launch of your products in the field of GMOs not only interested, but also in the location, farmers and politicians of their…To convince and to adopt a perspective. What can we do? We recommend a trusting, long-term cooperation at this point with farmers to build, refrain from pollination premiums and to deal openly and honestly with each other. We minimize our partnership not on a Cash flow. We are politically active, write to district heads, participate in petitions as offered in. We take clear positions, without exaggeration, objectively and motivating. Are we all really active? Who is a member of the Federal or NABU We can also recommend the new Internet portal for young beekeepers:.

This non-commercial site is recruited from professional beekeepers, who unselfishly give tips & advice young people interested in nature. And we buy other headache pills than that which are manufactured for many years in Leverkusen. Also, a change in consumer behavior can make a difference, if only rarely, but is definitely good for the own feeling. Conclusion: The current situation in the (Professional) beekeeping is actually scary by the approval of the agro – genetic engineering in the EU. Nature and agriculture need not necessarily; genetic engineering bees It is only an option. Ramunas Lange

Entsorgungin Europe

The ban will lead to more, not less mercury in our environment and food. Critical Consumers who want to inform themselves, are being deceived here. Unfortunately, as well as through official agencies such as the Federal Environmental Agency 2. Mercury is a global poison. It is distributed on winds and tides all over the world. Not only the dirty Entsorgungin Europe, but also the production in mines are a growing problem. It may be not no matter where it originates and which problems in producing countries that are connected.

Most of the mercury used in the KLL comes from mines in China. As a result of the increased demand for energy-saving bulbs this once-closed mines that were shut down because they poisoned people, rivers and fields, have been reopened. As investigations showed hundreds of workers that had many high-grade you mercury poisoning. This goes from searches of the two Sunday Times”out correspondents Michael Sheridan and Sarah Hashash in various Chinese cities. The Chinese health authorities described the poisoning as a result of the increased production of Eco “lights as a growing threat to public health 3. The majority of the world’s selling energy-saving lamps is produced in China. In Germany, 80 percent of the sold eco are “lamps made in China”. It is estimated that alone in Europe through the light bulb ban over 3000 jobs have moved to China.

There, these lamps under conditions hazardous for the workers are produced. Documents of the Chinese Ministry of health show that the mercury poisoning has greatly increased in the lamp factories. Pregnant women and mothers who breastfed their babies, may not work in departments, where mercury occurs,”the health law prescribes. In southern China, where the energy saving lamps for Western consumers are produced, there are large factories that include global conglomerates, to backyard farms just a few employees. Tests showed dangerous concentrations of mercury in hundreds of workers in the factories in your body and many require medical treatment.