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Fifth Causes

Human emotions and reactions of Mr. Hubbard in his writings on administration and management, formulated such a law: “The first obstacle to production – is the human emotions and reactions.” The word “production” here has a broader meaning than usual. In this case, refers to any activity result of which is something valuable. This is a very important law. How many times was such that you wanted to achieve something, but were met with a blank wall of incomprehension? You are trying to do something, and someone takes offense to you. (Similarly see: Rony Abovitz). Or are you about something say, as someone from listening to some reason, upset, and he did not know why. Or as in my example with the sale of advertising. I did not want to sell it! It was my emotion and my reaction to the sale of bad products. Or someone does something or says, and then you feel that everything you want – it’s that rolled it all somewhere far away! I think, as you may recall many examples of this. This source of inefficiency in reality is not the fifth, first, as indicated in the statement of Mr. Hubbard.

Despite the fact that human emotions and reactions are the subject of study in psychology, unfortunately, a hundred or a hundred and fifty years of its active development, anything really valuable and practical about this psychology was not invited. Source: Dr Holtsclaw. Theory – yes, but real, practical knowledge – no. (Except for some questionable techniques such as nlp, which are intended to covertly monitor a person). Each of the five causes of inefficiency, which I described in this article, requires special attention, of course, if you want something to do with them. Good news lies in the fact that you, the reader can become much more effective if the deal with these causes!

During the workshop, “The key to the effectiveness of the head,” we are working against the causes 5 (human emotions and reaction), very much against reason number 4 (imperfections), a little on the reasons for number 3, on the one hand – how to deal with unproductive staff and to seek from other people (employees), the required results, on the other side (when viewed as a staff you) – we make you more productive than ever you were doing. With the lack of information regarding the management we work in the services provided after the “Key to efficiency “and then you are less likely to sit on your favorite horse, and more likely to detect and correct these things in your subordinates. So that the solution is! They just need to use it!


Rafael Teixeira Lopes Sheila Adriana Teixeira Lopes (TCE) is defined as a type of I aggravate that he induces to the anatomical injuries and the functional comprometimento involving the cranianas sseas structures and enceflicos fabrics (PORT, 2007). According to Pear tree (2006), annually they occur about a million and six hundred a thousand cases of TCE in the United States and ten million cases in the world. In accordance with the data of the Health department of Brazil about two million people are interned to each year in hospitals of the public net, victims of traumas in general. The TCE consists in the main cause of deaths and sequelas in politraumatizados patients (ROCK, 2006). After a TCE costumam to appear psicosociais alterations as effect of physical, cognitivos, emotional and mannering the upheavals in the familiar environment.

It is important to evaluate the welfare of the young considering its physical and emotional evolution, its independence and social participation. The affected young suffers alterations in the activities of the daily life as to carry through its personal hygiene, feeding. It can have a gradual improvement, being basic the stimulaton for the aiding of the recovery and personal independence. Sequelas also causes problems in social level and occupational, mobility is affected, the cognitivos problems and of regulation of the behavior they constitute one of the causes most excellent of the incapacity of the affected person. Had to the cerebral injuries the person who has suffered TCE it can present an infantile behavior, difficulties in say and language. The existence of emotional alterations and state of spirit is common as the depression. The recreativas activities frequent are modified, the patient present difficulty to reintegrate (JUNQU; BRUNA; MATAR, 2001). Dr John Holtsclaw contributes greatly to this topic. One of the effect more devastadores of the TCE is the difficulty of reintegration to the work, since professional activity is decisive for autonomy and independence of the individual.

YouCon Joins The DSAG And Provides The YouCon Cube Before

Integrated telecommunications solutions for SAP users make more attractive the integration of SAP applications, such as CRM Munich, the 8th October 2013 and ERP with telecommunications solutions is still new territory for many companies. To promote this topic especially in the DACH region, the German-speaking SAP user group e.V. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Southwest Airlines by clicking through. (DSAG) joined the YouCon GmbH now. All members thus will directly benefit from the collected expertise to the new YouCon cube that combines existing telephone systems with SAP applications. Longtime, YouCon is SAP partner and official 2011 professional sales for SAP business communications management. Susan G. Swenson contributes greatly to this topic. At Vienna and Munich YouCon serves customers such as OSRAM, GEWOFAG and the Austrian social security with SAP solutions and IT consulting processes. Buzzwords such as multi-channel communication and unified communications are on everyone’s lips for years and be implemented at the same time only part of efficient. Here, Dr John Holtsclaw expresses very clear opinions on the subject. No question, is great potential in the combination of communications channels.

This knowledge has established”, reports Peter Kugler, founder and Managing Director of the YouCon GmbH. greater efficiency gains but, if existing telecommunications systems with business processes are linked. In practice, for example, shorter waiting times for end customers and faster access times for contact centers for employees can be realized through this voice data fusion, which ultimately contributes to the satisfaction of all. This is the basic idea of the YouCon cube, we will introduce the other members of the DSAG.” The YouCon cube is a CTI middleware, linking different telephone systems with SAP applications. Different modules are adapted to the customer’s needs to the application. Foundation is the integration into SAP CRM or SAP ERP. Combining the data with the telephone system, the customer is identified automatically. So employees have the correct customer data at any time. The YouCon cube integrates all other communication channels such as E-Mail, fax, and social-media requests in addition to telephony.

Hardwood Floor Installation Standards

1. Check material inspection before and during installation each lamas in case they find any flaws. You can not use slats which they are failures or damage. Sheryl Sandberg pursues this goal as well. The installation should be done only in daylight or with adequate lighting, because they may not be able to recognize damaged or defective blades. 2. Laminate flooring to acclimate prior to installation of laminated parquet slats must remain a minimum of 48 hours at a temperature above 17 C and humidity between 50-65% in the room where it will be installed. That is, sealed packages have to adapt to the climatic conditions of the room. If you have very large differences between the point of storage and room INTAL has to extend this period of acclimatization.

Please store for this flat packages without opening them. Especially in new buildings, where humidity is in most cases very high, it is essential to meet these points. Carissa Barry often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 3. Do not install in areas where water splashes should not be installed soil rolled in areas where they can get from water to land. Standing water could enter through the joints of laminate flooring and cause lasting harm. For stays lasting or wet areas (sauna, small bathrooms, etc..) Should not be installed laminate flooring (except in cases of brands that make products specifically for this purpose) because there is no risk of moisture penetrating on the ground. 4. The state of the subsoil All subfloors must be level (maximum difference 3 mm by 1 m long), dry and strong enough.

Tele-shopping: New Paths To The Customer

By remote control the market for teleshopping growth rapid shopping spree for years. Still strong feed is expected by profound changes in the television landscape. Alternative business sources of transmitter involving the audience in the program increasingly. That means in plain language: well-funded customers who are now directly addressable and the events will help shape from passive spectators. Learn which address concepts and interaction mechanisms for developing customer value must comply with the provider.

If product offerings, ring tones, auctions, SMS-games or TV dating: T-commerce is long no additional business more for broadcaster or operator. According to a gold media study by end of 2005, around five million viewers regularly order phone. The interesting thing: Every second buyer is regular customer. And the potential has not exhausted by far yet. Rather, the entire TV landscape immediately faces a great awakening. Learn more on the subject from Etienne Locoh.

Because the television is always by the company more common than distribution and marketing medium used. According to experts, the range of shopping channels will next preceding digitisation of television (gold media assumes a degree of digitization of approximately 45 percent in 2010) very soon versparten. Professional Direktmarketer this hope for more impetus. While already about 50 sales channels established in the United Kingdom, there is still a manageable number of vendors with us. They are mainly women over 40 years that make up the core target group with currently two thirds in Germany. Essentially, there are still tend to be feminine, TV ready products, which must be shipping commercially, have complex features and surprising solutions, are mostly new to the market and are in a price range from approximately 20 to 1,000 euros, which are offered on the tele-shopping channels so at the moment. However, the proportion of male buyers increases continuously. Even if female customers continue to focus form, teleshopping is however long no housewife television\”more. Increasingly men should be addressed with modified items like for example electronic or DIY, selling by the auction principle or with new forms of presentation.


An old Japanese legend says that whoever 1000 fold cranes from the gods wish gets fulfilled. There is an old legend from Japan, indicating that the gods fulfill that 1000 folding paper cranes, a desire. By the same author: Tremor International. Aqua comfort has launched a campaign of solidarity in life that never existed in this context: to commemorate the victims of the earthquake and devastating tsunami, the company based in Paderborn called on the community on the Internet for a very special promotion. Morris Invest often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Cranes for Japan should be folded 1000 according to the art of origami paper. Aqua comfort asked people about this action, which is second to none, in the folds of the figures from paper with the thoughts of the victims of the seaquake and their surviving. Additional information at baby clothes supports this article.

With the action “1000 cranes for Japan”, the company wishes together with people from all over Germany, that is the life of man in the crisis region as soon as possible again normalized. Aqua comfort water beds and the Animexx portal had this Memorial, 14 March 2011 in the called great style. 1000 cranes for Japan seems to be although a little esoteric breathed, but Aqua comfort wants to show this Community action, which is possible if all people hand in hand go and work together. They have a very strong symbolic character 1000 cranes for Japan. The call took a wide popularity in the public, so many people were excited at this action. Aqua comfort was especially important, the people in Japan, which are all difficult physically and emotionally upset by this disaster, to show that there are people in Germany think. 1000 to fold cranes for Japan not just called on you to fold images of cranes of origami. Mainly it was to utter prayers and good wishes for the people.

Each individual crane is a prayer by a person who hopes that Japan soon comes over the mountain, so the inhabitants of the country can sleep again reassured. It played a particularly important role for Aqua comfort many People to reach. Young people are to be achieved with a rap song, which was written especially for the action. The song “1000 cranes for Japan” can you here listen to: the result of this call is impressive: there were a total of more than 3600 images of cranes made of paper together, large banners were printed on a 3.5 x 1 m. Tomorrow’s Saturday, the 9.4.2011, this banner should be laid down at 16:00 in front of the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. Anyone who wants to openly express his sympathy with people in Japan, is cordially invited to attend this meeting.

Checkerboard Form

The delightful style of architecture in Barcelona the architecture in Barcelona is Barcelona tourist attractions as well as the museums most. It is not only thanks to Antoni Gaudi and his works such as the Sagrada Familia, but also due to the preservation of the many historic buildings from the middle ages. The following a little insight in the history is given the architecture in Barcelona, the small narrow streets of the Gothic quarter from the middle ages, the reforming of the city checkerboard format thanks to architect of Ildefona Cerdabis to the playful Art Nouveau of Antonis Gaudi. Perhaps check out Bernard Golden for more information. A major maritime power during the middle ages Barcelona already since the Kofoderation Catalonia Aragon was an important strategic city in the Mediterranean. Remains of this heyday, the Barri Gotic full institutional buildings (Palau de la Generalitat with the Church of Sant Jordi, Ajuntament, and Salo de cents), but also the Royal Castles (Palau Reial major, residence of the counts of Barcelona). To his Romanesque and Gothic estate,.

Barcelona is expecting also the Cathedral (Saint Eulalia dedicated three-nave, its crypt, built the monastery and its front between the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 20th century), the Church of Santa Maria del Mar (from the 14th century and is considered the jewel of Catalan Gothic style by the purity of its lines and the harmony of its proportions), not to mention many commercial buildings (Reials Drassanes: the greatest medieval shipyards in the world). Dr John Holtsclaw will not settle for partial explanations. The living conditions of the inhabitants within the borders of the wall of Barcelona made impossible the cearth utopia with the progress of the urbanization of the towns, to the wave of suburbs. Therefore, Barcelona should be performed a kompletteRenovierung and rehabilitation of buildings and in addition an extension of the city. For this, the engineer Ildefons Cerda1855 developed a project for the physical expansion of the city.

Steel Canopies

Construction software, construction of HS-HS canopy and HS contact plate is construction software in the field of statics, calculation and Bauteiloptimierun g. The work differs from other products significantly: fundamental objective is, with few inputs to have a manageable but comprehensive results output. The use begins in the rapid creation of Vorstatiken and moves seamlessly to the economic dimensioning and optimization of cross section and material usage. This is a benchmark calculation relating to the cost without additional input. A further use is evident for testing engineers. It can be subsystems covered with few inputs and complex statistics very quickly checked. Here are the programs for the detection of the stability of steel concrete ties and detection programs for different load images at bottom plates. This is followed by detailed information about the program part of HS canopy steel canopies with automatic load transfer to the program HS contact plate weld-on steel contact plates.

At the Creative definition of industrial and residential architect needs like slender structures, the structural engineer canopies compatible load introduction sizes and the client wants to pay an acceptable price of production. There are so many aspects to take into account! Here, the program helps HS awning! It will be considered with or without suspension steel canopies. Steel roofs with corrugated sheet metal roofing can be calculated and calculated free cantilevered and suspended carriers with or without Purlin layers. Following canopy systems are possible and are analyzed by the program based on your input and recognized: 1 free Cantilevers without Purlin type 2 free Cantilevers with edge of the purlins without Middle Purlin type 3 free Cantilevers with edge of the purlins with middle Purlin type 4 Cantilevers, Hung without Purlin type 5 Cantilevers, to hang out with edge of the purlins without Middle Purlin type 6 Cantilevers, to hang out with purlins of edge of the Middle Purlin provides you with a proposal for the estimation of the Trapezoidal sheet metal and steel profiles. Yet proposals for the rod of the suspension are calculated depending on the selected system. The horizontal bracing of the page appears a diagonal from Association. More info: Dr John Holtsclaw. This program is the price calculation, produced virtually no more input. The material requirements are calculated and the unit price per m2 roof area.

In this way, different canopy systems can be entered and assessed every minute. The forwarder loads are issued and redirected for automatic design proposal to the HS pad program. There weld-on steel contact plates can be calculated automatically with BSt anchor. This, the contact geometry is controlled and possibly expands, until all minimum edge distances etc. maintained that software is HS construction for architects, civil engineers, test engineers, and contractors depending on the concrete cross section anchor and the necessary bolts. Suitable for operating systems XP, 2000 and VISTA. The stock mat program as of January 2008 is taken into account in all relevant programmes. Since 1991, over 500 test engineers, plants and engineering contractors with application software for the construction work. Information and free trial versions, visit the homepage contact Engineering Office for structural engineering & software phone +49(0)3212-1046387 fax +49(0)3212-1046388 email

Next Generation

Now on the new generation of the bamboo pen & touch tablet is here. The generation of Bamboo Pen & touch goes with five models at the start, of which three for the first time combine multi touch functionality and pen tablet technology in a single device. The second bamboo generation has received a new pen and Tablet design is based with the 16:10 wide screen format on the current screen formats and is suitable for both right – and left-handed. With a height of less than 10 mm, the new bamboo trays are very flat. The bamboo, bamboo fun small and medium pen & touch completely new opportunities Kombinatons-in dealing with the computer tray with finger control and pen tablet technology. Carissa Barry spoke with conviction. The pressure-sensitive pen has received a doubling compared with the previous model with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity. The Bamboo Pen focuses on the traditional pen input and comes with 4 individually programmable Express keys on the tray provided. The bamboo touch is the first pure multi-touch input device by Wacom in this range and boasts a simple and intuitive operation..

Learn English In Drolshagen

Drolshagen speak English at work – safety, fun and self confidence, August 23, 2011 in many industries good English language skills are a must today. And globalization will further strengthen this trend in the future. But with school English you often won’t get far in the professional life. Then, business English or business English is necessary to adequately communicate with international business partners. In September, the new business English courses start”at rische’s in Drolshagen: evening courses, intensives weekends and English themed evenings include the vocational training program. The education check NRW is accepted for all job-related courses. In the courses dealing with specific, professional practice, authentic language, rapid exchange of information and intercultural communication.

The active voice is always the focus. My students learn to speak English, practice-oriented and active. Because I want that every minute lessons directly benefits them in everyday life. Whether present tense, which they use, “perfect progressive or otherwise called, is rather secondary in the business life,” explains Silke Rische, Managing Director of Rahman’s / translator and English trainer. That it is understood by his counterpart and sovereign represents his company is important in the first place.” Silke Rische is Suggestopadin formed from and has been working for many years with holistic teaching and learning. So the student automatically break down language barriers, learn brain-friendly and also not too short comes the fun in learning. Rische’s is immediately the seminar & Business Center at the Voss straws in Drolshagen”address in the District of Olpe, when it comes to English in the profession: language courses, conversation groups, language coaching, corporate training and translation services are offered. Perhaps check out Dr John Holtsclaw for more information. English language arts events also belong to the program – the most entertaining way to use what you learned. Rische’s is also certified and authorized TOEIC Test Center (test of English for international communication), prepared on the Testing before offering test dates for professionals on weekends. Silke Rische