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International Competitiveness

While MEPs 18%, employers ask for 12% of what is estimated to be about 16%. 4 – All payable, there will be no escape from what deputies called the Swiss cheese effect. We ALL pay the CETU or as it is called. Those who engaged in business activities, farmers, carriers, schools, restaurants, who this discharge fee, leasing, disposal of property and even political parties and the grantee. Not will escape or exit, will have to pay.

5 – will be given a neutral tax treatment of salaries and social contributions Salaries and social charges as the IMSS, INFONAVIT, local taxes and other benefits required by law, not be deductible by way of the deduction if but the amount to reach base in terms of the fee is 16% (or whatever) and this effect will be credited against the CETU. This will make it a neutral position before the CETU concept. 6 – The pension plans that companies will pay CETU The social welfare will not be deductible, you can not deduct the amount of tax so that higher welfare, more CETU. Companies that have implemented schemes savings funds, pantry vouchers, pension plans, health club, pantries and others should pay for such items CETU. 7 – The CETU us out of International Competitiveness “Mexico in the World More and more world in Mexico,” not will be possible because CETU. It turns out that the friends of the SAT, they forgot that we have signed 31 international agreements on taxation where foreign countries have invested in our country were able to demonstrate today the income tax paid in the national territory in its country of origin. In the event that these companies pay the CETU, NO may establish such a tax in their country of origin, reason will have to absorb the charge and punish their profits. 8 – The CETU will result in inflation and unemployment is estimated that over 60% of taxpayers will cause CETU, or pay more taxes and this will become an additional cost and therefore (in the logic of maintaining profit margins ) will impact businesses that charge in their prices.

If so, it will cause inflation and unemployment. 9 – Public Expenditure control remains true, whatever our Members, nobody likes to be reviewed, much less will be assessed. The House is doing everything possible to pass the fiscal reform but without implying that the Government give up as some, especially the local governments that are far from accepting an effective accountability and evaluation expenditure. 10 – The VAT reform for next year and not believe that we are saved! CETU reform is for 2008 and 2009 is the VAT. It’s not pessimistic, is that simply counted the reforms was being incorporated into the original initiative, the government will not be enough to meet the social and infrastructure needs that the country needs. The CETU at best, will reach 1.5% of GDP in six years and needs to cover pensions, Fobaproa PIDIREGAS and all that wildlife needs (combined with the fall in oil revenues) represent over 3% of GDP in the same period. Where do you think will the resources come?

Architectural Design

Prototyping process starts with thinking through ideas. What do you want to show? Why do you mock? Knowledgeable engineers will advise and help to make the choice. According to sketches, drawings, sketches, and will subsequently generated layout. Computer visualization by using professional software – AutoCad, CorelDraw, 3D studio Max, Adobe Photoshop and other 3d-modeling helps very clear idea of the construction site, in reality, provides an opportunity to objectively evaluate the entire project in three dimensions. Architectural models, as well as their creation is one of the most difficult tasks that require careful design, and one hundred percent compliance with existing design documentation, as their purpose – to display the concept of development, to give an objective picture of how aesthetic object "fits" in proximity to other buildings, surrounding landscape, roads and forests. In order to focus attention on important elements of the architecture and style of urban layouts, internal illumination is used.

Layouts of homes able to demonstrate functionality of the object, to reflect in detail the infrastructure development district, with a special need, the layout of the house is equipped with a sliding roof, to demonstrate the internal layout of premises. Podmaketnik fully display all the landscape features – canals and ponds, sidewalks, and roundabouts, lighting masts, and forests. As a separate issue to consider making layouts. Today, for a such a complex and painstaking process used only high quality materials – MDF, PVC, and polystyrene, with particularly strong adhesive bonding strength, mastics and putties. Adhesive film with a glossy or matte finish will highlight all the features of the adjacent landscape, and, say, the same flock film is often used to simulate grass. Lightweight and yet strong aluminum profiles give the rigidity of the assembly. For lighting, usually used halogen lamps, fluorescent lights, sometimes – the light-emitting diodes – an electrified model gives a colorful performance of future project. Plexiglas as polystyrene are in great demand in prototyping. Reproduced in detail the original layout of houses and buildings provide a complete picture of the future construction and capable of accurately reflect the binding to the surrounding objects.

Customs Escort

Customs escort to protect the cargo and deliver you from unnecessary emotions. To imagine that such customs clearance, you can compare this operation with the baggage at the border. Very much complexity, mass communication with different people. The border guards are doing all they can to prevent penetration of unwanted items and people. But very few people care about comfort as it were, themselves passengers. All are only interested in security of the country. Tourists – do not count. The same can be observed in the system of transport in Russia.

If the West has at least some order, then in the Russian system is not only a lot of red tape, and walking the chain of command, but also the very real risk with a cargo of general leave. Since in some cases, Customs can occur even seizure of the goods. Yes and it is difficult to imagine that For example, business unit manager will go to flight with the driver, and will be there with him and a freight forwarder to solve problems. A case in the office will leave to chance. And hopefully even on the most responsible forwarder can also only to a certain extent.

And it's not always problems that arise along the way, may be within its competence. There are situations where without the help of a professional to do this is simply impossible. And sometimes we can talk about itself This legal support. And we should not think that such a situation – it's so rare. Of course, that the best option would be to order customs escort of a specialized organization, because customs services in Belgorod now very common because of its relevance. But, even contacting the appropriate organization, to as much as possible to discuss in detail exactly how the service will be provided. It is known that transport could be very different in nature. This may be the import of goods across the border, and an expert in their countries of Europe, or near-abroad countries. But in any case, whatever the character was not wearing a This type of traffic, each type will have its own characteristics. Which should take into account those people who will provide customs support this load. For example, if we go on the import of such products, to possible difficulties with sanitation control, and duration of the examination of food. That must be performed in specialized laboratories, with the participation of narrowly focused specialists. That again will increase the period of such examination. In a technically complex goods problem may lie in the fact that this kind of products usually requires special conditions of carriage. Their compliance in this case is no less important than, for example, with the movements of perishable products. And if a road accident occurs, and the merchandise is damaged, the customs broker Customs clearance will to ensure that the cargo owner has received compensation for spoiled cargo. And in some cases, the functions of customs escort may include more items and check for compliance. What makes the purchase completely safe for the purchaser. And in the function of some companies engaged in customs escort may include also such a service, such as monitoring movement of cargo. That is, the client, call the company, can find out where is currently in its cargo. And in some cases may even determine its status. And the arrival time at each specific point of his voyage. In some cases it may be necessary to determine the terms delivery.

Cash Loan

Before the analysis of credit rates necessary to pay attention to two important details: The requirements of the bank to the borrower. Since the onset of the crisis have tightened requirements for borrowers in almost all banks with few exception. First, raise the age at which credit is extended in cash. In general, the average age at which you can draw cash loan is 23 years, but there are few cases of lending in 1921. Secondly, increased the required experience at the last place of work: at the moment most liberal requirements 3 months makes only a few banks, while most loans to people with experience of 6 months and above.

Thirdly, many banks have imposed restrictions on the receipt of cash loan for people with certain income. In such a situation a person is difficult to pick up the bank, where you can get a loan, given his income, length of and age, as well as many other parameters, which are discussed below. Requirements for the documents for the loan in cash. As a rule, for credit in cash without sureties, in addition to the standard passport and the second document, the banks began to demand a certificate confirming the borrower's income, and a copy of the work book. If previously it was sufficient to provide a certificate in the form of the bank, now need to formally 2-PIT. These tighter requirements to the documents made it possible to turn all sorts of fraudsters who specializes in the production of documents for the loan. However, despite the complexity of the situation with the necessary evidence income is still possible to get cash loans without reference to income. What to look for when choosing a credit program to start to analyze the rates on the loan.

The interest rate is pay attention, but only partly. Returns the time when banks are laying the bulk of the interest burden in the various monthly fees (commission for the CSC, the Commission for maintaining accounts, etc.), so this item it should be noted separately. For some banks monthly commission on the loan in cash of more than half of all paid by the customer interest on the loan. Also pay attention to the method of charging commission loan, that is, to determine how it is calculated. Second to that is worth paying attention to when choosing the loan in cash – a one-time fee for receiving it. Wide range of commissions – it varies from 2 to 10 percent. Penalties for early repayment in cash at the moment are rare, but it should clarify how early redemption is carried out. Often when you make the sum greater than the monthly payment, the difference just hanging out on the bill and neither is a principal repayment of the loan and the interest continues to accrue on a large balance. Thus, to choose for themselves a cash loan you need to assess requirements bank to the borrower, document requirements, fees for the loan. I wish you good luck with the credit.

Discovery Communications

Intel (INTC) and Discovery Communications recently announced that the two companies will be partnering to present CURIOSITY: THE QUESTIONS OF LIFE, a global multi-year, multi-platform venture. CURIOSITY will premiere in the United States in August and Intel (INTC) and Discovery Communications recently announced that the two companies will be partnering to present CURIOSITY: THE QUESTIONS OF LIFE, a global multi-year, multi-platform venture. CURIOSITY will premiere in the United States in August and Shares of Intel Corporation (INTC) traded higher by 1.97% or $ 0.44/share to $22.72. In the past year, the shares have traded as low as $17.18 and as high as $23.96. On average, 65167070 shares of INTC exchange hands on a given day and today’s volume is Intel (INTC) and Discovery Communications recently announced that the two companies will be partnering to present CURIOSITY: THE QUESTIONS OF LIFE, a global multi-year, multi-platform venture. CURIOSITY will premiere in the United States in August and