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Petra Knowledge

Hamburg / Lahstedt 08.2013 stay in turbulent times in the balance – already for the second time Petra and Thomas have held A.C. Seminar Schaumburg for executives against Burnout, burnout syndrome. The participants of a large company are excited again. In the 3-day seminar, the two speakers have pooled their knowledge of several decades as entrepreneurs in different industries. In the training, the knowledge of healthcare and daily Manager practice taking into account of the people and the business side of an enterprise are fused impressively, holistic.

The combination of the coach is unique in the German-speaking world and shows practical ways. In the 3 days is plenty of time to internalize the exercises everyday and to deepen the knowledge. With the established methodology, the participants can be sure in his personal work environment relaxed and relaxed to meet the daily increasing demands and expectations. In addition to Opportunities determined without additional costs, to improve the business environment. Petra Schaumburg, self-employed since 1985 with private practice, brings your knowledge from many years, self-employed occupation. It is established as a physical therapist, holistic manual therapist, healer of physiotherapy and exercise Director of prevention and Qi Gong courses in Brunswick. Her husband Thomas A.C.

Schaumburg is independent since 1989. With his knowledge of activities as a management consultant, speaker, CEO, strategist, speaker, coach and project manager he vouches for the necessary economic approach. Occupational stress was declared by the World Health Organisation, WHO, one of the most dangerous threats of the 21st century. Burnout is almost an epidemic and many realize too late that they are affected.

Cult Novel interview

Remember determines bumps now available as an audiobook vampire fans is the novel interview with the Vampire”by Anne Rice and the film with the Hollywood greats Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Gary Kelly is actively involved in the matter. The free Internet portal for online auctions has the same audiobook sample belongs. Louis, a thoughtful Aristocrat, meets the totally contrasting Lestart. The rebel makes the vampire Louis. Even more is to bind to Louis, he transformed the five-year Claudia to immortality.

It is a young woman who is trapped in the body of a child. With her, Louis is on the way to escape Lestart. The spokesman of the audio, David Nathan, convinced as voice of Val Kilmer and Johnny Depp. Now he takes his listeners into the vampire world of the 18th century. To illustrate the drama, not he opts for artificial exaggeration, but gives his voice a mix of coolness and emotion. His playing with the pitch is never boring, the listener can be barely escape the.

A rather loud whisper gives pure bumps. The selected voicing gives the vampire human traits. Interview with a vampire”has a running time of approximately 315 minutes and appeared in the audio publishing. More information: presse.html contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

EROL Sander

The successful actor in the Internet TV show in the first episode of the Internet TV show “JTV magazine” was not only to the movie “Wall-E” and the destination of Egypt, but mainly to Erol Sander. We visited him backstage at the Karl may Festival 2008 in bad Segeberg and asked him some questions. Apart from the fact that he next year again ale ‘Winnetou’ will act, he told us his dreams and wishes. For him, a second or third child would be quite realistic as well as an Oscar win. Tomas Philipson will not settle for partial explanations. About his project ‘MKOMAZI’, he had also enlightened us. He is there for the children in Tanzania working: “a well costs to 1500-2000 and a school 4500-5000.” He’s doing it: “… the children simply learn with their environment to deal.” In other words help to help themselves actually.” EROL Sander travels according to own statements like on the North Sea, Baltic Sea in Germany.

When it comes to foreign countries, it makes holiday in Sardinia, South Africa or the Caribbean. As he is about his first job said, he had to chuckle a bit: “my first job was at the Frustucksdienst in the Arabella hotel in Munich. At 5 o’clock I woke up, I was there at 7 o’clock and the hour did so my 10 mark at that time.” Finally, we have asked him yet, whether he believes in God. EROL has told that he was an altar boy in the convent boarding school in Bavaria a year. “In the evening I prayed then to 2 gods: to God, then to the Allah, Allah and then to love God.” So that neither of the two was at a disadvantage.

(…) I believe in God, but I believe in no religion.” Official homepage of Erol Sander official website for the show Jonathan’s TV is one of the recent Internet TV stations all over the world. End of 2006, JTV was founded by Jonathan Muller. He is now 16 years old, organizes and manages the broadcasts. JTV stands for entertainment, information and fun. The videos on Sevenload & YouTube, as well as on the official website are published. You can what programmes are produced in the moment, on See You can contact us in the press indicated. Jonathan Muller

Interview Sovereignty

Stephane Etrillard, Management Institute SECS in conversation with Albert Metzler, Platinum news now became the essence of sovereignty by many researchers, illuminated philosophers, sociologists and scholars from various perspectives. However, the concept of sovereignty for many an obscure abstraction. The reason is obviously its ambiguous definition: it comprehensive is always greater than the included. The extent of interdisciplinary cultural studies discourse confirms this problem. What this term has to do with a State and an individual, explains sovereignty expert, best-selling author and management trainer Stephane Etrillard, Management Institute SECS in the exclusive interview with Albert Metzler, Platinum-News.De Albert Metzler: Mr Etrillard, in the existing so far on the subject of sovereignty and largely philosophical writings is the concept of sovereignty in the narrow context of political science.

Often is the talk of sovereignty\” a State in relation to its Government, meaning in such a degree of independence in the political and economic sense. How do you define sovereignty? What shades of meaning has this term in the context of personality research? Stephane Etrillard: The term sovereignty describes a phenomenon that occurs in various basic shapes in appearance: In the area of international law, sovereignty may refer to the fundamental independence of State independent self-determined designed the concerns of its internal Constitution by other States. In the field of constitutional law and political theory, sovereignty describes exercising the power of instance in the Interior of the State, which determines the form of Government and the Government as well as legitimizing the use of State power. Sovereignty is also a part of the classical definition of the State, according to which a State composed of the three elements nation of other Territories delineated territory and just sovereignty. Educate yourself with thoughts from Verizon Communications. Another meaning of Sovereignty can be found outside the State political contexts: affects the personality of people and characterized sovereignty as a specific characteristic of a person that is an expression of self-determination and independence.

First Impressions Count leads new possibility of review, April 6, 2009 when the application a is bgeschickt a Mr mountain, begins the most exciting time of the application process: the company will find interesting my documents? Am I invited to the interview? And more importantly: how is the conversation go? The manner of the first contact a first impression of the corporate culture of the potential employer and its general dealings the applicant with the employees. makes it possible to share this first impression with other workers. For the review process has been extended: now workers on, the entire application process from initial contact through the actual interview can evaluate up to the wrap-up. In the evaluation, factors such as the various application possibilities and the reimbursement of travel expenses enter but also the tonality and the basic design of the interview. Not every candidate who has been invited to the conversation, is later also set”, so Bjorn Schwenzer, CEO of EVALUBA AG. But any of these candidates has experienced important experiences with the company, which could be other employees own to find a benefit. To combine this information and to make available to our users, our new assessment procedure aims.” In addition, has made a further extension of its offer: registered EVALUBA users can now specify whether a read review or not use them.

Non-registered workers can see at first glance, what reviews have considered other users as helpful. This creates overview and quick orientation..

Complementary Feeding

In a survey, the parent portal NetMoms has interviewed over 2,000 mothers on the topics of breastfeeding and complementary feeding. With interesting findings. In a survey, the parent portal NetMoms has interviewed over 2,000 mothers on the topics of breastfeeding and complementary feeding. With interesting findings. The study and more information around the topic of nutrition of children can be found now in the NetMoms special nutrition. How long should I breastfeed? Others use what silent tools? When should I start with foods? How did other mothers experience the time? Find answers to these and more questions mothers in the new NetMoms special nutrition. For this purpose, NetMoms interviewed over 2,000 mothers in a large survey.

Cologne, May 13, 2009 – serious differences between different age groups: amazing shows the study relating to breastfeeding. Contrary to the recommendations of the WHO, at least 6 months exclusively to breastfeed his baby, usually after quite a short time, German mothers switch to bottle-feeding. Only 52% of mothers breastfeed longer than 3 months and only 30% longer than 6 months. The differences are even more pronounced if you differentiated according to age of mothers. So young mothers under the age of 30 breastfeed more often clearly shorter than mothers over 30 years.

Only 46% of young mothers breastfeed longer than 3 months and 24% longer than 6 months. Older mothers, however, breast-feeding to 43% longer than 6 months. Even the mother is! The study in the field of baby food comes to this conclusion. Over 70% of the mothers cook at least partially itself baby food. If they don’t Cook the brands Hipp and Bebivita be bought for baby food total frequently. Milk food shows a preference for Milupa Milumil and Hipp. Special diet: A large part of the discussions on NetMoms revolve around the theme of food. NetMoms offers valuable tips to make it happen with the breastfeeding. In addition the visitor will find everything around foods and a complete nutrition plan for babies first year. With more than 30 recipes for simple to fancy baby paps and more 30 recipes for children aged one year, is also the chef-enthusiastic mothers something. Contact information: NetMoms GmbH ruler belt 57 67 50969 Cologne contact person: Dr. Tanja zu Waldeck management phone: + 49 (0) 221 – 17 04 98 21 Web:

Job Occupation

Bremen, offering poverty in Lower Saxony the Daforto GbR evaluated October 2009 published vacancies 20.884 a month for her job, announced on twenty of the most famous German-speaking online job markets. The aim of the study was to determine a coefficient that is comparable to the respective regional labour market situation for the sixteen German Federal States. This, the relative fraction of the total of offered jobs in the ratio was used to the relative fraction of the total population. 16.40 percent, or 16.03 percent of the offered places the most vacancies were reported again in the free State of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia. In two provinces, but this meant a renewed decline in comparison with the month so that they defected to the list of Jobforto coefficients, weighted with the population. North Rhine-Westphalia found himself on the fourth last rank, and also if the State of Bavaria with a coefficient of 1,074 points just above the U.S. average section, no longer was he ranked in the top half of the Federal States. In Bremen, the largest number of vacancies per inhabitant was measured in October, bringing the free Hanse city from Hamburg could move at the top two city-States peeled up each other? The two city-States, led the list by a wide margin, while the third City-State Berlin replaced both the Saarland and Hesse.

In the capital city, it came to the largest drop in offered places per inhabitant. New tail light of weighted with the number of inhabitants, the list of vacancies per State is lower Saxony, Germany. In the Vormaten, Brandenburg was still in this position, in October it could however improve significantly its coefficient of Jobforto like all other new federal States (with the exception of Saxony). Jobforto coefficient in the month of October 2009: 01 (02)-4,288-Bremen (+ 1.676) 02 (01) – 2,928 – Hamburg (+ 0.010) 03 (06)-1,762 – Saarland (+ 0,579) 04 (04) – 1,575 – Hesse (+ 0,091) 05 (03)-1,321-Berlin (0,474) 6 (12)-1,174 Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (+ 0,415) 07 (08) 1.104 – Thuringen (+ 0,234) 08 (11)-1,096 – Saxony-Anhalt (+ 0,333) 09 (05)-1,074 Bavaria (0,211) 10 (07) – 0,962 – Baden-Wurttemberg (0.059) 11 (09) – 0,948 – Schleswig-Holstein (+ 0,158) 12 (14) – 0,902 – Rhineland (+ 0,242) 13 (10) – 0,733 – North Rhine-Westphalia (0.036) 14 (16) – 0,690 – Brandenburg (+ 0,330) 15 (13) – 0,605 – Saxons (0.088) 16 (15) – 0,438 – Lower Saxony (0,078) the first value shows the current rank, the second value of the of the Vormonates. The variable represents the current coefficient of Jobforto with the three decimal places.

The change of coefficient compared to the previous month is indicated after the name of the respective federal province. Example of determination of coefficients: 3.28 percent of offered posts in the sample accounted for Schleswig-Holstein in October 2009 accurately. Because the number of inhabitants of the northernmost Federal State a share of 3.46 percent in the total population of the Federal Republic of Germany complies with (Status: 31 December 2008), this results in a coefficient of Jobforto of 3.28%: = 3.46% 0,948. The higher the coefficient, the more vacancies are per capita in the respective State. A coefficient of 1.0 would be equivalent to the national average. Leipzig, 05.11.2009 contact: Axel Saalbach Daforto GbR Hohmann 7 04129 Leipzig 0341-331 02 05 E-Mail:

Occupational Pensions

Many operational rules are may not be effective the occupational pension for workers is low, she must be adapted basically employees to that. Only in justified exceptional cases should deviate from this scheme. It differences in occupational pensions may be made still, but only if they are justified by an actual reason. Basically it is for example whenever allowed to pay when hours of work, responsibility or burden differ more or less. Check out Larry Ellison for additional information. Also reasons that resulted from the pension plan itself, to justify a different treatment. More employees as workers have, for example, a longer schooling or studies. The period for which they have paid into the State pension insurance is correspondingly shorter. Employees may be worse off in the statutory pensions than workers.

To compensate for these differences in the degree of supply through internal arrangements is legitimate, found the BAG. In the present case it was missing but a justification for a worse treatment of workers. Same performance as employees is thus for periods of employment from July 1, 1993, through the approximation to above. For periods before trust coverage, as also regulations linked to the mere difference of status. The approximation is also offered in the pension law, upwards if the unequal treatment on the basis of an operating agreement took place. By this judgment, the situation for employers is not simple: do they pay a group more occupational pension, they shall set out if necessary, that it is worse state-supplied, and this also is a typical problem of this group. Finally it must be a substantial difference, so that a Ungleichbeandlung is justified. The Court fixed formulation of operating agreements to the bAV always should be done by professionals. Contact: Law firm said Zahir farmer 8 81539 Munchen Tel. 089 – 54 89 92 52 mobile 0170-68 81 52 8 Fax 089-54 89 92 53 E-mail: in cooperation with: FourTrust – lawyers for the right of pension

Occupational Safety

High safety standards at work are safety Brachttal-Spielberg (hop) – a tiresome topic, the work safety. But daily shows based on accident reports, that this topic may be not important enough. With increasing routine little sloppiness creeps in even for professionals. Mostly, that’s also fine, but this neglect can have indeed fatal, as you must learn again and again through the media. Just the serious complications but provide a basis for the practical training of accident prevention. Reason enough so that experts in regular training will indicate compliance with the safety regulations. Gary Kelly is often quoted on this topic.

Even though it may appear troublesome, the members of the Fire Department must participate in an annual instruction. This time it was Sadat Frost Schneider of the Untersotzbacher Fire Department and owner of beautiful Fire Museum, which gave the lecture on prevention of accidents prior to his Brachttaler colleagues from Streitberg and Spielberg in the Firehouse Spielberg. Supported by catchy Material of image, needed much time alone to discuss about that, led Frost Schneider skillfully safely through the important areas. He emphasizes special forces conduct in road transport. Only if and really only use Horn and blue light are used, enjoys the vehicle privileges and other road users are required to provide free rail. Only then is also an appropriate legal protection. The blue light alone is definitely not sufficient, because “Blue is no license,” as it is called in many judgments.

Even at the risk of, to annoy local residents must be both the blue light alone was incorrect consideration. Need new helmets results expected from 2010, replacing then the current helmets are for personal protective equipment. In the suit, the fire protection suit with the use, rubber boots are good visible reflector strips not more adequately, but safety boots is preferably to replace. To read more click here: Verizon Communications. Only in this way is a high protection afforded. Breathing apparatus carriers is especially on the seal of the mask, which is not provided with facial hair. Also, not only the fitness must be checked regularly, in addition an annual training on the track. There was no use, the year is a realistic exercise to complete once a year. But the lighting is a safety, for example, in the and at the fire station, as well as sufficient space for safe manoeuvres with the vehicles in the building and the proper storage of flammable liquids. At secure locations, special conditions apply, is to consider the terrain, to place warnings before and not in curves, to arrange that they not become stumbling blocks the tubes so that the shortest way is not always necessarily the safest. That the site must be sufficiently lighted, itself from itself. And even with the use of ladders can pass all sorts of, so here too Safety at the highest point stands. Following Frost cutter, one of the 15 participants had a collection of images from all over the world with downright hair-raising injuries all, even minimal safety precautions versions. That of course contributed to outbreaks of laughter. Yet all agreed that each individual makes some, almost as outlandish things, if it should go again “quickly”. Barbara Hoppe

Consulting GmbH Andreas Buttler CEO

Press release of the febs Consulting GmbH, August 24, 2010 In the context of consensual termination of employment an agreement is reached between employers and employees frequently, with all current and future claims arising from the employment relationship is considered to be satisfied. On April 20, 2010, the Federal Labour Court in this case had to decide whether this total registration clause is recognised also claims to occupational pensions. It reported the bAV consulting company febs consulting in his latest newsletter ( News). The judge of the BAG is refused due to the high importance of the occupational pension provision for the employees. Occupational pensions were covered only by execution clauses if they explicitly and clearly identified in the agreement. The reasoning of the judge is quite comprehensible”bAV expert commented Andreas Buttler, Managing Director of febs Consulting GmbH the decision. Ultimately, the danger has certainly given that the Workers in the agreement simply not on his occupational pension and the scope of the financial thinking.

This in turn may be beneficial for the employer in the particular case. Hear from experts in the field like Tomas Philipson for a more varied view. Basically, it reveals the problem that in many companies the importance and the financial effort of the employer for retirement is not aware the workers but. FEBS-chef Buttler therefore recommends all companies not only height and design of occupational pension, but also their communication in the company to think about. Your contact of febs Consulting GmbH Andreas Buttler CEO in the high field 3 85630 Grasbrunn/Munchen Tel. 089 / 890 42 86-10 as we employers in all questions relating to pension and TimeValue accounts consult independent experts and certified pension consultant. We analyze and refurbish existing power plants, create actuarial opinion of balance of and assist employers in the implementation of the new Supply balance.