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Literature Folkloric

ORALITY and folk and POPULAR literature – Both the written word and the spoken word, means that the man used for communication were, from all time, elements of which he used to convey realities themselves and everything around him. The throaty demonstration first, and ideographic writing later, before reaching the conventional signs of writing that we know today, was the demonstration that we find so much in America, Europe and Asia mostly – and talks about the need of man leave settled those realities, realities that still today allow us to continue to analyse them, to know their customs and events for those who have gone through, and how those habits were changing. Those figures were the first deed of man, as well as those guttural sounds, his first speech. They were first isolated figures and then sequential figures. When there was that transformation allowed us parent drawings, relate these experiences and have a clearer picture of its fauna, its power and its territorial defenses. Even today are still finding, in different parts of the world, caves with references to those moments.

It was a form of transmission similar to the story, since the study them with the developments that we have today – has resulted in a more understandable branchings. Also spoken transmission was undergoing changes and so we come to a more widespread understanding, from there we will discuss AEDAS of ancient Greece who, through songs or recitations, said his epic poems. These poems have its antecedent in the epic. They were stories of extraordinary facts that enhanced the people. In Western culture born with Homero IX b.c., with the Iliad and the Odyssey, where involved gods and demigods influencing worldly events. Also the MINSTRELS entertained people for gifts – and monarchs and Lords with power. As adopted also by women (the juglaresas). In the middle ages appear the MESTER (trade or art) and we have the CLERGY since they were clerics and the learned that began as a literary genre and JUGLARiA, cultivated by minstrels, which could be sung.


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