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One of the biggest controversies of the money is the result that some people possess it in abundance, others on average and many people living with too many shortcomings, then it is easy to think that an equitable distribution of wealth, there is but that concept is wrong, prosperity is a personal decision. Firstly you need to understand that wealth is a State, is an internal condition of people, if you study the history of hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy prosperity will be account that many of them began their fortunes from scratch, then if it is possible for others, logically should be possible for each of us. Another fundamental principle that his mind must accept is that there is enough abundance for all, where people change of mentality then abundance will presenting on an exceptional basis, that is the secret of the truly prosperous Nations. This idea of an inadequate distribution is absurd, because each one of us have great capabilities to transform our lives and if we accept this theory then ourselves we are condemning to accept excuses in our lives, if we do nothing it will change and we will be tied to mediocrity. Each of us are exceptional beings and we have gifts and powers that have been granted us, abundance is only a belief in a person’s mind, is not necessarily linked to intelligence or work, it is a State, if we want to change our situation then we should pursue the desired condition. And what is the first step? Without a doubt it is delete any belief negative with respect to the money, for example if I say that your meal will be 8 rats in barbecue sauce, her reaction is probably of repudiation, but in reality it is unpleasant to eat rats in barbecue sauce? Not necessarily, it is only a concept in your mind, I can assure you that if from a young age we had heard that this dish was something exquisite then their senses were conditioned to taste the dish, i.e. your belief determines the material world, then once information is stuck in his mind he has to be able to and their world is an expression of their belief system. .


Opening a small shop in Houses will cost even less. Still, the lower threshold of investment in the capital sector food companies experts say 50 thousand dollars Classification Classifications many formats. For example, a trading house , recently actively developing franchise area, uses the following concepts. The largest number of "cents" works in the format "supermarket" (as it is called in the company). In the press, he is very often referred to as "soft discounter. Floor space of the store – about 700 square meters.

m. In parallel with it two years ago, an outline of the "super-department store." Now there are already four such shops, the area of each – More than 2000 square meters. m. It substantially expanded the group "nonfud" – food and related products. Also today, actively developing a format stores at petrol stations. It is planned that their area of sales area will not exceed 100 square meters. m, and range of foundation products will make impulse demand. Convenient classification format stores operating in the market of food retailing, have come up with the Italians.

According to her the first and largest format – so-called Superstore. What we call the "hypermarket". This is a huge shopping area of over 20,000 square meters. m, in which food group is not less than 50%. Of all presented at the Moscow market stores to this format corresponds to a German Marktkauf (area – 23,500 square meters. m). The following format – it's hypermarkets, such as Auchan. Their symptoms: the area – 000 sq.

Socialization Process

In this process of socialization, distinct of the pertaining to school form, in which the writing if becomes indispensable, it takes advantage the practical orality and examples as form of transmission and cultural reproduction. This process of socialization, that if it generally initiates in the family, is continuous and encloses all the life, being able in some instances to be more or less harmonic or contradictory. The contact with other socializadoras agents and/or agencies makes with that the children incorporate other cultural elements that will extend its experience and new forms of perception of the social world will make possible it. In the boarding of Bernstein (Apud SUNDAYS et al, 1985), this incorporation of other cultural elements, that occurs for intermediary of the experience of educative experiences deeds of division, imply a process of descontextualizao and recontextualizao of the socialization of the child in the family, and attributing with other sources and transversal subjects. Therefore, when entering the school, the child will be able to live deeply one ' ' double conflict cultural' ' , Lahire (1997, P. 171), therefore, in the same way that the set of disposals constructed in the familiar socialization can create a resistance with regard to the formal education, the new apprehended cultural elements in the pertaining to school context, carried to the familiar universe, also will be able to distanciar it of its origin. In this direction, the feeling (positive/negative) that the family possesss relatively to the school and the way (importance) as treats the experiences lived deeply for the child, in this context, will aggravate or brighten up these conflicts. Bernstein (Apud SUNDAYS et al, 1985) describes the primary socialization, different the way and use of the language and its implications in the learning. For this author, the communication carried through in the interior of the family and the group of friends, guided for the social classroom, creates basic procedures and accomplishments that determine the predispositions and the resistance to the school/formal education.

Professional Cameras

As an example , consider: A camera precision is + – 2 C to 100 C or + / – 2% of reading. With this value held, say, 250 degrees C, the instrument can now read 245 255 degrees C (+ – 5 degrees C). When it comes to the radiant temperature, this type of accuracy (ie 0.5%) difficult to obtain. The reason is that the emissivity (E) Reflectivity (R) and transmission (T) tend to induce errors equal to or greater than 2% of value shown. For this reason, the primary rules of radiant energy is typically carried out in the laboratory. These rules are intended to greatly reduce errors ERT.

R and T in these rules will be negligible and E is 0.995 and at most, in most cases. These rules are laid down in themselves (usually) + – 1-2% or less of reading or full scale. Importantly, these rules often derive their value from the temperature and control cooling and thermometry built because of this, it can be calibrated to greater tolerance, if necessary. Calibration Certification Certification of calibration is intended to quality and provide a legal instrument for a manufacturer, user or customer to ensure the values of a physical reality. In its simplest form, the certificate is a document intended for traceable, for: repeatable accuracy in the statements, the identity of instrumentation, instrumentation holders and performers of the calibration standard for calibration of infrared cameras / imagers If you send your team to calibrate infrared thermographic camera, is likely to black body is used and the range of costs used, from about $ 500.00 new, up to $ 1,500.00 or more, plus the cost of certificates of traceability.

Court Without Lawyer

The media has recently created the illusion that the current level of legal education of citizens in many ways helps to solve many disputes in the courts themselves. Especially the sin that tv. Specialized theatrical shows convince citizens that the most complicated case in court can easily be resolved within an hour. Enough to be a little actor, emotionally yell to the other side and justice, miraculously prevail. Delusion is a very dangerous and very common. Contrary to the reality of a huge number of people believe that the law is not a big deal. Very often after watching tv citizen goes to court, says there is everything except the merits, wrote in the complaint do something stupid, loses, and then resents injustice system. Such behavior can be compared only with self-removal of his appendix, complications after the operation barbaric and subsequent complaints to the health care system.

Additionally, sales got a lot of popular literature, in simplified form, telling about "how to go to court without a lawyer," "how to make yourself a suit" and the like. Judging by the number of such publications, demand they use. Meanwhile, the modern judicial process more complicated, the legislation is growing, require more written documents. Moreover, only one well-written statement of claim, as a rule, does not save. Whatever it was, the court with us adversarial, and there may be any surprises. Without competent advice, this time a lawyer about how to behave, even initially win-win business, you can easily lose.

Any lawyer in support of these lines may cause a lot of examples. In order to properly orient the process as time and need the assistance of counsel. Of course, legal services will have to pay. But first, these expenses are fully or partially can be recover from the defendant. And, secondly, there must assess the risks. If it is a serious sum, it would be better? Risk losing it completely, or to invest some money to have just return the lost? Then everyone decides himself. Finally, what is "properly drawn up" a claim? If the case is complex, working on such a statement can take weeks. And the cost of such a document would be very expensive. There are cases where the statement of claim tactically advantageous not to disclose all the arguments. You must first enable the other party to state its position and to submit documents. Thereby eliminating the possibility of the corrections. Conclusion from all above can be only one: let's trust the professionals

Cranberry Businesses

Experts began to look for ways to grow cranberries in plantations. The first cranberry plantation was founded in 1840 in the U.S. (New Jersey). And in 1980 here with 1350 hectares had been collected 14 750 t cranberries, or 10 920 kg / ha of crops in natural 50 … 100 kg / ha. Even during Soviet times, the largest cranberry plantations were established in Estonia in the swamps, no rumblings.

It is still grown 22 varieties of cranberries. All in all, breeders, cranberry-Vedas Nigula displays over 500 varieties of it. On experimental plots of cranberry plantation Nigula State Reserve collected 500 kg of grapes per hectare. Create a cranberry plantation in Nigula was caused by a sharp decline stocks of wild cranberry, as in some marshes rosshaya there earlier in the abundance of cranberries are now completely destroyed, while in other places close to destruction. The reason for that … with an iron shovel teeth, otherwise known as' cranberry combine '. In a question-answer forum Cranberry is rich in trace elements, organic acids, vitamins and other substances. She decorates the table, raises taste of food, improves digestion and assimilation of food. Nutritionists believe cranberries stimulator of secretion of the pancreas, when she pyelonephritis increases the antibacterial activity of other drugs, and she has a therapeutic effect. Cranberry good bactericide. Studies have shown that cranberry juice retards the growth and development of Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus anthrax, Proteus and Escherichia coli. But Cranberry is useful not for everyone. Thus, patients with gastric ulcer, it is not recommended. And use it in this case can only be on the recommendation of a physician.

Russian Federation Constitutional Court

However, the EAC Chairman, speaking at the Federation Council, duplicated the idea of the Supreme Court to establish a uniform procedure penalty payments, extending it to all taxpayers, including individuals. At the same time offering to abandon the judicial machinery collection of tax arrears, fines and penalties, and the court to consider only the contested acts tax authorities to collect payments. It should be noted that this bill and the initiative you are not only contrary to paragraph 3 of Article 35 of the Constitution – "no one shall be deprived of his possessions except by court order, and go contrary to the legal position of the Russian Federation Constitutional Court (decision of 17.12.1996 20-II, the definition of 06.11.1997 111-O, Judgement of 12.05.1998 14-II, Judgement of 15.07.1999 11-II, the definition from 06.12.2001, 257-O), which defined different procedure for collecting tax payments from individuals and legal entities, aiming not at that to put them in an unequal position in the sphere of tax relations (the obligation to pay taxes), but on what to avoid administrative interference in individual rights when the issue can be resolved only through litigation. These initiatives have the higher courts and even violate the banking secrecy, and cancellations, as well as adjusting Article 48 of the Tax Code, not only would lead to a change in a number of articles of the Tax Code and the rights and obligations of banks and taxpayers – individuals who will have to disclose accounts held in Credit Institutions (, 21, 23, 31, 60, 76, 86, 93, 93.1 of the Tax Code, etc.), but also undermine confidence in the banking sector, which is especially would affect the economy and political situation in during the financial crisis in the country.

Portal AuctionLot

Guest on the portal, Ilja Gorjanow – expert and owner of the auction house ‘Snake’ is. Exclusively for the international online portal for art and antiques, AuctionLot, Ilja Gorjanow offers a glimpse into the world of numismatics, Phaleristik and the Bonistics, as well as their rank in the modern, global art auction market. The Managing Director of the auction house snake ‘ with its partners on these interesting areas specializes and describes the benefits the private sale of antiques and works of art auction to in detail. In this interview, fakes on the international art market make an important aspect. According to Gorjanow, the proportion of counterfeits offered at auctions has fallen significantly. He among others cause back, that the collector always better versed with the art that they want to acquire and consult advisors to certainty to succumb, whether the lot of choice really is worth the cost, which you would be willing to pay this makes it to of course the counterfeiters a lot harder skin than to act.

In addition to his experiences he describes as auctioneer and expert, personal highlights his career, such as the sale of the coin for the Eskimos”dating back to 1791, which was sold for a whopping price of 1.5 million. Generally Gorjanow considers the acquisition of art and antiques as a very suitable to invest not only safe, but also on a very nice way and wise money as investment strategy. He reveals what works and epochs are the most promising to be on the safe side in the long run his opinion in the interview as well as its forecast for Russian art auction market. The full interview and find out more about other topics of the art world, visit the art Portal AuctionLot