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Treasure House

To who God to touch, either institution, either people that it needs, either that master, goes and gives in House of God, its tenths and offers courts of appeals, exactly that you find that for you are not possible, therefore the more you of a God, plus you she trusts it and more blessed you are! ' ' You bring all the tenths to the house of the treasure, so that it has grocery in my house, and later you make test of me in this, says you of the Armies, if I not to open you the windows of the sky, and not to spill on you a blessing such until it does not have enough place for recolherdes.' ' Malaquias 3:10 It brings all its tenths to the House of God, also call of House of the Treasure, therefore it is the locality where God inhabits. Its tenths are so that the pregao of the Evangelho continues and to guarantee that the House of Gods continues functioning, that is, so that all the ones who search aid can get. After this, God guarantees that: – I can make test of it: he makes experience, he searchs the demonstration, the signal of God. Until other they go to perceive that you are successful in God. – God opens the windows of skies: you receive good that nor imagined that it was possible! – God spills blessings on its life: to these still leaves it blessings more supplied, most supplied, materially and also the area spiritual, therefore it still more deepens its confidence in the Creator! – God reprehends the devorador: the annihilator that makes with that you only have financial damages, that you consummate in accordance with what has, that you usufruct of the fruits of its work. God blocks all the impossibilities that the malignant one wants to place in its way! On behalf of Jesus. Mnica Gazzarrini ' ' Jesus Christ is you ' '

Sustainable Development

The humanity if comes across with the greater of its challenges: the sustainable, necessary development to the survival of the human being and the planet. To surpass this challenge, she is necessary to reaprender to live, to rescue universal values and spirituals (not necessarily religious) and to rethink the form as we were educated (or impolite) in our relationship with the environment, the economy and the society. According to Contemplativa Cabala, the term contemporary ' ' Sustentvel&#039 development; ' it is, in the truth, an explained concept and defended for the old masters of this Tradition it has three a thousand years more than, called ' ' Unicidade' '. What the presencia society at this moment is the wakening of an agreement widely spread out by the cabalistas, whose basic premise is the conscience of that everything is linked, of that local actions possess global impacts. The climatic changes, for example, that they compel the humanity to rethink its behavior, are physical manifestations of what the Masters and Scholars of has a conducting wire that it establishs connection all the beings, all the plans, all the dimensions. The imminence of a world-wide collapse (ambient, social, spiritual and financier) are a pointer of the capacity of the human being to affect and to influence everything its return. Sustainable development is the capacity to rectify the disordered and mentally ill growth of the society, is the accomplishment of the Tikun Olam, used expression for the old cabalistas and masters of the Tradition that means ‘ ‘ correction of mundo’ ‘ politicians, contributors etc.

the task ours to improve the reality. The Contemplativa Cabala foca in the importance of the Education, as essential tool for a conscience change. For the cabalistas, ‘ ‘ educao’ ‘ future! Part of the premise of that human being is to be creative, gentleman of the destination and not its slave. as such, must rethink the mental models that had structuralized all the organization of a world-wide population throughout the last centuries and they had brought in them to economic, ambient and social the scene that we live deeply today. Valley the penalty to remain with same ' ' old and viciados' ' paradigms? Or it will be that we must dare to reaprender to live, in them to approach to universal values and spirituals and to recriarmos this history – our history and of our children, grandsons, greats-grandson? The answers, I leave for vocs, expensive readers

Brazilian Government

21 of April of 2007. Luciano Rodrigues Fields. As in other cases, to involve questions of limits with respect the diverse parts of the Brazilian territory, the case I specify of the current State of the Amap, also it was permeado of some events that throughout its to uncurl, had contributed to enaltecer and to consolidate then the young Brazilian Republic in its territorial aspect, but that, the conquest of this territory for Brazil, effectively starts well before initiate the republican period. However, it exists at this moment of opening of this text, an introductory contribution that would like to detach, this author is D' AMARAL, 2003, p.118, that in the opening of it I capitulate XIII, of this cited book, says the following one: Rio Branco, already then after the brightness with that if it leaves in Washington (Question of the Missions), the Ministry decided to offer a permanent legation to it. But Paranhos had escrpulos. It considered that the career demanded an independent financial position, that it was far from having. following ahead, it says: the long abandonment the one that relegates its historical studies (in the Rio Branco case), started to weigh to it.

While it thought, Rio Branco, in accepting the legation permanent, asked for authorization to the Brazilian Government to study the case of the Amap, territory partially disputed by the France, that at the moment created a situation of impasse between the two States (Brazil and France). With effect, the Ministry could not deny the authorization granted, it of good grado. in this direction, Rio Branco already has chance to study the question of the Amap throughout its historical research. The definition of the conflict was simple. After some fights, the Treated one to Utrecht makes to run the border between what later it would be the Amap and the French Guyana in the River Oiapoque, or Vicente Pinzn.

Surveys Online

By where beginning? It tries to do its investigation in line and would find companies that pay to complete a series of surveys online. It is suggested to be united to companies so that it provides a list to him of companies of survey of this type. Nevertheless, if it does, it does will have result far better. Obtn and nete to the greater amount Web sites of surveys online that can. The trick with surveys online is to put to a variety of companies that offer paid surveys online so that in truth it receives a material one constantly and a good reasonable amount of the supplies of the survey online. It finds out if there are Web sites that has signed with having directories of special interest it is very important.

It finds out if its profile can fit there. Also it looks for if there are local groups in his area to be united and to participate. It could be very exciting and a remunerated good opportunity. Asegrese of to have filled to all the offered profiles and the calls " reinforcements perfil" (if exists) in the Web site. It fills those profiles will increase his possibilities of to be selected for additional studies.

Asegrese to mark to all the Web sites that you have found and has been registered. Many Web sites of the survey have some type of accounts for their members, if it in particular has some survey completed with the company, asegrese of that knows the way and the rules of how to verify and to manage the account of their member. It is enough with reading the norms of the Web and maintaining his passwords safe. Asegrese abrir a PayPal account gratuitous since some Web sites can use PayPal to send payments. If you discover that a compensation for which it has made the presentation of the survey and will base on the drawing, it is not discouraged.

The Theory

In the center of Juazeiro he is well-known that the infrastructure is well better of what in the peripheral areas of the city. The fact of this area to receive great flow from people daily demands that its infrastructure is adjusted to support and to satisfy its visitors. Already in the peripheral areas of the city little investments had been noticed. The Theory of the Central Place, developed for CHRISTLLER (1933), is based on the beginning of the centralidade, being the space organized around main an urban nucleus, called central place. The complementary region, or entorno, possesss a relation of co-dependence with the main nucleus, for this being the place that offers urban goods and services by its very nature. The base of the theory defines that the rhythm of growth of an urban nucleus depends on the level of demand for urban services specialized on the area taken care of for the places central offices. A time that in the center (central place) of Juazeiro is disponibilizado great number of services of more varied, that is the function of an urban nucleus: to act as center of services, thus supplying to goods and services central offices, that if characterize for being of differentiated orders, generating a hierarchy of urban centers.

The visible contrast enters the cities of Juazeiro and Petrolina results of the fact of that existed there, this at the necessary moment, a decisive governmental intervention, and the municipal action in Petrolina if made more of organized and rationalized form. Juazeiro is a much more old city that Petrolina, where the urban life if made of a more spontaneous form, the configuration of the proper urban center of Juazeiro of the evidences of that the process was more natural. Then if they find sufficiently narrow streets in the center, differently of what it is perceived in Petrolina. a great differential of Petrolina, was this urban planning, inside of a project of modern city, that in the case of Juazeiro was not thus. From what it was studied for the accomplishment of this work perceives that the city of Juazeiro disclosed one varied RIO DE JANEIRO: Record, 2006; CORRA, R.L.