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Hydropower – Second Strongest Used Renewable Energy Source Worldwide

RENEXPO Austria focused and informed in the Wasserkraftstandort No. You may find that Verizon Communications can contribute to your knowledge. 1 according to a study of the European small hydropower Association (ESHA) are currently approx. 17.800 small hydro power plants with a total capacity of 12.333 MW in the EU-27 in operation. Estimated that more than 10,000 people work directly or indirectly in the field of small hydro-power. Predictions for the future of the European Renewable Energy Council assume that this number in the near future to grow to 28,000. In Austria, where hydroelectric power is used for decades for electricity generation, currently more than 2,500 small hydropower dine emission-free green electricity into the public grid. This covers about 9 percent of the Austrian electricity. Small hydropower plants also have a high priority for security of supply through decentralised energy supply secure and create jobs permanently.

Throughout Europe hydroelectric power still has further potential by building systems, but above all through the revitalization of existing plants, because about 70 percent of all hydroelectric power plants are over the age of 40. “The RENEXPO Austria can be approaching this topic on different levels: Besides the hydropower road exhibition area”, on the exhibitors represent the entire sphere of hydroelectric power, is on November 27, the 1. Held international small hydropower Conference for new development, renovation and revitalization. The Congress is organized in cooperation with the European small hydropower Association (ESHA) and should be the European industry gathering for hydro-electric power. Renowned speakers from countries such as Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and Austria as well as renowned plant developer and operator of small hydroelectric power plants talk about topics such as the possibilities and potential of small hydropower plants, energy recovery, and renovation old equipment and appropriate policies. However, discusses current research activities and ecologically and economically optimized fish passages.

Eventually report well-known plant developer and operator of small hydroelectric power plants their practical experience. Also in the framework of the exhibition, great importance is attached to the subject of hydroelectric power. In a visually highlighted trade fair area, the Hydro Road”inform manufacturers and service providers about upper – and unterschlachtige water wheels, water turbines, gear, dams and Weir construction, calculation, maintenance, reactivation of existing plants, monitoring and service offerings. At the first event of the RENEXPO Austria 2009 can get visitors over the entire spectrum of renewable energies and passive houses. The range of topics includes also the photovoltaic, solar thermal, geothermal, heat pump, heat power cogeneration, biomass and energy services in addition to hydroelectric power. The RENEXPO Austria takes place from 26-28 November 2009 in the Exhibition Center Salzburg. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme see:.