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Alzira Owner

It has that to be fulfilled. We were even so calmly. The old one was there muttering and asking for all the saints we removed that it of there. My only distrust is that it appeared some hungry snake that way and it ate the head of the old one. There for the 6 hours of the afternoon I arrived in house. As nothing it had been happened, I was direct to the bathroom, I took a bath.

He was tired. The day it are arduous, much service. When it went leaving the bathroom my father asked: – And the Alzira owner, why did not bring it? – Alzira Owner? Mr. did not order to embed it? I completed: it is embedded. My father jumped back in the roof: – You are valid me, mine ours lady of the Dilvio! What he is that this boy made? I ordered you to embed the woman? He said – You when I went leaving: ' ' Now you go there and she embeds me velha' '. He was what I made. gave a ruined work. It was an enormous agitation in house.

Immediately it called other people, caught the shovel, pickaxe and grub hoe. – The old one Killed, this scoundrel – it said – I am arrasado. Control the son to search the employee and this plague goes there and of the handle of the woman. – It died not, father – we leave the head of it of it are – I answered. – Ah! Thanks to God. We go there soon, its plague. It is probable that it has died yes. We run more than we could. He was dark, but still we saw the head of the old one crying and xingando of everything how much it was name. In 10 minutes we remove the old one. Nor if it moved. Clearly, it was moored. – This its son to kill wanted there me, its Z. How bad little boy! If it embeds me the head, one hour of this I was deceased. said that who ordered he was you. It goes you to have that to justify itself with my husband. – I did not order nothing, Alzira owner. It is that he is disastrous same. I ordered to search you to help itself, therefore he had much service in the farm today. But he does not have problem not. I go to pay to one entire month to take off you vacation. – It wanted to give permanent vacation to me, n? It was a sacrifice to botar the things in sequence, therefore the old one did not accept excuses. After a certain time the things they had been coming back to the normal one. Now my father takes very well-taken care of when he goes to ask for a favor somebody, he prefers to write a ticket. Thus it has gotten rid itself of the vexames, also the others.

School Administrators

On this occasion, we pause to comment on the great waste and poor utilization of the opportunity school Administration of the University of Carabobo, gave him years ago to the Board chaired by William Castle at the time, so the College proactive towards it change its course and its affiliates provide maximum benefits to be derived from College of Management a well managed. Remarkably, in the case of Carabobo, Valencia especially, it has left and leaves a lot to say about his pro, college is a fixed in time, giving you more strength to his representation that his dynamism of what should be a College of Administrators. It is characterized by the policies to keep professionals have spent many years playing the same position and not have projected the College, such as training, employment, protection, defense of its members, publications, seminars, conferences, workshops, research , linkage with universities, companies, professional services, among others, has been very poor. For a long time, he has referred to its board of importance of being more proactive in terms of what should be a good School Administrators, with its own yields, with appropriate physical facilities, excellent services to its members to enable them to not only enjoy the social, cultural, professional in an effective manner , motivational. They were provided with strategic plans to develop projects to rescue the role of the College, as a closer connection, participation with the Universities, Business Schools, to make known their views, suggestions towards which they define what should be the Profile Manager to form, feeling, of business in relation to vocational training is being provided.

Organizational Behavior

The management has a good tool that lets you determine the reality of the operation, achievements of the Company, as administrative audit. Thanks to their applicability can get beneficial information that will allow efficient management. Alexis Garcia Gilbert reminds us that the administrative audit is a systematic review and evaluative of a body or part thereof, to be carried out in order to determine whether the organization is operating efficiently. Constitutes a search to locate the problems of efficiency within the organization. The administrative audit includes a review of the objectives, plans and programs of the company, its organizational structure and functions, its systems, procedures and controls, personnel and facilities of the company and the environment in which it develops, according to the operating efficiency and cost savings. The administrative audit can be conducted by the graduate in business administration and other qualified professionals, including the counter trained in public administrative disciplines or supported by other specialists. The result of the administrative audit is an opinion on the administrative efficiency of the whole company or part of it. The main problems that occur in an Administrative Audit are: Issues of Resistance: These problems occur when the Auditor meets with executives reluctant to accept the suggestions given to improve their performances, mainly by virtue of an opposition all change. This is what many scholars of the Science of Organizational Behavior called "Resistance to Change." It is very likely that in the course of an administrative audit are difficulties due to fear, distrust and reluctance to change.

The Four

Later one inclined forwards to say to me in whisper almost that was shortage the secret and terrible name of God. I inconvenienced myself before this exit and by to have allowed the old one that patraa entered house with resemblance. " It would be an impoliteness to send to the street, to undo to me of l" , I thought. They were the four and thirty of afternoon and still were much, so that the day was low-achieving listening to the deliriums of a subject owned by senility, refunfu. Was easy, said to me, we have granted him to God so many names as they have been happened to us, but we have ignored the fact that the Creator knows itself itself by which He himself has chosen. It cannot present it because it would be like dominating it, like serving to us as its essence. Now, with this knowledge, I can say that I am almost like God.

Immediately afterwards it enumerated all the nouns and names by which, memory, I have known the divinity of the universal monotheist. The list was long and in a point it got to clear certain somewhat brazen voices in unknown and secret languages. If you knew, friend mine, that the eternity can be well-known by a delicate aspiration of the air, combined with the conjunction of certain bubbling produced by the gas encounter certain, some elements and the cosmic silence turned into atonic syllable. I say that a bubble to him of saliva in its mouth, to the being burst by the air would pronounce the terrible secret. Also it can do it crepitar of an overwhelmed hepatic cell by the impiedad of liquor or the song of the most intimate and remote oquedad of the cardiac muscle when it stimulates desire, the joy or the rage to him.