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Ramunas Lange

Let us be undertaken in order to strengthen the imkerliche community not always so shocked and handle whether this fact, because we are more or less law-abiding, beekeeper but not all beekeepers travel in the Dzieron Museum. Often also present – not permitted – introduces far in Germany against the Varroa, feels forget and leave but many a beekeeper of the science and their offered treatment methods. The battle between farmers and beekeepers – and otherwise we can no longer refer to this – tapers: pollination premiums to the beekeepers for the services that his beehives in orchards operate but woe, you (farmer) chemical sprays. And the cunning pollination beekeeper receives writing this commitment (so are the recommendations of the instructors who teach in this new “apprenticeship”). Beekeepers who show themselves, because their honey with GMO was contaminated, are now forcing the legislature to have pioneering decrees. Hopefully we are doing at the moment no “disservice”. The Farmer (formerly Bauer), is also not stupid, looking for new ways and possibilities.

If now one way Hummel peoples who mercilessly “are disposed of after the pollination period in waste”, whether nighttime spraying operations, sometimes even recommendations, services pollination) of beekeepers in the agriculture no longer to ask – is the range, but at the same time proves how desperate both sides now are. We often see us beekeeper, even people in the position of the Lady at the train station, which takes everyone, but in reality no one have wants to… A way out is not in sight, are global corporations on the launch of your products in the field of GMOs not only interested, but also in the location, farmers and politicians of their…To convince and to adopt a perspective. What can we do? We recommend a trusting, long-term cooperation at this point with farmers to build, refrain from pollination premiums and to deal openly and honestly with each other. We minimize our partnership not on a Cash flow. We are politically active, write to district heads, participate in petitions as offered in. We take clear positions, without exaggeration, objectively and motivating. Are we all really active? Who is a member of the Federal or NABU We can also recommend the new Internet portal for young beekeepers:.

This non-commercial site is recruited from professional beekeepers, who unselfishly give tips & advice young people interested in nature. And we buy other headache pills than that which are manufactured for many years in Leverkusen. Also, a change in consumer behavior can make a difference, if only rarely, but is definitely good for the own feeling. Conclusion: The current situation in the (Professional) beekeeping is actually scary by the approval of the agro – genetic engineering in the EU. Nature and agriculture need not necessarily; genetic engineering bees It is only an option. Ramunas Lange