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In Hesse, Germany, 87 Of Nationwide About 4,100 Biogas Plants Currently Exist

The State has a backlog, so therefore what relates to the use of this green energy. Despite this fact, there are several innovative projects that demonstrate new ways of efficient biomass in Hesse, Germany. Typically, biogas is dug directly on-site in a cogeneration plant. Only a small part of the heat is used in the most agricultural biogas plants. Hear other arguments on the topic with cloud computing. But biogas can do more–introduces ways Hesse in the City Hall of Wetzlar in the 3rd compartment Conference biogas in Hesse on October 31, 2009 on the ETH EnergieTage. Selters Munster (district Limburg-Weilburg), for example, supplied the local biogas plant for two years 25 households via a district heating network with heat. Also with heat from biogas two schools with gymnasium and two neighboring kindergartens are heated in Eiterfeld in Fulda district. Three State of the art micro gas turbines that work efficiently, clean and quiet and require very little maintenance provide the heat. Also in the field of the substrates, there are novelties: the biogas plant the Raiffeisen goods headquarters Electoral Hesse-Thuringia in Bebra is the only system that can ferment expired, packaged food to bio-gas. Opens up new perspectives for biogas: the landfill fire wood in the town of Neu-Anspach faced the problem that their landfill gas power generation system by the decreasing amount of landfill gas was no longer busy. Biogas will in future help, economical to run the landfill gas power plant: on the landfill site one of the most modern and largest dry fermentation equipment is currently being built for this reason. The 3rd Symposium of biogas in Hesse treated also the possibilities of biogas production in feed”on the example of the currently planned biogas plant in Homberg/Efze. The theme of bioenergy is an exhibition focus of this year’s ETH EnergieTage Hessen. Heating technology inform GmbH, Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH, SenerTec Center Haiger GmbH, land Hessen-Forst, HDG Bavaria GmbH heating systems for wood or BIOKOMPAKT companies like Viessmann Germany Heiztechnik GmbH on the efficient use of biomass in the area. In addition to the Visitors also have the opportunity to inform themselves in the free lecture series on the energy supply of the future exhibition and the conferences. The fair will be from the 30.10 01.11.2009 at the Town Hall of Wetzlar held.