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Entsorgungin Europe

The ban will lead to more, not less mercury in our environment and food. Critical Consumers who want to inform themselves, are being deceived here. Unfortunately, as well as through official agencies such as the Federal Environmental Agency 2. Mercury is a global poison. It is distributed on winds and tides all over the world. Not only the dirty Entsorgungin Europe, but also the production in mines are a growing problem. It may be not no matter where it originates and which problems in producing countries that are connected.

Most of the mercury used in the KLL comes from mines in China. As a result of the increased demand for energy-saving bulbs this once-closed mines that were shut down because they poisoned people, rivers and fields, have been reopened. As investigations showed hundreds of workers that had many high-grade you mercury poisoning. This goes from searches of the two Sunday Times”out correspondents Michael Sheridan and Sarah Hashash in various Chinese cities. The Chinese health authorities described the poisoning as a result of the increased production of Eco “lights as a growing threat to public health 3. The majority of the world’s selling energy-saving lamps is produced in China. In Germany, 80 percent of the sold eco are “lamps made in China”. It is estimated that alone in Europe through the light bulb ban over 3000 jobs have moved to China.

There, these lamps under conditions hazardous for the workers are produced. Documents of the Chinese Ministry of health show that the mercury poisoning has greatly increased in the lamp factories. Pregnant women and mothers who breastfed their babies, may not work in departments, where mercury occurs,”the health law prescribes. In southern China, where the energy saving lamps for Western consumers are produced, there are large factories that include global conglomerates, to backyard farms just a few employees. Tests showed dangerous concentrations of mercury in hundreds of workers in the factories in your body and many require medical treatment.