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The Delivery

Once asked to call the operator (About the fact that the call charge, naturally do not speak) in order to clarify how to collect a prize, once asked something else, and often just say that it is necessary for a number to send a message pay a fixed cost for In order to pay for the delivery of the prize. Not so important, that person promises to be much more important that he believes it. The main enemy of every man is his curiosity – call someone and throws – there and then have to call back when walking smska mysterious stranger with a number – must be answered, but if somewhere you can get something, then here and say do not. Just you immediately patched for curiosity, and, more specifically, pay for it through appropriate tariffs to put it mildly, far from being discounted. Also resourceful people send messages that tell you about what kind of Vasya could not reach you and it would be necessary to the number from which the message arrived, the money put – bit, only to five to ten minutes of conversation sufficed. The idea is as old as the world – surely someone is familiar Vasey, and someone else, and so familiar, to give them money. People finishing off what is behind this may be followed smska another, more insistent, as Vasey supposedly really need to talk to you.

Especially here our Russian girls resourceful, which zavedut yourself a whole bunch of friends guys and then ask everyone to recharge their account. Like trifle, but a man with a ten is even nothing happen. Two or three times a month to do so and payment of mobile communication can be forgotten. True to those who read the above immediately decides to do so I'll say one thing – not worth it. After all, will then – The amount necessary to return several times more, it provided that a person does not want to fight, and that in fact some of them just do nothing but wait for a pretext for a fight. Can still come and ask a passerby to call. Do not worry, it does not run away with your phone. It will simply make a call to a paid room and everything.

And on a number such that once something you did not understand what was happening. Now that communication services can be paid anywhere, there is another way of cheating – you come (Note that if you put money in the cabin connection to the wrong room to bring them back no problem, but with the devices will not get – how many times have not tried to call for interest at the numbers that are specified on the check up but have never have) a certain amount of money (as an option, it may not come). After that you call and start to brainwash on the fact that out and the money should be returned. Such as putting on a specified number of the same amount. Often these people standing at the machines and cash registers and on guard of those who puts money into a few rooms as you can immediately call the owner of rooms and, as I said, to explain that the error went away. There are many more interesting examples of how people cheat using mobile phones, but that's what I tell you another time. In the meantime, you have to remember at least this is how all of the above – is the basis there are no problems with balance.

Cellular Intelligent

The majority of the owners of small businesses simpre is running, or that are meeting with different clients or fulfilling meetings in their own company. Surely the majority has cellular a complete one, but those are very few that really take advantage of all the options. But nowadays all the platforms for cellular have storage for applications, which allows to use all the applications and not only to have it so that us actualize mails. If we took a little our time to be able to learn the new functions of the cellular ones, surely we would save time and possible frustrations. Now I am going to them to enumerate the best cellular functions of the intelligent ones for which they have pequeosnegocios. 1) To be able to create Lists To take all our ideas to a paper is one of the most important priorities. One of the things that we must consider when we go of shopping to buy applications it is that amount of information can synchronize. Some applications they sincronzan with programs in your computer when you physically connect your cellular one, but others can sincorizar of wireless form and it gives an integral access you to your information through the Web or a desktop application when these in your computer again.

For that they have Iphone one of the applications that they have is Toodledo, that synchronizes in the page Web All the Mac users who have iphone they can sincornizar the information of rationalized way with the program of application finds that them in for Things Mac. However for all the users Windows they could consider the application of Outlook for cellular. For the Android users they could watch as much Astrid as TooDo, either they are quite interesting since they include reminders and also they can synchronize with Remember the Milk, but also with Toodledo.


When you initiate a business in Internet, it is probable that you are thinking about a single word: MONEY. And culparte could not. Who initiates a business where is only to entertain itself? Although it will not lack it does who it, the great majority we entered to make more money, to have a saving and, if the things come out well, to leave our work of every day letting of do rich to anybody and more turn into millionaires we to us. Nevertheless, to prevail in the businesses it is necessary to have another type of goals that only the money. Perhaps although you think that only I need money, the reality it is that there is money in all sides, but is not indeed money which you look for more. You want to gain the double? You can work the double! It looks for another work similar to which beams and works turn double. Nevertheless, the perspective to sleep less, not to have social life and to leave the family separate because very it is not entertained.

I know people who make much money. They have scaled the corporative scale and they have a style of enviable life, but for a long time not them I see and not because they are not joined with the poor men, but because simply they do not have time. They work more than 14 hours daily, are going to its house to only sleep, work week ends and holidays and when they leave familiar vacations they are in the quarter of the hotel answering post office and doing called. They are the high executives who leave in tele, those that they do not spend time with his friendly, all their social life is work and are in favor of always remote of its family and likings. As which it serves to have much money if you cannot enjoy it? So, if you want to initiate a business in Internet or you already have one, it begins to think, if you have not done it, about which the money can darte. To have a full account of bank is to everything to give, but that better than to think about which you can obtain with that account, more than to only count many numbers. I not only look for money.

I look for life style. I want financial freedom. To have time to make what I like and money to buy what needs. It is not better than to only accumulate money in a bank? To work in an own business from your house and with your own rules change the things. Even though you are gaining little, that money serves to you so you want and, in agreement you gain more, you will even decide when you work and like. To that hour you eat. To that hour you rise, to that hour you decide to give a return and when to take a siesta. Are not those the decisions that we would have to be able to always take? Clear that if you enjoy that somebody takes plus them by you, ahead. Better it learns as to make money in Internet and you do not leave others them control your style of life. It will take something you of work, but I can assure to you that it is worth the pain. Original author and source of the article.


What is ” Pay-Rep Click”? ” Pay-Rep Click” (Payment by click) it is a strategy of publicity easy to understand. It has every day around 300 million searches in the main motors search. This originates a 80% of traffic in Internet. To place its Web site in these motors search is very important to have so many potential clients as it is possible. But, so that they see his Web site they cliqueen and it with more frequency, this one must be seen well above of the list search.

The majority of people only looks for until the third page of a motor search, for this reason, while more down it is, less possibilities will have click in its site. In the publicity ” Pay-Rep Click” , you pay so that they see always it in Internet. It chooses words or key phrases on their Web site and to the best classify it better postor. There is no payment in advance. You only pay after a visitor clicks in his connection.

It is for that reason that is called to him Payment by clic”. Million people every day worldwide click in the Campaign of Publicity Pay-Rep Click. With the industry of the Internet in height and the increasing business online, an announcement of any person of the planet can be seen by Internet in any place of the world. The publicity campaign Pay-Rep Click is the area in more important growth in marketing online. The last year, ” was spent approximate of $741,2 million in publicity; Pay-Rep Click”. The normal optimization of a motor search can take weeks or months to even obtain results. The publicity ” Pay-Rep Click” it can attract clients at a moment. Why? Because this advertising campaign of end can be placed Web anywhere and be seen by potential clients online in any place, to any hour and all along. The unique challenge is to place the announcements in appropriate Web sites that attract possible clients for a product or specific service. The publicity campaign ” Pay-Rep Click” it attracts the correct clients in the smaller possible time. This is the most profitable form to make marketing to products or services. Also it can monitor to the clients who visit their site, knowledge which looks for and what they buy. With good creativity when using the appropriate phrases search, we can go to the correct people who are prepared to make business with us. The publicity ” Pay-Rep Click” it can easily handle to the 24 hours of the day and the 7 days of the week through Internet. This allows him to improve the campaign strategy as much responding effectively to the activities of the clients as of the competition. Then, what is hoping. It uses ” Pay-Rep Click” now and it leaves his business takes the fast route towards the success.

Apple Iphone Time

When Isaac Newton discovered the law of the gravity with the aid of the apple, certainly it only associated it with a juice of the delicious fruit and not with the mark that represents nowadays. The Apple mark is a present phenomenon with the brilliance of red and the characteristic ones that generates their success. The last fresh fruit of the long line of articles of this mark is iPhone 3G of Apple. This it is a product that has all the varieties of other marks. The users of this cellular one have all the characteristics that can wish in this movable device. The first characteristic of luxury of this device is the capacity multimedia.

With the aid of the camera 2 MP, can be taken wonderful photos. The brilliance of the images must to that it has a resolution of 1600*1200 pixels. Also it comes with iPod of audio and a video reproducer, both with magnificent characteristics in terms of yield. The person who uses this moving body can be sure that she is going to have a good moment listening music and seeing video clips. This does of the telephone good companion in the sense that at some time he can spend his free time listening to music, watching photos or clicking special with the aid of the camera. The people who travel much, also can find this moving body very useful, by their characteristic of navigation. Account with a receiver GPS that aid to find the way him to the place where it wants to arrive, this where this. Also it installs the maps of Google and it can keep the time necessary to arrive at a certain place. These are characteristic sufficient to make of this moving body an optimal fellow traveller or pleasing or business. The manipulation of Apple iPhone 3G is very easy with the aid of a computer with Mac OS X v10.4.10.

Advertising Bells Via Bluetooth

The publicity now via bluetooth. The publicity is a form to spread to information on the benefits of a certain product or service. In these years we have seen many ways to realise advertising campaigns by television, radio, even presses publicity via SMS. Now there is another form to realise publicity and is by means of a method very known nowadays, the Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless connection very extended, that makes possible the information or data transmission between different devices, like for example the moving bodies. Since the majority of the moving bodies takes built-in to the system bluetooth, other means of publicity are had to consider a series advantages in front: – First of them it is that for the creation of the campaigns a small device is only necessary that takes incorporated software. – Software for the creation of the publicity is very simple to use. – Also it is necessary to consider that the connections between the different devices are gratuitous, therefore is no extra cost in the diffusion of the publicity.

– With respect to the connection between different means she is fast and of easy establishment, – The cost of the device and any maintenance are quite reasonable for the different companies and businesses. – A high percentage of acceptance of the campaigns is guaranteed. – In addition software takes including a system of information of statistics in order to control the diffusion of each realised campaign. Regarding the above previously the accomplishment of advertising or informative campaigns via bluetooth for different companies or businesses is advisable, for being a good method of communication and information dissemination. If you consider that these interested in proving the product you can solicit software of evaluation to the company supplier of the Bluetooth Service. MENSAMATIC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY. company supplier of services SMS, BLUETOOTH and other services of telecommunications. Original author and source of the article


3. Subscriber lists: It is always good to have landing pages with forms capture with an autoresponder, or insert these same forms on your blogs, offering something in return, so you can save emails from people interested in what you offer, as it may be that when you do not buy anything, but you stay with your emails and your permission to send emails, and therefore you tracking them, sending sales letters scheduled, thus increasing the chances that you buy or joining you. In addition, every time your list will be bigger, and when you launch a new product, business, or a new promotion, the bigger your list, you will have more chances that someone will buy or to affiliate with you, and best of all, is that all this can be automated through the autoresponder and pay per click advertising. Basically, these three things daily work, enabled me, I write in my blog, interacted with other people through social networks, I think good relationships work on promoting my blog, upload videos, pay for my advertising landing pages, forms capture put on my blogs, among other things, obtaining this way to grow in knowledge, grow in the presence on the Internet, grow my list subscribers, and my work is no longer consuming nothing but on the contrary, I enjoy it a lot. We must also add to this the work of answering emails from interested prospects or my affiliates, or contact them by some other means, to answer questions or help with any problems.

What it does, it no longer waste my time answering questions or insults children of people who do not buy me anything, nor affiliated with me, in fact this system can filter these people rather than just make you waste time, or who join and never do anything. Basically these are the three keys to my work system, not be the final say, it may be that someone is working in other ways and is having results, it may be that over time have to change something or add something, but now is what is giving me results, though of course these keys can encompass many things, so probably I will write future articles on each of them separately, deepening a little more in them.

The Need To Generate Quality Content

The rapid growth of social networks highlights the growing nature of internet socializing. People do not just connect to find information on topics that interest you, or read the news, or for work. More and more people connect to socialize, and spend their leisure time on the network. For the first time in human history, young people spend more time online than watching television. The increasingly dominant role of the Internet as information medium makes people increasingly tend to get more reading material online. Thus, we find avid readers who seek information on topics that interest them. Also, this has resulted in consumers are more and more educated. What does that mean, exactly? Increasingly, customers are realizing more aspects regarding the products they consume.

Today, for example, we all know what a calorie, and can quite accurately interpret nutritional tables of food we consume. Thus the gap between consumers and businesses began to level off. Now the client knows what he wants, to search for a product with very clear demands, and will not accept that fool you. For all these reasons, the new interests of the people, and their transformation from passive customer who accepted everything they were told to experts who demand quality solutions, content generation is essential to keep our customers informed about our products and to advise on how to make elections more suited to their needs. Then, the content quality is a way of offering added value to our products.

We seek to become a landmark in our niche at the place where our customers are going to think first, a source of solutions to their situations related to that product or service. Thus, in generating quality content will help us build a reputation online. The quality content is something that this as a truism, our customers and other users of the internet, want to read. It has to be useful, novel, and has a meaning. The best way to generate it is put in place our clients and assess whether such information may find it useful or not. Of course, in generating quality content, we must not “rehash” articles of others, ie re-typing in other words, and of course never copy and paste material that is not one. On the one hand, users know that information is copied, and this is a blow to our credibility. And besides, we are exposed to infringe copyright, with attendant legal consequences that might.

Moscow Excavator

Torque applied to the more severe rotational Platform Excavator Caterpillar, exceeds the similar parameter for excavators of the same class, which is especially important when working on an inclined surface, but at the same time, it required the installation of more efficient braking system through which Caterpillar excavator stops spinning immediately after passing the control knob to its neutral position. As a result, the excavator motion become more accurate. The difference of working volume of the bucket results in fundamentally different designs excavators. However, by themselves bo' mass and is heavier and sturdy design of the machine can not serve any advantage or disadvantage. Need to assess what the economy operating excavators Caterpillar, bucket capacity and lift capacity of which is 15% higher than those of similar models of the foreign producers. If all the additional power is expended to curb additional mass weighted design, the sense in it.

Costs and revenues. For example, consider a new Caterpillar 320C excavator working weight of about 20 m. It is equipped with a bucket 1.05 m3 and is in Moscow, about 121 000 usd (recall that all the prices – approximate). According to statistics, the import excavators year brings ever greater on average 3,600 hours work is 365 days a year to 16 20 hours a day. Machine shifts controlled by two operators. With an average salary of about 700 usd, labor costs amount to 17,000 usd per year regardless of the model. Per hour of work a 20-ton excavator modern uses about 15 liters of fuel. Over 3,600 hours of operation will require 54,000 liters of fuel, the cost will be around 20 000 usd.

Periodic maintenance of imported excavator should be every 250 hours, or an average of 14 times per year. This will require about 6000 usd a year. As a result, we find that the estimated costs for imported excavator in Moscow for a year will be about 43,000 usd. Typical duty cycle excavator is 17 sec. Per hour 320C excavator dig 222 cubic meters of soil. Of course, the constant operation of the excavator with a full load is only an ideal. It is estimated that in Moscow diggers are actually working Approximately 60% of two-shift 16-hour workday. With this in mind, we find that the 320C excavator digs per hour 133.2 m3. Multiplying the hourly production by 3600 hours of annual operating hours, we get annual dug soil. This volume should multiplied by the average rate as low as digging for digging the pit for the foundation or trench – 10 usd per cubic meter. From the resulting annual revenue must be calculated to subtract the earlier cost of the excavator – 43,000 usd per year. In result is that Caterpillar 320C excavator will bring the owner of 4,752,200 usd. Of course, the above calculations can not be considered ready business plan because of the way, we have neglected many aspects. But the qualitative picture is clear – in conditions of high load more expensive and more productive excavator profitable. "I've got three years, Caterpillar operates, and all like new, I am very pleased – says the ceo of the Santa + Sergei Kasap. – For three years, even with our heavy load, this technique does not break or wear out. I think 7 8 years it normally can serve. Technology Caterpillar – an effective investment of our resources. " It must be emphasized that these findings valid only under fairly intense loading shovel. Miracles do not happen: the big investments and bring more profit.

Turning Your Ideas Into Successes

We’ve all had dreams, and we all know it is difficult to make dreams reality. It all starts with an idea or several, but if you apply to take the necessary actions to make your ideas, or things you want, … happen, then you lack innovation. The word innovation is associated with the idea of the new, to do new things. What is new, is something that never existed before, at least not the way it is being presented.

If you are able to cross the threshold that exists between creativity and innovation and get to run your business, or your project or your invention, then, I must congratulate you because you will not be a dreamer, but a builder, a doer dreams. What is innovation? For practical purposes we will say that innovation is simply taking the best option generated in the creative process and decide firmly to realize our idea, or our dream, overcoming all kinds of obstacle or limitation, making use of our determination to achieve it. The innovative no longer just a creative, to become an entrepreneur, many entrepreneurs at this stage “pull the towel” or make this process very long, so allow time for your competition to get ahead and beat the game. Yes, do not be such a perfectionist, because if you want to make something perfect, you’re always working on your project and will never view of others. Why? Because everything we do, can be improved. All human activities can be further improved, and when they are considered a good level of “perfection”, surely we will find that there are other things that can be improved. This road never ends, and this is not bad, is the spirit of continuous improvement, is the essence of development. To avoid delays, it is very important properly manage our time properly planning all of our activities to make them as soon as possible.

To ensure that nothing we forget, and that all critical aspects of the process implementation of the idea, are taken into account, it must make a plan. This plan should consider all aspects needed to bring our idea to reality. Go by taking actions that draw you closer to your goal, develop a plan assigning time-bound, describe your goals for each day and check your daily plan. If you are working, using your free time in all this, and when your business is run, and you consider quitting your current job. But never give up if your business is not yet generating sufficient income. And remember if you do nothing, nothing will happen, you need to make things happen. If you want to learn more strategies and free tools to increase your creative potential and to realize your business visit: email: Have the best of success!