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Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez

When we mentioned that justice is vesanica and prevaricadora, are in the most fair and descriptive of what is happening in this power of the State. We can not remove him less, but if increasing much more, for the dimension that is it seems a Kafka tale. It is unlikely as the right is used for twisting it and accommodate the interests individuals who flaunt and lie in the handling in the Poder.Algunos pretend to believe that we are justifying actions in Andahuaylas, which is not true. What we are questioning is the use of power to torment you with who rose eventually to draw attention in as the State of things is still living in this republiqueta or narcorepubliqueta. We were not wrong to speak of narcorepubliqueta. Because all is torn garments by what happened with the former employee of Nancy Obregon, which was found with several kilos of drugs. APRA does not realize that they hide their relations with four keys more high with the main areas of drug trafficking.

So far they have quiet inquiries to the family Sanchez Paredes, that in less than five years in 1985 grew rapidly to become the more great potentates and possess thousands of companies, only to leave if a few poor employed in farms of the arredantarios of Tulpo in Mollebamba finances in the Department’s freedom. The growth has been so dizzying to anyone in the world with as precise fate exists. There is no such probability, gives that only drug trafficking and APRA has contributed so they have that luck.The second thing in this intricately that the judiciary has contributed to her stench to reach huge dimensions was the prescription of the crimes against humanity that Alan Gabriel Garcia Perez committed in the 1980s with the death of more than 300 murdered by orders yours. It is now currently the contribution of Beatriz Merino, the defender of the people, to the cover-up of the genocide of the brothers Awajun and wampis in the curve of the devil, but what has filled the cake with cherry is the judgment of Antauro Humala by a venal Court and prevaricador that had been submitted to the slogans of the political power.

Accidents Aereos

visit a large percentage of aviation accidents occur during landing is one of the critical phases of the flight.At that time by different factors such as little-known airfield, not reliable navigational aids, communications congestion, scarce fuel, fatigue, distraction, nearby obstacles, poor visibility, the final approach can become a complicated problem and end up in accident. If we add a lost speed, the origin becomes a made safe. During the final approach, the speed of the plane should keep within tight margins, since if it is greater than required we run the risk of missing us track; If it is a minor, to loss of speed at low altitude.On the loss of speed, there are many points of view, is difficult to find two pilots who think the same of this theme, in addition it is not something that happens frequently. In times past when all instruction was given with the aircraft, the practice of what he called approximation to the loss was in flight and with high enough to recover the aircraft safely; Today almost ad the practice is done with simulators that have the same behavior of the aircraft in maneuvering. If you are unable to recover the Simulator, in a loss of speed at low altitude manoeuvre, the only thing injured is our pride, we will repeat the manoeuvre until it comes out well, let us be efficient in solving the problem and we are trained to deal with it when it arises. The practice on the plane was very good to have a good idea of wing amount of height that is lost in a recovery after the loss of speed.There is a marked difference between the loss of speed of a conventional aircraft and a reactor. An airplane propeller of slow entering lost only need to lower the nose and they stay level wings, to exit this abnormal condition, if the height is sufficient, we can return to a safe flight.

Martin Redrado

This situation not only frightened international investors, who were the first undo their positions in the country, but also to the small local savers. So that international investors have been fleeing the country, while the local savers, with very fresh memories of the last crisis, they sought refuge in the US currency very even though the combination of almost pegging with weight and a greater than 20% inflation rate is generating them a negative performance. And here comes the issue of international reserves of the BCRA and why my response to this friend of mine. While many market analysts criticized harshly the BCRA by its policy of reserve accumulation, the owner, Martin Redrado, justified this objective in the need for a phrase that he repeated until when he talked about sleeping with an anti-crisis fund, in the absence of an international lender. Logically that argument wasn’t very valid for the market in a context where the main concern of Argentines was the inflationary issue, at the time that it was almost an international crisis of this magnitude.

But since the beginning of 2007 with the turbulence in the Chinese stock market, the market has been tested to the Argentina. And the country has been able to overcome without greater difficulties each test that has had to face. The BCRA is resisting the onslaught of the market. This has had to resign part of reservations (more than US $1.5 billion in recent weeks). I have no doubt that the Monetary Authority will be able to pass this test without drawbacks. Firepower has (slightly less than $49,000 million).

But further than that there is a threat in the short term, this situation should call the reflection to the Government. If not for the level of reserves that owns the BCRA, the situation today would be totally different. Perhaps, before a strong increase of the exchange rate of the dollar, the financial system would have received an attack that would have taken him to the brink of collapse. We must not forget that the common people still keeps the fears of the 2001.Lo that is occurring in the system financial market and Argentine exchange rate are warning signs does the Government will be observing them?

Are Still Not Making Money Online

He was right to ask me such question some time ago. Why I’m not winning money in the network? The more I thought about it, more whites came the answers. If you’re still not winning the money you want on the network read on and you will find some useful ideas, product of my own experience. What I am about to say applies equally to small businesses, home based businesses and internet marketeros. The funny thing is that I knew I had to do to earn money on the internet. However it was not doing it! He continued sailing hypnotized around various sites looking for the magic formula that would put money in my account Bank automatically without having to do anything.

How is that it maintained the attitude of avoiding the different steps or actions that would generate money in my business online it? Is it that I wanted my business failure? Do I wanted I failing on the internet? No, no, no! But I kept so comfortably distracted with the latest and wonderful shapes make money on the net that wasted my time reviewing them over and over again instead of building my own business. I only tonteaba with the idea that having links to various products and services on my website would gain money. The first fundamental principle of making money on the net is: not there are traffic not there are profits. Having a web page does not mean that the world take a step to knock on your door. To resolve this, I sent my pages to search engines. For some time, when any of my pages could be in the top ten of search with a keyword, I did some extra traffic. Once he lost this position, traffic ceased. Then I tried to forward this page to retrieve my position among the ten more were found but it was in vain.