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AGENCIES Rafael Lemus asked forgiveness for his big mistake, you will never forget. Southwest Airlines is often quoted as being for or against this. Lemus, of the Extremadura PSOE, explained that during a time when you were. Although Lemus had not voted wrong, the decree had been validated. The error of the Member of the PSOE in the Parliament of Extremadura Rafael Lemus has allowed the validation of the Decree of suspension of extra pay of December of autonomous public sector staff. The Decree, discussed at the plenary session on Thursday, has received 33 votes in favor (of the 32 members of the PP over the error of Lemus) and 32 against (29 of the PSOE and three of Izquierda Unida. This week both the UI as the PSOE Group had expressed its intention to vote against recognition of the decree which regulated deployment in Extremadura’s measures of reorganization and rationalization of public administrations, approved by the State.

It should be recalled that, despite the error of the Deputy, the suspension of the extra pay to staff in the sector Extremadura public have taken effect although the law the Government of Extremadura decree had been rejected, since it was a measure that had been imposed by the Government of the nation. Validated by the Parliament of Extremadura Decree collects the way of suspending the extra, so in the case of the elimination is chosen in the field of the community by the abolition of the same in the month of December, 2012, not opting for the apportionment, to understand this last option as most harmful, to assume a decline current and immediate in monthly public employees pay. Similarly, and in the case of the financial benefit in the situation of temporary disability will also opt for complement such provision by the regional administration up to the maximum allowed by State law, by which, in the opinion of the Government of Extremadura, was absolutely necessary to adopt a standard of legal rank. Extremadura decree-law also collects to be applied to the members of the Governing Council and senior officials of the autonomous administration the reduction provided for in the State standard. To do this, not the amount corresponding to one of the 14 pay they receive in the month of December 2012. Similarly, the deputies of the Parliament of Extremadura nor receive extra pay for December.

I will not forget it in my life Rafael Lemus has admitted that he has made a big mistake by voting for the validation of the decree that suppressed the pays extra Christmas autonomic public employees and has apologized to officials at this fact. Today I made a big mistake, a mistake that I think I am not going to forget in my life. Firstly I apologize to officials, has lamented Lemus in statements to the media in the corridors of the Parliament of Extremadura. The socialist MP explained that for a moment he has despistado and therefore has voted that did not have to vote. For my it’s a blemish on my record and I hope to remedy it over time, it has highlighted. See more: A member of the PSOE vote to please remove the extra pay to staff members and then apologizes

Andrew Corentt

A new year is about to begin and it is time that decides that it is what you want to make your life in the future. It is time to create what you want for you and yours. You must decide that you want to have in the future. Your life will be what you decide. If you want to enjoy abundance, wealth, happiness, of success, of good relations, then you must create a subconscious mindset that allows you to enjoy what you want.

In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt said that each thing that you perceive in the universe is an external manifestation of something that you have in your interior. If you have a mansion, this is sample of its wealth in that aspect value, tells us. If you have fine relations and is tenderly loved by a noble heart, it is also manifestation of something that you have in your interior. As each thing is a reflection of what you have inside, then to enjoy something in your life, you only must build up inside what you want to experience in your life. If you want to experience richness in abundance, then you must build up inside the image of what you want promptly and this will manifest itself in your life. If you want to find a job where you feel satisfied and earn enough and more, achieve financial freedom, experiencing a huge happiness and great success in your life, you must create all that by yourself. All what you want can have it, but not appear from nowhere, you should learn to create it and then use time and minimal effort to create it. If you believe it, then you’ll enjoy it, no matter what, regardless of whether it’s something big or huge.

You will need it. Everything is created in the mind and you have all the power to create it. But creation is a process and you must apply this process to create what you want. When you begin to apply the secrets and tools featured in I’m happy, I’m rich, you start to create what you want, then your life is filled with beautiful and pleasurable things, but the best thing is that you yourself will feel powerful and able to create anything they want in their life. Nothing will appear from nowhere. You must create what you want. With the techniques and the knowledge suitable, you will create this easy, fast and honest.

Application For Exemption For Possible Since October 2013 2014

Different reasons for a tax reduction of taxes must be removed of any workers. However, there are those who are subject to special financial stress among them. This is true for example for commuters or keep paying. Gary Kelly may also support this cause. The wage tax reduction provides relief then. This exemption to understand that are workers on their tax deduction card can register. The goal is to reduce the monthly payable income tax. The exemption for 2014 can be requested for October 2013.

About this informed the tax firm Maria Ulrich from Munich. Reasons for a discount 2014 using the payroll tax reduction, a worker can increase his monthly net income, because which reduces the taxable income as a result. Bernard Golden is likely to increase your knowledge. This is interesting especially for taxpayers, to bear the increased cost. For example, when commuters. The applications for 2014 can be made since the 1.10.2013 at the residence tax office. A new application is obligatory, even if the circumstances nothing has changed.

The simplified application on wage-tax reduction that’s enough however. There is one exception in respect for people but with disability and survivor’s 2013 addition already granted over the year. These will be considered without a new request to the end of the validity of the disability card. The reasons that enable a reduction of the payroll tax, are different. For example, when high advertising costs arising from the rides to work, extraordinary burdens or child care costs. Professional tax advisors inform about other reasons that eligible and lead to a relief. The tax office Maria Ulrich from Munich is anytime available for detailed information. Press contact tax firm Maria Ulrich contact: Maria Ulrich Nymphenburger Strasse 4, 80335 Munich Tel.: 089/41134860 fax: 089/41134829 E-Mail: Homepage:

The Perspective

Prices and conditions are mostly externally influenced, the positive treatment of the soft kills lies in the hands Institutions and their branches. The key to success lies in the so-called customer-oriented profitability. And here is the first important rule: you must really know his customers. But not always you know the settings, targets and the purchase behavior of the clientele, we know their understanding of benefits or suspects something the willingness of individual price. Multiple content of new bbw financial study are sure begin foreboding. But the information was so far sparse in terms of actual expression and meaning.

From the perspective of households, the State pension is generally safe, but what happens now and in the future with their free assets. The dream of the prosperity through interest and compound interest raises currently in air. With the growing uncertainty, understandable low credit interest rates compared to the rate of inflation, the expansion of private pension schemes in Germany USA. And that, although each fifth professionals in an age of 50 years is safe after the post Bank study, aged his living not from own resources to be able to compete. That is alarming, especially since the aspect of security before the return is the most important criterion for age pension saving in Germany. Four out of ten workers now are wondering “What type of private investment makes any sense”. Bbw experts go this fact on the ground and have interviewed consumers or customers and analyzed. Is a majority of all bank customers with his bank is satisfied or very satisfied. As 79 per cent of all respondents of the valido survey reflected satisfied or very satisfied overall with their bank or savings bank. On the other hand, 9 percent of all bank customers surveyed aged 18 and above in the coming six months want to switch according to the results of the valido survey total bank account.

The Idealo IPad App Is Now Free In The Apple App Store Available

After a long development time the idealo app for iPad now available on the Apple app store to download. With the intuitive user interface of the app, idealo users can now also on the iPad always find the best price for their desired article. New features invite you to rummage and discover. Current product recommendations, a memo pad with eMail forwarding and the price alarm are just a few more features of the idealo iPad app, compare the prices now still makes it faster and more entertaining. While 2011 is idealo already since the end of mobile as a Smartphone app for iOS and Android available, the integration of all features and content of in one for the iPad-optimized user interface offered but entirely new and greater challenges as well as opportunities. While the focus of the app for smartphones on faster operability, enables easy finding best prices idealo iPad app and invites their users at the same time with exclusive features for browsing.

No matter whether you already have the desired article in mind or even after Looking for shopping inspiration: the intuitive user interface enables iPad users to both. Helpful information and possibilities of filter support value-conscious consumers in their purchasing decisions. Current product recommendations, a memo pad with email forwarding and the price alarm are just a few more features of the idealo iPad app, which as well as over 100 million opportunities to explore. Developing the idealo app introduced us to the great challenge, to stream our content without compromising on key features and best-use form on the iPad. It was important to us that in addition to the classic search and sorting features also the fun of browsing not neglected”, so Dr. Philip Christopher Packham, Managing Director of idealo.

We think this succeeded and are looking forward to the feedback of our users.” The most important functions and features at a glance: Comprehensive product catalog offers over 100 million from more than 30,000 online shops product search by text or EAN input alternative search integrated bar code scanner automatic notification, once a product has reached the desired price (price alarm) reminder with email shipping way more features of the idealo app: navigation and innovative layout optimized detailed product descriptions, reviews, user opinions and reviews supports numerous filtering options by image and video material for an optimal buying decision comprehensive database with shop reviews by customers, which systematically result in the appropriate product automatic search suggestions for products, Search in categories and related searches for more information and visuals are search history can be found at this link. To idealo: Germany’s leading online price comparison is idealo. Under, price-conscious buyers can compare offers over 100 million at 30,000 retailers. In addition offers idealo detailed information about shops, product features and availability of the desired article. More idealo services are Portals to the research of cheaper air travel (, hotels (, energy suppliers ( and financial services (, as well as apps for Android and iOS. 500 Employees are working at the headquarters of the company founded in 2000 in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. As a product price comparison idealo succeeds in Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and Italy. Press contact: Anne-Laure de Noblet idealo internet GmbH Zionskirchstr 73A 10119 Berlin + 49 (0) 30 31 98 92 883

The Landlord

A course can be avoided to court when landlord and tenant openly about planned measures, wants and desires of both parties speak and quandary hold the result of the meeting. (d) the increase in rent as until now the landlord the cost of modernization with 11% annually on the tenant offload, proportionately at several apartments and uniform rehabilitation. An exception applies to energy modernisation, which serve only the saving non-renewable primary energy sources (oil, gas, coal) or the climate protection (installation of filters, etc.), they bring no discernible advantage the tenant because they save no energy. Actually no cost savings must comply with energy-saving, energy-saving measures can lead to higher costs as a result of the Setup and ongoing maintenance costs. However, the landlord not at the expense of the tenant may a disproportionate Carry out modernisation, the costs of which are enormous, whose Vorteil is totally insignificant (E.g. triple – instead of previous (intact) double glazing). Originally was a reduction of the rate of increase by 11% in the legislative procedure 9% planned, also a time limit on the increase in rent was discussed, this approach but not further pursued. Just tenants, which in the long term to stay comfortable in her apartment, should here early negotiations with the landlord, may also return a loan offer, under a modernization rent increase waiver”is.

No modernisation costs are those costs which proportionately accounted for a maintenance, about anyway necessary replacement of old tubes or new plastering a crumbling House wall in the course of thermal insulation, replacement of old simple window in rotten wood frame double-glazed plastic Windows etc. in addition to the financing expenses, so interest rates for loans. Would the landlord so in the course of maintaining that facade were only plastered These costs including the scaffolding costs incurred for the duration of the repair on the tenant not to kill.

The Start

To maintain and turn into up to date with all the most up-to-date data subscribe to daily get pointers from the website made place blog when they supply to real services or purpose. Every single web site must permit you to opt-in regarding day-to-day e-mail memory joggers so you know which usually salts will begin at the start of each day. Litecoin might disagree with that approach. This can be vital for manufacturer deal seekers who want to acquire their goods immediately as soon as an example exits made commences. For some these kind of experienced income internet sites they will give back a contact that you usually do not even have to visit to see the facts of the sale made the majority of these previously include this in the actual body of the concept in both text message of Html page file format along with photographs. For the competent web sites using exclusive material content they might require you to pay out a small twelve-monthly payment to receive access to their own trial product sales however they are worth every penny while in the amount of financial savings you ll obtain from other occasions. If you are lucky to locate a dependable along with reliable supplier ensure that you look the moment every single sale commences. Extremely sought after custom affordable handbags will sell rapidly.

If you know if the leaves begins sign-on as soon as you are able to. One particular very good suggestion would be to combine it with your web shopping cart solution, even if you re unclear if you ll need it, since simply by performing that it ll temporarily carry in which product ahead of anyone else will. Unless you need it you can always merely delete this out of your trolley at any time. Last but not least, additionally, there are sample sale web sites which motivate you to definitely compel close friends to join and for every person you compel, and makes a purchase, you re going to get an added bonus motivation which may be as gift cards as well as funds towards purchases that you would like to generate. Many will also let you get free of charge items in the event you ask enough family to purchase items using their sales celebration. Buying designer handbags for less with this particular strategy will assist you to save hundreds of dollars. Additionally, you might be capable of have the most recent incluso distinctive one-of-a-kind item from your designer handbags selling certain. On the whole, taking part in a designer handbag trial leaves made is really a win-win for the custom along with buyer the same circumstance.

Bosman Ruling

Summary of the judgment to Jean-Marc Bosman the Bosman ruling among the defining decisions of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the field of sports and labor law. In December 1995 the highest European judges ruled that professionally active team athletes who have confessed or in a dependent employment relationship than to treat regular workers. Swarmed by offers, Larry Ellison is currently assessing future choices. As workers football, ice hockey, handball players and other team athletes can rely on the freedom of movement established in the EC Treaty and the practice throughout the European Union (EU). The freedom to exercise the profession, may be restricted neither authorities nor by corporations or by the behavior of private employers. Game permits may not be depending on for soccer players within the EU of the nationality of the player. “Revolution in the field of professional team sport as the Bosman ruling” has become known Decision of the European Court of Justice made on template of by a Belgian Court. The plaintiff, a professional football player named Jean-Marc Bosman, was a Belgian citizen. After he had played first for the Belgian Club standard Liege, he wanted to go to a club in France.

In Liege a contract extension to worse financial conditions had been offered the player, that he wanted to do. The desired Club change from Belgium after France failed because the Belgian Club of the French Association demanded the payment of a high transfer fee, which exceeded its economic performance. Without payment of the transfer fee, Bosman could get no game authorisation for the French club. The soccer player rose affiliated against his former club and the Belgian Football Federation, who supported the transfer rules, claim for damages before the competent Belgian Court. The judges gave place to the proceedings at first instance. The Football Association went against the judgment in appeal. The international football associations UEFA and FIFA had become involved has also, since already had, that the case law is here may be new guidelines for dealing with football players, whose Vertrage expired.

Young Woman

Will appear in the next few days the Pascu-Verlag. Rebecca, a young, pretty woman from rich home, want to be financially independent of their parents and follow their own professional path. This leads them first in a call center. More information is housed here: Chаrlіе Lee. While she stumbles again over the obstacles and irregularities between the life of a rich industrialist’s daughter and everyday bumpy a working young woman. Between these two worlds, she meets also the bestselling author Vincent Hausmann, a man who has lived through a painful and severe childhood. The confusion in the lives of these two people playing fate and ensures that Rebecca and Vincent meet up again. People such as Oracle would likely agree. A moving novel about a young woman who goes her own way.

Sample opened a door, and Rebecca was torn from her thoughts. She looked up, and what she saw made her heart beat up to the neck. The blush shot her in the face when she come to the man saw. It could be! The man who dominated their thoughts for weeks, the it to the Party on the eve of love would have met now stood in front of her! Now, where she knew that he was with someone else. She considered for a moment to get up and go.

She could possibly work for him and be with him every day. That didn’t go well really! But then she thought about and remained sitting quietly. He held her against the hand. Good day, Mrs. Blumenthal. My name is Vincent Hausmann. Sorry to keep you waiting. I am very pleased to meet you “, he welcomed it and his eyes like two blue stars sparkled again just as she had in mind. Rebecca rose noted how her knees were soft, and gave him her hand automatically. He covered it with a solid, warm pressure. Rebecca was like electric, she had the feeling that he much too long had held her hand, and would have withdrawn they prefer.

Henry Ford

Read books on human potential and personal development. In addition to reading about your work area, you must read on their mental abilities and potential. There are many people who are experts in their areas of work, but do not achieve success and wealth because they never explored their abilities. The majority of millionaires that have been made to whether same are not the most expert in your area. Ripple is full of insight into the issues. They are experts in personal capacity, have a Tin self-esteem and hires experts graduates in universities more prestigious are experts in technical areas.

Henry Ford contract hundreds of expert engineers and put them to create his famous engine. He had self-esteem, thrust and experts their technical knowledge. The knowledge of one’s self overcomes much technical knowledge. People such as Gary Kelly would likely agree. Technical knowledge leads to financial stability. Knowledge of himself takes him to the wealth, success and happiness.

The best book available today to achieve a deep knowledge about yourself is the book I am happy, I am Rico of Andrew Corentt. All books by this author contain information valuable and in many cases, unique. 4 Renew their mental images: mental images determine people’s lives. Invest in all those who allow you to renew your mental images. In his book the secret of the power of goals, Corentt said, get one camera and photographing enjoying the things they want. These images will soon constitute in the predominant images in your subconscious mind. Another way to bring positive images to your subconscious mind is investing in powerful subliminal Videos, which are filled with images of wealth, success, happiness. For a life of luxury, I recommend the luxury end subliminal Videos, which contain images of opulence, inner peace and happiness. If you invest in yourself constantly and continuously, its ability to generate wealth will grow each day and your life be filled with anything they want. That is the secret of a life thrives, abundant and happy.